the paper pony


FINALLY, I finished the entire set of the Mane 6 for my Toned Paper series. I think I’ll leave it at that for this year’s Bronycon, but I’ll probably end up doing some more characters in it ‘cause they’re a lot of fun to work on. Anyway, here are the lovely Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie! Pinkie’s hair took me forever to finish, as per usual, but I had a blast coloring it in! I also had so much fun with RD’s hair; she looks so good with short hair bro. o.o

I love this series; it’s so much fun to keep everything monochrome but add a splash of color! These, along with the rest of the Mane 6 (and Sunset and Adagio) will be sold as prints at Bronycon this year, as well as the originals. I hope you guys like ‘em! ^.^

I’ve been a bit neglectful when it comes to traditional art lately, primarily because of the work on my film, but I missed it and I want a few original works for Bronycon so here’s one! I was doing a series of toned-paper headshots last year that I kinda put on hiatus up until now, so I’ll be doing the rest of the Mane 6 and perhaps some BG ponies. For now, this one is of course of good ol Sunset Shimmer, a pony I haven’t quite drawn that much surprisingly. I like her character and I love her design, but I don’t find myself drawing her all that often, so I figured it’d be fair to put her first on the list. :3

This was done in the span of about 2 hours and done in colored pencil, regular pencil, and white acrylic. I’m so rusty with colored pencil but at least it’s a starting point! I hope you guys like it. ^.^

darry cannot sit down for five seconds without someone interrupting him. he’s just trying to eat dinner and soda comes running in about seeing a fucking spider. he’s trying to read the paper and pony wants to discuss the million and twelve reasons why he should have a later curfew. he’s just got home and sits on his recliner and steve needs help with something he broke. sits down on his bed to go to sleep and bam! dallas needs to be picked up from the police station. let the poor guy r e s t