the parts should have been switched

I just dreamt that one of my cats had undergone a strange metamorphosis and reverted to infancy - but instead of becoming a kitten, it became an egg.

The egg soon hatched into a small, black chick, which rapidly grew into a horrifying, eyeless hybrid of cat and bird. It ran blindly around my house, and wouldn’t stop shrieking. I couldn’t get a good look at it because it was nighttime and none of the light switches worked when I tried them, and it bit my hands whenever I approached.

That’s not the weird part. The weird part is that dream-me wasn’t frightened by any of this. The whole time this was going on, all I could think was:

“What does this thing eat? Am I supposed to keep it warm? Is this behaviour normal? It’s incredibly irresponsible of me to be so unprepared for this - I should never have been allowed to own a pet.”

If I believed in dream analysis, you could probably have a field day with this one.

Without You (ch.1)

• Chris Evans x Reader •
//soulmate au. you wake up on your eighteenth birthday having switched bodies with your soulmate.//
|Also, if you have a problem with big age gaps, please read this at your own risk!|

keys: (h/t) hair type/texture  (h/c) hair color  (y/n/n) your nickname



    “W-Why do I always feel so empty? So-So lost all the time? Like I’m missing the biggest part of me, Dad? Why do I feel like there’s a hole in my heart that I can never fill?” teeny-tiny 6 year old you asks in between sniffs and sobs.
    “Oh my sweetie,” your father coos as he holds you close to him and kisses your forehead. “I always knew you would be one of the few,” he smiled to himself as combed his fingers through your (h/t) (h/c) hair.
    “What do you mean Poppie?” you looked up at him as he wiped your runny nose with a tissue.
    “Well,” he began with the most loving grin you have ever seen.
    He began to tell you how everyone felt differently about being apart from their other half. Some felt- well, they felt okay. They weren’t really affected by not having their soulmate yet. But the others, the others weren’t exactly rare, but they were very seldom. The others are the best kind of lovers. They feel so much loss being away from their soulmate, despite the fact that they either don’t even know they have one, or they haven’t even met them yet. They feel the loss of something they haven’t even lost yet. It was hard for them, sure, but finally being united with their other made up for it. I mean, you could imagine how wonderful it would feel to be united with the one destined for you, right? It would feel absolutely magnificent. Magical even.
    “Is that how it felt when you were united with Mi-Mi?” six year old you giggled in your chuckling Daddy’s arms.
    “You bet it was, sugar-plum,” your mom smiled as she wrapped her arms around your Pops’ neck. “And you’ll experience it too someday, (y/n/n).
    “Will I really?” you asked with glistening eyes staring at your parents with so much hope.
    “We promise you, sweetheart,” your mom said as she kissed you and your Dad goodnight.


    Chris went to sleep in excitement the night before his long awaited 18th birthday. His 18th birthday! It was going to be here, it was gonna be here at last! He would switch bodies with his soulmate! He would meet his soulmate!           He woke up the next morning feeling ecstatic. He quickly pushed himself out of his bed and- ‘But wait,’ he thought.
    ‘That’s still my bed,’
he observed with a broken heart,
    ‘And that’s still my nightstand.’
    And that’s still my bookshelf,’
he thought as he began to slide down the side of his bed.
    “And this is still my body,”
he whispered with tears rolling down his cheeks. He felt confused, he felt sad, he felt disappointed, and then he felt betrayed. He felt angry.
he said through frustrated sobs as his family rushed into his bedroom, expecting to meet their new family member.
    “You said
I would meet them,” he said, still unable to find his voice through all the tears falling.
    “You said all the pain would go away,
that it would be magical,” he sobbed into his mom’s shoulder as she hugged him tight, shushing his fragile tears.
    “You said I’d meet them,”
he whispered as his voice cracked.
    “Don’t worry, bud,” Chris’ father said with a sad smile. “This isn’t the end. This just means that you’re older than them, Chris,” he reassured his son, now wiping his tears. “You’ll meet them, I promise you, you’ll find them. And they’ll find you. You’ll find each other. Just not yet. And that’s okay.”
    “Yeah,” Scott said grinning at his older brother, “Remember it was the same with Mom and Dad? It’ll be okay, big bro! Hang in there,” he reassured his older brother as Chris pulled him into a hug.
    “Yeah,” Chris said with a smile and a small sniff, now feeling way better than a few moments ago. “Great things are worth waiting for, right?”
    So that’s exactly what he did, he waited for you. He waited patiently for you, worried and sometimes still a little pained, but he never gave up. After all, great things are worth waiting for.


