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God damn it this is so touching I'm crying so much

This is the reason why Victor (and I) feel like it is a marriage proposal:

Yuuri: (To Victor) Please be my coach until I retire! (Subs)
Yuuri: Intai made, boku no koto, onegaishimasu!

Do you know what he uses in here
He uses boku no koto
Not boku no coach (looks weird but you get what I mean)
Boku no koto: It’s like please be mine

So it feels more like Yuuri’s saying: Until I retire, please be mine!


Victor kisses his hand like a response towards his proposal.

Victor: (so gentle and lovingly) I wish you’d never retire.

Victor: (Yes, I’ll be yours forever)


EDIT: A little error up there. When Yuuri says “boku no koto” onegaishimasu, it’s like saying he’s entrusting himself to Victor’s care (which makes more sense now that I think about it, because I realized boku no koto is like about me. Credits to @miyukieijun for pointing this out!)

You see that wine Chuuya opened?

THAT’S F*CKING EXPENSIVE—yes, possibly more expensive than the 1989 Petrus he opened when Dazai turned coat—SO F*CKING EXPENSIVE KOUYOU ACTUALLY HAD TO ASK IF IT WAS OKAY FOR THEM TO DRINK IT THAT WAY. Of course, Mori gives no damn because duh Chuuya has that kind of money to spend because of the organization lol.

Alright, I’m no wine connoisseur, but Google helps.

Chuuya opened a 1964 Romanée-Conti, right?

Yeah, it’s misspelled as “Romanée-Konti”.

Meaning my and @nolongertainted’s estimate of Chuuya’s earnings per month (~JPY 2,360,000) is still grossly lacking. @_@


There was once a set of Romanée-Conti wines that sold for USD 28,112 = JPY 3,313,224.10. Those were year 1990 wines (which was a hard year), and were sold at an auction, so the price really went high.


So, I checked the manga (thanks @dazaiscans​!) to see if Chuuya really did open a Romanée-Conti which I really should have done before I posted this last night UUUGH, because I don’t remember that wine being mentioned in the manga (I knew Romanée-Conti from looking up expensive wines for a fic lol and no wine collector in their right mind would open that treasure chest just like that imo).

Manga (Chapter 37):

Real Life (search for “Romanée-Conti 1964″ on Google Images):

It turns out I didn’t remember “Romanée-Conti” being mentioned because he said he opened a “1964 Monopole” and the wine brand name was small af in the manga.

TL;DR: He really did open an expensive af 1964 Romanée-Conti wine you’d probably sell all of your organs for but the money just won’t be enough.


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

I want an AU where Dean is a popular YouTuber who is married to Cas, but no one knows it. Cas is a high school teacher who is kind of awkward, but every once in a while he’ll mention a meme and all of his students are confused wonder how he knows that.

Then one day when he’s teaching he hears a group of girls giggling in the back of the class, so he walks back there and sees them watching one of Dean’s videos. It’s his “never have I ever” video, and right he’s talking about getting a speeding ticket. Right before the girls see Cas he hears one of them say “I wonder what kind of car he drives” so Cas responds, “Do not ever get Dean Winchester started on his car. He will never shut up.” as he takes the phone and walks away, leaving the girls dumbfounded.

Color Reference Guide to Recognize & Avoid Whitewashing

I’ve made a tutorial on how to color adjust to fix washed out coloringsbut I noticed people aren’t always sure when their coloring needs fixing in the first place. So I’ve made a bunch of colorings you can use to compare your own to. It’s designed to help avoid whitewashing, but also help avoid over-correction.

If you’re not a content creator, you can also use this guide for reblogging as well. :)

Using the Guide

  • Each set comes in three: cool, neutral, and warm. If your coloring is bluer/whiter than the cool tone, consider readjusting.
  • Examples of what might be too pale/bright are beneath each set
  • There are various categories (daytime, night scenes, etc) for each type of scene you might encounter
  • Each coloring has a color palette beneath for the highlights, midtones, and shadows of the character’s face. If you’re having trouble eyeballing it, use the eyedropper tool to double check.

1) For the sake of simplicity, I’ve used one character per category, but characters of color are not interchangeable. Identify the skin tone for the character you’re coloring and work with that. This is only meant to give a frame of reference for what is and isn’t whitewashing

2) If any of the colorings look different than what they’ve been stated as (i.e. the cool tones look too warm or some look way too dark to be visible) calibrate your monitor. It means your screen color and gamma needs readjustment.

Guide itself is under the read more!

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….vicious nerd fight erupts 

am i the only one who doesn’t want yuri on ice to address irl homophobia?

like…for one i’m just tired. i’m so tired of the gay characters becoming a couple and the focus immediately switches from their relationship to other people’s opinions on it. i get enough of that shit irl as a pansexual trans dude aight i don’t wanna see it in literally every single bit of media i see. yes, realistic representation is important, but can we just have one things that’s happy through and through? that normalizes these relationships?

i’m so SO tired of the gay couple immediately going through drama. the representation i need and want isn’t of couples not being able to stay together because their parents forbid it, of getting beat up for holding hands, of one of them dying to make straight people watching the show realize how sad our lives are. like…no…for once i just want a happy gay couple where they do hetero couple stuff and that’s that. i never EVER see that in fiction, not even fiction written by members of the lgbt+ community.

