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Headcanons for IDW Rodimus, Drift, Swerve, Brainstorm, and Fort Max reaction if it's their Creation Day and bot s/o doesn't show up to the party... but when they go to their habsuite to check on them later after the party, they find their bot s/o is really upset and a mess covered in paper, glue, paint, glitter, and bows trying to wrap a really awesome present they totally wanted and accidentally broke in their attempts to wrap it and thinks they ruined their creation day

Rodimus notices you’re not at the party, but he figures you’re probably getting ready to spend some special birthday alone-time with him ;) ;) When you open the door to your habsuite looking like a craft store threw up on you he’s surprised, but he thinks it’s hilarious. You pout and smooches your glittery face with a chuckle. He tugs at a bow, suggesting that you could be his present.

Drift isn’t much for parties anyway, so he sneaks away to check on you when you down’t show up. When you sadly show him the remains of his present he gives you a soft smile and thanks you. Instead of the original present you draw a big, luxurious bath for the two of you, since you’re a mess and Drift adores bubble baths. This totally beats a party. 

Swerve wanted to go find you, but someone said you’d be there later. He ends up losing track of time then rushing to your room to see if you’re okay. His jaw drops when he sees you all decked out in craft supplies. Halfway through your explanation of what went wrong he tackle hugs you, covering you in kisses thank you this is the best present no one has ever done anything like this for me thank you thank you. It doesn’t even matter that the present broke. It’s on a display shelf in his room; he thinks of you every time he sees it.

Brainstorm is drunk when he comes home. He tells you look super smokin’ hot in all that glitter. He stumbles in, falls over, and his optics land on his broken present. He starts crying. Immediately you say you’re sorry, it was an accident, but when he looks up at you he’s obviously smiling. “I love it,” he says. “It’s the best present. If I could stand up I’d hug you.”

Fort Max is too worried about you to party. He excuses himself rather early on in the celebration. The first thing he does when he sees you is ask if you’re alright. He freaks out when you start crying about ruining his birthday, scooping you into his arms. He assures you that you didn’t ruin anything; he feels honored that you’d do all this for him. He helps you get cleaned up and takes you back to the party for a slow dance. You decide to keep one of ribbons on.

“Some people say an entire bottle of champagne for one person at Bottomless Brunch is overkill. I say it’s a challenge. Care to join? Unless you’re going to judge; then I might suggest walking your cute little ass away from here and somewhere less fun - like Starbucks.”

22 things I’ve learned in 22 years

As my twenty-second birthday draws near, I find myself thinking back on all of the things I’ve learned and a few things stand out the most and I feel the need to share them with you all. For the people who are younger than me, who may need advice that I know I never got. And for those older than me, who may need reminded of things they may already know. So, here are twenty-two things I’ve learned in the last twenty-two years. 

1. It is okay to remove toxic people from your life. There is no need to explain yourself or apologize. 

2. Not everyone is going to like you, but that’s okay. You will find people who do, it’s worth the wait. 

3. Try your best to avoid investing more into relationships than the other party.

4.Life is going to kick you in the teeth, a lot, but you are strong enough to pick yourself back up and move forward. 

5. Always continue to move forward, the past is gone, focus on the present, your future is waiting for you. 

6. It’s okay to not be okay. It took me a long time to learn this, but once you come to terms with it, it makes life a little easier.

7.Speak up when people don’t consider your feelings. You are not an object for others to play with. 

8.It’s okay to cry, in fact crying can be a very helpful and healthy way to vent.

9. There will be days that you’ll feel like you can’t get out of bed and that’s okay. Stay under the covers, keep warm and turn on a movie or show that makes you happy. 

10. It’s okay if you need to take breaks, from life, work and even people. 

11. Your mental health comes first! If you find yourself in an uncomfortable/toxic environment, you need to put yourself first and do your best to get out of it.

12. It’s okay to ask for help. I know sometimes you feel like a burden, but I promise you, you aren’t. 

13. Talk about how you’re feeling. It’s hard, but no one is going to be able to help if you keep things to yourself. Tell your friends if something makes you uncomfortable so they can fix it. 

14. The people who truly care about you will always do their best to help make sure you are comfortable, safe and loved. 

15.It’s okay to make mistakes, that’s how we learn. I know it can be frustrating, especially when you feel like you keep making the same mistake, but it’s okay. They are learning experiences. 

