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From Brian May’s Twitter: The bottom image was photographed at the annual Water Rats Ball, Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London, 29 November 1992

“I hold George in such reverence and I think he’s so underrated by the guitar community; everyone raves about people who play fast, but if you look at the catalogue of stuff he’s produced, it’s colossal.” - Brian May on George Harrison,

“George Harrison was a fabulous, fabulous, fabulous guitarist, and a wonderful example of what a rock star should be. I totally revered him as an innovator. He was always fresh, daring, magnificently melodic, full of spiritual quality, and totally conscious of the chord structure beneath the solo. And he had the courage to play simple. He never took refuge in effects, or tried to impress with speed. I hope he knew how much we all loved and respected him.” - Brian May, Guitar Player, March 2002 [x]

Pull of the Moon

Summary: Our leading lady goes back in time to Victorian England and joins a brilliant, dashing detective on the hunt for a serial killer. But the detective hides a deadly secret: when the full moon rises, this sophisticated genius turns into a savage werewolf! But who’s the real beast terrorizing London? 

The hour was growing late. Though there was no change in his cool, elegant appearance, the man at the center of the crowd could feel the tension rising in his chest. He’d tried to get out of attending tonight’s gathering, but social and professional necessity had forced him to attend the pre-theater party here at the Langham Hotel; it was, after all, in celebration of his latest accomplishments. Even so, he’d had to risk insulting his host and hostess by declining their invitation to the theatrical performance itself, claiming a prior obligation. They’d been disappointed but understood that a man in his unusual profession kept strange hours.

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1. Alan Rickman and Natasha Richardson at the 47th Annual Drama Desk Awards - Helmsley Park Lane Hotel, New York (19th May 2002)
2. Harriet Walter and Alan Rickman during filming of Sense and Sensibility at Berry Pomeroy in 1995
3. Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ - 1990

The City That Never Sleeps

For my 21st birthday I was lucky enough to visit the Big Apple and because I’m a winter baby, all the Christmas decorations were up on display which made my time here even more magical. We flew the day before my birthday and landed around lunchtime where we got a transfer coach to our hotel. When we had checked into the hotel (and after putting on some extra layers) we were ready to do some exploring. As it was right on our doorstep, our first stop was central park. Walking around, all I could think of was Home Alone and it was so exciting knowing that I was there. Time passed so quickly so we decided to grab something to eat and after this we went ice skating at central park which was so much fun… until mum slipped over and hurt her arm, bless her :(

The next morning was my birthday (21 wooo!) We decided to do the tour bus to see more of the city and then make our way to Liberty Island to see the great Statue of Liberty. It was so exciting to see it up close and it really is bigger than you expect it to be! When we got off at one of the stops we decided to visit the 9/11 memorial, which was so surreal – even though it was in the middle of the city, it was completely silent. We went all around New York and even got lost at one point (shocker) but eventually made our way back to the hotel. We decided to go for a lovely birthday meal that evening and decided to go for a steak. The place was very fancy so we expected it to be expensive but not that expensive… We ended up having to share a steak lol. After our steak we decided to check out Times Square briefly before going back to the hotel room.

I woke up the next day and looked out the window on the off chance that it might have snowed and to my surprise, it was snowing at that moment. We were so excited that we just chucked on some warm clothes and headed out to central park. It was magical – one of my best memories! Shortly after we had returned to the hotel, it started spitting with rain so the snow quickly became slush :( but I am so lucky to be able to say I’ve seen it snow in New York. After we had changed clothes and wrapped up warmer we decided to go look for a diner that served pancakes. A lot of walking later and we finally came across a diner on Broadway that offered pancakes. I decided to go for chocolate chip pancakes with bacon and maple syrup – it was delicious, worth all that walking. After having breakfast, we walked to Times Square where we checked out all the shops before heading over to Grand Central followed by the Bryant Winter Village. Honestly I think the Winter Village was my favourite part just because there was so many different stalls for souvenirs, Christmas decorations and food. The food was so good but there was sooo much choice, it took like 5 walks round the whole park to decide what to have. We decided to have some warm cider, this interesting hot dog thing and a smores churro for dessert (best thing ever btw).

