the party that started a revolution

  • tumblr before the election: be careful out there uwu when trump doesn't win the trump supporters will be violent!
  • tumblr after the election: *incite and encourage riots, send death threats to third party voters, manipulate and shun people for having different opinions, start planning a 'revolution,' literally encourage trump's assassination*

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hey what are the books that i should read about marxism leninism maoism? idk where to start

Here are some good works, I put stars by the ones I think are especially good to read

Also be sure to check out Maoist websites and blogs like 

While you were spreading propaganda, I dropped out to live in the forest

While you were attempting to build your party, I built my fortress on a hill in the woods

While you talked of the forces of history, I was befriending and organizing local wildlife

And while you started agitating for proletarian insurrection, I taught a family of bears how to use an AK-47

And now, that the revolution has come upon us, you wish to commandeer my tree fort for the use of your Party?

Well, my friend, you’ll have to talk to the Bears

Day 5: What’s the relationship with other factions?

(I haven’t played the DLC by the way)

Simply, Patti has dabbled in every faction and caused drama in just about each one. She’s started a revolution in the Institute, helped rebuild Liberty Prime for the Brotherhood, and helped Coursers catch bad synths. Yeah it’ll cause problems later, but it’s entertaining. She will not do anything to harm the Minutemen, she respects them more than anything.

On Seeing Kathleen Cleaver, the disconnect between young and old in the Black community, and fishnet stockings

I’m going to talk about this more eloquently later (maybe), but I want to discuss my feelings post hearing Kathleen Cleaver (best known for her involvement with the Black Panther Party) speak before my thoughts cool down too much. I’ll start by saying that I spent the remainder of the evening feeling a combination of disappointment and discouragement, and thinking a lot about how the disconnect between generations in the Black community coupled with internalized misogyny help fuel our plight. 

After a pre-screening of The Black Panther: Vanguard of the Revolution (which was amazing), there was a q&a session with Ms. Cleaver. The obvious question, “How did you feel about the Super Bowl performance,” was asked and I was all ears. 

***I know what you’re thinking. “I knew this was going to have something to do with Beyoncé.” I can literally feel your eyes rolling, but hear me out.***
Ms. Cleaver responded to the question beginning to say she was offended, but cutting herself off to say she felt the performance was pornography. She went on to describe it as repulsive and mentioned something about shooting music videos being mindless. I recall her saying something to the effect of “we never wore fishnets. We weren’t shaking our booties.” There was a resounding “mhm” from many of the elders in the room. The descend from pride to disappointment was so fast and so hard for me that I could feel tears forming in the pit of my stomach. It wasn’t the fact that Beyoncé had failed to impress Kathleen. I’m too old to be the brand of fan who feels everyone should agree with every breath Bey takes. I don’t find anything wrong with her generally not feeling it. It was the way that she described it, however, and her unwillingness to unpack and assess the impact it had made. It was the way she reduced everything Beyoncé has done in the community (helping to fund #BlackLivesMatter, posting bail for protesters during the Ferguson protests, building housing for persons experiencing homelessness, donating funds to the water crisis in Flint, and etc) down to fishnet stockings by absolving herself of acknowledging it. It was the internalized misogynoir, I feel, involved in ignoring what had been done but referring to the package it came in as pornography (which is honestly one of the biggest reaches I’ve heard this year so far).

While economics and capitalism continue to be one of our biggest pitfalls and sources of oppression, when are we going to take a serious look at the recurring disconnect between young and old and recognize it as something that consistently holds us back? I feel like what Ms. Cleaver did with her commentary and what many of the elders in our families and community do is smother us in the same assimilative respectability politics they raged against at this age. We’re discouraged from feeling empowered by anything not dressed a certain way or not being carried out the way they would have. I shared a meme not to long ago that compared Beyoncé’s costumes to those of Diana Ross, Tina Turner, and Chaka Khan, which is extremely significant as Yvette Stevens herself was a member of the Black Panther Party. The youth of our community, across decades, is often shoved aside with this sort of double standard, our ideas and modes of expression being lumped together as mindless and repulsive. For a moment I felt completely invalidated. For a moment I felt like my own genre of Black power and Black feminism was disgraceful.

Ms. Cleaver, I am eternally grateful for your past, present, and future contributions to civil rights and to Black empowerment, and I am honored to have even been in the same building. But as I have come to understand it, leading + shaming don’t create change, and change has a limitless wardrobe.

