the part with the watermelon tho

Rules: answer the questions then tag 20 people you’d like to get to know better!

thank you @fuckyoujroth for the tag!!! like really tho. my little trash blog thanks you

name: Alli

nickname: babwa, babs, prince Alli (prince ali fabulous he, ali ababwa)

zodiac sign: Cancer

height: 5′8″ tol 

orientation: increasingly gay, but i also have a small part of me that can be attracted to male identifying persons

ethnicity: mayonaise (caucasian)

favorite fruit: watermelon, more melons, and cherries

favorite season: spring because it just feels like startin fresh and summer because nice weather and so many outdoor activities

favorite book: does fanfic count?????????? cuz i got lottttts of fav fanfics. all clexa. all g®ay(t).

favorite flower: wildflowers&vegetation 

favorite scent: vanilla. that shit gets me weeaaak

favorite animal: elephants. it would be a dream to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? i drink like 50 cups of tea a day. tea runs through my veins

average hours of sleep: 6-12

cats or dogs? both! 

favorite fictional character: i don’t think i have ever loved a character as much as i love Lexa

dream trip: a long ass road trip to california with my friends

when was your blog created? 2010 i think??? didn’t start using it until 2016

number of followers: lol like maybe 100??? and i love them all for wanting to follow this shit

what do you post about? have you heard of the term gay?

do you get asks on a regular basis? no sir.

aesthetic: you know that one vine of the old guy watering his grass saying “90% of the time, i have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about”

favorite band/artist: tooooooo many my friend

fictional characters I’d date: any fictional wlw. and mufasa

hogwarts house: Gryffindor apparently 

okay cool, so you lovely people can do this if you want or not. cool cool 

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