The forth day was very chilled for us, we went to a famous bagel shop that I had found on Trip Advisor and when we arrived the queue was up to the door!! However it didn’t take us long to get to the front and order our bagel. I went for a BLT kind of one and it was so good!! Following lunch, we walked along 5th avenue to see all the rich shops and then onto Times Square. Once again, all the shops had Christmas decorations, which made it that little bit more exciting to walk around – especially the Disney Store which was everything I hoped it would be!! We then walked over to the Minskoff Theatre where we went to see The Lion King on Broadway and oh my god it was AMAZING. I loved every minute of it!!

On our final full day in the beautiful city, we did even more shopping and browsing the shops. We went to Grand Central and the Winter Village again, this time to buy little souvenirs for friends and family. And lastly, once it got dark, we went up the Empire State Building. It was absolutely freezing up the top and so windy (obviously) but the view was incredible. The photos honestly don’t do it justice. On the walk back we went to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and decorations and as we went past there was pretty lights being projected onto the walls of a building, everyone stopped to watch.

Our flight wasn’t until later on in the afternoon but we had to check out at a stupid early time. Fortunately we were able to leave our bags at the hotel whilst we ventured out into the city one last time before catching the coach transfer to the airport. I had THE best time in New York and if I could have gone for longer, I most definitely would have! The only issue was that it was very expensive (which doesn’t surprise me) and as a student at the time, I didn’t have much spending money so some nights we just had a hot dog for dinner. However this didn’t bother me – I was mostly interested in seeing the must see things! I’d love to earn enough money in the future to be able to take my mum there again.

Billie Holiday, Eddie Condon, Bud Freeman, Hot Lips Page and Zutty Singleton, Hotel York - St. Regis Park Lane, 1939. Photographed by Charles Peterson .

A Knock Out Billie Holiday archive, Christie’s (New York), $30,000. 

In June 1939, Marilyn “Marly” Moore, an aspiring teenage singer living in California, wrote to the jazz singer Billie Holiday for advice; 70 years on, a group of 30 letters that Holiday wrote to Moore from Harlem formed part of a June 24 sale. “This life is a little tricky,” wrote Holiday in one letter, “but you being a white and if you got something to offer you might not have it so bad,” though she warned More against coming to New York unless she had money and was able to take care of herself. “New York…is a tough spot if you ain’t got the jack. Ha Ha.”


November 8th, 2000 - Josie Russell ©, who survived a murder attempt, at the People of The Year Awards at London Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, with fellow nominees, five-times Olympic gold medallist rower Steve Redgrave, television gardener Charlie Dimmock (L) and actress Jane Asher. Russell won the awards.

Photos 1 to 4) Fiona Hanson / PA Archive/Press Association Images via Getty Images.
Photos 5 & 6) Starstock/Photoshot Photo


Scans - George Harrison at the annual Water Rats Ball, Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London, 29 November 1992; on stage with Joe Brown, with Brian May, with Olivia, and on stage with Mike Read, Con Cluskey and Bert Wheedon. Scanned from a British Beatles Fan Club magazine.

Photos: David Koppel

“George Harrison played on a British stage for the last time on 29th November 1992. He was a guest at the annual Water Rates Ball, a black tie event at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London. The Grand Order of Water Rats is a show business charity founded in 1889. Each year, they elect a new ‘King Rat’, and in 1992 that honour was bestowed upon Bert Wheedom.

Bert was the first British guitarist to enter the singles chart - his 'Guitar Boogie Shuffle’ reached No. 10 in 1959, two years after the publication of his tutorial guide Play In A Day, which was highly influential on the coming generation of British guitarists including The Shadows, Eric Clapton, Brian May from Queen, and George.

The highlight of the '92 Ball was Bert’s re-living of 'Guitar Boogie Shuffle’, backed by an all-star jam band of hero worshippers. George stood at the side and played a Guild replica of Brian May’s 'Red Special’.

Almost a British Isles Traveling Wilburys, the line-up included Joe Brown, Bruce Welch, Brian May, skiffle stars Lonnie Donegan and Chas McDevitt, Con and Dec Cluskey of The Bachelors, and DJ Mike Read.

Two weeks later in LA, George jammed on another oldie, at a US all-star memorial concert for drummer Jeff Pocaro, a founder member of Toto, who died aged 38. The song was 'With A Little Help From My Friends’. This was George’s final appearance on stage.” - British Beatles Fan Club

Joe Sugg imagine || Teased part: 2.