Power to the people. All power to the people.

//i like hamilton but someone literally just sent me a message saying they liked history too so i asked what their favorite part of it is…they said the american revolution. so i said ok cool thats great. 

and then i asked them stuff about it and they knew absolutely nothing about the boston massacre or the boston tea party or the navigations acts or any of that so i was like ?? 

and then they said they only knew hamilton

so i just–okay cool its fine.  we started to talk about hamilton but then later on they said they loved history. like in general. and then they kept saying they were probably the biggest history nerd in their school and stuff and that they were interested in being a historian too

but then i started talking about different points in history and they were like what?? thats all boring lol why is that cool to u

they want to be a historian and they think history is boring??? 

lmao what


Starting off Poetry Smash week at Hernani, of course–party and a show! THE show!   The Revolution they lived long enough to see won. 

Somewhere, Gillenormand is just livid about this. It’s such a good night. 

Signs on New Year
  • Aries: Libra tires to make out with them and punches them in the face before giggling on how cute they are
  • Taurus: Needs to get used to writing 2016 than 2015 so writes on all the walls
  • Gemini: Is injecting alcohol into Capri-Suns
  • Cancer: Crying about 2015 ending and crying that 2016 is starting
  • Leo: Tries to bribe Sagittarius for a New Years Kiss
  • Virgo: Is asleep with Capricorn on top of them with a party screamer in there mouth so every time they breath out it screams
  • Libra: Is shitfaced drunk and is singing My Heart Will Go On but like a rock star while trying to make out with Aries
  • Scorpio: Is thinking of New Years revolutions there not gonna stick to
  • Sagittarius: Laughing and stealing Leo's money for a kiss
  • Capricorn: Falls asleep in a corner on top of Virgo cause it's past their bed time
  • Aquarius: Is excited and keeps saying. "2016 is my year!" When it's really not...
  • Pisces: Silently counting down to the New Year

character aesthetics | teen titans /// beast boy

“See, it all started back in 1492 with this tea party, in Boston. King George, or maybe it was King Norm-anyway… The British were trying to make the colonists drink all this tea. But they were like, “Dude! No way! We’re sick of your nasty old tea and your crummy English muffins!” So they decided, “Revolution!"”

It’s time to reconcile the two districts.

So, it’s very cool that we (The Clexa Fandom) were all brought together to unite and start a revolution, but I really think (based on posts I’ve seen) that there are two parties to this entire thing that now need to be brought together. 
DISCLAIMER: I know that some people may be part of both fandom A and B, I’m just trying to make a point. 

Clexa fandom A: 

  • Enjoys sending death threats to the cast and crew in a misguided attempt to defend Alycia
  • is now attacking Bob Morley because he isn’t gay, or a girl, and are actually just making him feel bad
  • Are jeopardising the entire operation by hashtagging inappropriate things and getting the cast involved

Clexa Fandom B:

  • Have organised hashtag events that have nothing to do with cast and crew but are all about making the minority known and standing up for what’s right
  • Don’t send death threats to people
  • Make the nicest fanart
  • Raise money for charity
  • Support everyone in The 100 - aside from JRoth
  • Created and then fell in love with Elyza Lex

Clexa Fandom A needs to chill, and stop giving the majority of us a bad name. Death threats, bullying, etc not cool, and they just help JRoth/The CW in the long run. We need to all come together and run this thing as a team of peaceful, inspired, passionate human beings who don’t seem hostile and scary and just undisciplined. 

Anyway, long post, have a gif:

