the pang brothers


The Eye (Hong Kong/Singapor) (2000) (18) (Horror) One of the first & best films of the Asian horror boom of the last decade. Made by the Pang brothers, this creepy film tells the story of a young woman who having been blind from childhood gradually recovers her sight following a cornea transplant. The operation seems a success untill the woman begins to see dead people everywhere. At the heart of the film is a convincing emotional performance from the leading acress as the terrified woman. The filmmakers do a great job at unfolding their eerie story and along the way are some top notch scares. The disturbing encounter with the ghost in the lift is just one of the film’s many highlights. Among many other qualities, the Pang’s movie is a impressive reminder that outstanding asian horror films are also being made outside of Japan. Wonderful

I mean, since She did one...

Top 10 Favorite Movies (After the top 5, not really in order; I wasn’t even sure if I could name 15 movies at all):
1. 雪之丞変化, Yukinojou Henge, Revenge of a Kabuki Actor
2. 七人の侍 Shichinin no Samurai; (The) 7 Samurai
3. 浪華悲歌 Naniwa erejii, Osaka Elegy
4.犬神家の一族 Inugami-ke no ichizoku, The Inugami Family
5. 椿三十郎 Tsubaki Sanjurou Sanjuro
6. わが青春に悔なしWaga seishun ni kuinashi, No Regrets for Our Youth
7.  Lord of the Rings trilogy
8.  Matrix Trilogy
10. Mad Max: Fury Road (for lack of anything else)
10b. Avenue Q, because I have nowhere else to put it but it’s significant to me.
*Honorable Mentions: 

The Pang Brothers’ Re-Cycle 

Ringu (and, I guess, its American adaptation. But not the sequel)

マルサの女 Marusa no Onna,A Taxing Woman

酔いどれ天使 , Yoidore Tenshi, Drunken Angel

天国と地獄 , Tengoku to Jigoku, High and Low

たそがれ清兵衛, Twilight Seibei. The Twilight Samurai

Top 10 Favorite Shows (in no order, because I’d be hard pressed to even name 10 TV shows I’ve watched):
1. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
2. Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!/Bedtime Stories/Tom Goes to the Mayor
3.  Ren & Stimpy/Things by John Kricfalusi
4.  Seinfeld
5. Monkey Dust I guess???
6. I’m only going to go to 5 because I don’t really do TV. Instead we’ll have a ~bonus category~ of something I do like: Webcomics!

Top 10 Webcomics - In Order!:
1. Gunshow
2. Oglaf
3. The Perry Bible Fellowship
4. Extra Fabulous Comics/Deathbulge (tie because they’re pretty similar)
5. He Is A Good Boy
6. Piled Higher and Deeper
7. Awkward Zombie
8. Brawl in the Family
9. Poorly Drawn Lines/Nedroid (another tie!)
10. Hark! A Vagrant!

Top 8 Favorite Musicians/Bands (相対性理論 is definitely the top for now, and I don’t think Faith No More will ever be dethroned fully, but the rest??? It fluctuates.)
1. Soutaiseiririon
2. Faith No More
3. FlyByNo
4. Nujabes
5. Boots Randolph/Duke Ellington tie for #5.
6. Wagakki Band
7.  C Town
8.  RHCP
9.  Haha I could only think of 8

Top 10  Favorite Books:
1. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffery Chaucer
2. Carpe Jugulum/Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett*
3. American Gods by Neil Gaiman
4. Turn Coat by Jim Butcher*
5. Night Shift by Stephen King
6. The Devotion of Suspect X by Higashino Keigo
7. Persuasion by Jane Austen
8. Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edogawa Rampo
9. Gyo by Junji Ito (shout-out to “The Enigma of Amigara Fault”. DRRR)
10. The Hobbit by Tolkien
*Jim Butcher and Terry Pratchett could easily populate this list on their own - several times over in Pratchett’s case. I had to agonize over which of their works I’d pick to represent each of them.

Top 5 Languages I’d Want to Learn:
1. 日本語
2. 中文
3. Korean
4. German
5. Spanish

Top 10 Favorite Animals:
1. Pacific Hagfish
2. Domestic Shorthaired House Cat
3. Rat
4. Horse
5. Dog
6. Cicada
7. Cockatiel/Conure/Parakeet
8. Tarantula
9. Tardigrade
10. Honeybee

Top 5 Favorite Games (deffo not in any kind of order and probably would change every day):
1. Elder Scrolls Series (2 and 3 best games)
2. Overwatch
3. Clock Tower Series
4. Pokemon Series
5. Yume Nikki/Ao Oni

Top 5 Favorite Colors:
1. Green
2. Forest Green
3.  Dark Green
4. Shades of Forestrally Dark Green
5. Green with Low Tonal Value

The Five Things You Would Need in a Pentagram to Summon Me:
1. Codex Gigas
2. Dr. Storm
3. A noh mask
4. My computer
5. Her

The One Thing You Would Need to Summon Me if you were Lazy:

1. My finished thesis.