Part I: Joe Sugg : Teased.

- - -

Waking up in the morning, you stretched and yawned while turning over in the warm blankets to sit up, you could hear the shower running and Tyler no longer beside you. Finding your phone which had ended up on the floor to charge after you’d fallen asleep looking through your Facebook you put it on the nightstand before getting up and finding fresh clothes for the day.

You didn’t go over the top with your outfit, you pulled on a cute pair of black leggings with fake zippered pockets in the front, a soft pink thin tank top which you wore a white flowing shirt over it and a simple pair of black low top Converse.

“Looking fierce.” Tyler said coming out of the washroom in a white fluffy bathrobe, “oh? Thank you…” You glanced down at the outfit you had put on, “it’s just a comfy outfit.” You admitted and Tyler put his glasses on giving you another look over, “no girl you look cute.” He assured and you smiled. “Thanks Queen.” You used an over the top voice. “No problem, hag!” Tyler did a stereotypical wrist flick at you and you both giggle.

“So, how many Joe dreams did you have last night?” Tyler asked you with a mocking tone. “Tyler, don’t even start – honestly.” You rubbed your forehead, “it’s too early to deal with you being a bitch.” You assured him and he laughed as he picked out some clothes.

“I was just asking, no need to get snappy.” Tyler walked back into the washroom and you rolled your eyes. “You never just ask, you always end up making fun.” You grabbed your make-up bag and decided to give yourself just a hint of foundation and some eyeliner and maybe a little lip colour with a light pink gloss – since you were going to be waiting for Tyler for a while anyway.

“But only in the most loving way possible.” Tyler pointed out and you nodded a little. “Yes, of course.” You agreed.

“But honestly, you two could make the cutest couple.”  He looked out the washroom door at you, “if only he was gay.” He sighed dramatically and you rolled your eyes. “He’s really funny and sweet.” You said. “And you like him.” Tyler added.

“Yeah, but … There’s nine-thousand kilometres between London and Los Angeles, don’t you know how hard that would be Ty?” You thought about it more.

“Girl.” Tyler said coming out of the washroom in just knee length jean shorts, “we work online – we have the easiest job to travel with, not to mention – planes aren’t scarce.” He laughed. “I don’t even know why we’re talking about this, he might not even like me back.” You waved Tyler off quickly.

“Oh, I think he does.” Tyler grinned at you, “why?” You gave him a questioning look and he laughed, shrugging his shoulders. “Oh, I’m just good at knowing that stuff.” He kicked his leg up behind him like a girl would kissing a guy in a movie or something, before disappearing back into the washroom, closing the door. “Ugh, Tyler!” You groaned.

“Mmm-hmm say my name little mama!” Tyler said from the other side of the door in a sexually frustrated type of tone.

“Tyler you mentally exhaust me.” You admitted, standing up once more to collect your phone from the nightstand. You pressed the home button to see if you had any notifications which you had several from Twitter, you favourited a few peoples tweets and replied to a couple people as Tyler finished getting ready you looked at him.

“Now that’s fierce.” You nodded and he grinned. “Thank yah!” He said bubbly. “I forgot to edit my video for today, oh my gosh.” You just realised seeing a tweet about being excited for your video today. “How did you forget that?” Tyler laughed. “I don’t know the travelling and the eight hour jump ahead in time… Oh my gosh.” You found your MacBook bag and brought it to the desk. “Tyler I need to edit this. And film Mondays.” You put your hand over your shoulder. “I’m so behind.” You only now concluded.

“You need to calm down.” Tyler laughed at your panic. “Just stay here and do it, no big deal.” He pointed out.

“What about Jim and Tanya?” You pointed out. “They’ll understand – we can all get together for supper later.” Tyler nodded putting his bag over his shoulder and ordering an Uber.

“Are you sure?” You asked again opening your MacBook on the desk and he nodded. “Yes, it’ll be fine. I’ll message you later.” He waved away your small moment of panic.

“Okay,” you nodded finding your camera. “Once I get it done, I wont have to worry until like Thursday.” You figured. “Stop panicking, you’re causing me stress pimples.” He touched his forehead…

… Tyler left and you edited your video for tomorrow and exported it and started its upload to Youtube where you’d keep it privet until tomorrow. Before setting up the camera to film what you could for Monday, you took your memory card from your computer and placed it in the camera when, ‘Error’ flashed across its display. “Oh don’t.” You muttered, popping it out, blowing against it lightly and popping it back in but the same message came up again. “Oh you piece of crap!” You snapped after the fourth time and sighed.

