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Times when I cried watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E6

-When Dr. Akopian and Paula were with Rebecca in the hospital and Rebecca kept on apologizing and asking if people were mad at her

-When Rebecca said she was broken

-When Paula, Valencia, and Heather grew terrified after knocking on the bathroom door because they thought Rebecca was dead

-When Darryl’s sunburnt ass fuckin. burst into Rebecca’s house and he recounted his erratic journey to her place and he still wanted to hug Rebecca even though it hurt him

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(i hope it's okay to send this request in.) i've been feeling a little lost and lonely lately because i'm now spending more time on my own than i'm used to, do you have any head canons for how shigezane would use his free time to comfort his mc? ❤️

i hope you feel better soon, anon!! ❤️ take care of yourself! 

Shigezane comforting you

  • He starts with flowers. Ibano’s lessons are finally going to be put to good use. Your room is filled with so many flower arrangements that you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. He’s got all your favorites. Ibano sheds a proud tear or two.
  • And then, of course, it’s food! Now, he’s not actually very good at cooking. He tried, but he can’t possibly make you eat that! So he goes to the kitchen and makes puppy eyes at the maids while they make your favorite dessert, and then he proudly carts the fruits of their labor to your room. It’s the thought that counts, right?
  • Now that you’re full of dessert, it’s time for some good old fashioned cuddling. Wanna put your head in his lap and have your hair toyed with? Sit out on the veranda and chat while looking at the scenery? Lie in bed and snuggle? Just say the word.
  • Your room smells too sweet thanks to all the flowers (he may have gone overboard), and he’s itching to get out and about. How about some shopping in town, or maybe a nice slow walk up to the romantic cliff that shows up at least once in every main route? Maybe a short getaway to that really nice onsen resort he’s been hearing rumors about?
  • The most important thing is really just to spend time with you

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No offense but do you personally hate Miu or anything? ._. Or is it just because she doesn't believe in the void?

@sp-ud BIG NONONNONO NO IROOMBA IS ONE OF MY FAVES I LOVE HER SO MUCH. even though she lives with them they kind of just forget she exists BUT don’t worry, she’s already heard that there’s a party going down!! she’s gonna call out someone!!

…Sami why did you buy a Dandelion?  They literally grow everywhere the eye can see in this forest.  Could you not have just picked one out of the ground?  Wubble.

There’s people in my neighborhood who I swear are just trying to make most amount of noise possible….at 12 am 

BTS @The Late Late Show
  • Some of the fans waiting in line before the show were being interviewed.
  • Fans were talking to James Corden and pointed out he was wearing a Gucci tie and mentioned that Tae would love it since he likes Gucci. James responded saying “Oh true because it looks like Gucci threw up on them”.
  • Jungkook was like a little kid and extremely pumped, he waved to the crowd before the first recording. Namjoon looked really proud.
  • James Corden took a selfie with the boys after they finished performing.
  • At the end of the second recording, Taehyung and Jimin were dancing with James.
  • Jimin kept laughing and hugging James, he looked like he was really enjoying himself. 
  • Jin sent James a flying kiss LOL
  • Taehyung was the last one to leave the stage, and seemed very excited to see all the fans.
  • Lastly, THE FANCHANTS were amazing (as we all saw) and the camera crew confirmed that the fans were louder than when 1D performed.

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