the part with their mums dont look at me

ok lads so my mum catched part of a supergirl episode while i was on the kitchen and the convo went like this .. 

mum *shouting from the living room*: does every show you watch have lesbians on it?

me *from the kitchen*: yeah, pretty much

mum: aww, they dont kiss in every scene but they surely look at eachother like some kind of dessert. they look totally in love.

me: yeah, alex and maggie are totally adorable

mum: who are those? im talking about supergirl and the luthor girl, isnt she her gf?

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This makes me so fucking happy I can barely breathe!!! I hope you have a fuckton of fun lil bean and God Bless your MUM xxx I want to hug her!!

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Did u like the music video?

i thought it was a cool concept, he looked hot, it was nice and interesting but.. There were a lot of mistakes, it wasnt done very well, idk how much of a budget they had but comparing the effects and costume and whatevers of ENC to that just makes it look WORSE, and like they couldve done so much better.. 

a few examples 

i honestly dont know what they were thinking bc this is like 2 seconds after he got stabbed??? you can see his full stomach and hes magically healed?? who is he??? deadpool???/ he would even take longer

do i even need to…..point it out……..whats wrong with this…… looks like someone took a picture of brendon and just moved it across the screen in fact now that i’m saying it yeah im pretty sure thats what they did, he doesnt fucking interact he looks like an ugly yet majestic bird escaping through the window after aunt hilda slapped it with a broom. he stays in the same position… the same….. position…i dont know………what these people were trying to do….. (also quick point out he doesnt have the injury there either)

no to mention how it never actually looks like the tentacles and brendon are legitimately interacting except for a few points/areas, and ik yes theyre gonna look like that to some degree but like it looks like one of those netflix movies that somehow has ½ a star about the sharktipus trying to invade iceland

i mean what is this????

ANYWAYS i could go on picking it apart but i dont want to..

I dont think it really fit the song? again at some points i could see and match up but like i was talking to my friend oliver @tinybren and like we both thought itd be more of like katy perry last friday night theme, but the whole tentacle monster thing doesnt really fit the vibe of the song at least imo, if they had had him getting fucked up and having fun and then waking up the next morning even w the girl and like going through having a hangover for just a short amount of time, or even if they like had him get fucked up and that was the cause of him seeing angry squidward, it still wouldve worked.. aha.. 

I guess i just have this image in my head of what i assumed it would be, it’s not my least favorite music video, i can understand why a lot of people dont like it for different/multiple reasons. I would say i dont dislike it, i like certain areas, i enjoyed the overuse of bedrooms eyes and the amount of licking he did (whether it be to his own lips or to someone else). Plus he looks good when he gets slapped. I can’t look at a lot of parts without laughing, im hoping he was really going for the ridiculous theme over scary/creepy because if he WAS trying to freak……honey……let me help you okay…..

I like it more than the Hallelujah video and ill probably make my mum watch and laugh @ it with me, all in all it couldve been better, i dont think the idea worked as well as they were hoping, and the next MV should have a much better budget or less special effects…this sounds mean ok i love my son ok i love brebdop i have been so mean recently with the tat and now this omg i love him ok i dont hate him or anything. im a monster fanatic, im a brendon urie fanatic, even more so with naked brendon urie (they did that part really well..i appreciated the camera work for that), put them together and youve automatically won me over so even if i dont like this music video it has a place in my heart!! forever! now. and in ways i have to automatically like it. Because i like that kinda shit, so.. To answer your question.. Yeah i guess i did/do.

the best part about being the child of a convert is that i dont look overtly jewish bc i have some of my mum’s irish features which means that ppl say gross anti semitic shit in front of me and i get to fuck them up

A Struggle-less Journey!

Thank you to all of you who messaged me regarding my previous blog post. It was a really big step for me, i really really do not like sharing my feelings with people. I am notorious for telling people ‘fluff’ information about myself so they think they know me but really all they know is that i like nerds and video games. However, that post really helped me and i would like to continue to share some things with you if you don’t mind?

Any of my close friends reading this will probably suddenly realise that they most likely know nothing about me prior to when they met me.. and that if they do they don’t know any details. I am just very closed.. i have walls that could keep out the strongest of colossal titans. I have only shared the details of my past with very minimal people and if i have i still kept a lot of it to myself. So i apologise in advance to the people i hold dearest.. once ive known you for like a gazillion years and i am convinced that you won’t up and leave me i will probably open up a bit more.

I am not really sure why i am like this or what exactly caused it but i wish i could show how i feel a bit more. I mean even when people compliment me in person it just makes me anxious and nervous and i don’t really know how to respond to that. When i am given gifts i am internally running around with joy but on the outside i really have to try and show my gratitude so people know i am thankful. Now this isn’t because i don’t feel these things it’s because i just simply do not understand how to show it. My internal monologue is screaming how much i love the gift and the person giving it to me but there seems to be a barrier stopping that reaching the person.

I much prefer to give people gifts or write them letters.. that makes me feel really good and happy.. Recently myself & Nina swapped gifts and i loved mine all so much and it felt good because she seemed to love hers and it was all just positive and happy and that was really nice and a good step for me. <3 my little poop shoot!

Just little things like 'omg you are such a great friend i love spending time with you’ is so impossibly hard for me to say i just tend to stick to typing those things to people. I am not sure if its a fear of rejection, that maybe they wont say it back so that holds me back? Or if i am literally incapable of expressing positive feelings.. maybe i am a cyborg? Even something like calling Martyn Stinky.. that to me is not a loving word so i am able to say it easily.. but he knows that is my loving word for him so it’s all good there!

It has gotten to the point many times in my past where i have felt people got too close too fast and i in turn completely distanced myself from them as it scared me.. that is not good! 

I have talked about my previous blog post with my Mum today and she expressed that she thought i needed therapy for a long time.. as i never came to terms with a lot of the traumatic things that happened in my childhood. It was very easy for me to ignore these things as i was a stereotypical emo kid.. all my friends were 'depressed’ so my own sadness and despair felt normal. I didn’t know any different because all my friends were this way too. It wasn’t until i got older that i noticed that my past effected my current relationships with colleagues, friends and partners.

For a long time i couldn’t even express my love for family members, it wasnt until my granny cried in front of me on my 22nd birthday and she said she thought i didnt love her. This broke me.. but fixed a part of me as well. That woman, that incredible woman, the person i look up to most in this world is crying because she thinks i don’t love her. Needless to say i always make sure i tell my mum and granny i love them regularly and i spend at least an hour a week on skype with them. Before this happened i would go months without any contact with them, because that just didn’t come naturally to me.. i dont know how to be social.. its a bit alien. 

I am still working on showing my Dad how much i love him, being a 16 year old girl when i met him for the first time was daunting. But man he is so much like me.. which also makes it easier. He is also the best Dad ever for 100% sticking by me as soon as he found out i was his Daughter.

That’s all i feel like sharing today, some big realisations for myself and the first step i guess in knowing that getting some sort of help wouldn’t do me any harm. So many of my incredible friends really gave some great advice this past two days and thank you all for being so honest with me. It cant be easy telling someone you care about that they need to get some help, i really condone your honesty and loyalty. 

Hopefully in the big wide world this resonates with someone and it can help them too in return.

I will be booking a Dr appointment tomorrow to look into therapy, i have been referred through the nhs a handful of times but i am naughty and never followed up with it. Stinky also thinks this is a good idea, i have the best stinky for being so supportive and not ever prying to deep or making me re live things i would rather forget. <3