the parallels are my favorite tbh

Voltron High School Host Club

I was thinking about this last night re-watching Season 2.  Pidge is obviously our Haruhi, but the rest of the characters just don’t match up 100% so some things need shaking up.  here are my thoughts.

-Allura could be the founder of the club and its charismatic “princess”, but less airheaded than tamaki obvs.  I say this with love.  consider: she’s the reason the voltron team came together in the first place.  I think it’s appropriate.  and as an added bonus, you get Allura being a charming host to all genders!

-(Lance wants really bad to be a player and a possibly a leader but since he isn’t either of those, I’m sticking with Allura)

-side note: I’m kinda meh on shipping as a whole tho so I’m not really interested in carrying over parallel relationship stuff from OHSHC to this crossover/au thing?

-Shiro doesn’t quite fit “the cool, wild type” but he’s the closest thing we’ve got to a Mori and obviously he has his own appeal.  also he’s now apparently a high schooler?  idk, everyone is high schoolers now.  you heard it here first.

-I guess we could also age down Coran but I think it’s more likely he’s the club butler (or just Allura’s personal butler), so…

-no Hani equivalent but that’s fine with me tbh.  I like Hani but…yeah, don’t think we have or need a Voltron character to parallel that whole dynamic.

-unless it’s a horribly hilarious subversion with Slav

-again, not a shipper, but in the place of Hikaru and Kaoru’s weird play-acted(?) “forbidden love” appeal (never my favorite thing anyway) you could always just…use Keith and Lance’s apparently-irresistible animosity instead?  just tsundere it up.  idk.  this one’s weird but it makes me laugh, mainly because I like the idea of the club guests acting like the fandom.

-alternately I know they have their own individual appeal–Keith’s tough-yet-vulnerable loner attitude, Lance’s special brand of charm based around corny pickup lines and fun-loving personality, they could totally rock it solo.

-Hunk is of course the only one without any clear parallels to make, b/c you don’t really…find characters like him portrayed as appealing in manga, for the most part?  or anywhere.  but WE’RE GONNA CHANGE THAT.  Hunk’s appeal comes from his strength, his kind nature, and his baking skills.  I guess he’s like…the husband-type??? is that a thing??? it is now.

-I had more thoughts than I expected!  I’m sure someone will turn up to suggest I shuffle the roles around some way, anyway, so who knows what will stick.

Tbh I’m shook over the fact that Clarke was all “you can’t shake my resolve I was ready to sacrifice my own MOTHER” and as soon as Roan threatens Bellamy again she breaks. Like, what a way to prove what they started (((continued))) with start with bellamy blake. Yeah she was ready to sacrifice her mom for this, but she’s not Clarke’s greatest weakness, is she?


Terrible thing. What is? Being born like that. Is it? Can you imagine, looking in the mirror and seeing that staring back at you?

Yes, I can.

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Alright so 1. Have you watched friends/how much have you watched of friends, 2. Have you read/watched Harry Potter, 3. Have you watched voltron legendary defenders, 4. Can I request almost crossovers with these things (like taking an idea from an episode of friends or asking about at hogwarts au) i can't really think of anything I'd ask about voltron tbh I just wanted to know if you watched it

((I’ve never seen friends or voltron, but HP just happens to be one of my favorite things ever, so here you go.))

Daichi: Gryffindor
Sugawara: Hufflepuff
Asahi: Hufflepuff
Nishinoya: Gryffindor
Tanaka: Gryffindor
Kagayama: Gryffindor
Hinata: Gryffindor
Tsukishima: Ravenclaw
Yamaguchi: Ravenclaw
Kuroo: Ravenclaw
Kenma: Ravenclaw
Oikawa: Slytherin
Iwaizumi: Gryffindor
Ushijima: Gryffindor
Tendou: Slytherin
Semi: Slytherin
Bokuto: Gryffindor
Akaashi: Ravenclaw
Daishou: Slytherin


- Hinata, Kageyama and Tsukishima are practically the Golden Trio, with Yamaguchi as Neville Longbottom.

- Tanaka and Nishinoya are parallels of Fred and George. You’ll always see them together, and they’ll always be doing something stupid. One night, they thought it would be fun to sneak into the Hufflepuff Basement (because “Hufflepuff girls are the cutest!”), but tapped the barrel incorrectly and got caught. They were banned from playing quidditch for a month.

