the parade is tomorrow


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is tomorrow morning. Here is a nice little throw back to when the Cast of In The Heights Preformed during the parade. 

Arrow 5x08 Theory

There were two Felicity Smoaks in Bizarro World.

One was in the Bunker/ArrowCave with Oliver and Diggle.  This is Oliver’s Felicity.  Tech support, partner, take-no-shit Felicity.  

The other was at the cocktail reception.  This is Ray’s Felicity - dressed in the same blue dress she wore the night of their first kiss.  

This is why Oliver simply breezed past her and, more importantly, why the second Felicity didn’t react to Oliver.  You really think Felicity “I hate mysteries” Smoak would have allowed the man who broke into her Bunker to just waltz past her?  

These were two different manifestations of Felicity, generated by the memories of two/three different men.

Happy Pride, people!. :D Here is some celebratory Harry/Draco~

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PSA: Tomorrow is March 22, so here is a reminder to NOT TWEET ANY OF THE GUYS ABOUT MCR
They’ve made it clear they don’t like it, it’s annoying, and honestly I’m sure they might be a little upset themselves. Or maybe not who knows but that is besides the point

If you’re cold I’ll keep you warm
And besides, there’s so much beauty in a storm
—  La Dispute - Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again
She said “tomorrow, when you go to the parade or the fair. say shabbat shalom....”

So, I was raised in a lesbian household. My birth mom is Jewish, my other mom is Catholic. I grew up Jewish and we attended a very lesbian congregation. Our rabbi is a lesbian herself. When I was around 10 or 11, a little before gay marriage would be legalized in NYC, she gave us a dvar torah the day before pride. She said “tomorrow, when you go to the parade or the fair. say shabbat shalom. just go up to someone, if they seem jewish or not and say it. You may find someone who has been struggling with their religion. Someone who feels that they cannot be Jewish and gay at the same time. And you will touch them. You will teach them there is a place for them in this community. That being Jewish and gay is possible and there is a place for them. When I was a young girl, it would’ve meant the world to me.” To this day her words touch me. I came out as bisexual when I was 14. As I’ve grown older I’ve begun wondering if I may be a lesbian, or at least only situationally heterosexual. I’m not sure at this point and that’s fine. What’s important was that I was given this community. My moms got married under a huppah, whose fabric we ended up using to make the tallis for my Bat Mitzvah. Jewish life and gay life have always been intertwined for me and I’m so glad that I had that established at such a young age. I can be both, you can be both. Being religious and loving your heritage is not something exclusive for straight people. I am as proud a Jewish woman as I am a queer woman and I hope I can one day say “shabbat shalom” to someone else, and make them know what I know.

The Holy Trinity in 2016

1. Fall out Boy covered the Ghostbusters Theme for the perfect movie
2. Panic! At the disco covers Bohemian Rhapsody and it’s part of the Suicide Squad soundtrack
3. The 10th anniversary of the Black Parade and the release of living with ghosts

Which means I can pretend it’s 2006 cause the holy trinity is back!