the parade is tomorrow

Can you imagine though?

Can you imagine thousands upon thousands of protesters bringing the parade that is broadcasted to millions of American homes, to a complete halt? Imagine sitting at home on Thanksgiving, tomorrow, watching the parade with your family, when the protesters manage to bring the entire parade to a standstill

Imagine how amazing and ground-breaking that would be. Fuck the traditions of this genocidal holiday. Change history. Do not stand down.

Happy Pride, people!. :D Here is some celebratory Harry/Draco~


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is tomorrow morning. Here is a nice little throw back to when the Cast of In The Heights Preformed during the parade. 

Arrow 5x08 Theory

There were two Felicity Smoaks in Bizarro World.

One was in the Bunker/ArrowCave with Oliver and Diggle.  This is Oliver’s Felicity.  Tech support, partner, take-no-shit Felicity.  

The other was at the cocktail reception.  This is Ray’s Felicity - dressed in the same blue dress she wore the night of their first kiss.  

This is why Oliver simply breezed past her and, more importantly, why the second Felicity didn’t react to Oliver.  You really think Felicity “I hate mysteries” Smoak would have allowed the man who broke into her Bunker to just waltz past her?  

These were two different manifestations of Felicity, generated by the memories of two/three different men.

The Holy Trinity in 2016

1. Fall out Boy covered the Ghostbusters Theme for the perfect movie
2. Panic! At the disco covers Bohemian Rhapsody and it’s part of the Suicide Squad soundtrack
3. The 10th anniversary of the Black Parade and the release of living with ghosts

Which means I can pretend it’s 2006 cause the holy trinity is back!

If you are specifically making plans to ruin the Macy’s day parade tomorrow then you’re p gross. This is a tradition for a shitload of people, black, white, hispanic, or anything else. Not to mention for some people it’s a real emotional thing.

I’m just as upset as the next person about the injustice going on in the world, but if you are so fucking bitter and gross you have to subtract from another person’s happiness to feel justified then you’ve got problems.

a little pop punk never hurt anyone (x)

let’s dance to joy division - the wombats // the rock show - blink-182 // air hostess - busted // poppin’ champagne - all time low // fight, fight (reach for the sky) - go radio // i’m made of wax, larry, what are you made of? - a day to remember // contagious - anarbor // r u mine? - arctic monkeys // norgaard - the vaccines // guilty pleasure - cobra starship // mindset - every avenue // reckless - you me at six // the middle - jimmy eat world // pizza party - l'homme run // stockholm syndrome - blink-182 // pete wentz is the only reason we’re famous - cobra starship // techno fan - the wombats // a little less sixteen candles, a little more “touch me” - fall out boy // celebrity status - marianas trench // do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys // sex - the 1975 // diane young - vampire weekend // no one but you - every avenue // emergency (crab mix) - paramore // sic transit gloria…glory fades (brand new cover) - we are the in crowd // everybody’s watching me (uh oh) - the neighbourhood // do you want it all - two door cinema club // toxic (britney spears cover) - a static lullaby // saturday - fall out boy // pork and beans - weezer // jump into the fog - the wombats // grand theft autum (where is your boy) - fall out boy // i’m a wonder - the cab // haven’t had enough - marianas trench // when i get home, you’re so dead - mayday parade // resistance - muse // the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage - panic! at the disco // sugar, we’re gong down - fall out boy // summer hair = forever young - the academy is… // ice box (omarion cover) - there for tomorrow // a-punk - vampire weekend // tokyo (vampires & wolves) - the wombats // thanks for nothing - the downtown fiction // everything i ask for - the maine // i just wanna run - the downtown fiction // casual affair - panic! at the disco