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@ahlis-xiv This is what I have lying around, in terms of images. Back in 1.0, Camp Dragonhead was little more than an outpost, iirc. 

In the south of the Eastern Highlands, you can see Estinien’s hometown, and Falcon’s Nest in the Western Highlands looks separated from the rest of the map because it was accessed via a tunnel at the northwest edge of the hamlet (the bottom image is a screenshot of the Falcon’s Nest gate). To the far east, you can see Owl’s Nest, which was another settlement like Falcon’s Nest, and like Falcon’s Nest, was accessed by tunnel. You can still visit Owl’s Nest and the rest of the Eastern Lowlands in game if you queue up for Front lines Shatter, you just have to deal with people trying to kill you XD

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Top 5 team moms! (this one is probably hard)


1. Sugawara. The first, one, only, true, original Haikyuu mom™. Suga he’s the one who raised not only all his baby crows, but all of us too. He even had to witness the death of his own husband on court honestly I’m not surprised he’s so stressed out. But still, he’s the one that with his only presence on court could change the mood of the whole team and he’s always the loudest screamer from the sidelines. Plus he’s a savage and I love him with my entire heart. 

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2. Yaku. Speaking of savage people, the Nekoma’s libero probably takes the cake. He’s the living embodiment of the (ง •̀_•́)ง kaomoji, has zero to none patience and he’s ready to fight each one of his teammates as hard as his opponents if they don’t learn sit the f uck down. Especially Lev. Or Kuroo, even more. 

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3. Iwaizumi. Aw, Iwa-chan, the doting and loving mother we all dream about. The only mom who has to worry way more about the Team Dad than the rest of the children. To him it goes all our unconditional love and support. 

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4. Semi. Tough love at its finest, Semi is for sure not the kind of mum that will cuddle you to sleep. It’s all about respect and discipline, he wants his baby swans to be as strong as possible, to be unbreakable…but still his heart was the first to burst when they lost…even if he didn’t let it show. 

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5. Akaashi. I feel like Fukurodani has a diffused mom situation, but Akaashi for sure shares with Iwa-chan the distress™ of having a pretty troublesome team dad. But he loves Bokuto so much he perfectly knows when to scold him and when to just make the face™ and let him go on with the extraness. Even if it means temporarily bringing a baby crow in the owls nest. 

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- Bonus: SANTA MONIWA (he deserves an award just for being involved with Futakuchi all that time, no wonder he retired early tbh)

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Curly-Haired Lily

Imagine Lily Evans with curly hair

- not soft, beachy boho curls, but Merida type curls
- Hermione could only dream of having hair that bushy
- Lily, of course, hates it
- James, on the other hand, does not
- He sits behind her in classes, scoots his desk just that tiny bit closer so he can play with her hair when she’s not looking
- one day she catches him, but he pretends to be trying to copy her notes
- she turns around so sharply that she hair-whips him right across the face
- Sirius turns as red as her hair from laughter
- When Remus and Lily first officially meet, it’s because he accidentally walks too close to her on the stairwell to class, is promptly blinded by the mass of curls, and trips them both
- she has to wear a hat in the Great Hall during mail delivery because the owls love to nest in her hair
- Marlene and Alice find it hilarious
- Dorcas takes pictures
- in Third Year, Marlene and Lily are in the common room, Marlene desperately trying to wrestle Lily’s curls into a somewhat decent braid
- 10 minutes of frustrated groans and broken hair ties later, Sirius offers his assistance
- Lily is suspicious, but seeing the state of her hair after Marlene’s attempt, she decides it couldn’t get much worse
- Sirius, as we all know, is wonderful with hair
- so fifteen minutes later, Lily’s hair is beautifully french-braided and Sirius beams as he holds up the mirror for her
- James walks through the portrait hole to see Lily hugging Sirius in gratitude and just loses his shit
- on humid days, Lily’s hair gets so frizzy she literally cannot see through the mess
- she gave up trying to use Sleakeazy’s hair potion after using up the third bottle and still no results
- instead, she ~engorgio’s~ an elastic band and puts her hair up into a gigantic top bun (with Sirius’ help)
- Remus drops a piece of chocolate in her hair by accident
- they can’t find it
- she hexes him
- James cries of laughter
- she befriends Peter in fourth year after he offers her a new hairbrush (she broke her sixth one)
- she lets him brush her hair because she doesn’t have the patience and he seems to enjoy it
- James walks through the portrait hole one day and sees Peter and Sirius being Lily’s “Hair Care Squad” while Remus and Lily review charms notes
- he again loses his shit
- when Lily finally agrees to go out with James, Sirius and Peter do her hair while Remus stuffs James into a somewhat presentable outfit
- their first kiss, they both get a mouthful of hair
- Lily’s hair always smells like strawberries and James can’t get enough of it
- he almost (almost) manages to bribe a first year girl into stealing Lily’s shampoo bottle for him
- he is appalled to find out that it isn’t strawberry at all, but grapefruit shampoo
- when the Marauders finally tell her about their animagus forms, she lets Peter ride around on her shoulder as a rat, hidden by her curls
- James is not the least bit jealous
- okay, James is very much jealous
- at James and Lily’s wedding, Sirius and Peter do her hair
- They leave it down and curly, with flower petals and transfigured diamonds woven in with temporary sticking charms
- James cries a little
- Sirius cries a lot
- Remus officiates and Peter serves cake
- when Harry is born he has a whole head of hair, as dark as James’ and as uncontrollable as both his parents’ hair combined
- poor boy
- with his genes, Harry’s hair never stood a chance.


