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So I still haven’t got round to drawing the actual protagonists but I can promise that when I do, they will look just as anime-boy as this Mycroft 😂

Accompanying headcanons (+ extra doodle) under the cut!

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An Okami collab painting between me and @blacksapphiredragon! As usual I worked on most of Amaterasu while Kat handled a few other details and of course painted the background as expertly as always~

If anyone is going to be heading out to Brisbane Supanova this weekend or Adelaide Supanova the following weekend Kat will be at both selling this and many other of her arts as both large and mini sized prints! So feel free to stop by and bug her for me if you’ll be attending ;P

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One minor thing that kind of bugs me about P&P adaptations: they often make it seem like Elizabeth's visit to Pemberley helped her realize she had feelings for Darcy because of his welath and grandeur when really it was (I think?!) because she saw how much happier and at ease he was there and other people's high regard for him. I can't tell you how many people I've heard say that Lizzie comes off like a gold digger because this epiphany comes once she sees his estate.

I mean, Elizabeth herself makes that joke about starting to love him ‘cause of how fancy his house and property are, but that’s classic Lizzy making jokes to avoid getting too sentimental about her Feelings. But it’s also a valid concern. The spectre of materialism haunts the pages of P&P more than in any other Austen novel, I think. Mrs. Bennet is forever going on and on about her daughters making good marriages–good being financially stable. Everyone acknowledges this from that famous first line of the novel regarding men of fortune and their need for wives. We know a rich man doesn’t NEED a wife in practical terms, but the clever unspoken implication is that such a man requires a wife because it is simply unconscionable for a rich man to remain single while there are genteel ladies with no money or prospects in need of that support. (As Austen says elsewhere in Mansfield Park: “… there certainly are not so many men of large fortune in the world as there are pretty women to deserve them.”) These ‘deserving’ single women are everywhere in Austen, but there are a lot more of them in Pride and Prejudice. (Once you have a family with five daughters it just becomes a headache to think of how one is to provide good marriages for all of them and Mrs. Bennet really deserves much more sympathy than she gets in this regard. Fuck, I’d have a nervous disposition, too.)

Mrs. Bennet is perhaps too unguarded about her schemes and hopes for her daughter’s prospects, which is where the suspicion of nothing but materialistic motives comes from in Darcy, and which he uses to sway Bingley. The Bennets’ financial position is no secret, and Jane is just too difficult to read. Darcy presumes his own wealth and standing is enough to woo Elizabeth into accepting him, because I don’t think a sane smart man in his position could claim to have done any proper courtship prior to his first proposal. No, he was banking on Elizabeth being persuaded by the sheer force of his wealth and her poverty. Of course Elizabeth does not, and has already rejected the offer of Mr. Collins’ eligible situation (he’s horrible, but he IS materially a sound match,) but Mr. Darcy is not to know.

Elizabeth’s change of feelings towards Darcy do coincide with her going to Pemberley, and it’s not unreasonable for everyone around her to presume that may have something to do with it (her father worries that her acceptance of Darcy’s proposal has been prompted by material considerations, as he has been humbled by Lydia’s elopement and perhaps realizes what a poor father and provider he has been, and fears for Lizzy’s unhappiness if she is prompted by desperation to take this offer after such a scare as the family had with the scandal.)

Of course, modern readers have no real excuse for seriously thinking Elizabeth is a mere gold-digger. That whole suspicion pervades the book, swirling around almost all the single women we see. It’s a tacit presumption by many, but it’s never to be spoken of in an open and vulgar fashion, as Mrs. Bennet does, because people do have feelings. Charlotte plays the game of placating Mr. Collins and allowing him to pretend he has acted on sentiment when she knows she is marrying him for her own independence and security and that his attachment to her must be imaginary. Elizabeth resists both offers of marriage which would prompt acceptance on materialistic terms, alone. Darcy only has confidence in his first proposal because of his wealth–so he’s presuming that Elizabeth is at least neutral towards him AND that she cannot fail to have been influenced by her mother’s style of thinking (and the wider cultural presumptions that prompt Charlotte’s alliance with Mr. Collins.) Lizzy is a poor Bennet, and he is Mr. Darcy of Pemberley, and trusts that even simply the rumour of his income will be enough to attract her. He’s certainly not been engaging on a personal level.

