the palette things are coming guys


Hello babes, I’m going to start using this blog again but I’m having a bit of a make over and I want some new followers. I figured the best way to attract you guys is through some wonderful gifts, especially since exams are coming up soon. I gathered up a collection of things I have around my house that I think might appeal to you guys, I hope you like them!

The prizes

  • Tarteist pro palette, its been swatched but never use
  • Intergalactic, a bath bomb from Lush 
  • The Comforter, a bath bar from Lush
  • Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette OR $50 to spend on anything you want from Ulta

The rules

  • You can only enter if you’re following me (I will be checking!!)
  • One reblog counts as one entry 
  • Please only reblog this about 5 times max. If you spam I’m going to disqualify you
  • If you want to get another entry you can follow me on instagram but you must be active and like my posts I’ll be checking!
  • If you follow me on instagram send me a message telling me what your username is and I’ll write it down
  • Also check out my girlfriend’s blog @moonflowerglow
  • The last chance to enter is April 30th
  • This post must get to 2,000 notes or else I’m not going to go through with the giveaway because these are my nice things and I’m hesitant to give them up

Good look everyone and I’m so excited to meet all of you guys! Send me a message if you have any questions I’m happy to answer them.

northern downpour // panic! at the disco

So that post wasn’t necessarily aimed at you guys specifically, and, when it comes down to it, I was the one that asked for requests, so I did expect to receive asks in the form of just “character & palette #”. Those aren’t my favourite, but it was expected. The one that kinda set me off was written in a “draw this” type format which irked me.

That being said, however, I will say (@ everyone, not you guys specifically) that even when an artist opens requests, it’s important to still keep in mind that artists are not machines. We can’t just churn out good art whenever we feel like it. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into each piece and each piece can take hours upon hours, if not days, to complete. So receiving a request that feels like the equivalent of someone putting coins in a vending machine, expecting something good to automatically come out, is not really… motivating?

Basically, long story short: be nice to artists. Tell them why you want a certain request. Shit, if you tell me a few sentences as to why you really think that palette fits that character I am immediately 500% more interested in drawing it because I know you connect to it. So say please. Be courteous. Artists typically like making things for people. One of the best parts of art is being able to share it. But we really don’t like making things for people who appear to take what we do for granted.

Challenge 77: 5th Anniversary: デイジー

I can’t even begin to express how amazing these past 5 years have been! We’ve all grown and accomplished so many things, so proud of all our SC members💕

Was inspired by both Rose Quartz and the Daisy for this piece. Wanted to make a fun little illu inspired by 90′s fashion with a bright but limited palette!

Hope you guys enjoy and I’m looking forward to the years to come!!

Elizabeth B.


Hi guys… I’m really sorry about being offline so much…. And for the lack of art… Its just… Schools been getting to me recently and I’m so tired all the time… I don’t remember what it feels like to have ANY emotion other than crippling sadness, and honestly, Tumblr reminds me so much of when I would come on and I would have one or two fanarts a day… But now I have non, its mostly my fault though, I’m suffering lack of motivation… I struggle to draw… I struggle to work on my Palette cosplay… I can’t seem to do things that used to make me as happy as I could be. I’m really trying guys, term ends in 3 weeks… I’ll try to get my motivation back by then, OK? You’ll see Splatts, Vi and Bloody again soon… I just need to finish up my art raf prizes and get some more sleep I guess… But please don’t worry y'all. I’m fine.

achilels  asked:

14, rei ryugazaki!!!! (For the character drawing thing)

If any new requests come in, could you guys pick a palette that hasn’t been/will be used? Anything not 2, 4, 6, 7, 9-18, thank you! And preferably single characters unless you wanna try to guess pairings I like l-lol

badbigboss  asked:

idk if you know this or not but the rake things are rgm painting knives! the rake in particular is their #13. there's a ton of different shaped ones. you generally use them with oil paints and really thick paints/glosses/pastes to get really cool textures in the paintings (like when ppl paint with palette knives exclusively)

What omg I did not know this!!! Thank you so much for sending, I’m like so happy. We did it guys, we solved the rake thing mystery

Anyway i gave these things a quick search on the good ol google and i found our problematic child

look at her

also shes got some cousins. 

Its a funky ass rake family reunion guys. and oH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAPPENED HERE


oh wait here comes another one

what th e fugck. why he got those holes. this is th e thign you wou ld give to a person u hate when they ask to borrow a spoon for soup. wait shit hold on guys


i need 2 lie down

ohblainey  asked:

Klaine palette 92?

Everyone starts getting suspicious at Sugar’s pool party when Kurt and Blaine keep going to the deep end and challenging each other to breath-holding contests. Despite going down over and over, they keep coming up at the same time. What’s the point!? It’s not until Mike breaks out the goggles and comes up red-faced that things become clear…

Guys this is the first time I’ve drawn Klaine making out! WHOOHOO…kisses are awkward to coordinate.

(ps I cheated a little bit and used black even though it technically wasn’t in the five colors…sorry!)

SEND ME MORE PALETTES! this is the last one I had in my inbox

***EDIT*** Thanks guys I have lots of palettes to work on!

Done So Far: #49 #1

Summary: Skye has her own webshow and does makeup tips. One day she decides to try out her makeup expertise on Ward. Based on this domestic AU.

Words: 2,360

Pairings: puppy love kinda SkyeWard? 

Notes: You know I love Rachel because I write fic for a pairing I don’t really ship because of how great she is. Such a sweet important friend who I owe fic because of the super cute plush Sylveon she bought me. So now you know what my shipper’s dignity is worth, kids; stuffed animals.

Also this Domestic AU is one of my favorite non-Mayward specific Domestic AUS, because we have like five, because this show is awful and requires liberal application of “ssshhhh shshhshsh they’re fine shhhhhh" style fics. Enjoy!

Ward has time while his eyes are closed to think of every reason that this was a really bad idea. Skye taps her blush brush on his cheekbone and murmurs some muted approval before she turns back to the camera.

"Hi guys,” she says. “Since I hit sixty thousand subscribers, I’m doing as I promised and putting makeup on my boyfriend!”

He’s not her boyfriend, oh god, oh god she didn’t say anything about being her boyfriend—

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Hey guys as you know I’m trying to start drawing more again, and I love those color palette challenges, lets me experiment with new things, so hit me up! 

If possible try asking me for characters you know I’m familiar with, but you can always try any character or an OC and if interested I might do it! Just mention in your ask which palette your number comes from (from the stars one, from the 100 one, etc.) 

No guarantees for anyone, though. In the end I’ll do what inspires me, these are free after all! 

Sources for the palettes: X X X X X