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well i'm female 17 never been kissed never had a partner. i have anxiety issues and find it really hard to just speak to people. but two weeks ago i met someone and he's just the cutest, nicest guy ever. he has aspergers so he understands how i feel about social situations. sometimes when we're together we don't even talk. we don't have to. we just sit. i don't feel under pressure or nervous around him. and just being with him, really it's the best thing ever.

i am honestly so happy you met someone who you can just be yourself with!! that is so sweet, i wish you guys the best <3

hardcoreukulele  asked:

If you were a cannibal, what kind of person do you think would taste the best?(white, jewish, skinny, muscular, female, male, etc.)

omfg ok

female cause they’d probably have like really nice perfume on? but i don’t think i would be a racist or sexist cannibal, so i think i’d probably just eat every kind of person hehe

send me some awkward questions on anon and if i can’t publish it, you win

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What do you think will be eleven's last words ?

i am basically completely ignoring the fact that we have one more episode left with him, so i didn’t really think much about that

but i’d love for him to go with a smile (not like ten, that nearl killed me), i mean after we’ve seen the 50th special we know he has so much hope now, i just don’t want him to go with regret :’(

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heyheyhey! im the one who told u about the cancer yesterday! update time ok. HE IS 100% FINE CANCER IS GONE!!! :DDDDDD im so fucking happy! ur msg helped me a lot at that time so thank youuu!

OHMYGOD I AM HONESTLY SO HAPPY!! i kept thinking about you and wondering how it was going! but seriously, that’s the best news!

i wish him a fast recovery and that you two can watch lots of football from now on (hehe)! you are so sweet for writing me this, thank you so much! all the best to both of you

(seriously i’m so relieved right now)