16. You don’t always have to put on a brave face. There will be people who come into your life and they will make dropping that mask so easy. They’ll help hold you up when you feel like the world is pressing down on you. Keep them close. 

17. Do the things that make you happy. Blast your favorite music, dance around the kitchen when you cook, play that video game for just five more minutes, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for months. Just do what you want to do and don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t. 

18. Keeping a journal can be helpful, especially if you have a bad memory like I do. Write things down. Not just the big dates, but little things. Like the first time you heard a song you like. Or when they made you smile like the sun. 

19. You are a star that shines brightly among the darkness life has dealt you. Never let anyone convince you that you are less. 

20. Stand up for, not only yourself, but for the little guys. Use your voice for good, but don’t drown out those who need to be heard. 

21. Don’t wait for things to come to you, go to them. Make change happen, work toward your goals, even if you’re just taking baby steps. Every second matters. 

22. Love; yourself, your friends, your family, your partner. And show love to those who need it most. Offer to buy a meal for the homeless person on the street. Support the people whose families don’t accept them. Welcome them with open arms and an open heart. The good you put into the world will come back to you in it’s own way. So, love and love deeply because we only have so much time on this earth.

Jealous Joe- Joe Sugg Imagine

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Warnings: none

F/P/T= favorite pizza topping

     “What is your favorite pizza topping?” Jack asks me.
     “F/P/T,” I say, and Jack gasps.
     “Mine, too!”
     Were sitting on Conor’s couch. The whole crew and more are here. In celebration of Conor’s new song, we’re having a friends party here and going out to a club later.
     I laugh as Jack tells me another joke, but I start to feel uncomfortable as I feel Joe’s eyes on me from the other side of the room. Normally it wouldn’t bother me. Him being my boyfriend and all, he’s allowed to stare. Although this stare is not a nice stare. This is a stare of jealousy.
     Jack and I keep talking. We have a lot in common, and I can see us becoming good friends. Joe may make that difficult though, but maybe I could have some fun with this jealousy thing. Hours later, it’s time for the club.
I excuse myself from Jack and go to find Joe. He’s still staring. I laugh as I stand next to him. “Let’s go,” I say, but he doesn’t budge. “Come on,” I try again.
      “One condition,” he said, “you stay at my side all night.”
I roll my eyes. It’s stupid, but I still agree to it.

     At the club, Joe makes sure I hold his hand as we go through crowds. We sit in the back and talk. I don’t mention the fact that he was jealous. It’d only piss him off more.
     About thirty minutes into our night, Jack and Caspar come over to our table. I giggle slightly as I see Joe’s face get a bit flushed because of course, Jack sits next to me. We start talking again. Caspar left at some point. Joe comments on stuff every once in a while, but mostly stays silent as he sips his beer. Gradually his head falls on to my shoulder. I try to push him off, but he insists it stays there. I rolls my eyes and keep talking to Jack. Every once in awhile his head will nuzzle itself into my me mind more. I laugh because his hair tickles, but I start to get annoyed after a bit. Suddenly, Joe’s head then fall on to my lap.
    “What the hell, Joe?” I giggle because I know exactly what he’s doing.
    “Come dance with me or something. I’m bored,” he complains. He had the saddest look in his eyes. Like a lost puppy would if he was found. His were words loud because of our surrounding, but muffled because he’s talking into my thighs.
     I give Jack an apologetic look. He smiles and we say our goodbyes to each other.
     Once he’s gone, I look down at Joe. “Wow. Jealousy really can change a person,” I say sarcastically.
     “I’m not jealous,” he says as he sits up.
      “Sure you aren’t,” I say, again, sarcastically.
      One things for sure, he won’t let Jack talk to me again tonight. I know that we’ll become good friend. Joe’s just going to have to accept it. Although he is really cute when he’s jealous.

Tom Wilson - Chapter 8

Tom’s POV:

Even though I was rooming with Andre, I was able to avoid any questions regarding where Y/N and I stood. I had snuck off the to gym and rushed back into the room as soon as he had left to go party for the night. The daily FaceTime calls between Y/N and I continued, and the missing her grew more and more by the minute. Now, it was Monday night and I was on a plane home. We won all of our road trip games, and the vibes were good among the guys.