    It was Chris’ 34th birthday and he still hasn’t been united with his soulmate.
    “Damn,” Anthony said as he slung his arm over Chris’ shoulder. “You are in some serious shit bro, she is young,” he joked and everyone in their little circle (Scarlet, Robert and his wife, Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Chris Pratt and his wife, Tom, Jeremy, Elizabeth, Sebastian, and Mark) laughed at his overused joke.
    “I bet she’s fuckin’ hot,” Jeremy teased just before Scarlet smacked him upside the head.
    “I bet she’s lovely, Chris,” Scarlet smiled to the birthday boy as Jeremy seethed a “What the fuck Scar?”
    “I have a feeling you’ll meet her soon,” Tom grinned at Chris.
    “I do too,” Chris smiled at everyone. “And even if I don’t,” he chuckled to the group.
    “Great things are worth the wait!”
they all said in unison with huge grins plastered on their faces as they raised their beer cups.
    “That they are,” Chris whispered as he took a sip of his beer, “That they are.”

One year later
      It was your 18th birthday and you had never dreaded something so much. But you also had never awaited something in this much anticipation either. You were scared, but you were also so incredibly excited. It was exciting because you would finally get to experience what your parents told you stories about, what your older peers had experienced already and told you about as well, what your younger peers dreamed about, what you dreamed about. What everyone dreamed about.
    However, it was dreaded because you had heard stories about people who didn’t switch with their soulmate when they were eighteen. About some other people who lost their soulmate on the day they met them, or even before that. And the worst of all, you heard stories about people who just- they simply didn’t have a soulmate.
    And that was exactly what kept you anchored to the bed you were in. It’s what kept your eyes glued shut that morning. It’s what kept your hands clinging to the place where your heart lay in your chest to brace yourself from it breaking completely.
    But the mere possibility of none of that happening to you was what won. So you unclenched your fists, you opened your eyes and your fears were conquered. Your fears subsided, all your doubts drowned as you stared at the ceiling above you that was not even a tiny bit familiar. You looked to your right and you saw a nightstand you didn’t know, a lamp that you have never touched, and an Astronomy book- ‘Hey,’ you smiled to yourself, ‘We already have things in common.’

{YAAAAAY PART ONE IS DONE. I know I’m probably writing this to very few people but it makes me sound professional to write this note as if I’m talking to many, so *wink* ;D. I’m testing the waters with this one, I’m not sure if it’s that good, so please give me your feedback! Tell me what you think! So I can see if I should continue this! It would mean a whooole lot! LOTS OF LOVE TO WHOEVER IS READING THIS}

Down The Memory Lane


Part 1

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Warning: Contains mature content.
Word count: 10,431

Originally posted by jengkook

June, 2014

Your mind was debating, putting up arguments in favour and against of why you should talk to him and why you shouldn’t.

You had been sitting on your bed since the last two hours, your blank stare switching between the wall in front of you and the message you’d received. What could he possibly have to talk about after all those months? You couldn’t deny that you’d always wanted him to regret what he did, or to come up with an apology. But you’d lost hope after some months, when you felt that he’s never coming back, and that you need to get him completely out of your mind.

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Preference #285: Switched at birth Part 2

Part 1

Liam: “They switched the babies,” you mumbled over your breakfast, still in shock over the news. Liam, who’s eyes were dark, after a night of no sleep, still did not believe what you were saying. “How can you tell me our little boy isn’t ours.” “I don’t know,” you cried. You son, who was currently at school, was your world. You did not understand how this could be happening. It felt like a nightmare you just couldn’t wake up from. “So what do they want? Who called and told you? Are you sure it’s true?” Liam questioned, so much more he also wanted to ask, but knowing that was enough for now. “They-they said the other parents found out, and they want to sue the hospital. Leave the boys were they are, but sue.” Liam didn’t say anything. “Liam, I know this is so much. I don’t even know what to think. I do know, I think we should. Make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else.” “So you’re upset we got our son?” Liam asked, his own emotions a mess. He did not know what he was feeling. You felt fresh tears. “I am not mad that I got to raise our little boy. I love him so much, and I don’t feel anger over that. But this is wrong. I can love my son, and be grateful I have him, while also being angry as well.” With a nod of his head, Liam sighed, “Do we tell him?” You did not want to, but it wasn’t an option. “We have to. He’ll find out, and he needs to know from us. We just have to stress how much we love him, and it’ll be okay. We know our son, and he will be okay. This will all be okay.”

