the palestinian resistance


First in the video series on Palestinian music. This song is called Yama Mwel el Hawa, يما مويل الهوى. This is a cultural resistance song made popular during the first Intifada by Firqat Al-3ashiqin, or ‘The Lovers’. 


يما مويل الهوا يما مويليا
ضرب الخناجر ولا حكم النذل فيا
ومشيت تحت الشتا والشتا رواني
والصيف لما أتى ولع من نيراني
بيضل عمري انفدى ندر للحرية
يا ليل صاح الندى يشهد على جراحي
وانسل جيش العدا من كل النواحي
واليل شاف الردى عم يتعلم بيا
بارودة الجبل أعلى من العالي
مفتح درب الأمل والأمل برجالي
يا شعبنا يا بطل أفديك بعينيا

Translation (loose):


Oh mother, the wind is blowing

(We would prefer)The blows of daggers rather than a villainous leader

I walked in the winter, and the winter kept me company

And the summer, when it came, lit the fire in my heart

The life given to resistance in the pursuit of freedom is not wasted 


‘Oh night!” the morning dew cried as it witnessed my injury

Even as the occupying army surrounded me from every corner

But the night saw my response, and learned from me


The rifle in the mountain stands taller than tall

A key, the cornerstone of our hope, and the hope in our men

Oh our nation, oh heroes, I answer your call with my soul


For the sake of Palestine and its children! - Tfu


Members of the Palestinian youth movements, the Ashbal. The Ashbal-literally, the cubs- saw themselves, and were seen by Palestinian society, as an elite group who excelled not only in sports, but also in combat. 

The Ashbal weapon was the RPG, known in the Soviet Union, where it is manufactured, as “The weapon of the brave”. The Ashbal were expected to fight like “ten fedayeen”. “Every grenade in an RPG costs 34 liras, and you only have six, so don’t waste them” they were told. “Don’t hit your target”- usually a tank-”until it gets close to you, and then immediately move away”

The Israelis dubbed them “the RPG kids” during their 1982 invasion of Lebanon for the devastating number of hits they scored with their grenades and the agility with which they moved. In every battle the Palestinians waged, all the way from the battle of Karameh in 1968 to the Syrian invasion of Lebanon in 1976, from the Israeli invasion of 1978 to the one that came four years later, the Ashbal played a major role. 

The injustice done to the Palestinians, the dispossession, the massacres, not only the loss of that part of Palestine which became Israel–and is internationally recognized as such–but also the occupation of the remainder of the Mandate territory and the bloody suppression of any and all manifestation of Palestinian resistance: all this had to take second place to Israel’s security and the civilized values and democracy for which Israel was widely promoted. Her army, which often behaved with cruelty and indiscipline, was to be regarded as an exemplar of “purity of arms” and those of us who witnessed Israel’s killing of civilians were to be abused as liars, anti-Semites or friends of “terrorism”…Report the wanton use of violence by Palestinians–aircraft hijackings, attacks on illegal Jewish settlements and then, inevitably, suicide bombings on the innocent, the executioner with explosives strapped to his or her body–and that was “terror” pure and simple, dangerously present but comfortably isolated from reason, cause or history.
—  Robert Fisk, The Great War for Civilization, Fifty Thousand Miles from Palestine
Hamas slams Turkish condemnation of Jerusalem ramming attack - 10 January 2017

Hamas has criticized Turkey for the condemnation it published following the Sunday’s fatal truck attack in Jerusalem, according to Kol Yisrael government radio. Gaza spokesman Hazem Kassem told the organization’s journal that the real terrorism is what “the occupation” does, as he put it, while the Palestinian people’s resistance is a legitimate right enshrined in international law.
Senior Gaza figure Ahmad Bahr, called the family of the terrorist who carried out the attack and told relatives that the Palestinian people are proud of the heroic attack, as he put it, returning momentum to the intifada with the start of the current year.

Demonstrators shut-down the San Mateo/Hayward bridge over the San Francisco Bay in both directions 1/19/2015. We could see there was some kind of flag that the police were walking all over on the television “news” that we saw, but didn’t know it was the Palestinian flag until someone posted this on Facebook. The “news” reported it as a “Black Lives Matter action,” which it also was, with no mention of the Palestinian connection.