- Bokuto is the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team, and Kuroo is the captain of Ravenclaw. When they play they’re always quarreling somehow, teasing each other and sometimes going as far as knocking each other off their broomsticks.

- For the starters on the Gryffindor quidditch team, Kageyama, Bokuto and Daichi are the chasers, Iwaizumi and Tanaka are the beaters, Hinata is the keeper (He and Nishinoya substitute) and Ushijima is the seeker. They always, always end up victorious.

- Kuroo has never failed a test, and he swears he’ll die the day he does.

- When it came down to asking out his crush to Hogsmeade, Bokuto straight up destroyed an entire hallway in the process of trying to impress her, and wasn’t allowed to go. (She still said yes, though)

- Everyone in the Slytherin dorm is terrified of Tendou Satori. All around, he’s a nice guy, but when he was a fifth year he died Semi Eita’s eyebrows purple when he was sleeping, and since then, everyone’s developed a case of insomnia due to the fear factor Tendou brings.

- Kageyama is Harry Potter, and Oikawa might as well be Draco Malfoy. Every time they pass in the halls there’s a muffled mutter of “Tobio-Chan” that leaves poor Kageyama on edge for the rest of the day.

- Bokuto has a Great Horned Owl that he treats like a baby.

- Akaashi is incredibly talented when it comes to charms.

- Tendou favorite class is transfiguration

- Tsukishima’s favorite class is astronomy

- During his flying class in his first year, Hinata ran straight into a wall. Whoops.

Artists Self Rec Tag

When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

I was tagged by the amazing artist @theysangastheyslew!! Thank you so much for tagging me! <333 

1. “Please Stop Us”: This was based on a scene from Chapter 4 of Hellbound by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye, which was one of my absolute favorite moments because it was so chilling (tbh the whole fic is wrecking me with every update)! I added the motion blur to emphasize the parallelism between Roy and Riza, and fluidly show both of them struggling simultaneously. There’s also a bonus part to this in the post if you want more angst feels 83 

2. Back to Back: One of the earliest works I’ve posted here and this was a Secret Santa for @sofiakkuma back in 2015. I was trying to make my poses more dynamic at the time. So making Ed and Roy looking badass was a really fun way to practice! Also I really love making the alchemic sparks <3

3. Grocery Shopping: Drew this because the fandom needs more Mama!Hawk :3 I imagine Ed would sometimes help Riza with grocery shopping and it was Riza’s way to make sure Ed eats properly. I would probably make adjustments to the lighting, but overall I’m satisfied with it. I’m not sure if anyone noticed (but it was probably not obvious enough), but I added a bottle of milk in Ed’s bag and the Armstrong florist in the top right just for fun xD P.S. @the-flame-and-hawks-eye was so sweet to write an awesome one-shot for my birthday based on this fanart <333

4. Flower Crowns: I had this idea for a prompt for EdWin Week 2016 but decided to go with a different idea instead. Funnily enough, there was that flower crown hype later on so it seemed like the perfect time to draw this xD I think I was beginning to simplify my style around this time so I don’t have to concentrate so much on the details and focus on the foundation. I believe this is one of my top posts, which was kind of surprising! I’m glad a lot of you enjoyed this. <333 

5. Mama!Hawk and her Smol Birbs: This was resulted from a sudden influx of Mama!Hawk feels xD There’s no particular backstory in this fanart but I guess this is some sort of AU where Riza adopted the Elrics after Trisha died??? I just really wanted to draw Smol!Ed and Smol!Al with Riza owo And I really liked how this turned out, especially the lighting since it looks pretty consistent. Surprisingly, Al’s hair was the most difficult part for me to draw ;A; Maybe because I wasn’t used to it?? 

