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New Weekly Series!

Join us with Oreo the Smol Panda as we take a light-hearted look at some serious topics, discuss and do our best to listen to the hearts of all those with something to say. 

It would mean the world if you can reblog this, I want to make this a regular thing or at least hear some thought on it… basically, I will take relevant asks, comments, or ongoing topics and have my fluffy little buddy talk about it objectively. 

Much more to come very soon, thank you all! 

“Yes I am ready to news please” ~Oreo the Smol Panda

I have not drawn this smol child in over a year. Now I see why I haven’t drawn him. Because I can’t.

Made him happy with his arm back lol

This is not an ad ❤️ My friend @nuchamae just sent me the most adorable panda ring. I’ve been searching my whole life for the perfect panda ring (been obsessed with panda since I was four) and this is THE ONE 💍🐼  I’m going full Gollum saying my precioussss at this ring ✨ 10/10 will not throw this into the fire of Mount Doom 🔥

💍 by @wearawish on instagram❤️modelled by my bunny pillow

Seventeen as animals


Is a Black Lab, they are both handsome and adorable. Not to mention the playful attitudes and similar mindsets about family and loyalty.


Is a Fox, cute and angelic, plus a bit sexy if animals can be sexy lol. As far as personality goes they are both playful and reserved at the same time, a curious nature.


Hoshi gets two, why? Cause he has two modes, cute and silly then sexy and intense. So he is sometimes a silly Cockatoo and sometimes a handsome Tiger.


Joshua is this kitten, why? Cause they both look like sweet little innocent gentleman, but we know how bad he can be just like we know this kitten is probably a little shit sometimes.


Is a Gecko, not just cause his nickname is Dino, but also cause he is just as adorable and cool as e Gecko. 


Is a Capuchin Monkey. They are both silly and like acting tough, even though these monkeys are super tough, like don’t piss off a Capuchin Monkey they will bite your face off haha.


He is totally a Black Panther, not only do they both have that stare down pat, they are also in reality super playful and silly and loners.


Nothing says handsome and sweet like a Wolf and mingyu, both being loyal pack animals and very attractive.


You saw this coming so don’t act surprised, Dk is totally a Horse, probably a Stallion, but this picture was just too funny and reminded me of his laughing. Like both are social, silly and just happy.


Totally a Red Panda, like they are both soft, squishy, adorable little balls of fluff and sassy as fuck. There is no way he isn’t a Red Panda, I put a lot of thought into this.

The8/ Minghao

He’s a little Mouse, you may have expected a puppy which i understand. but he is a mouse. They are both one adorable as shit and have the biggest dark eyes, two silly little balls of fluff and three, they are both sneaky little shits who scoot into your heart without you realizing it.

Jun/ Junhui

I’m not sure why, but it just fits, he is a Meerkat. Like they are both greasy as fuck, just think of Timon. Like tall, slender, sneaky, snarky, sociable, funny/ He just seems like a Meerkat.


Is a Cat, like not just this one, he is just a cat. Both love sleeping, they are silly, sweet, grumbly bugs, social and anti-social at the same time. Unintentionally adorable and get super embarrassed when they do something stupid (aegyo). Woozi is just a Cat.

Someone….anyone….needs to write Tigress’ POV of how Po makes her smile. Like, she freakin’ doesn’t want to smile, she’s really fighting off a smile and trying to keep her frown because what he’s doing is really not at all what Kung Fu Masters should be doing but the stupid Panda is just so…….infuriatingly funny….and adorable….and like, he doesn’t know what he’s saying and doing is the most nerve-tickling and hilarious thing she has ever seen in the subdued life of the Palace because it’s pretty normal and everyday for him, but she can’t stop it. She can’t ….she just…..couldn’t stop herself from cracking a smile and she wants to reprimand herself from slipping in discipline but now Po’s looking at her with an open-mouth, dazed, surprised sort of smile and god, the panda’s cute! And that makes her smile a little bit more which, of course, widens his smile a lot more too. And she realizes she doesn’t have to be angry with herself for smiling because……it actually kinda feel……good?

(cannonically may happen in the first year of their acquaintence after defeating Tai Lung. Possible scenarios may include group training where Po’s making situations so much more funnier than usual by complaining and whining and pretending to be dead with exhaustion or his enormous hunger and pissing Shifu off in general but it’s all upto the writer of course!)

BTS Reaction to you Loving Pandas.

Oh my god pandas are so cute and fluffy and ughhh I love them so much.

Thank you for your requests <3



Jin would take advantage of your love of panda’s and spoil you with panda related items whether it is a plushy or a item of clothing he would end up buying it for you.

“Jagi, look what I found!” *grins*


I feel like Yoongi would end up buying you a large panda plushy and regret it straight away as it would end up stealing his side of the bed and would get more attention then him.

“Jagi, do you like the panda more than me?” *pouts*


I think that Hoseok would silntly judge you for your obsession with pandas but would buy you panda related stuff anyway just to see you smile.

“What’s so great about pandas?” *gif^^*


Namjoon would think it was adorable how much you loved pandas and would just sit there and smile when you got excited about them.

“Ah Jagi, why are you so cute?” *gif^^*


Jimin would get jealous over the pandas and would claim that you love them more than you love him.

“Please don’t leave me for pandas!” *pouts*


Tae would probably end up sharing your obsession and you two would constently but panda related things for each other

“OMO! Look at this panda its so cute!” 


Like Yoongi, Jungkook would end up buying you a large panda plushy but would then get jealous when you cuddled the panda more than him.

“What do you mean the panda is a better cuddler than me?” *gif^^*


My dad yesterday saw a little black and white fluff pile on the side of the road so he went to investigate and found this little kitten. She was shivering and couldnt walk so he took her home and gave her food and water. We took her to the vet later that day and found out 1) shes a girl and 2) shes maybe 5 weeks old. We have two cats already so decided to keep her. This is the 4th abandoned stray kitten my family has found in the last 14 years that we decided to keep. Panda is so adorable and just wants to cuddle all the time. Hopefully our other cats adjust but we will see. I already love her lots <3

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