the paper is deliberately wrinkled

HEADCANON: 380 is a personification of a composer’s unfinished, unpolished, and never performed 380th work, which was a slow and gentle romance for solo piano to a woman he had unrequited feelings for. Several of the pages to his piece, or life, are missing, and the composer has long passed on. Because the piece was never played by anyone at all as a whole, he remains mute, not able to say anything because he does not know how. Unsure if he ever had a sub name at all, 380 refers to himself as Roman, in tribute to his original intentions. He is a hopeless romantic, and though his last chord ever written was a suspension that ultimately led to nowhere, he hopes to somehow complete his own story and to finally have a certain tone to his newfound life, keeping his spirits content which pays nods to the keys he was penned in; B minor- the key of patience, and E-flat major- the key of love and devotion.

he has a blog now!