the packman

The last time anyone saw Veronica Packman (40), also known as Carol to her friends, was in mid June 1985, when she met with a lawyer about divorcing her husband, Russell. The man had done something unforgivable, really: months before, he had brought his mistress, Patricia Causley, to live in their home, claiming the woman, who like him was an aircraft engineer, had nowhere else to go.

But then, Veronica went missing. All that was left behind was a hastily scrawled note saying she was leaving and never coming back. Russell said he’d seen his wife leave in a red Porsche with another man. And for years, the Packman’s daughter, Samantha, believed her mother had abandoned her.

That until in 1993, Russell, who by then had changed his last name to Causley to suit his mistress’, tried to fake his own death to cash in on the insurance and was arrested for fraud. Police decided to reopen the investigation on Veronica’s disappearance and eventually charged Russell for her murder too. Even though there was no body, Russell Causley was found guilty and sentenced to life in 1996.

After an appeal, in 2003 the sentence was discarded, but Causley was found guilty again in the retrial the following year. He’s still in prison, currently 71 years old. He has allegedly confessed to murdering his wife to some inmates, saying he dissolved her body in acid. But despite his daughter pleading him to reveal the whole truth, he’s never said a word about it.

This case will be the focus of a new british true crime series called The Investigator, currently in Netflix, which is produced by American Idol’s Simon Cowell and focus on former detective  Mark William-Thomas trying to get some answers about what happened to Veronica Packman.

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Do you have any advice on shopping for packers/STPs? I'm thinking about investing in a 3-in-1 type at some point, but I'm not sure where to look or what to consider investing in since many are expensive.

When it comes to packers and STP’s my recommendations for people would depend on a few factors. The questions that come to mind are usually: how realistic do you want it to be, how realistic do you want it to feel, what is your price range, what kind of bulge are you looking for, what sort of harness would you want, do you even want to have a harness, what kind of firmness are you looking for, does the STP need to be inside of a packer, and so on so forth. If a person needs help finding a specific product then I’d be glad to assist them, I’d just need those kinds of questions answered. For the most part I’ve read enough reviews on almost all of the products to see what issues people have with them as well and can take that into account when recommending products.

For general advice I can copy/paste some products from a list I made for ftmsextalk and you can browse through those to see if there’s anything you like in terms of the aesthetic and price of it. Establish a budget for yourself, make a list of desirable qualities (based on the questions above), make a list of things you’re willing to compromise on, and then explore these options:

$12 - Mr. Limpy
$20 - Pack-it Packers
$20 - Masho
$24-28 - Sailor Soft Pack
$40 - Private Silicone Packer
$52 - Packman
$55 - Archer
$55 - Pierre
$60 - Mr. Right
$80 - ReelMagik Basic Packer
$100-400 - Like Real Prosthetics
$250-275 - Lola.Jake Products
$297-350 - Emisil Products
$500 - ReelMagik Prosthetics

STP Devices:
$10 - Go Girl STP
$12 - pStyle
$16 - Classic Fenis
$25 - Mr. Fenis
$50 - Fitz STP
$55 - Number One STP
$65-94 - EC Prosthetics
$75 - Model D STP
$80 - Model A STP
$195-295 - Transthetics
$529 -
Reelmagik STP

3-in-1 Devices:
$69 -106 - EC Prosthetics
$159-199 - FreeToM Prosthetics
$169-199 - Peecock

Each device comes with it’s own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, therefore no product is inherently greater than another. They each have their place in this world and they are suited for different people. After you review these products to decide what you like based on appearance and price, I’d recommend looking up several (10+) reviews to see what others have to say. See what issues they have with it and if that’s something you would feel comfortable with. An important question to consider when looking at a product is how it looks when packing, as one could seem fine in a picture and end up very difficult to pack with (such as the FreeToM), so look for pictures of people packing with it as well. This could take a few hours, but you’re putting in a lot of work to find a product that will hopefully be perfect and make your life so much better. It’s really worth the work.

And a word of warning - “The Ultimate Prosthetic” is a site you might come across when looking for packers. This is a well known scam and many people have put hundreds of dollars into it and have never received their products. Steer clear of this and stay safe. This is why looking for multiple product reviews is so important.


A happy new year! Thank you again this year !
I want a lot to Smash Brothers.


‘From Lost to Found, From Contemporary to Traditional, From England to China… In the Eyes of Liu Wen’ - model: Liu Wen - photographer: Sun Jun - stylist: Wilson Huang - hair & makeup: He Lei - location: Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England -  Harper’s Bazaar China December 2015

  • Francesco Scognamiglio - Laurence Xu
  • Jenny Packham

Have some I.T Sasuke who works for a billion dollar cooperation owned by no one else but Uzumaki fucking Naruto. The idiot who constantly gets viruses on his work computer for watching Porn…and he still things simply deleting his browsers history is enough to keep his secret safe.


Naruto:“Oh Sasuke, did you pull an all nighter?”

Sasuke:“Uh here? Nah”

Naruto:“….Why do you look like you haven’t had any sleep.”


Naruto:“Oe la la, Sasuke! Who was she? He? It?”

Sasuke:“It is Packman and I needed to keep my proud title of best packman player in this god damn world”

Naruto:“….so how many times do you get laid?”


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 REVIEW

Spoiler alert, please read with caution.

