the parallel universe

golden-sakura  asked:

Hi, Do you think we are living in a computer simulation? Also, what do you think about parallel universes?

Whether we are living in a computer simulation makes no difference to me. Reality as perceived through the brain and body is not even close to the whole picture. This is asserted by Buddhists, yogis, and scientists alike. 

It is called “the illusion” for a reason. It is not what it appears to be. The spiritual path involves no longer taking the illusion to be what it pretends to be. 

Again, who knows about parallel universes? 

All of that stuff is very cool and interesting. There is no need to believe in any of it. It’s either true or not. Eventually science will reveal which. Don’t assume either way and learn to enjoy the ambiguity. 

When it comes to enlightenment, only you can reveal that to yourself. For that, meditate and take up spiritual practice. 

Namaste :)

This week’s The Unworthy Thor was…Something. Not sure if I liked it or am just so stunned from it metaphorically hitting me with a brick and running away to bother feeling 100% off-put by it. 

Good bits and bad bits everywhere.

(Spoilers en route)

-Nice way to sidestep the can-he-REALLY-lift-it?? drama, keeps him hammerless but no less noble/badass

-Thori calls the Odinson master. What. In the shit. Is this a different Thori who fell out of a parallel universe the same way the Ultimate Mjolnir did? It’d explain the huge change in design and physical maturity. 

But who are we kidding, the writers don’t give one (1) crap about a dog’s continuity/origins, let alone where Leah is in all this

(Marvel, if you want to prove me wrong I am ready and waiting to eat my words, show me the Leah, give me the Leah, the same Leah who was instrumental in seeing Hela dethroned and Thori reintroduced in the first place, that one, that Leah)

-Hah haa fuck you Collector

-Hela gets Her Groove Back. By which I mean she gets to stop playing a limping possum and fucking slaughters those two idiots who thought it was in any way safe to call her a dog. This she does with great vigor while Thanos watches from his gilded pimp chair. Then she puts on her most ‘come hither’ headdress and Serene Murder Face and…

-Aw, Thanos, are you finally moving on from purple-garbed Death ladies? Way to go forward, you homicidal intergalactic jerk, good job

(Cannot wait to see who stabs who in the back first)


I’m not going to say I expected Thor to have committed some big awful sin unawares once upon a time, but the actual whisper is sort of, you know, more of a blow-to-the-self esteem thing? Of course the Odinson couldn’t be guilty of anything really heinous and/or something that couldn’t be fixed via penance, but I wish it had been something more impressive than what it was.

(Hey Marvel, you know what might have helped in this situation? A professional truthseer to point out how Not All Truths are Absolute, some are merely based on belief, there are exceptions to rules, what/who you came from does not define you, et cetera. Damn, wish we had one of those laying around.)

((No, I’m not bitter who’s bitter I’m not))

-Yay, Beta Ray Bill and the Odinson get to drink! 

-Oh boy oh boy another Name That Thor Guessing Game I cannot wait

Also, we’ll get to see/hear this phrase multiple times in the future: War Thor. War Thor. War Thor, War Thor, War Thor, War Thor, War Thor.


She has never believed in supernatural things. It all feels like fiction to her. But lately, she’s been lying awake at night and fantasizing about parallel universes.

Most often, she fantasizes that their paths never crossed. In this universe, she still smiles at strangers. She still dreams about love. She has no clue that somewhere, in another world, there was a boy who loved her very much. She is not haunted by the fact that the very same boy destroyed her. She is still so happy.

So, as she stares at the ceiling fan, listening to the clock tick toward 1am, she wishes so badly that she could exist in that universe instead. Because, after all, maybe it isn’t really true what they say. Maybe it isn’t better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Because maybe never loving at all is far less painful.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #128

Vintage Fringe Science Illustrated Prints.

1. Dark Matter
2. Cryonics
3. Parallel Universe
4. Nano Technology
5. Mutation
6. Psychokinesis
7. Reanimation
8. Hive Mind
9. Transmogrification
10. Hypnosis