{ (Y/Twitter/N): Guys! My memory card died! :( I’m in a different country, dunno where anything is & you know my irrational fear or Ubers alone. #SendHelp. } You tweeted out and were pleased you still had three characters to spare.

“You bastard thing.” You said looking at it on the desk before looking back at you phone you seen a DM alert from Joe, “Ahh!” You said to yourself, your fingers not moving quick enough to get back to Twitter and into your inbox;

{ @Joe_Sugg: Would you like me to help you get a new memory card? }

{ @Y/Twitter/N: I would be much appreciated. If you aren’t busy… :) }

{ Joe_Sugg: Nope just sitting around alone. What hotel? Ill come get you. }

{@Y/Twitter/N: Park Lane Hilton. Really, if its no trouble. }

As you sent the last DM, you felt giddy, “thank you memory!” You squealed at it still on the desk, you had wanted to see Joe again, without seeming desperate so that fact he had DM'ed you asking if you wanted his help was almost too good to be true.

{Joe_Sugg: Not at all. I’ll be there in 20 minutes. X }

{Y/Twitter/N: You’re so good to me. I’ll buy you some milk for those JD’s. ;) }

Joe sent you a thumbs up emoji and a smiley face emoji, before you put your phone down.

You looked out the sliding glass doors to your balcony were rain spotted, you found a sweater and the umbrella you packed, slipping your bag over your shoulder you headed downstairs in fifteen minutes and waiting in the lobby seating area, feeling anxious.

“Hey.” Joe said grinning brightly coming through the doors behind someone checking in, his hair had fallen into his eyes from getting damp by the rain. “Hi.” You said brightly standing up. “Your guided tour awaits.” Joe made a gesture with both hands toward the doors and you laughed walking out, the rain was just a drizzle now.

You still opened your umbrella that each section was a vivid colour and when you spun it, it kind of looked like the Apple beach ball icon. “Would you like to stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-ella?” You asked Joe with a laugh. “I would love to.” He ran his fingers through his hair as you stepped to one side of it when he stepped under it and you started walking.

“Do you mind if I vlog?” He wondered, looking over to you and you shook your head, “not at all.” You smiled and you watched him taking out his camera from his pocket.

“Alright, so we picked up (Y/N) and we’re walking in the rain-rain-rain-rain.” Joe sung the words 'rain’ before clearing his throat, you thought he sounded sweet.  “Say hello?” Joe said turning the camera slightly and you could see yourself in the view screen. “Hi!” You waved with a smile. “You have to tell Joe he’s super-amazing in the comments for being so helpful.” You pointed down indicating the comment section.

“Oh stop.” Joe said waving you off and turning the camera back to himself making you laugh. “I’ll update you guys in a bit.” Joe said turning his camera off. “Awh, did I fluster you?” You asked teasingly. “No!” He exclaimed while he laughed “Maybe a little.” He added and you giggled…

… You picked out your memory card from a store that wasn’t too far but you’d have gotten lost several thousand times along the way, a map or not.

You were walking back toward the hotel through a small park, which had some shallow puddles, even though it had stopped raining you still had your umbrella open.

You started zig-zagging between the puddles, before you broke into a small run, splashing into one and twirling around with the umbrella, you started to spin with it, Joe was laughing as he kept his walking pace following you. “We don’t get puddles in LA!” You pointed out from the distance, the breeze was blowing your hair around as you spun and danced a little.

“Here we have a resident of Los Angeles in an unnatural habitat of puddles… They go a bit crazy.” Joe had said into his camera as he was holding it focusing on you, “a little adorable when you think about it.” He admitted, while you twirled your umbrella again.

You looked up, “are you filming me? Joe!” You exclaimed seeing his camera and you started to laugh, skipping back in his direction. “I haven’t had anything to drink, I swear.” You said to the camera. “Except three glasses of wine.” Joe was smirking behind the camera. “Did not! Don’t lie!” You pushed him lightly and he went to step back in laughter with you, but he stepped on his shoe-lace that had untied and started to fall backwards.

