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Tunesday : 1988 Cowboy Junkies

Tunesday : 1988 Cowboy Junkies

In one magnificent moment, the time it took for a needle to drop on a vinyl disk, everything I thought about music changed.  I was a big admirer of the Velvet Underground, and for a while spent a lot of time arguing with people–often strangers at parties–that the Velvets were bigger and more important than the Rolling Stones and Beatles combined.  So, it was a no brainer when I read a review in…

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Chase was excited to ask the girl to be his girlfriend. Granted, she was only going to be his girlfriend for a bet he started with his friends. The brunette boy felt bad, but knew that once he had the money in his hand, he’d be over it. The girl was sweet, but he knew she could never be what he wanted nor needed. Arriving at the restaurant with the rose in his hand, Chase politely told the hostess about his party of two. The butterflies in his stomach were growing bigger each minute he waited. The thoughts that ran through his head were all of guilt, doubt, and nerves. What if she didn’t say yes? He would lose the bet. What if he broke her heart? He’d feel bad. Looking down at the rose in his hand, Chase began to doubt himself. Maybe the brown eyed boy shouldn’t be doing this to someone who is so unaware of what’s going on. As thoughts raced back and forth within his mind, the only thing that kept him from running out of the door was the fact he could get two hundred dollars from dating this girl.