the parallel apartments


jake and amy saying hi to each other after being apart

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I have his true friendship, and so he’s going to have mine. And as long as that is true, I cannot imagine what is possible.


Lance after being comforted and reassured by Keith // Keith getting the team’s approval and support for his BoM training.

Alternatively titled:

Bad parallels no one asked for.

3x06 // 4x01


Last chapter of Tokyo Ghoul was 143 titled “Kaneki Ken” The chapter number could also be interpreted as “I Love You: Kaneki Ken” The person most likely telling Kaneki how much they love him would’ve been Touka.

Ishida could’ve chosen ANY number and person to end TG with, but he choose 143 and Touka (the only one who had faith in his return). Certainly, one chapter, has two meanings.

So if TGre ends at chapter 143, the title of that chapter could be titled “Kirishima Touka” Kaneki has told and showed us he loves his wife Touka tremendously. But her being kidnapped by the CCG, something paralleling Kaneki’s ending in part one, is possible in her case. Even so, Kaneki would have faith in her retrieval if she were taken away from him. They may be split, but they’re bound to get back together because what comes as a pair, stays a pair.

Chapitre 220 – Unheard Voice

In which we’re hitting out of the park with covers that look pleasant and cheerful but come with splash text that threatens to drown me in heartbreak forever.

It’s just vague enough that it could technically mean anyone, but with Sakura in the background it’s safe to assume that it’s speaking about her and Syaoran.

On the one hand it has the potential cute factor of them continually drawn together over multiple lifetimes. On the other hand it’s a kick in the face when you realise that this is one of the lifetimes where they don’t get to be together. (For now? Forever??) Sakura’s memory resets whenever she remembers who Syaoran is. Also, she’s not breathing. (Also, Syaoran may or may not be dead)

The sentiment takes a deeper step into Sad Territory if, through it’s vagueness, it’s not just talking about Sakura’s reincarnation in general but specifically the reincarnations that are story related. How many reincarnations of Sakura has Evil Wolverine used in his plans? How many have died, never to be reunited with their Syaorans?

And what is Lava Lamp’s role in this, exactly? Who is his Sakura? Is it OUR Sakura? A different one? How many is Evil Wolverine aware of?

If he isn’t stopped, how many more will they us to try get the Tsubasa working?

None of the options are particularly good.

The best part about Ken asking “you really think you’ll miss your opportunity to kill Dirk Gently by eating some human food?” is the fact that he had to specify human food.


What the fuck was Bart feeding him while they were on the road?


You’re hopeless.

태권도 기본 동작

서다 = To stand

모아서기 = Close stance (feet together)
나란히서기 = Parallel stance (feet apart) 
주춤서기 = Riding stance (horse-riding position, 굽 = heel)
앞서기 = Front stance (one step forward)
앞굽이 = Forward stance (forward lunge)
뒷굽이 = Backward stance (weight on back leg)
범서기 = Tiger stance (front leg on toes)
꼬아서기 = Back cross stance (foot crossed behind, 꼬다 = twist) 
학다리서기 = Crane stance (one leg raised) 

막다 = block 

아래막기 = Low block (fist to the floor)
몸통막기 = Body block (fist forward, facing up, 몸통 = torso) 
얼굴막기 = Face block (fist raised over forehead, facing forward) 
옆막기 = Side block (fist raised beside head, facing forward)
아래엇걸어막기 = Low cross block (both fists to the floor, crossed)  
손날막기 = Hand blade block (palm forward, other palm at chest, 날 = blade, edge)  

차다 = To kick

앞차기 = Front kick (leg straight)  
돌려차기 = Spin kick (body spins)  
옆차기 = Side kick (foot sideways)
내려차기/앞찍기/찍어차기/내려찍기 = Downward kick (heel comes down)
뛰어차기 = Jump kick
뒤차기 = Back kick 

지르다 = To hit, punch (using fist: 주먹)   
찌르다 = To jab, stab (using fingertips: 손끝)
치다 = To hit, strike (using edge of palm: 손날)

The Challenges You're Facing [George Weasley x Reader]

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A/N: I was feeling really, really down. So this was the result. Please do not read if you are sensitive to depression topics.

Word Count: 1,305

Warnings: Depression. Hints of self-harm, but no actual description. 


The screams. The screams woke the neighbors. Some would ignore it, others would bang on the walls, agitated.

No one would suspect a thing.

She smiled. She smiled often, and widely.

Yet inside, she was praying, begging for someone to realize how broken she was.

She wasn’t selfish. She didn’t ask for much. All she asked was for someone to hear her out.

She was always the go-to person for advice. If someone was sad, they would go to her. She talked to them as if she was the happiest person, as if she herself knew the answer to true happiness.

