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Hello everyone!! Behold!! Shirogane The black Paladin’s Paper doll kits are here!! 

I planned this to be on the sale.. but I change my mine..! 
If I’m going to draw some more paladin dress up paper dolls, I may going change my mind..later.. But NOW!!

I want yo guys to know how fun to dress up my fav Paladin in Voltron!!

Please love him and dress him as you please with love.!!

*Warning* This artworks is copyright by Moto0207, and DO NOT re-post or use it as profit without permission!!



etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the DIY lover | 12.11.16

DIY japanese bookbinding kit by mirabetnotebooks

apparently, there are four japanese binding techniques that come in this kit — they are Yotsume toji, Kangxi, Asa-no-ha toji, and Kikko toji. you get to make four A5-size notebooks bound with linen thread — so very creative.


kylie jenner lockscreens

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etsyfindoftheday | festive finds | 12.16.15

christmas wrapping paper kit by toneandstate

the minimal, geometric pattern and color schemes of toneandstate’s wrapping paper sheets are totally my style — and in this listing, you get a full-on giftwrap kit! it comes with two sheets of paper, greenery as an accent, kraft gift tags, and yarn to wrap it all up. so creative!

Gimme A Break Spell
My partner and I just can’t seem to catch a  break lately, so I talked about crafting a Catch A Break spell. He suggested using a Kit Kat, and the Gimme A Break spell was born! I combined strong symbols to draw in good luck, and symbols to deflect negative energy. I figure there’s a lot of good energy already invested in the Kit Kat brand, so I tapped into that too. 

What you will need: A piece of paper, orange writing utensil, Kit Kat candy bar, a magnet, a bell or other small instrument, a black candle and a mirror or bowl of water. 

Cast the circle how ever you please. Arrange the magnet in the Northern quadrant for Earth, the bell to the East for Air, the candle to the South for Fire, and the mirror or water to the West for Water. 

With your projective hand over the magnet say, “Magnet of Earth’s iron, please draw good fortune unto me.” Visualize good things coming your way. The more specific the better. 

Ring the bell and let it peal. Then say, “Sweet voice of Air, call good things unto me.”

Light the black candle and say, “Black candle’s Fire, deflect negative energy from me.” Visualize those bad vibes bouncing off your Circle and going far away.  

With your projective hand over the mirror (or water bowl) say, “Oh mirrors reflection, deflect negative energy from me.” Again, visualize those bad vibes bouncing off your Circle and going far away.  

Pick up the orange pencil and draw a spiral moving inward around the candy while chanting, “Gimme a break, please gimme a break, break me away from this bad energy!” Spend some more time visualizing all those good things you want to come your way.

When you feel you’ve raised enough energy, open the candy, then open the Circle. As you break the candy bar invoke your spell. I like to say, “As I will, so mote it be.”

Enjoy the candy and ground yourself, then wait for your break to come. 


Moon and Rabbit.How to assemble. Paper craft KIT.A4 x2sheets cut already.¥2,000- Mail Order→