“Oh no, Joe!” You dropped your umbrella and went to grab him, but you lost your own balance and you both landed awkwardly on the ground.

You were still laughing, seeing the camera had landed a few inches away, facing the two of you.

Both figuring it had stopped recording from impact. “Are you okay?” You asked him, “I’m so sorry.” You felt back for pushing him. “I’m fine.” Joe laughed, tying his shoe lace now. “My own fault, I don’t tie my laces tight enough.” He fixed it and stood up, brushing himself off, he stepped over to you, holding out both of his hands.

“I’m heavy.” You said unsurely and he scoffed. “And I’m the King of England.” He rolled his eyes, shaking his hands at you, you put your hands into his and he pulled you up with ease to stand, still holding your hands your bodies were close. “Thatching muscles.” He winked.

“Oh shut up.” You sighed, feeling lost in those blue eyes, before stepped back, you walked over to pick up his camera. “Hey, its still recording!” You seen the red numbers counting up. “Sorry guys, didn’t mean to drop you.” You apologised for Joe. “He’s actually the one who had the wine.” You smirked turning the camera on Joe, “Yeah, it was.” Joe nodded seriously, before you both laughed, he picked up your umbrella and you turned off his camera…

… As you walked back to the hotel, “I still owe you milk for your assistance,” you remembered and Joe laughed. “Oh, no – don’t worry about it, spending time with you is payment enough.” and you felt the urge to melt again. “Oh, jeez.” You whispered, your cheeks turning a little red.

Standing outside of your hotel you had stood talking to Joe for another ten minutes. “You know, I think Tyler and I are going for supper with Jim and Tanya – did you wanna come?” You offered. “Oh, I – I’d love to but, I’ve got a lot of editing of editing to do.” He admitted. “Oh, okay – no problem.” You nodded. “But, we’ll definitely hang out again, yeah?” He asked, watching you. “Of course.” You nodded quickly. “Thank you for all your help today.” You smiled.

“My pleasure.” Joe smiled, before he lent in and kissed your cheek lightly. “See you later.” He whispered into your ear before he walked off…

… You had gone to supper with Tyler, Jim and Tanya and sincerely hoped you ended up having a relationship like those two. You had just walked out of the washroom in the hotel wearing a nightgown, you had blow dried your hair and seen Tyler staring at you from your bed. “What?” You stopped making sure a boob hadn’t fallen out or something. “Have you seen Joes vlog today?” He asked you seriously.
“Erm, no? Why?” You asked.

“GIRL!” Tyler exclaimed. “People are going fucking crazy!” Tyler sat up even straighter. “What do you mean?” You hadn’t caught on at all.

“They have a ship name and everything! You’re giving Jaspar a run for their money! People are freaking out!” Tyler showed you his computer screen where he’d paused the vlog on where the camera was on the round and Joe was helping you up.

“Oh my god…” You jumped onto the bed and grabbed away the Macbook starting back at the beginning of the vlog. Tyler had cuddled up close to you, his hand on your shoulder and his chin on his hand, watching.

Good morning guys!” Joe said from his bed shirtless. “I don’t have anything really planned for today but I can still vlog, I mean you might wanna see my lazy day right?” He said rolled over on his blankets before it jump cut to Joe walking outside, “So, change of plans… (Y/N) – whose in England with Tyler right now, needs a memory card and she has no idea where she’s going, so I’m going to help her find one and I bought you along for the journey – how exciting, isn’t it?” He laughed and another jump cut ensued before you saw the clips of when you were present.

“GIRL!” Tyler shook you as the vlog ended with Joe staying good night back in his bedroom. “GIRL!” He said again, “I can’t believe you haven’t bedded that yet!” He was laughing and you narrowed your eyes quickly. “I like him more then that, Tyler.” You whispered.

“Well you need to tell him that before someone else snatches that fine-fine booty up.” He pointed out. “That’s it, I’m organising a drink night tomorrow…” Tyler picked up his phone…


Prince Harry was asked by Nellie-Ma, a 9-years-old girl to make her a balloon animal at WellChild charity event in London! ‘Can you do me a clown baloon?’ asked she - ‘I wil try but I can’t make any promises!’ said Harry. 

He seemed in his element with all the children surrounding him at the Award Event at the London Hilton Hotel in Park Lane. | 5th October 2015