-Triggers; mention of child abuse, slavery, eugenics, death, a death scene, killing, language, parenthood, etc.

-So I paid six dollars to go see the movie, with my best friend, there was only two employees there, people could have snuck in without being caught, it was that busy. Because it’s six dollar Tuesday which is fucking awesome.

-I love the new soundtrack, the music fits in perfectly with the entire movie, there was no over using certain songs, or making the movie feel to slow or fast with it.

what are the 299 songs on the MP3 I must know, please.

-we finally learned about Yondu’s life as a hold he was a slave for twenty years because of his parents

-he doesn’t have a relationship just with robotic whores, :(

-he was banished from his great Ravagers’ captain, Stakaar.

-the comment about Peter’s’ father in the first film about him being an asshole all makes sense now.

-the saddest part of the entire movie was when you think about how Meredith Quill died while still believing that the man she loved still loved her. Or thought he was in love with her, it’s not really clarified really, so maybe he didn’t even love her at all it was just a big huge joke to him.

-Yondu and Rockets relationship was epically sad, awesome, adorable all at the same time. You really get to see a bad boy side of Rocket when he’s with Yondu. Kicking ass, and killing people and looking badass while doing it was funny. Them being in the cell trying to tell Groot what to do was too funny.

-Drax making fun of Peter made my life better at the time, it’s like a two brother relationship that I really enjoyed watching the two bater back and forth.

-Rocket and Peters Relationship has grown since the first movie, but Rocket is still a asshole towards him because he has doubts, and is scared to allow people in. It’s beautiful to watch after he learns to accept him in.

-Groot was fucking adorable, his dancing in the first three or five minutes into the movie was cute, I squeeled. The I AM Groot was even more adorable because he’s like a baby, and loves to be picked up, and rocked. He’s formed an attachment to the team and hates when they leave him behind, he cries, and it makes me wanna hold him and tell him everything is alright.

-Peter’s comment about Yondu being Mary Poppins was the top notch quote of the entire movie. And Yondu’s reaction was a typical father beaming about how awesome am I to be compared to Mary Poppins.

-Peter’s small comment about that he finally understood how Yondu felt when he was a teenager. Like How was Peter as a teenager? Can we elaborate on this?

-the ending crushed me, I cried, cried, and cried some more. It was fantastically well done, and it crushes you in the feels for sure. I always thought of Yondu being Peters true father despite not actually being blood related.

-Ego, who the hell has a name like this and is not a complete douche bag/asshole, who is planning to take over the world? To use whoever, whatever it takes to do it? I saw it coming a mile away, it was too true. And to make it worse was to plant a tumor in the woman you claim to love, what a fucking asshole.

-Peter and Ego’s battle was freaking funny, with the packman eating Egos bigger version of himself, priceless.

-Peter’s Walkman is destroyed R.I.P the Walkman. But he does get a MP3 player that Yondu found for him. *Cries*

-Nebula, I love that chick she is an amazing character to love and to learn more about. To learn that it wasn’t Gamora’s fault about how Nebula became who she is now. It was all Thanos fault because he decided that if Gamora was going to fight her sister and win he was going to make Nebula more robotic, tearing her arm off, replacing it with a robotic part, taking her brain and replacing it too, it’s very dark, and a very sad story and that’s why Nebula doesn’t like her sister, because Gamora didn’t think about the repercussions of what the fights lead to, or about her sister at all. Nebula needed a sister to lean on but Gamora wasn’t there, I cried, it was heartbreaking and was very personal to me and hit home. I’m really glad she survived and made amends with her sister, and is now part of the Guardians.

-There are only FIVE after credit scenes, not six as much as the rumors claim to be. Them first features a teenager Groot, where Peter is telling him to clean his room and Groot argues with him, while playing a game. The second is Kraglin, Yondu’s partner in crime, has taken over the special head fin that controls the deadly arrow, sends it flying into Draxs shoulder on accident because he’s still learning how to use it. Another features Stan Lee still talking to “ The Watchers” who watches over the marvel superheroes, they never get involved they just observe.

The last two features Sylvester Stallone’s character Staker getting back together with his old team, maybe a Netflix series in the future? It would be nice, or a spinoff movie?

And the last one features, Ayesha is looking at this cacoon and telling her sergeants or whoever it is about her perfect partner called Adam, now if your not familiar with this guy then here’s a small history. He dates back to the 60’s he’s a BIG BAD villain in the Gauntlet comic series as an adversary to Thanos, so it goes to show he’ll make his debut in the third movie of the franchise.

-Taserface, who in the hell names their son that name? He’s such a dumb ass character, he’s even dumber in the comics, and I was so glad he died.

-overall I enjoyed the second volume to the movie, I am so looking forward to infinity war, and Spider-Man though like omg.

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Mmmm, that pancake looks delicious! So, how is it, Craig?

Craig: Fucking amazing. They’re blueberry, and they’re so sweet I feel like I’m eating a muffin. Ah. I haven’t had pancakes in like four months I’m in heaven.
Craig: Hey, hey Tweek, mine looks like packman. 
Tweek: He’s eyeing your fork pretty hard there. He’s either hungry for it or gasping in terror since you used it to rip its face open. 
Craig: He’s contemplating his inevitable demise and crying. Waaaaka, Waaaaaka. 
Tweek: *laughing harder than he probably should be