Niall: “But Mum, why do I have to meet them?” your six year old questioned, his voice shaking. You and Niall tried to explain to him what was going on, that his birth parents just wanted to meet him, but he didn’t understand that. He was too young. All he could comprehend was there was another child out there who should be with you two, and he should be with a different set of parents as well. “You promise you won’t take him back, and leave me?” “You know we could never do that,” you assured him, “We love you too much.” “Promise?” he asked, looking at Niall this time, needing to hear it from him as well. “We promise. Your mum and I love you so, so much. We are not going to leave you, and take him. We just want to meet him, and they want to meet you.” Your little boy lifted up his arms, “Will you hold me?” “Of course,” Niall said, while scooping him up, “We love you so much. Don’t think we would ever want any other kid.” “I love you too,” he said quietly, digging his head into Niall’s shoulders, “Okay, let’s go meet them. Make sure to tell them I am yours. They can’t take me. Make sure they know that.” You leaned over to kiss your son’s cheek, “I promise, they won’t take you. I would never let them.” “Okay.” He sounded happier now, and more secure it what he was saying. “I love you Mommy.”

Zayn: “They are two. Are we sure leaving things the way they are is best?” The moment the question fell off of Zayn’s lips, he knew he was going to get yelled at. The anger that showed across your face was instantaneous, “She’s our daughter! What do you mean is this best?!” Sighing, Zayn tried to speak what was on his mind, “I know she is. And I love her just as much as you do. I’m just thinking, she’s two. Is it selfish of us to keep her? We all just accepted that we will keep things how they are. But is that best for the girls?” Your anger was only growing the more he spoke, “How can you think that?! She’s our daughter!” “I know that! [Y/N], this isn’t just hard on you! I just want to make sure we do what is right for the girls, and not for us!” Zayn argued back, wishing it was easier for you to understand where he was coming from. It was not that he did not want to still keep your daughter, but he worried what this could mean to the kids when they were older. You did not reply right away. A piece of you just wanted to ignore him. How could he say these things? You finally did reply though, after a few moments, “I’m sure what you’re saying does have a point. She’s ours though Zayn. Selfish or not, I can’t. And won’t it hurt her, if she thinks we didn’t want her? Even if she doesn’t remember us? To think we found out, and just got rid of her, as if she’s not everything to us.” With your calm explanation, Zayn finally agreed. “You’re right. This will probably be hard on her no matter what. At least if she stays here, she’ll know how important she is to us.” You nodded, “Now let’s please never talk about that again. She’s ours. That’s it.”

Louis: There was a lot of doubt in Louis’ mind, over if this could possibly be the truth. He thought you just refused to admit you’d had an affair. It only made his anger towards you grow each day, waiting for the results of your own test with your daughter. “I have the results,” you told him, as he walked into your home 2 weeks after the day he’d learn your daughter was not his. “And?” “And I was waiting for you. I want you to open it. I already know the answer. She’s not ours. I never cheated on you, so that means she’s not mine either.” Louis rolled his eyes. Did you really think he would believe that? “Just look,” you snapped, handing the letter to him, “And then tell me I’m a cheater. Tell me I am a horrible wife. Tell me all the things you’ve been thinking all week.” Louis ripped the letter open, and was stunned by what he saw. “How?” “I told you,” you responded, as tears sprung to your eyes. You did know all along, but the proof made it much more real. “She’s not our daughter?” Louis felt sick. At least when it was just an affair, he knew he was still her dad. Maybe he’d never speak to you again, and you’d be divorced, but he’d still be her dad. This though, it scared him, “Does that mean they take her away? They take her back if they know?” You shook your head, “I looked it up. Most people don’t. Not at the age the girls are now. They’ll stay where they are. She’s still ours.” Louis stared at the results for so long, trying to accept it, and then placed it down on the counter, “Let’s just not do anything. Who cares? She’s ours. That’s it.” You did not know what was right to do, but they felt best. “I agree. Let’s forget this. She’s ours. Now stop thinking I had an affair.”

