the pacific swell


20170722 -Surf_1 por Laurent_Imagery

i will see your body bare / and still i will live here

a post-grimdark/grimlight recovery playlist for @rosemarymonth​ day 7! 

a burning hill, mitski / various storms and saints, florence + the machine / heart swells/pacific daylight time, los campesinos! / lights on, darwin deez / i was married, tegan and sara / i will, mitski / you’re my light, the blow / rainbow, kesha

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let’s destroy eachother// a kakuhida mix

“you may act like you hate me, but you really like me, don’t you?”


Hearts Swells/Pacific Daylight Time - Los Campesinos! // Kute - Alex G // I’m Still Your Fag - Broken Social Scene // Madness - Muse // Bridges - Fox Academy // Tim Wish You Were Born A Girl - Of Montreal // Breezeblocks - Alt J // Love In The Time Of Human Papillovirus - Andrew Jackson Jihad // Fucked Up Kid - Broken Social Scene // Bottled - Seahaven // I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends //


Tenderness in War: a fanmix for Damen/Laurent

Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time — Los Campesinos! // You’re Gonna Love Me — Lana del Rey // Boats & Birds — Gregory and the Hawk // Name (Acoustic) — The Goo Goo Dolls // All Around Me (Acoustic) — Flyleaf //  His Thunder — Little Comets // Iris (Cover) — Sleeping with Sirens // Talk Me Down — Troye Sivan

HEAVENLY BODIES → a happy birthday post-game joshneku mixmix for my most wonderful pal ven!!  LISTEN ART CREDT

i. stranger than earth // purity ring ii. lungs // chvrches iii. all there is to say about love // bike for three! iv. gimme sympathy // metric v. cough it out // the front bottoms vi. eat shit and die // electric president vii. starring // freelance whales viii. death as a fetish // starfucker ix. heart swells/pacific daylight time // los campesinos!

lanquey  asked:


children of god - ajj
heart swells/pacific daylight time- los campesinos
locket - crumb
o valencia! - the decemberists
eighth wonder - lemon demon

You Will Like My Good Playlist. You Will L

All I want - A Raikou/Gau playlist 


I would do anything for you - foster the people / all i want - kodaline / boats and birds - gregory and the hawk / northern wind - city and colour / breezeblocks - alt-j / such great heights - iron and wine / heart swells pacific daylight time - los campesinos! / Tuck the darkness in - bowerbirds / nothing’s wrong - architecture in helsinki / shostakovich piano trio - deannalye

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Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City // Dan Mangan - Starts With Them, Ends WIth Us // Cat Power - Cross Bones Style // GodWolf - Another Me // The National - Slow Show // Electric President - Mr. Gone //White Lies - Death // Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun // Los Campesinos! - Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time

A random mix of songs I’ve been listening to while reading and writing McDanno fics.