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  • them: jefferson or burr??
  • hamilton: Let me tell you something about Aaron Burr. We were best friends during the revolution. I know, right? It's so embarrassing. I don't even... Whatever. So then after we won, I started working with the first president Washington who was totally gorgeous but then he stepped down, and Aaron was like, weirdly jealous of him. Like, if I would blow him off to make political compromises, he'd be like, "Why didn't you call me back?" And I'd be like, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" So then, for my birthday party, which was a federalist pool party, I was like, "Aaron, I can't invite you, because I think you're democratic-republican." I mean I couldn't have a democratic-republican at my party. There were gonna be federalists there in their *bathing suits*. I mean, right? he was a DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICAN. So then his mom called my mom and started yelling at her, it was so stupid. And then he dropped out of politics because no one would talk to him, and he came back for the election of 1800, all of his hair was cut off and he was totally weird, and now I guess he's on crack.
things that come to mind about the first three songs.
  • she's kinda hot: bright red, kids chanting, revolution, old convertible cars, shouting, the last day of school, running, sneaking out, parties that im not invited to, kids talking back to ignorant adults, open-mindedness, the millenniums, dangerous teenage laughter, that im gonna be ok.
  • fly away: airplane seats, pinning all the places you have traveled to on a map, running away, starting over, the beginning of an indie young adult film, the sounds of the city, the spray of the ocean, relaxation, aesthetically pleasing buildings you just need to take a picture of, a long drive with someone who would make it worth it.
  • jet black heart: dark colors, grey skies, rainy drives, punching a wall, painting everything black, crying in the shower, hurricanes, rippling mascara under sunken eyes, second chances, that just because of the things you have done in the past, does not define your future.
Guide to British politics
  • Labour Party: The socialist one. Wants a revolution but doesn't know how to start it. Led by a vegetarian, beige person. The lesser of two evils
  • Conservative Party: The evil one. Is actually in power. Probably planning to murder the poor. Led by a massive tit. Will steal ur tax money to do a rave if need be.
  • Liberal Democrats: Nobody knows who are these. Coalition? Centrist? Clegg but now no Clegg? No idea what's happening there.
  • SNP: The Scottish National Party. The ones who asked for independence. Pretty sure they start their meetings by watching Braveheart
  • The Green Party: Hippies. Pretty sure their leader is an endagered type of bird...

This is Wolinski, one of the artists killed in the shooting.
Wolinski was a FRENCH , JEWISH  artist  born in Tunisia who was mostly known for his  comedic drawings.
His favorite subject was feminism with an accent on male entitlement.
He often laughed, calling himself “The most male chauvinist” of feminist allies. 

“Can’t I at least get one thing ?”
“How about a slap, would that do ?”

He was one of the official artists of the PC, the french communist party, and participated in campaigns about women’s rights.

Life starts again at 60
“Copy 100 times : Sexism isn’t a leftist principle.”

Now for some important historical background for people who haven’t grown up in France.
Wolinski was a VERY important figures of MAY 68
 Events that changed the face of France forever

L'enragé, iconic publication of May 68

Wolinski fought for years for revolution and to denounce police brutality
He believed in freedom, and the power youth has to change things

“Good job Police !”
“Now say it again”

“Sonny what are you going to do in the streets ?”
“The revolution.”

The corpse wears a sign saying “Murdered by far-right extremists.

“Walk slower of we’ll have to arrest them”
“Walk faster or they’ll have to arrest us”

Besides Charlie Hebdo, he also worked for L'Huma, the french communist journal.

here we see L'Huma’s cover celebrating the victory of marriage equality in France and denouncing police brutality against workers.

“Change the world a mission for ALL of us”
“I am waiting for your ideas everyone, don’t be afraid to go wild.”

Another thing Wolinski was famous for, was how crazy in love he and his wife were.

Maryse Wolinski 

A french journalist, writer and feminist born in Algeria.

I hope this additional bit of info helps in understanding who we lost on January 7.

Here are my long-winded thoughts on third parties and our current election:

(All from a place of love and unity)

To all my friends considering voting for a third party to protest the DNC, 

Whether you like Hillary Clinton or not, Donald Trump is indisputably a worse candidate. The only two people who can be president with our current system are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

If Hillary wins it may be a vote that shows that the establishment works. Sure. However, it’s also a vote that an establishment like Donald Trump’s does not work. That is an important message for the country to send. Frankly, I’m of the opinion that it’s the most important message this country could send this year.

You can’t start from the top-down to change an entire political system. You have to start from the bottom up. It seems to me, that the third parties are asking for a CEO position without ever having done the entry-level work. Bernie’s “political revolution” was all about grassroots. Yet none of the third parties have done the work to get wide local control, much less national.

If third parties (and I mean the concept of an alternate party, not the Greens or Libertarians specifically, as I fundamentally disagree with both candidates from their parties) want to start on the local level, if they want to build something from the ground up- then yes, by all means. Push their platform on the local level. Get local representation, get people elected to congress, fundraise, organize. But there is no chance that a third party would win the presidency, and in a race that is as high stakes as this, why would you not want to tilt the scales in favor of the better alternative? Isn’t incremental change better than no change? At least until a party that you more clearly align with gets more political clout with which to govern?