Busy week!

36 new raptors admitted (many from other rehabilitators).  2 turtles today (not raptors).  Lots of calls about other wildlife.  Multiple successful re-nestings. We are doing everything possible to return every healthy juvenile and that keeps us even busier.  And this is only the beginning.  Whew. 

Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND epilogue

(AN/ Here we go…the end. Take a Stand had been my most successful fic and that is only possible because of you amazing folks who actually read it reviwed, liked, faved, followed and reblogged this dumb fic, I want to high five all of you for being so awesome. Now I have to thank a few folks who helped illustrate this fic; @ziegelzeig dude you know how much I love your work and your friendship you’re an amazing artist and writer, I love you dude. @fuzzywuzzylittletail you came up with some crackin’ artwork for this fic thank you, shadowed-visitor thank you too for your song/art pieces, @reddoshirousagi06 thank you for your brilliant sketches, @trashasaurusrex @ky-jane @blueberrycarrots @idealbean and everyone else who contributed. Thank you all for reading…so without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter.)

Here’s the fanfiction,net link…

Epilogue - One Year Later

The smell of engine oil and old wood brought back a host of memories for Judy as she clambered up the ladder to the upper level of one of the many barns at Hopps farm, she used to play cops and robbers with her siblings all the time as a kit but right now the twenty six year old bunny needed a moment to relax in the barn. It had been a very hectic day, as soon as she stepped off the train at Bunnyburrow station it had been a non stop series of hugs, catching up with relatives and being overstuffed with the mountains of food that had been prepared for the massive party had arrived from Zootopia including; herself, Nick, Luna, Marian, Robin, Little John, Jack and Skye.

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Owl Magick

Owl Magick

  • Owls often portray Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom.
  • In Native American stories owls are most commonly associated with prophecies and divination.
  • To the Hopi tribe the burrowing owl was thought to be sacred and symbolized their god of death. They also believed that the burrowing owl was the protector of the underworld and things that grew in the earth (seed, plants).  Since this species of owl nests in the ground, it represents earth itself.
  • In some African countries the owl represents sorcery and baneful magic. When a large owl hangs around a house in is said that the house contains a powerful shaman. It is also believed that owls carry messages back and forth between the shaman and spirit realm.
  • The Romans believed that nailing an owl to the door of their home would keep evil at bay.
  • Throughout great Britain during the eighteenth century people would nail owls to barn door to protect the livestock from fire and lightning.
  • Throughout Europe owls were thought of as a symbol of death and destruction.
  • Appalachians also believed that owls bring death. According to mountain legends it was said that if an owl is seen circling during the day, it means bad news for someone close by. In some areas, it is believed that owls flew down on Samhain night to eat the souls of the dead.
  • The owl is associated with the mysterious, clairvoyance, omens, silent wisdom, and vision.
  • If you find an owl feather, it can be used for several different purposes. The Zuni tribe believed that an owl feather placed in a baby’s crib kept evil spirits away from the infant. Other tribes saw owls as bringers of healing, so a feather could be hung in the doorway of a home to keep illness out. In the British Isles, owls were associated with death and negative energy, so feathers can be used to repel those same unpleasant influences.
  • The owl symbolizes our third or spiritual eye and is associated with inner knowledge.


==Moonlight Academy==

Kiss You This Christmas // Jack

(862 words)


ps ~ liSTen to “Kiss You This Christmas” by WDW as you read this (why? bC OBVIOUSLY)

Jack grabs my hand, “C’mon, I want to show you something.”

We walk down the barren road. Looking around, I see the street lamps turned on, illuminating the path to the frostbitten forest.

“You want to go in there?” I ask,

“I promise, it’s not as bad as it looks,” Jack squeezes my fingers lightly.

I bit my lip, “Jack, it’s late and those woods look dark. And it’s really freaking cold, baby,”

“Well, think of it like your relationship with me,” He says, “You have to trust to see what comes out of it.”

I sigh, “Jack,”

“Do you trust me?” Jack asks suddenly.


“Do you trust me?”