Harry: “So I was switched? I wasn’t adopted?” A wave of emotions overcame your daughter. She’d come to accept that she was adopted, but this was an entirely new thing to accept. “You must wish you had her instead. She’s probably so perfect, just like you two.” “Stop, no,” Harry shook his head, and hugged your daughter tightly, “We don’t wish we had her instead.” “You are our daughter, not her,” you assured her, still feeling so much guilt for keeping this for so long. Your doubts had been there, but you ignored them. It was just too hard to admit, and now your daughter was hurting over it. “I just don’t understand how this happens? How can anyone switch kids? How did it happen? Why did it happen?” “We can’t answer most of that, and we probably never will,” Harry sadly stated. Your daughter tried to catch her breath, before responding, “I just wish I knew how this happened. Why it did. There is so much I want to know.” You could not even being to comprehend what she was going through. You were in pain as well, but it was different from hers. “Do you want to find them?” You paused, trying not to cry, “The other couple? Do you want to know who they are? We’ll look for them, if that’s what you want. We’ll contact the hospital, and tell them what happened.” It took barely a moment for your daughter to shake her head, “Not now, please. Maybe one day? Don’t you want to find your daughter, though?” Harry quickly answered, “We have our daughter.” “You know what I meant Dad.” You were the one to reply this time, carefully, “Maybe one day, if you meet them, we’ll meet her. Not until you’re ready though. If you never are, then we never will. It’s okay. We don’t have to. We have you.”

When I was asked to collaborate with for their Moms & Babies blog, I was immediately excited.

Throughout my pregnancy thus far, hearing the birth and pregnancy stories of other moms has been my favorite part and is extremely helpful during these nine months of change. So getting to share a bit about my journey is really thrilling.

I guess we should start at the beginning! My husband Ryan and I weren’t exactly trying, but we weren’t not trying to conceive when I found out we were pregnant I mean, I may have been spotted yelling to my fellow Glee cast mates in our final days of shooting before winter break that I was going to “switch to tequila all month to try to get knocked up” — but nevertheless, it was a surprise when it actually worked.

I think a woman is always shocked to see that yes, positive, smiley face, thumbs up (or down in some cases) and all the other emojis they’ve got on these tests these days. I was no exception. I immediately called my mom, shaking, and ran to the doctor for a blood test.

Months later — and now well into my second trimester — it’s safe to say, I’m preggo. I had heard horror stories about having gas so bad you’d have to stop valeting your car, or vomiting at the smell of your own morning breath, but I am one of the lucky ones. I never experienced morning sickness and only had an unfortunate vomit incident after a lunch of Thai food (I’ve now sworn off Thai forever).

I think I truly am one of those women that could either be a surrogate or a testimonial on I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant because it’s been so easy thus far and I’m incredibly grateful for that. Especially because I know that every woman is different and most women experience a very different kind of first trimester. One of my best friends is pregnant right now and has had awful nausea for weeks.

But trust me, just because I was off the hook for the first part of my pregnancy doesn’t mean everything is all roses. I currently feel the size of a small studio apartment and am constantly thirsty, out of breath, and tired. But I’ll get into all of that in another blog.

On the bright side, everyone is SO nice to you when you’re pregnant! It’s like your birthday every day for nine months. Nevermind that you will soon be long forgotten once the baby is born — for now, mama rules!

My husband has been so supportive and excited about the entire process and it’s definitely brought us that much closer together. (I’ll get into the nitty gritty about things like sex and feeling sexy during pregnancy in another entry.)

But for now being pregnant is proving to be one of the most amazing, fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life. I finally feel like I’m really doing something in this world. I’ve accomplished a lot in my career up to this point and achieved a lot of goals that I had set for myself, but they all pale in comparison to the miracle of carrying a child.

I’m so proud of all the other amazing, beautiful mothers out there and can’t wait to share more with you all. Until next time!

— Naya Rivera

P.S. Here are my favorite preggo products right now:

Shrink to Fit cellulite smoother by Mio
Stretch mark minimizer and tonic body treatment oil by Clarins
Rejuvenate stretch mark serum by Shoosha

This post was originally published on’s Moms & Babies blog.

Part 2 of my Cullrian glitch. This thing writes itself. (part 1, part 3)

Flycam still active, chess match progressing. Dorian leaves and Cullen asks the Inquisitor to play. The camera is on her face, so I switch it around to watch Cullen, and…

“What? I always sit like this.”

*seductive stare*

And then it gets even better. I swing the camera back around, and guess who’s been lurking in the background the entire time? YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE, DORIAN. Gosh.

