the parallel universe

SKAM 2015-2017

Season One
Eva’s season taught us about individual identity. It taught us that it is important to love ourselves first and to surround ourselves with people who remind us of who we are.

“I have to find out what my opinion is. And I have to do it on my own.”

Season Two
Noora’s season taught us about feminism, sexual assault and eating disorders. It showed us the importance of friends and female solidarity.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

Season Three
Isak’s season taught us about sexual identity, mental illness and prejudice. It showed us the importance of friends, communication and self-acceptance.

“Whether you believe in Allah or Jesus or evolution or parallel universes, there’s only one thing we know for sure. That life is now.”

Season Four
Sana’s season taught us about religion, prejudice, cultural identity and belonging. It showed us the importance of friendship, kindness, love and tolerance.

“Because even though it sometimes feels like it, no one’s ever alone. … Fear spreads, but fortunately, love does too.”

not perfect, but enough

paring: Isak/Even

rating: T

“You’re more than enough for me,” Isak says, pulling Even’s face closer until their foreheads touch. “You’re my entire world, my universe, and every other parallel universe that exists out there.”

In which I wanted Even to know that Isak thinks he’s more than enough for him//post SKAM feels.

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Thank @sanashappinessisendgame and @naesheiims for looking over my work and dealing with the mess that I’m in <3 

I don’t want to see another fic where Victor and Yuuri get excited over hearing about or are interested in hearing about Yurio’s sex life in my entire life, in my entire after life, in my entire next life, in my entire life in any parallel universes lives of mine, or in any lives I may be missing. 

Why would a pair of mid to late 20 something adults ever… want.. or consider… omg. 

CONCERN for him if they were worried he was involved in something dangerous, sure, but that’s entirely different. 

(Another one to add to the pile is Victor and Yuuri going on double dates with Yurio and his SO. Why would they go on double dates with a fifteen year old. In what universe is this normal. That’s like chaperoning for them. One thing if they just happen to go out to eat all together really casually after practice or something, but an actual planned date…) 

anonymous asked:

in my head, Sana and Isak are really the bestest of buds, texting all day, meeting up after school and now during summer break all the time and having actual proper tea which Sana prepares for them and Even tags along happily frequently and sometimes all they do is sit in Sana's backyard and talk for hours and hours about parallel universes and biology and all their different problems and they all love each other so much and Isak is so glad Sana blackmailed him cause now he has a new best bud <3

anonnnnnnn!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

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Morgan's story is the best thing ever because it can go anywhere from hellworld heist to undead slice of life in her new zombie body

Fuck yes, that’s the best isn’t it. Morgan is MALLEABLE. 

But also that world is such a mess, allow me to lay it out for you just a bit.

Frances and Req are RP characters. Mine and Cel’s. Morgan was made to fill a gap left by an ex-friend, though her role has changed a ton. Thing is, we hung onto that story’s core elements because it was good.

So now you have a cyborg, a proto-sorcerer, and a secret government project chemist fucking up a teleporter test and accidentally teleporting themselves and most of the building they’re in to a parallel universe with a shitload more magic.

Chemist becomes alchemist becomes blood mage, proto-sorcerer becomes actual sorcerer, and cyborg sits on her metal hands because what good is an engineer in a world with magic spilling outta everyone’s pockets.

I don’t know what to do with this but i’ll figure something out. Frances is a Frankenstein’s clusterfuck of a character to begin with but I love her too much to change fundamentally, and I haven’t thought of anything better than teleporting idiots to make this story work.

So there you go, a peek behind the Py curtain! Oh no it’s all just lame jokes and hastily cobbled together piles of recycled RP content, don’t look!

What if those people who say the word “weeaboo” was created by Asian people to callout white fetishizers and thus should never be used as a self-reference otherwise ur racist (as opposed to you know something that started on 4chan from a PBF comic and was self-reflexive from the beginning) are actually from a parallel universe or timeline like that Bernstein stuff would make sense in this context

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I also think that sugakookie was sth more than just friends in the mv but what abt yoonmin in wings?their sings collide together?and jimin eats an apple which sometimes is the signs if betrayal? Ppl think that suga cheated on kookie with jimin omfg wbu?

i don’t think anyone cheated on anyone omg. also while i’m a shipper myself,, not every strong bond needs to be romantic or sexual. one of the themes in hyyh is brotherhood (as seen in ‘i need u’ and ‘prologue’) and i think the 7 of them were close like that (cough although i have my own headcanons about mv verse yoonkook cough). my most favorite theory is that jin is the only one “awake” and aware of different parallel universes (the korean and the japanese versions of bst parallels). it would explain the shifts in relationships and why even though ‘first love’ references ‘begin’ a lot it also references ‘lie’. like maybe in one universe yoongi was closer to jungkook but in the other he was closer to jimin?? idk i just think it’s more complicated than that..

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in a parallel universe, eva tells chris about her fling with jonas, and he goes to william for advice. chris has matured and understands he's not in school anymore. he's become an adult, and wants an adult relationship. eva goes to the party alone, but chris shows up soon after and tells her he doesn't care who she was with before, just as long as she wants to be with him now. "i'm not your girlfriend, chris," she says. "yet." they kiss. eva and jonas exchange a glance, happy for each other.

thank you and your beautiful soul for sending me this, honestly you’re the real mvp!!! and obviously mohnstad is happening if you look at the clip chris looked at emma in that way bc she is his lost twin sister and he was really happy to see her. the person who emma was kissing it wasn’t chris it was his evil clon

i cant make a post big enough to describe my love for this series, and to thank every single member of the cast and directors. fy faen, i’ve cried so much i can barely see. i love you so much, forever and always, in every fucking parallel universe, alt er love. 

SKAM (2015-2017)

this may be the end of this show but it will stay with me as long as i live. it has made me more secure in my sexuality, made me feel stronger as a woman and has made me learn another beautiful language and i will be forever grateful. this show educated me about mental illness and religion in a way either school or society have been able to do. because of this skam has made me a better person.

this show has made me feel that i am worthy of love for the first time in my life by showing people, REAL people, with the same struggles as me being loved deeply by others and seeing that has honestly saved me.

these stories will live on forever in my heart and these characters will always be with me. I have loved every minute experiencing this with all of you and i am so sad to now say goodbye. in a parallel universe we’re together for all time, remember that.

i’m gonna end my love letter to you guys and the show by reminding you all to never forget the lessons we learned.

be kind, always. you are good enough. somebody else’s opinion isn’t more important than yours. you are not alone. ALT ER LOVE.