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The Eye (Hong Kong/Singapor) (2000) (18) (Horror) One of the first & best films of the Asian horror boom of the last decade. Made by the Pang brothers, this creepy film tells the story of a young woman who having been blind from childhood gradually recovers her sight following a cornea transplant. The operation seems a success untill the woman begins to see dead people everywhere. At the heart of the film is a convincing emotional performance from the leading acress as the terrified woman. The filmmakers do a great job at unfolding their eerie story and along the way are some top notch scares. The disturbing encounter with the ghost in the lift is just one of the film’s many highlights. Among many other qualities, the Pang’s movie is a impressive reminder that outstanding asian horror films are also being made outside of Japan. Wonderful

I was tagged by @themazette  to name my 6 all-time favorite movies.
It was very difficult … but … here goes. :)

・気狂いピエロ / Pierrot Le Fou, Jean-Luc Godard

・恋する惑星 / 重慶森林 / Chungking Express, Wong Kar-wai

・ブリキの太鼓 / Die Blechtrommel / The Tin Drum, Volker Schlöndorff

・ベティ・ブルー / 37°2 le matin / Betty Blue, Jean-Jacques Beineix

・レイン / กรุงเทพอันตราย / Bangkok Dangerous, The Pang Brothers

・キャラバン / Himalaya, Eric Valli

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For lives; not men; for flags

As promised, the new Dunkirk fic. Enjoy everyone!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Late 1939

When you first met Farrier and Collins, it was in the most awkward of situations. That was to say, you would’ve preferred to be in any place other than the food hall of the RAF training base, surrounded by hungry to-be pilots who eyed your nurse uniform with intense interest. It was late 1939 and the RAF were in desperate need of trained pilots. Here in the very mess hall you were standing, were almost a hundred of them. And out of the hundred men who sat at the tables the Matron had asked you to find a certain Frank Delaney. Needless to say–you weren’t having much luck. Apparently, he had twisted his ankle some time earlier this morning and failed to report to the nurse’s station for a continued check-up later this evening. And you, being the newest member of the nursing staff at the training base, was despatched with this role. What the Matron failed to tell you was what a scene you would cause by walking in through the front entrance of the mess hall. Nor did the Matron tell you just how hard it is to find this ‘Frank Delaney’ amongst all the ducked heads there were slowly but surely turning your way.

Now you weren’t one to get easily intimated. Having two older brothers that teased you constantly in your youth gave you more backbone than any could’ve guessed in your small stature. But with hundreds of pairs of eyes slowly drawing towards you and the sheer difficulty of your task was starting to make you panic. Frank Delaney. What did the Matron say? Black hair, freckled skin with a distantly East London accent? You could hardly see any faces distantly among that chewing mouths and turned positions. The sound of chatter ricocheting off the walls made you question if you could actually hear anything at all. But you were standing there, staring at the men hunkered down over their meals and you realised you looked like an idiot. In your white aproned dress, blue shirt, and white habit over the back of your hair, you couldn’t have stuck out more even if you tried. So you began to walk around the circumference of the room, eyes glancing to the side occasionally hoping to see this Frank but all you see were curious glances.

Change of plans.

It was the side of the side door opening that you made your exit, counting the steps towards some sort of salvation. You had to regroup, rethink and ultimately come out with a plan that didn’t result in your melting from humiliation in front of intimidating men. Thoughts spiralling with your determination, your eyes didn’t land on the pair of shining black shoes until you were hitting smack bang in the centre of RAF uniform. There was hollering in the background, your habit was askew and out of all the things that could happen, you were starting to turn into the tomato your brothers always teased you of being.

“You alright?” asked the tall man you surprised. Subconsciously your mind registered two things. One: the accent was not East London, rather it was Scottish. Two: the lingering tobacco scent on the uniform gave you a longing pang for your brothers who you hadn’t seen for some time. You nodded quickly, straightening your habit and looking up apologetically into kind eyes.