You’re not taking his man, Trevelyan.


August 23, 2015 [1:40 PM]  At Monster Bash. After my concert I ended up oddlooping with Frederic.. ♡ (top)

August 23, 2015 [2:15 PM] Different party colors have been set for each venue on my tour which starts in September! You should all dress up and come hang out with me!💅 [link]

August 23, 2015 [4:54 PM] I really don’t think it matters, but today I switched the part in my hair. Hi there (bottom)

Horoscopes By Gil Hizon - Week of March 21-27, 2016


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Career wise, you’re gonna be sickening this week, hunty! It’s like a light switch has been flipped on within you and all of a sudden, you just know your shit. From intricate details to bigger picture stuff, you’re at the top of your game. Take advantage of this career orgasm, because once you’re spent, you’re gonna be laying low for a while.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Although you did well in last week’s team challenge, you are sooooo done with the “team” part. You have played your role and have proved to the judges that you’re a team player (they should see you in an orgy). On this upcoming challenge, you’re more in the mood to let your sweet ass shine. And if it’s a pie eating contest, these bitches better watch the fuck out!


GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Now that you’ve proven to the world that you can serve, serve, serve career face, you’re ready to make some job-related sacrifices in order to spend some more time with your close fagquaintances. But, these bitches may not readily welcome you back with open arms. There were times during your career trajectory when they felt ignored. Luckily for you, all you need to win them back is a simple explanation and a few martinis – your treat, of course!


CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Just as when you’re getting comfy with your new world, another change has been thrown into the mix, and gurl, this is a fucking biggie. This change has something to do with your future. It’ll cause you to really analyze every nook and cranny of your wishy-washy goals, forcing you to choose, once and for all, which endgame would be best for you and yours. Don’t fuck it up!


LEO (July 23 – August 22)

You’re feeling a little out of place because of the vulnerability you’ve showed others last week. Remember, showing the big, raging V-word doesn’t mean bitches will think yo ass is weak. On the contrary, bitches be grateful to finally seeing this generous, kind, compassionate side of you. In the coming weeks, the new light others see you in will provide useful for your goals.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You’ve always been the queen of logic and analytics, but this week, something is bubbling within yo ass and you’d best explore every nook and cranny of that hunch. Don’t be too overeager or intense with your sleuthing, because that shit may put other bitches off. Approach this gutteral inkling by opening yourself up to opportunity and luck. The stars are listening, hunty!


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

There has been a major shake up in the relationship sector of your life, from your loved ones to your loved ones for the night. But no worries: this reshuffling is a good one. In this scenario, the more honest and truthful you are with vocalizing your feelings, the better it will be for any partnership. This week, the lines of communication has never been more open - and we all know how you like to take advantage of openings.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

It can be a bitch sometimes when you’re in the middle of great inspiration and some queen, called life, keeps getting in the way. Believe me, it happens and it’s enough to drive any sane ho cray-cray! Remember: it always helps to be writing shit down and trust yourself that this illuminating spark you’re experiencing is something that will never stop coming back, no matter how often you lose it.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Even a carefree, jolly gay like you can feel discouraged when faced with a negative bitch who likes to rain on your overtly gay parade (and no, I’m not talking about me). But you mustn’t lose hope. With every dream crushing queen (still not me) comes the possibility of you looking upon yourself and finding out that your capabilities of overcoming any shady situation are constantly expanding. Like your ass.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

The game is changing, my queen. Question is, are you the kind of bitch that can adapt to the challenges that come with life’s metamorphosis? For some hos, this question is nothing, but for someone who knows what they’re gonna eat at three p.m. today (and I know it ain’t coming from the fucking vending machine), this question may be a bit challenging. Before you even tackle any new situations, best to check in with yoself.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Control can be a tricky little bitch. There’s the type of control you like to exert (and would like to have) on your surroundings, and then there’s the type of control that lies on how you react to things you can’t fucking change. Notice that the former example causes more frustration, self slapping and hair pulling, while the latter example can get you closer to finding inner peace.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

I can tell from your facials that you’re ready to plunge into the next best thing, thinking that your allies from Unicorn Planet are ready to assist. But reality still does exist, my dear, and sometimes, fairies, glowbugs and rainbow birds can’t hold a candle to a thing called life. Sometimes, it does help to give yourself some time to think things through. Give yourself the space to harness your intentions. Doing so will make your next adventure that much more fulfilling.


(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shit show!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!