“I miss you, and I can’t wait to get home and see you, Y/N?!” Andre blurted out as he read the text I was typing to Y/N over my shoulder.

“Damnit Andre!” I snapped.

“The girl? Are you dating the girl?” Ovi asked, turning around from his seat at the front of the plane.

“We aren’t dating.” I said coldly.

“My son has a wife now?” Backy asked, chiming in with a smile.

“Yeah. And she’s hot.” Andre said, still leaning over my sit like an annoying child who can’t sit still.

“Let the man live, boys.” Schmidty said, standing up for me.

“Thanks.” I mouthed over to him.

“So seriously, are you guys together?” Andre asked as he lowered his voice and calmed down.

“I mean nothing is official but I really like her a lot so I’d like for it to get to that point.” I explained. “Did you want to scream that across the plane?”

“Alright, calm down drama queen.” Andre said, putting in his headphones and tuning me out.


It was rainy and cold back at home, and the drive back seemed longer than it usually did. Sitting at a red light, I finally remembered to turn Airplane mode off of my phone. My dreary and jet-lagged mood went out the window when I saw Y/N’s name pop up on my screen.

Hi babe, hope you have a safe flight home. I aced both of my midterms today so I’m out with the girls tonight again. At a bar just down the street from your apartment, maybe come by if you’re not too tired?


I was never too tired to see her. I could see her her car parked across the street from one of my favorite bars, so I quickly parked and made my way over. I didn’t text her or call her… a surprise would be a good way to end the days that separated us.

I walked into the loud bar and pushed my way through sweaty, dancing, drunk people until I spotted Y/N, leaning up against the bar next to Ava and Carly.

“Guys, I know I barely know him. But I just miss him so much. It’s so weird. I just haven’t felt this way in awhile.” I heard her slur as I was getting closer. She was definitely a little drunk, but no where near as bad as the other night on FaceTime. She turned back to the bartender and ordered another round. Damn, her body looked amazing in those jeans. Perfect time for me to swoop in.

“Surprise, baby.” I whispered in her ear as I slid my hands around her waist and kissed her on the cheek from behind.

“Awww,” I heard Ava and Carly say at the same time.

“Tom!” She exclaimed as she turned around in my arms, grabbing my cheeks and kissing me.

“Missed you. You look beautiful.” I said as I slipped my hands down on her ass.

“Ugh. I missed you too. I swear I don’t go out and drink this often.” She giggled as she rested her forehead against mine.

“Was this week just a special occasion?” I questioned with a smile as we rocked back and forth to the music.

“Good grades.” She began. “And maybe I needed to get my mind off of a certain someone being gone.”

“Miss me that much, huh?” I asked as I pecked her on the lips.

“Maybe I just feel a certain way and I don’t know how to handle it.” She responded.

“Maybe I feel a certain way too, and the only way I know how to handle it is to make sure that you’re mine.” I said back. Damn, that was smooth.

“Maybe all I want is to be yours.” She smiled back.

“Maybe we’ll talk about this on our real date tomorrow?” I suggested. She nodded.

“Maybe we could go home?” She asked as she stumbled in my arms.

“My place okay for tonight? What time are your classes tomorrow?” I questioned, trying to be mindful of her schedule.

“Tuesday… don’t have any.” She said as she pulled her car keys out of her purse. “Can you move my car?” She asked.

“Are you guys good to Uber home? I’m going to take her back with me.” I asked Carly and Ava, who had scooted down the bar to give Y/N and I some privacy.

“Yeah we’re fine. Take care of her, Wilson.” Ava said.

“I will. Get home safe, guys.” I told both of them as I grabbed Y/N’s hand and began to pull her out of the bar.

I got her in the car and slowly pulled away from the crowds of people spilling into the Arlington streets.


“Are you sure it’s okay if I stay here tonight?” Y/N slurred as I lead her through my apartment and to my bedroom.

“Absolutely. Would rather have you here than anywhere else.” I said as I kissed her on the cheek. “But I need to change.”

I walked into my bathroom and left the door open, removing my suit one piece at a time. Through the reflection of the mirror, I could see her looking at me, running her eyes up and down me as my clothes slid off my body.

“I see you.” I said with a laugh.