The laughter had gotten louder and with increasing embarrassment you tried to head for the door again. Only now the doorway was blocked by another RAF pilot, shorter than the first but with an steady gaze. He simply glanced at you then at the Scot, taking in the scene in a matter of seconds. Then in the brisk manner you would come to know from him, he raised his voice to tell then men to shut it.

“Farrier, mate, just having some fun!” One of the men called out jovially and others around him nodded. Farrier said not a word, swept his eyes across the dining hall and returned to you.

“Seems you require assistance, Sister…” He waited for a beat.

“Sister Y/N,” you supplied, still eyeing the men warily. Now they had settled down you tried to peer at them more clearly, going up on your toes slightly. There were some with black hair but you weren’t quite sure whether it was natural or due to sweat. At this point you cringed inwardly at the latter.

The Scottish pilot sounded rather amused. “Trying to find someone, Sister?”

“Actually, yes.” An idea sparked up in your mind. “I’m looking for a Frank Delaney. He needs to report to the Matron about an…injury earlier this morning. I was going to go find him but if you two…” You trailed off, waiting for their response. You knew the outcome anyhow. In the RAF if you didn’t make a good laugh at someone else’s expense, then you weren’t getting the full experience.

The most boyish smile came up on the Scot’s face and even Farrier seemed interested.

“What do you think, Collins?” Farrier queried unnecessarily.

“Well that would depend on the injury. What did Frankie boy do, aye?” Collins asked you.

You tried to look demure or even serious but that gleam in their eyes reminded you so much of your brothers when you were little. “A twisted ankle. He forgot to report in earlier before supper.”

Both men muttered a ‘right,’ but you could clearly see they weren’t paying attention to you. There was a certain comradery between them that was unlike any you had witnessed before. It was like they both grew up in the same neighbourhood, kicked ball on the streets and badgered all the girls mad when they were younger.

“My turn to do the shoutin’.” Collins told Farrier in a jesting tone.

Farrier raised an eyebrow as if to ask, are you really making a play at this? But Farrier stepped to the side, hands behind a straight back with a face as passive as glass. And as Collins called over the crowd of men for quiet, Farrier’s constant blank expression made it hard for you not to snicker or laugh. Even more so when a red-faced Frank Delaney limped towards you and you heard Farrier’s considering, “Might be worthwhile to get a watch, Delaney.”

You had to bite the inside of your cheek the entire way to the infirmary, unable to meet Frank Delaney’s eyes. You had shaken your head inwardly though. Those two, you knew, had more fun than their professional exterior entailed. Especially Farrier but you could see Collins brought the lighter side of him out.

[Fic][Request] Every Time You Do That Thing You Do

I love head-over-heels Jungkook. <3 Thank you for the prompt!

Title: Every Time You Do That Thing You Do
Word Count: 3k
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Summary: The five times Jungkook is obvious about his feelings for Jimin, and the one time Jimin actually gets it.

AO3 link here

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anonymous asked:

Any touching stories in 3 kingdoms history?

Pang Tong had a brother named Pang Lin. During the chaos that ensued when Cao Cao conquered Jing, Pang Lin and his wife were separated. Pang Lin eventually wound up with Liu Bei’s army, while his wife joined the refugees fleeing north. For many years, they were separated and gave up hope of seeing each other again.

In 222, Pang Lin was serving under Liu Bei’s general Huang Quan. During Liu Bei’s eastern campaign, Huang Quan was tasked with guarding the northern flank of the invasion in case Wei attacked. When Liu Bei’s army was defeated, Huang Quan was isolated, so he surrendered to Wei, and Pang Lin went along with him.

Now in Wei, Pang Lin was shocked to find that his wife was still alive. The two were reunited, and Cao Pi sent many gifts to them. People praised Pang Lin for being a faithful husband during the long separation.

Posters Then & Now

Classic horror films are amazing. Not only are they gory, horrific, terrifying, they also showcase some wonderfully dated fashions and hairstyles.