Now to tag some art peeps: @shiriartz, @kyattoi, @m7angela, @ask-royai-lty, and @mondfuchs!! Totally optional though :3 Also sorry if you’ve done this already, I’m not sure who has been tagged ;A;


Hopurai | Jumira Parallels

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tbh there’s a lot to criticize about dave strider’s character and for new readers his use of slurs can be especially off-putting in the earlier chapters

but if he isn’t a good ass representation of an abused LGBT+ kid who suffered under heteronormative hypermasculinity and struggled to recognize it for years and still struggles to accept that it’s okay to talk about it then boy i don’t know what is

the fact he explicitly names all of those points after ages of internalized homophobia and justifying his abuse is wild too, like for YEARS people were calling Bro’s shit for what it was and theorizing that dave was actually an mlm but wasn’t allowed to express it around Bro

and for YEARS people decried that shit by saying Bro was some hidden badass mister miyagi and dave was just another homophobic little straight wannabe dudeBro with a heart

but now he’s got a canon alien boyfriend, called his homophobic friend out on his homophobia while admitting he contributed to the normalization of that humor with his own internalized issues, and outright stated he was pretty sure his guardian hated him and he didn’t realize how fucked up it was to be treated so poorly he didn’t even know fridges were supposed to have food in them until he watched a movie and got friends who told him “um??? that’s not right?”

like in the span of a single conversation he hit on the a) alienation an abused gay kid feels from their peers because of the stark differences in their family situations that leads to an almost muted sort of resentment but mostly an inability to relate, b) negative long-term effects of participating in homophobia with straight peers no matter how light-hearted the intention, c) difficulties of having a guardian who enforces a particular identity, especially one that coincides strongly with exaggerated gender norms which are harmful to anyone who doesn’t fit them to a T, d) dissociative ignorance of a child who desperately wants to idolize a guardian that goes out of their way to neglect, injure, terrify, and even sexually abuse them, e) the internal struggle that comes from feeling relieved when said abusive shitbag of a guardian dies and can’t hurt anyone anymore -

honestly i mean i don’t even have to stop there, he covers so much that tons of abused kids, and especially abused LGBT+ kids can relate to hard, and even if homestuck isn’t perfect, i don’t think i would’ve gotten through nearly as much in my adolescence without dave strider to see myself in

neville killing nagini is obviously one of my favorite fictional moments ever but tbh how it should have gone down is that Neville should have killed Bellatrix and Ginny should have killed Nagini, like Ginny should have had SOME moment in the finale battle to establish her and harry as equals and this would have been perfect//a good parallel to what she went through in CoS, and then neville could have killed Bellatrix as retribution for his parents which would have altogether made more sense.

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tbh Knock Knock was what I'd hoped series 10 would've been. An entire series of Bill and the Dr as found family, mildly embarrassing each other as they try to navigate this weird existence together! that would've been my personal ideal, especially if it led to a sort of parallel between the Dr imagining what could be with Missy & Bill imagining what could have been with her mum.

oh, same. the found-family aspect set up early on is one of my favorite things about s10 (the Christmas scene in “The Pilot” makes my heart swell up like a balloon), there’s so much more they coulda/shoulda done with it.

and i’ve rambled about this before, but i really think 12 sees themself in Bill, the orphaned outsider all filled up with potential and self-defeating coping mechanisms and hope; considering where the season went with 12 and Missy, it woulda been so, so nice for Bill to parallel the Dr’s nostalgia for who they used to be. there’s so much there, and such a disappointingly small fraction of it showed up on screen.

once again, fuck “The Pyramid of the Land” for wasting time on masturbatory OOC ~*~*~*gritty~*~*~*~ bullshit and not Good, Wholesome Things like ‘Dr Who fails to teach Bill how to drive’ or ‘Dr Who and Bill awkwardly bond over plots that are thinly-veiled metaphors for the queer experience’

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Why do you ship Darklina?


Ahaha no just kidding. That’s a terrible thing to say with these two.

Cut for R&R spoilers, probable profanity, and me talking way too long about fictional characters in a not very serious way:

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Camren + Parallels


Pokemon sun and moon fans who are Homestuck fans if you have not seen these these parallels you are not doing your job lol so I’m doing it for you here are some Homestuck similarities I’ve found with the new Pokemon seriously almost all of the new Pokemon have something Homestuck or MSPA related to them and I love that so far and I hope they keep following those similarities because your darn sure imma use them in my lets play when the game comes out but yeah TBH the new ghost fairy type that’s called mimikkyu I think in Japan he is probably my 3rd or 2nd favorite Pokemon because it looks like a little kid drew him and dude his typing is amazing he’s definitely going on my team lol