“Busted.” She giggled as she fell backwards onto the bed. “You just look too good not to stare at.”

“That’s how I feel about you all the time.” I answered. “Do you want a t-shirt or anything for tonight?”

“Yes please,” she nodded as she stood up and slowly peeled off her jeans and low cut white shirt.

“This one okay?” I asked as I tossed her an old Capitals shirt, from my first year on the team.

“Perfect.” She said as she looked me in the eyes, stripping down to her underwear right in front of me.

“You’re perfect.” I slipped out, lost in her curves and perfectly toned body.

She smirked and jumped into bed, patting the covers next to her for me to get in.

will you call me to tell me you’re alright?

A/N: I really love James Arthur’s new song, Safe Inside and it reminded me of Steve worrying about Wanda. This is for @thecraftycracker who always lets me rant to her, without fail, about anything Stucky related. 

Will you call me to tell me you’re alright?

‘Cause I worry about you the whole night

Don’t repeat my mistakes, I won’t sleep 'til you’re safe inside

Steve worried about her, of course he did.

She was like a little sister to him and when she lost her brother, she broke. Not that she would let him see. She went out and didn’t come back ‘till late. Get drunk and go to parties to blow off steam, he never tried to stop her but he always worried about her. Tried to keep tabs on her to make sure she was save.

But if anyone could take care of themselves, it was Wanda. And when Bucky came back, they didn’t want to coddle her, make her feel like she wasn’t free. But Steve couldn’t help it. Some nights, he stayed up until he heard that she got in okay and only then would accept Bucky’s warm embrace and fall asleep.

Sometimes, it was the other way around and Bucky would go pick her up if she sounded particularly bad on the phone but she never wanted their help. Never asked them to hug her or listen. Never cried in front of them. She just hid. Behind her front. Behind her magic and the costume. Steve understood that all too well.

“Stevie,” Bucky said softly, cupping Steve’s face. Steve’s bottom lip trembled when he looked up at his husband, shaking apart in his arms.

“What if somethin’ has happened to her?” he said, voice broken as Bucky pulled him into his arms, prying the phone out of his lover’s hands, “she never comes back this late.”

Bucky was worried, he was frightened but if he showed it, it would just break Steve. “I know, I know sweetheart. She’ll come back, Tony sent out Natasha to look for her and we contacted Happy to get a team if it came to that. She knows you care, love. We’ve called and texted her. I went out lookin’ earlier, called her friends too. I’m sure she’s safe –

Just then, Steve’s phone rang and he scrambled to get it, hands shaking, “Wanda?”

“Steve,” her voice came through, slurring them, “I-I’m sorry.” And then she was crying.

Steve’s heart broke and he sat up, “Wanda, it’s okay. It’s okay. Where are you?”

They found her by the pier at Coney Island. Steve broke into a run when he saw her and she ran into his arms, sobbing into his chest as Steve wrapped her in his jacket, holding her close.

“It’s okay, you’re safe, you’re safe,” Steve whispered as they walked her back to the car. Bucky had his arm around Wanda’s shoulders and had wrapped a scarf around her neck.

“We’re here,” Bucky promised, “we’re here, Wanda. We’ve got you.”

She fell asleep, safe and sound, in the spare room of their small but homey Brooklyn house.

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hey, do you think it matters going to parties when you're in high school? I feel like no one will ever invite me to a party bc I feel like i'm not 'cool', and I have ex friends in the more sorta 'cool' groups so now everyone has certain opinion of me so like I could never get invited to a party bc it would always be awkward? idk if this makes any sense also you're videos really do help me out so much!! Thank u for always spreading positivity and advice !

i barely partied in high school!! it really doesnt matter AT ALL.  like, at all. 

it’s so much cooler to just focus & work on what you love doing, someone that matters long-term. worked for me hahahah ;~)

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revenge frank and y/n going to parties and he shares a cigarette with you and you don't think of it at the time but it's totally an indirect kiss and he planned it all along

yeah but ppl do it even if they’re friends so, what if frank would think it’s a big deal like ‘eheh we just kissed indirectly’ (revenge frank but he still awkward and smol) and Y/N would just shrug because ‘dude i share my cigarettes with my friends all the time.. you should have just done this’ and they kisses him passionately ;) 

Halloween 2016

can you imagine. Library au Keith and hunk work in receiving, processing new shipments/donations and putting books back from the dropoff chute. Pidge is IT support for the library and keeps the servers secure and lightning fast and definitely doesn’t spy on people with her network. Shiro and lance are the receptionists bc Lance thought it would be a good way to meet some smokin bodies and shiro just really loves books okay. Coran owns the building and Allura manages it and takes down all the mouse traps Coran puts up because “they’ve never chewed anything or pooped on the books, Coran!" 