But, the plots refuse to die, unlike most of the movies characters. Ever heard of the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?’ It seems that it is used a lot in the Hollywood horror industry as the past few years has seen a whole heap of re-makes of classic horror movies.

The plots may stay the same, the killers are just as crazy and murderous, but at least the fashion, graphics and settings seem a lot more modern.

I wonder what a remake of the remake will look like in twenty years time?! Anyway, here is a little collection of horror film posters from back then and now. The difference is amazing! Now you just need to decide if you prefer the retro, or you’re more into the modern day version!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 

Originally made in 1958, the remake is not entirely that modern after being remade in 1978. Both great movies for horror fans, and science fiction fans!

Dawn Of The Dead

I don’t know why the zombie has a white bald head on the poster back from 1978, but the 2004 poster is going more 'crap, there’s a load of zombies heading my way’ vibe which is kind of cool. Both incredible movies, but in the remake the zombies can run like the wind! Which will make it easier for them to catch you, so obviously makes things a lot scarier.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Ok so by today’s standards the 1984 poster is, well, 80’s. But the skull is pretty creepy, the eyes are weirding me out. However the 2010 poster of a shadowy Freddy is sinister. I am wondering though, does the 2010 poster scare me because of Freddy, or because I’ve seen the original movie and that scared me half to death!

The Amityville Horror

Don’t you just love a horror movie 'based on a true story’!? Anyway, the original movie came out in 1979, just a few years after a family was terrorized by a demonic presence in their new house, thought to be possessed by evil spirits that made some guy kill his entire family. Crazy stuff, plus, the house is pretty freaky looking. The top windows look like eyes right?! I like the burning red in the original, but the darkness of the 2005 gives you that foreboding feeling. And the guy is carrying something that could cause A LOT of damage to someone…

The Stepford Wives

Hollywood knows that Nicole Kidman is a hard hitter, but sadly the 2004 remake of the 1975 satirical thriller was completely panned by the critics. The term 'Stepford Wife’ is the idea of a docile and fully compliant wife. This idea would probably be more shocking in the modern day, but, the original poster represents the movie more, or maybe it’s just because I’m a sucker for 70’s fashion…

The Eye

I would never really link Jessica Alba to horror, but here it is with 2008 movieThe Eye, a remake of 2002 Hong Kong movie of the same name by the Pang Brothers. The original poster is much more sinster, and horror specific, the second one shows a huge Hollywood actress. I’m going to go with the original.

The Hills Have Eyes

Wes Craven’s mutant wandering, atomic wasteland, human slaying extravaganza 1977 movie The Hills Have Eyes was written and directed by the now heralded horror director. And the guy on the poster means some scary mutant business. Then again, I wouldn’t want to be the girl in the poster from 2006. Just been pinned down and ready to be eaten by a mutant with disgustingly dirty fingernails?! No thanks.

My Bloody Valentine

The original 1981 movie had a whole nine minutes cut out of it due to all the gore and savage murder stuff, it is a must see. And the killer is some maniac dressed mining gear, hence the gasmasks. With the 2009 remake being in 3D?! the axe coming out of the poster is pretty neat, and to be honest, the guy in the original poster looks like he’s the scared one?! A scared maniac with a crystal ball balanced on his head.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Another 'based on a true story’ not only does this movie involve a seriously crazy killer, it’s the 'being stranded in an isolated location while someone is trying to chop us up with a chainsaw’ idea that makes both these movies am-az-ing. Leatherface has now become one of horrors most iconic characters thanks to the original 1974 flick. So does that mean the poster for the 2003 remake is scarier because we already know the character? I mean, who cares, the guy has a leatherface, a chainsaw and he reallllly wants to choose it to relieve you of your limbs. It’s never not going to be scary.