No one would suspect that she would lock herself away into an unbearable pit of misery and despair.

Some would call her an attention seeker. 

She wasn’t an attention seeker. In fact, she hated the attention.

Some would point to the parallel, almost perfectly spaced apart lines that drew across her forearm all the way up to her elbow and look at her questioningly, or with disgust. She grinned and said it was a long time ago.

They nodded and shrugged, no longer caring.

She felt ashamed for wanting someone so desperately for help. She knew others were suffering, so why should she have the right to want help?

People who knew her would whisper about her. “She isn’t really depressed. She has a nice house, nice clothes, an expensive phone and laptop. How could she be depressed?”

She knew they spoke of her. She didn’t know either. She didn’t know how she could be the way she was. She didn’t even have a clear reason.

She was just… Sad.

She was depressed.

Sometimes she would try to bring it up jokingly in a conversation, hoping someone would see passed the exterior and see how she was reaching out for help. 

It never worked. 

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10 Ways to Ground Yourself

Grounding is a technique that helps keep someone in the present moment. It is only in the present moment that we can fully live our lives. Grounding techniques can reduce anxiety, quiet the mind, and connect you to your inner voice. These simple techniques can ground you in your own truth and help you get to know your inner self. Grounding is also essential for basic health and survival. Grounding enhances your ability to function effectively on a day-to-day basis. When poorly grounded, your spatial understanding is impaired. You may stumble around physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Here are 10 effective ways to ground yourself:

1. Start With Your Breath. Breathe deeply through your diaphragm and gently exhale any tension you might feel, clearing the energy channels of your body. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Let your abdomen rise and fall as you breathe. This deep breathing signals the body to relax and helps calm your mind and spirit.

2. Meditate. Meditation is probably the most popular grounding technique. Sit or lie comfortably, and then close your eyes. Simply focus your attention on your breath without controlling its pace or intensity. Feel yourself relaxing with each breath. Release all of your worldly concerns, doubts, and fears, allowing them to drift off on the air of the wind, on the breath of life. If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath. Maintain this meditation practice for two to three minutes to start, and then try it for longer periods.

3. Play a Drum. Drumming is perhaps the oldest form of active meditation known to humanity. One of the paradoxes of rhythmic stimulation is that it has not only the power to move your awareness out of the confines of the conceptual mind into realms beyond time and space but also the capacity to ground you firmly in the present moment. It allows you to maintain a portion of ordinary awareness while experiencing non-ordinary awareness. This permits full recall later of the visionary experience. 

4. Touch the Earth. Just take off your shoes and socks and get outside. Physically touching or sitting on the Earth has a calming and grounding effect. Nature calms, helps you connect to something larger than yourself, and provides a much-needed break from your busy life.

5. Focus on Your Root Chakra. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the chakra at the base of the spine. The vibratory center located at the base of the spine grounds spiritual forces in the body to the Earth and the physical realm of reality. Visualize this energy center as a red disc of light, about the size of a silver dollar, at the base of your spine.

6. Stand Like a Tree. Stand with your feet parallel, about six inches apart, and your toes aimed straight ahead. Your knees should be slightly bent, removing any strain on your lower back. Rest your hands at your side or place them over your navel. Close your eyes and imagine that you are a tree. Visualize your head as the crown, your body as the trunk, and your feet as the roots. Imagine roots growing out the bottom of your feet, extending deep into the ground beneath you.

7. Walk Mindfully. Mindful walking can be practiced anywhere or anytime. Simply take a walk and be mindful of every sensation you feel. Breathe naturally and fully, deeply filling your lungs with each inhalation, but being careful not to strain in any way. When your attention drifts away from the sensations of walking and breathing, take notice of those thoughts or emotions without judgment and gently direct your awareness back to the present moment, back to the walking.

8. Carry a Grounding Stone. A grounding stone is any small stone that helps make you more reality-oriented and pulls you into the current moment. Black obsidian is a good grounding stone to carry or wear in your aura each day. Black tourmaline is one of the most effective stones, as it works for both spiritual grounding and protection. These crystals are easy to obtain as tumblestones, and easy to put one or more of the grounding stones in your pocket every day.

9. Use Your Voice. Repeat a mantra, chant, or positive affirmation. Hearing your own voice actively gets you out of your own head. Repeating a soothing affirmation powerfully grounds you in reality, by reminding you what’s most important to you.

10. Take a Shower. This is one of my favorite grounding methods. Heat increases blood flow, slows your heart rate, and calms you down gently. I personally find this technique to be very effective. The heat and water pressure from a cleansing, hot shower always grounds me, bringing me back to the here-and-now.


When Jamie cried because Claire stayed… When he cried when she left.