Elizabeth, we know, goes strongly against all these presumptions. Firstly because she rejects Mr. Collins on the basis of principle, and though she thinks he is ridiculous, she does not hate him. She simply knows she cannot sacrifice her personal happiness for material security. That is the base-line, for her. Then there’s Darcy, and when he proposes, she despises him more thoroughly than she despises anyone else in her world. Darcy doesn’t know this, as he’s been living in a parallel universe where he just thinks he’s been rather quiet around her and doesn’t know that she knows/thinks he’s that asshole who ruins the lives of people she loves/likes. Darcy could only dream of being a Mr. Collins, at that point, and Lizzy would have still rejected him. She double-hates him, and then he has to do the work to come back from that and re-build something workable where his worth as a human being comes from something other than his purchasing power. Of course he has it in him, and only needs an opportunity and motivation to show it, and this is what happens at Pemberley.

Mr. Collins also has the opportunity of displaying his comfortable home and standing in Kent when Elizabeth visits but she isn’t swayed by any of it, no matter how pretty the county or imposing Rosings Park is. So, yes, she admires Pemberley, and jokes about how it changed her mind, but Mr. Collins’ pretty parsonage didn’t make her regretfully think of what might have been, nor would Pemberley (no matter how grand) truly make Elizabeth wish she would have accepted Mr. Darcy as he was when he first proposed.

Now, in adaptations, time is always going to be an issue when one must decide what to keep, what to cut, and what people/events to conflate to save on space. The third act is crammed with post-proposal fallout, Truths being revealed, the hard grind of deep character development, and the action of Lydia’s fall and rescue and More Truths being revealed. And Lizzy’s joke about loving Darcy since the day she saw Pemberley is funny, so of course it gets left in, as does the final dramatic salvo of Mr. Bennet’s uncertainty about what is motivating Elizabeth to accept Darcy’s proposal. I guess anybody doing a superficial viewing of this rollicking rush of events could presume that she seriously meant it, but I feel like the nuance is still there if we’re willing to take a moment to grasp it. I haven’t personally encountered anybody who seriously believes Elizabeth is a gold-digger, when she continually proves she is not, especially contrasted against her mother’s open materialism and the foil of Charlotte’s pragmatic choice to accept Mr. Collins after Lizzy rejected him.

So with 4.1 out!

Let’s try to remember that the learning curve on new content might be simple or it might be very steep…

But it’s different for everyone.

Some people will have every mechanic in Rabanastre or Shinryu EX down within the first few runs! Most will struggle for some time to get it all down. Some people will have trouble with all of the new stuff, from Skalla on, for a while.

Everything can be cleared if people are patient and eager to try again! Be patient and kind… Offer help, but don’t push people to take on more than they can handle. Let people pull small in the new dungeon; let healers decide not to dps in the new raids! People will mess up, people will put out bad dps, people will make mistakes that will make you want to pull your hair out because you’ll think, “how did that happen!”

Just be patient. It’ll all be fine!

Oh, and so far as I can tell, there’s no enrages in the 24-man… I got my clear, but on the third and fourth boss, there were a lot of times where there were only three or four people alive in the raid total with the boss still over 25% health. People just kept raising and fighting and raising and fighting… And by not releasing or giving up, we managed to eke out our wins!

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Lycoris, you looked kinda sad for a moment. Something bugging you?

“✋⧫🕯⬧📬📬📬 ☠□⧫♒♓■♑📬 ☺◆⬧⧫ ❒♏❍♓■♎♏♎ ❍♏ □♐ ⬧□❍♏ ⬧⧫◆♐♐ ♐❒□❍ ⧫♒♏ p♋⬧⧫ ♓⬧ ♋●●📬 ✋⧫🕯⬧ ■□⧫ ♓❍p□❒⧫♋■⧫📬“

Translation: “It’s… Nothing. Just reminded me of some stuff from the past is all. It’s not important.”

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hi jenba! i have an idea for a lot for BB, you could do like a family owned inn or like a mom and pop owned breakfast place! i’m from new england and there are so many places like that in cape cod and they’re so adorable!

Hi Anon! I love that suggestion! I actually really wanted to build a homey B&B on Deadgrass Isle in BB, but that public restroom right on the edge of the lot was bugging me. ;-p But maybe I could make it work somehow. A mom and pop breakfast place would be so much fun to build, too - I’ll have to do a little google map-touring of Cape Cod and see if I can find some inspiration! :)


Reylo  Pride and Prejudice AU: 

“You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.”


