the parody's just awesome ;a;

I am frankly kind of sick of fear-mongering conservative christian media calling everything ‘gay propaganda’ because honestly they’re just getting my hopes up and then I get bitterly disappointed by how not gay these movies are


Supernatural Parody Gag Reel (x)
Tim Omundson vs. Phone Call


Just watched @thehillywoodshow ‘s Hocus Pocus parody and I just couldn’t stop smiling and dancing in my chair. Hilly and Hannah Hindi never seize to amaze me. They are just so good at what they do it’s unreal, the editing, the acting, just everything was perfect. These two give me the inspiration to make my parodies just a awesome (mine could never be that good). Thank you so much @hannahhindi and @hillyhindi for being just the best!

Watch the parody here! You won’t regret it : Hocus Pocus Parody


If i had to pick the one video that always makes me feel happy in the morning (and for the rest of the day), it has to be this one. Thank you @hillyhindi and @hannahhindi for making incredible video after incredible video.

Much love from a Supernatural fan, a Harry Potter fan, a POTC fan (i can’t say i’m a real Whovian but that parody was epic and really touched my Rocky Horror fan heart) the Twilight parodies were awesome too… oh, you girls are just amazingly talented.

In times of struggle or whenever you feel down, @thehillywoodshow are there to make you laugh, cry (of the feels) and smile.

Sending love, respect, kindness and joy to everyone XD