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I regularly find myself idealizing the life style of those who spend every available moment perfecting their chosen craft, or honing their intelligence through hard work and study. The types who shut themselves up from the world and need little human interaction or encouragement to make something of themselves and become great at what they are.
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i just hit 5,000+ followers and i wanted to thank everyone for sticking around for all the final fantasy! i love coming on here and seeing love for my favorite series. i love all the artists, writers, graphic makers, musicians, and people who just talk about it that contribute to the final fantasy community! you’re all appreciated so much <3 now, here’s a LONG list of people i definitely recommend you check out (because they are all amazing!!) and again…

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name: Elin

nickname: N/A (sometimes my bff calls me Eli or little rat, but it’s not really a nickname)

zodiac: Aires

height: 162 cm

orientation: Questioning. I’ve called myself pan for a while, though, so that’s what I usually say when someone asks

nationality: Swedish AF

favourite fruit: I love most fruits but my stomach can’t really digest fructose, so I get quite sick when I eat most fruits. So, favourite fruit I can’t actually eat: mango, favourite “fruit” I can eat: strawberries but only Swedish one because they taste sweeter than normal (actually scientifically proven, I can go into details but not right now)

favourite season: Spring, mainly the early spring when the first flowers start to grow (also, my birthday is in late March). Scandinavians also have this weird instinct to get super exited about spring because it’s cold and dark most year around

favourite book: HARRY POTTER FUCK YEAH

favourite flower: Scilla Siberica (a flower that mainly bloom in the north, they spread out across whole fields in May and create this beautiful sea of blue/violet)

favourite scent: Oh, god. Food, maybe, or the smell of stables/horses

favourite colour: The colours of the sunset

favourite animal: Tie between cats, dogs and horses

coffee, tea or hot cocoa: All! Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and hot cocoa either in my coffee or cuz’ it’s cold (and I crave sweets or chocolate)

average hours of sleep: about 10-14 hours, I’m burned out 

cat or dog person: Both!!

favourite fictional character: Ugh, why are you making me choose. Maybe Phichit Chulanont, Garrus Vakarian and Dorian Pavus

number of blankets you usually sleep with: 2-3

dream trip: Don’t really have one. I really like visiting London this summer so I would maybe do that again, perhaps Italy (I went on confirmation camp to Rome, but I want to see more of the country), and probably some east Asian country, like Japan or South Korea

blog created: My first post was in January 2013, but I vaguely remember creating it a few month before I reblogged my first thing. So around August 2012, perhaps    

followers: 63

i hit 3,000+ followers and just wanted to thank everyone for following! i love coming on here and making gifs and edits and stuff ^^ and thank you for sticking around even when i post the dumb ff stuff lol. i’ve met a lot of cool people and i recommend checking out all the blogs below :) there’s a lot of them but they’re all amazing <3 (in no particular order)

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The Panduhs//Love Her More!

Summer is the best time for twee– other than rainy days, of course. I really hope the date I need is open so The Panduhs can come back and make us all dance.

Thank you everyone for following me here on tumblr! I really appreciate you all suffering along with my random bursts of fandoms. So thank you all again! I love you all!
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