Yesterday was good:) snacked quite a bit throughout the day and still hit my calorie goal. Definitely motivated by my new wardrobe and also SV (down 24!!!) I am loving my new sleep schedule bed @ 10:30 and up at 6:30! So much better than 2-3am-10-11am 😑😑 

 It’s only been a few days, so who knows if this feeling will last but I have a sense of belonging here. I don’t feel thrown or like my whole life is in chaos from the change. I like it here in south Miami a lot so far :) 

 I am a bit lonely, my two roommates have not moved in yet so it’s just me for at least a few more days. I dropped my parents off at the airport yesterday morning. I know a few people in the department, maybe I should bug them to take me somewhere cool :p I would like to make 1 friend today. We will see! I may also just read forever or go to the beach or something.


Cuddle (L.H. Blurb)

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You looked away from your textbook and at your phone that just beeped, signaling that you had a new message.
You sighed, debating whether or not it was important enough to check as you were currently studying for an exam you had the following day.
You decided to brush it off and turned back to your textbook, reading over the chapter you were currently on.
After a few more beeps, you groaned and grabbed your phone to see who thought it’d be a good idea to spam it while you were studying.
It was your boyfriend.
“Freaking Luke Hemmings,” you muttered as you unlocked your screen and pulled up his messages.
His messages went a little something like:

Huke Lemmings :P 

Huke Lemmings :P 

Huke Lemmings :P 

Huke Lemmings :P 
Stop ignoring meeeeee. I’m in some serious need of some cuddles!!!! :(

You rolled your eyes at the messages.

Go and cuddle Michael. I’m trying to study and you’re distracting me :/

His reply was almost instant.

Huke Lemmings :P 
(picture on top) but I need your cuddles :(

That blanket seems to be doing a nice job.

Huke Lemmings :P 
You’re mean :/

Babe, just please let me finish studying this chapter and I promise I’ll FaceTime you after, okay? In the meantime, go bug Michael for cuddles.

Huke Lemmings :P 

Your phone was silent for a few minutes before it beeped again.

Huke Lemmings :P 
Michael threw a pillow at me and refused to give me cuddles.

Huke Lemmings :P 
I’ll go bug Calum for a cuddle.

It was a few more minutes later that you got another text.

Huke Lemmings :P 
Yay! I got cuddles from Calum. I’ll be waiting for your call, babe xx

You simply laughed at how cuddle seeking your boyfriend was before going back to studying so that you could FaceTime your man and make fun of him for his obsession with cuddles.


He dropped his bag by the door – rather, as close to the door as he could since her practice bag was currently occupying his normal spot to deposit his. Albus couldn’t help but chuckle to himself, figuring that meant that she still hadn’t gotten out of bed. It would have been on the couch and ready to go if she were. Taking a detour through the kitchen, he grabbed a bottle of water before heading into the bedroom, discarding his shirt the moment he passed through the doorway. “I’m loud? All I did was put my bag down and get a drink. How could I have possibly been all that loud?” He smirked, setting his bottle on the dresser before plopping down on his side of the bed, his arm behind his head.

Albus turned onto his side, poking her in the back. “Wake up.” He ordered. Well, whined was more like it. “This is weird. You’re normally the one up early and I’m the one still in bed. I don’t know what life is anymore. Get up and fix it.”

She made a noise when he poked her back, reaching behind her to swat at his hand. “No, five more minutes,” Cassie mumbled, mimicking what he said nearly every morning. She smirked and rolled over to her other side, nudging Al onto his back again so she could snuggle up against his side. Cassie slid her arm around Al and rested her head on his chest. “But I already told them I wasn’t coming in to practice today. I don’t feel like it.”

Cassie laid in silence for a moments, willing herself not to fall asleep again as her fingertips absentmindedly traced patterns across his chest. She tilted her head slightly to press a kiss against his shoulder, and looked up at him. “I’m just overworking myself again, I think. I’m seriously considering cutting back on my classes or something after Christmas.” Cassie reached up and pushed his hair back. “How was practice?” She put her head back on his chest. “You better have taken a shower before you climbed back in bed, Potter.”

Here’s the last watercolor sketch before my Bootleg Cartoon Coloring Book goes up for preorder through @bluemondaypress. This time it’s Looney Tunes. I’ve started planning a cover that I’ll post up when the pre order goes live very soon. If you want the original, it’ll be £25 (+p&p) just drop me a message. 

ANGEL.    sometimes I wonder how did Future Lucy’s death affect the people that was there in that precise moment psychologically?

Fukougami (不幸神) is one of the many gods who were specially chosen to be part of the pantheon of Kigami (奇神). He is never seen without his trusty little companion Tentou (天道).