 And there are the usual library shenanigans including but not limited to 

  •  - a closet full of books. no context it’s just there and Coran wants it to stay. 
  •  - squirrels sneaking in through the dropoff chute when the weather gets colder - hunk and keith hunting the squirrels bc they’re not always busy
  • - hunk wanting to be humane only and Keith slowly putting his knife away
  •  - Keith this is a library why do you have a knife
  •  - *squints into the horizon like a war veteran* squirrels
  •  - pidge suggesting that the mice are helping the squirrels
  •  - keith’s war against rodents begins and Allura scrambles to set up cozy hiding spots for them all just out of Keith’s reach
  •  - and then he finds his pistachios MISSING and his pear has been nibbled upon and he mc freaking loses it
  •  - shiro puts this sign up on the dropoff chute very quietly and kindly and he just kind of puffs up knowing that he’s done a Good Deed
  •  - people start obeying the sign and Lance leaves the front doors open so he can hear it every single time it happens. He has a tally chart.
  • - the chute opens one day without anyone shouting down it and Keith runs upstairs and looks around "did you see any squirrels ma'am" 
  • - Lance is dying bc it was him. 
  •  - klance makeouts between the bookshelves 
  • - the dudes from the computer repair shop next door coming in and asking if any of the webcams in the library had mysteriously turned on too 
  • - pidge is a good liar bc obviously she was behind it. 
  •  - hunk and allura putting food for the squirrels on the roof in an attempt to keep them safe from Keith 
  • - hunk and allura realizing that the squirrels are determined, suicidal little shits and so they just put food in the corner of the library or up on the highest bookshelves and hope that their tails will do the dusting for them 
  • - shiro sighing at literally everything as he hand feeds the squirrels 
  • - is he Snow White like how does he do that 
  •  - Keith’s Betrayed Face when he sees shiro schmoozing the squirrels 
  • - *whispers* I thought you loved me 
  • - shiro rolling his eyes so hard he goes and joins a bowling league 
  •  - the dudes from the computer repair shop coming back AGAIN and asking if show tunes had started playing in the library 
  • - pidge must physically remove herself from their presence bc she’s trying very hard not to cackle like an overlord 
  • - Keith brings in a CAT 
  • - allura is horrified and literally clutches her chest 
  •  - Lance falls in love with the cat, feeds it treats and snacks and gives it lazy toys until it gets ULTRA FAT 
  • - Keith comes to the conclusion that his bf sabotaged his cat plan on purpose and cuts off the nookie supply for a month
  •  - worst month of everyone’s lives tbh 
  • - hunk begs Keith to please just fuck Lance again 
  • - a hanjo in the Scientology section at the very least please please please 
  •  - pidge and shiro end up stuck in the weird book closet somehow 
  • - shiro COULD break down the door but that’s just a lot of work 
  • - why break things when you could have a book fight 
  • - they throw a couple hundred paperbacks at each other for 20 minutes 
  •  - pidge builds a throne of books and rules her domicile (400 books and shiro) with cunning and dignity 
  • - until shiro slaps her in the face with a copy of pride and prejudice and the war begins anew 
  • - the library has like three floors and everyone knows to stay out of the left wing of the third floor during lunch breaks bc Lance and Keith honestly don’t care if u see their butts they will not stop 
  • - shiro or hunk lifting pidge onto their shoulders to put more food on the shelves for the squirrels 
  • - the general populace of the town not being weirded out by any of the shenanigans in the library 
  • - it’s just another beautiful day in mr Roger’s neighbourhood for them 
  • - Keith runs by them with a knife in his teeth and a net in his hands? Totally normal



Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #271

(Context: in my head, this post continues from this one. Sometime after a failed plan that resulted in Warfstache totally kidnapping Mark, lol.) (Dialogue from Atlantis.)