The Ring

This is a tough one. Made only four years apart, the original Japanese movie was made in 1998, with the American remake hitting cinemas in 2002. If you haven’t seen the original, do, it’s insanely good. However, I like the remake poster because once you have seen the movie, the poster makes so much sense. Maybe it wouldn’t want you to go and see it, but as soon as people told you about a girl crawling out of a TV, everyone was pretty much sold by it.

What Team? Yours. (Joshifer One shot)

Oh it’s been a while hasn’t it? Much more than just a while! Thank you so much @keep-encouraged​ for sending me this prompt: 

how did Jen get that Kentucky Against The World shirt? and/or Josh’s commentary on how UK has basically taken that over as their mantra

I’m not entirely sure how well I’ve answered either question, but hey I’ve written something! I hope you like it!


What Team? Yours…

I flop down on the couch completely ungracefully, matching my equally slob-like outfit of sweatpants and a sweater that is much to big for me, in their clumsiness. I tuck my feet up too, slipping my arm through Josh’s and resting my chin on his shoulder, looking at him with a smile I know is goofy and only partly purposely to make him laugh. He turns his head, and I smile wider, my lips stretching until my teeth show too.



He feels warm, and although I’m not particularly cold here in his mom’s house, I bury and cling myself closer to him with a contented and almost silent sigh. We came here for Christmas and I’m still feeling full from all the food we ate yesterday (hence the sweats). It’s weird not being at my parents though, not seeing my brothers. A pang of guilt and something close to worry shoots through me when I think of my nephews; it’s been so long since I’ve seen them. But we promised we’d be there for New Years.

And I’d enjoyed it here with Josh and his family. I love his mom, and her cooking is wonderful. She’s still cooking now. She has another day with another full house to feed. Body’s fill every space in the room, everyone turning more and more towards the TV as the time creeps closer.

Because it’s game day. December 26th, Kentucky against Louisville. And here I am, the cat among the pigeons - or the Card among the Cats. Though, really, basketball rivalry is my brothers and my dad’s thing. I was just… there. And I’ve always supported Louisville as I’ve grown up; it was my team. But teams can change, right?

“Ready to watch your team lose, Jen?” Josh smirks and I scowl, before laughing.

“I bet you that the Cards are gonna hand their asses to your stinky Cats.”

Now he laughs. He gets closer to me and replies in a whisper. “Be careful, Jen. You’re in a room full of “stinky Cats”.”

His breath is hot on my cheek, it’s a miracle I even registered his words. Before he leans back, I move towards him and delicately press my lips to his cheek, just by his mouth, in a delicate, gentle kiss.

We’ve stayed here the last two nights and it’s just not the same as your own place. And although we’re here and we’re together, our ability to be jumping each other whenever and wherever we want in our limited time together anyway, doesn’t exist in your boyfriends’ mom’s house.

His hand moves up my waist and holds me tightly. Soon, he tells me with a look and I sling my arm across his torso as he sits back up.

“So what you willing to bet?”


“Your Cards winning. You want to put your humility where your mouth is?” He grins.

I completely forgot about the game, I’m really not too concerned with who wins. But I like giving Josh shit, I like our stupid bickering and “rivalries” over college basketball - even though neither of us went to college, never mind Kentucky or Louisville.

“I’ll let you pick,” I mumble with a lazy smile, snuggling in closer to him, letting my eyes close over as his hand rubs my arm.


We lost. The Cards lost to the SmellyCats. And in a euphoric, winning-team induced mentality, Josh decided, with the support of the rest of his family and Cat’s fans, that I was to become one. For a whole month, this season. I had to support Kentucky.

My family are going to disown me. 

“No. No … That’s the ultimate betrayal, I can’t do that to the Cards!” I protest, but my tone is exaggerated and mocking, and I’m laughing too.

Josh shrugs with a smirk, and laughs too. “No my decision is final. You have to become a Cat.”

“For a month,” I add, setting the parameters.

“For a whole, long month,” he grins, before pointing out that the sweater of his that I’d thrown on for the day was already emblazoned with “UK”.

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