the p2iioniic

what the fuck diid you ju2t fuckiing 2ay about me, you liittle nook2taiin? ii’ll have you know ii graduated top of my cla22 a2 a thre2hecutiioner, and ii’ve been iinvolved iin numerou2 2ecret raiid2 agaiin2t lowblood2 liike you, and ii have over 300 confiirmed culliing2. ii am traiined iin goriilla warfare and ii’m the top p2iioniic iin the entiire alterniia armed force2. you are nothiing two me but ju2t another target. ii wiill wiipe you the fuck out wiith precii2iion the liike2 of whiich ha2 never been 2een before on alterniia, mark my fuckiing word2. you thiink you can get away wiith 2ayiing that 2hiit two me over the iinternet? thiink agaiin, fucker. a2 we 2peak ii am contactiing my 2ecret network of 2piie2 acro22 the planet and your iip ii2 beiing traced riight now 2o you better prepare for the 2torm, 2hiit-maggot. the 2torm that wiipe2 out the pathetiic liittle thiing you call your exii2tence. you’re fuckiing dead, pupa. ii can be anywhere, anytiime, and ii can cull you iin over 2even hundred way2, and that’2 ju2t wiith my bare hand2. not only am ii exten2iively traiined iin unarmed combat, but ii have acce22 two the entiire ar2enal of the alterniian empiire and ii wiill u2e iit two iit2 full extent two wiipe your mii2erable a22 off the face of the planet, you liittle 2hiit. iif only you could have known what unholy retriibutiion your liittle “clever” comment wa2 about two briing down upon you, maybe you would have held your fuckiing tongue. but you couldn’t, you diidn’t, and now you’re payiing the priice, you goddamn iidiiot. ii wiill 2hiit fury all over you and you wiill drown iin iit. you’re fuckiing dead, wriiggler.

lunalovecorfe  asked:

I beg of you, please, Redglare in Psiioniic's outfit and Psiioniic wearing Redglare's clothes that were meant to fit him! Pretty please with justice at the top? [also, I absolutely adore the psiiglare you've done and seen everyone else asking her to wear someone else's clothes and I just need to see this before I die :p]

1 tot4lly w34r 1t b3tt3r. ((Collaboration with @ask-p2iioniic!!! Go follow!!))

finally got around to doing this ! if i missed you send me a message and i’ll make sure to add you

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TA: okay. per2onally, ii’ve complaiined 2hiit2torm2 about my “hiideou2 lii2p” but two be hone2t ii haven’t gotten that much 2hiit for iit.

TA: becau2e admiittedly, the rea2on for that ii2 80% me beiing a p2iioniic wiith a temper of a two 2weep2 old.

TA: the other 20% ii2 beiing around people who don’t care. or giive you con2tant glub2 about how “charmiing” iit ii2.

TA: ii know iit'2 ea2y for me two 2ay but iif they have an ii22ue wiith the way you 2peak, don’t speak two them at all. or kiill them. eiither way work2 but one of them ii2 frowned upon by mo2t 2ociietiie2.