Yes, people are disillusioned. But this idea that the Democrats or even the Republicans are falling apart just isn’t true. These parties are going to continue to thrive for a long time. Almost everyone in Congress is part of one of the two major parties, so the idea that overnight that would change, or even in the course of one or two election cycles, is completely wrong.

Like I said, a much more efficient way of creating a new party, were a major party to crumble, is to provide an alternative. That starts at the local level. But for now, not stopping a Trump candidacy just sends out the message that the majority of this country supports Trump’s ideals.

I don’t discount Bernie supporters. The president said it beautifully last night “If you agree that there’s too much inequality in our economy and too much money in our politics, we all need to be as vocal and as organized and as persistent as Bernie Sanders supporters have been during this election. We all need to get out and vote… and then hold them accountable until they get the job done.”

Want a new system? I’m down! Let’s build it! But let’s keep the house from burning down first.

Our elected officials will only forget us if we let them. They will only be held unaccountable if after election day we stop working. If we keep at it, not just on election day, but every day, I think we will really start seeing a shift towards progress. I also personally believe that since the Bush years, which I remember vividly, a radical shift has already taken place. It’s been incredible to behold.

But we can’t just protest one day, and then sit with our arms folded for another four years. It’s much easier and much more effective to hold a system accountable than it is to burn everything to the ground and start from scratch.

The idea that there will never be another party with a chance isn’t true. There just isn’t a party now because the leg work hasn’t been done on the local levels. You can start doing that work now. From the bottom up. Top to bottom doesn’t work. It makes you a group of ideologues, not a party.

The idea that we can’t reform the Democrats is also not true and prevents us from the doing the hard work of actually demanding that our governments listen to us.

I can hold both thoughts simultaneously: Our two party system needs an alternative AND the democrats can shift towards more progressive ideals and be held accountable to their constituents.

Again, this is all friendly and for the sake of an open dialogue, but what I see from people who won’t vote Hillary is a house that’s on fire, and Trump supporters adding fuel, and non-Hillary voters saying “let it burn I didn’t like that house anyway.”

We can fix our house, a protest vote historically only means that the major parties will cyclically not want to represent you. We can keep the house from burning down, and we can make steps towards a more fair system. These notions of perfect purity shouldn’t be barriers to progress.

Besos. <3

The capture of the Winter Palace in 1917 was the Bolshevik equivalent of destroying the Death Star. Winning the deciding battle in the Russian Revolution was a great excuse for the rebellion to celebrate. Luckily for them, the palace came pre-equipped for such a celebration – while exploring their new home, the revolutionaries stumbled upon the world’s largest wine cellar, stocked with $91 million worth of the world’s finest wines, cognacs, whiskeys, and vodkas.

The soldiers immediately started drinking, and because communism is all about sharing, they invited everyone in Saint Petersburg to join them. The then-capital was crippled stupid by weeks of drunken shenanigans so epic, the Bolsheviks had to put the war on hold just to deal with it. It was like a Purge Night at Caligula’s house.

6 Historic Events You Didn’t Realize Everyone Was Drunk For
Bernie Sanders, the Zombie Candidate
It’s already over, and now he’s just causing havoc. I’ve seen firsthand how much damage this kind of candidacy can do. By DAVID WADE

When he first decided to run for president, Bernie Sanders had a goal in mind: to start a political revolution by getting big money out of politics.

If he wants to do it—if Sanders wants to build a lasting movement to fight money’s outsize influence—he has to close one door to open another. The transition from contender to gracious supporter of the nominee isn’t easy for any presidential candidate, but he needs to make it, and soon.

We already know Sanders isn’t going to win the Democratic Party’s nomination; Hillary Clinton has amassed more than 92 percent of the delegates needed to secure the nomination, and she’ll easily pick up the rest. So right now, Sanders’ campaign is the walking dead: a zombie. And having worked for John Kerry during the slugfest of the 2004 primaries, I’ve seen up close how much damage this sort of prolonged “zombie” candidacy can inflict on the eventual nominee—and what’s ultimately at stake for the country.

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