“Of course, but-”

“Then?” The light of the street lamp shines on Jack’s freckles and pink cheeks. The snowflakes land on his puffy hair and long eyelashes delicately. His lips are a deep but soft pink from the chilly air. His almond eyes sparkle like glitter with his love for me. How can I not trust that face? I take a deep breath, “Okay, take me then.”

We walk hand in hand through the dark curtain of trees. I look up and see a black sky outlined with treetops. I flinch at the sound of an owl nested in one of the spruces.

“Where are we going exactly?” I ask him.

For a few seconds, he just looks up into the black sky, “Somewhere I go to focus,”

“Be a little more specific?”

“If I tell you, it won’t be a surprise,” I see him smile.

“Alright, then,” I smile internally. Ever since Jack and I started dating, he has taken me on countless little journeys around his hometown, Susquehanna in Pennsylvania. Out of all of them, this is the first at night.

Holding my hand the whole way, we hike through the woods for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Suddenly, we stop.

“What happened?” I scoot up so that I’m right beside him and not behind.

Jack glances around the bushes then smiles, looking at me, “So you know how I told you to trust me?” Jack smirks.

“Yeah…” I squint at him, “Jack, what are you getting at?”

He chuckles and places his hands over my eyes, stepping behind me, “Walk forward,” He directs.


“Just go,”

I giggle and move where he tells me to, one step at a time like a baby deer.

“Almost there,” He whispers in my ear. His warm breath contrasts with the icy wind and it tickles my skin.

Jack sighs and removes his fingers from my eyes, “Tada!” Jack stands in front of me with his arms extended. We are on the top of a huge boulder, overlooking acres of forestry. Above me, I see a gorgeous display of shimmering colors. Thousands of specks in the sky twinkle mesmerizingly. All around me, I’m surrounded by overwhelming beauty. Clouds from where the snow had fallen from earlier are nowhere to be found, so the stars shine than brighter ever. The sky looks like sequins reflecting silvery light along with dashes of light purple, navy blue, a bit of cyan and cream.

“Jack,” I breathe, “This is gorgeous,”

I hear him take a long and deep breath before he walks in front of me. His eyelashes flutter. He only does that when he’s either falling asleep or if he’s nervous. And he’s not falling asleep.

He brings his hands from his pockets and in his shaking hands, he holds a small velvety black block. My heart stops.

His eyebrows mold together with concentration as he approaches me with soft steps. I shake my head slowly.

“(y/n),” He says shakily, “All I can say is that you are the light of my life. You are the stars to my dark, dark sky. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to live.”

“J-Jack?” I manage to whisper, a puff of white leaving my mouth.

He kneels, smiling and eyes watering with anxiousness. I shake my head slowly. This isn’t happening.

“(y/n),” He says, “I love you. More than anything. More than anyone. Would you, my little lamb, do me the honor and…”

He falters, choking up. Lamb was the nickname he gave me when I told him that I loved the animal. He had used it every single day after that.l He looks up at me, “Will… will you marry me?”

“I… I will,” A tear rolls down my cheek, “I WILL!”

He starts crying as well. He grabs the ring from the box, trembling with shock and from the weather of that Christmas Eve. Quivering, he slides the ice cold ring onto my finger and looks up to me. Jack hugs me and I sob into his warm coat.

When he pulls away, he sniffles, “I have one more question,”


Can I kiss you this Christmas?” He sings. I laugh, happy tears trickling down my cheeks.

I grab Jack’s face and put my lips to his. Although it’s about 20 degrees, the warmth of his touch keeps me happy. And it’ll continue to warm me throughout the years. The thought makes me smile. I kiss my fiancee again.

Best Christmas present ever.

Sins of the Father: A Tear in the Veil

Pairing: Finn Bálor x Reader

Warnings (potential triggers): Incredibly sacrilegious/blasphemous smut, implied demonic rape, vomiting, dub-con, detachment, bondage, knife play, blood play, and horror elements.

Word Count: 1121

A/N: Hello hello! Apologies for being late - this one gave me so much hell, mainly at Father Finn’s insistence. All I can say is…the gloves are officially off.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy it. :)

My Bálor Babes: @yourr-anger-your-anchor@motleymoose@georgiadean37@wweximaginesxd@racheo91@daddy-slug@blondekel77@ambrosegirlforever @liam-is-sexy10 @fucking-bandsx@boundtomyfate@hotspurmadridista@florenceivy@geekoftv@behindthesesilvereyes@vsturgeon5489@thegoddessqueenrileycarter@justhavingfun123469@wwesmutandstuff @devitt-club @anerdysouthernbelle @thebadchic  @baratomaya @jenn0755 @sbethell89

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Because context - even of the sacrilegious kind - is everything, catch up on the Masterlist before you proceed.

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Little owl update!
The time has finally come for our little owls to fly the nest! They have done a lot of growing since they arrived at the centre and are finally old enough to cope well in the wild. They were collected by volunteer, Mike, this afternoon and successfully released back into the wild