and then secondly, i simply don’t think yoi is the proper narrative to address homophobia. yoi is not a narrative about hate. from the get go, yoi has been a narrative about love. love for one’s friends. love for one’s family. love for one’s self. and now, love for one’s partner. i realize viktor is russian, and the situation there for lgbt+ people is dire and life threatening, and deserves recognition, but yoi has not been set up as the proper setting in which to do it. the situation there is much more serious than any fiction could properly express, especially not a sports anime from japan.

so really, in my opinion, the best thing to do is give a resounding but indirect FUCK YOUUUUU to putin by making the russia in the yoi setting the complete opposite of irl russia. i’m not saying they should ignore what’s happening in irl russia. i’m saying i hope they make yoi into a gay af parody of it tbh. completely normalize gay romance worldwide in the yoi universe.

full offense but

shaming non-offending MAPs, bullying them, and making it harder for them to find support is contributing to the potential of a child being harmed.

they are reaching out for support because they deeply, profoundly want to never, ever hurt a child. 

it is entirely possible for a MAP to live without ever offending, but like anyone with a natural predisposition toward harmful behavior, support and community are vital parts of that equation. 

and even if you don’t want to openly be an ally or openly show support for people who are actively working at living a life that is lawful, meaningful, productive, and non-offending, then you can at the very least not be a dick to them. 

[note: as a non-MAP i don’t want to talk over actual members of the community so if you are a MAP and i have said something wrong, please feel free to correct/clarify– and if you aren’t one but have questions that an actual MAP might be better able to answer than an ally, i highly recommend @mappositivity, who is super friendly and helpful and has educated me a ton] 

German Memes Gothic

There is a new Till Schweiger movie. You do not want to see it, but you know what it is about. You always know.

Heidi Klum is on television. Heidi Klum is in your city. Heidi Klum is in your house. Soon there won’t be any girls left to sacrifice to her.

Why is there hay lying around? Why are you wearing a mask? You wonder.

Your family bonds have dissolved in discussions over the correct article for nutella. At dawn, you lay in a corner of your room whispering “Der… die… das…” to yourself. There is no answer.

A friend messages you. Joyfully, he writes “Ich trink Ouzo, was machst du so?”. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re all alone.

There is no 20% on pet food. There never is. Has it ever been? No matter. It is not now. You will have to pay the price. 

At night, you can hear your stuffed animals whisper things into your ear. “Alles bäm?”, they ask. A tear runs down your face. “Läuft”, you whisper back.

Everytime you look at your girlfriend’s face you wonder. Maybe she isn’t your girlfriend. Maybe she is Manuel Neuer. The uncertainty is slowly driving you insane. Coke Zero doesn’t taste like Coca Cola at all. 

You wake up and look around you. There is cereal everywhere. But not any cereal. It’s Seitenbacher. Seitenbacher. Seitenbacher. Seitenbacher. Seitenbacher.

:/ It’s mocking you. You’re not going to watch this video.

You didn’t say “Schulz”. Everyone is looking at you. They are standing up now. You are as good as dead.

To The Women Fallen Between The Cracks Of Over Correction

Shout out to the women who were told we were lesser for relying on a man. The women who tried our best to be successful and independent only to have our bodies and/or minds shut down and become barely functional on us. To the women who had to drop out of school, quit our jobs, become isolated and housebound and let our spouses become our caregivers. Shout out to the women who feel like we’ve failed our gender by being disabled, by being utterly dependent, for insisting on agency and autonomy on behalf of women when we cannot exercise much of it for ourselves, not because of gender oppression but because of our own bodies and minds refuse to co-operate.

Shout out to the disabled and neurodivergent women who feel like we don’t belong in feminism because there are no spaces that accept the tired, the weak, the vulnerable and the dependent. Who feel lost in this narrative that celebrates strengths we don’t have, encourages an independence and autonomy that the disabled cannot afford and condescends to us for our necessary dependency on our partners. Shout out to the women who engage in feminism simply to ensure that our limitations are not used against the rest of our sisters. Shout out to the mobility-impaired women who are only able to engage in dialogue and activism via a keyboard and an internet connection and are then called armchair activists.

Shout out to the dependent women who cannot see themselves in any Strong Female CharactersTM. To the women who are derided and pitied for being able to provide only emotional labour, or domestic labour, or being unable to provide any labour at all. To the neurodivergent women who perfectly slot into the stereotype of The Hysterical Female, or The Promiscuous Female or The Attention Whore or the Oversensitive Crying Girl and hate ourselves for it. To the neurodivergent and disabled women who find comfort and purpose in gender-conforming duties and roles. To the women who cannot rebel, who are too tired to rebel, too busy surviving to rebel, who spend our lives searching for permission to be seen as weak and tired and scared and helpless as we feel without being judged for it.

Shout out to the women who love the people who feel less like our partners and more our caregivers. To the women who feel like we have condemned our spouses and partners to burden and misery by tying our lives to theirs. To the women who struggle against the great well of anger and resentment against feminism, against abled women, against neurotypical women, against our families, against our communities, our children, our spouses and caregivers, because we feel like we have no right to be angry at them while mooching off their income and patience.

Shout out to the women who count every day we keep breathing an accomplishment, in a world where that doesn’t seem to be a very big deal to anybody else. Because we didnt stay in school, we didn’t earn money, we didn’t really DO anything but keep breathing when the entire world seems to prefer that we stop.

asexuality is explicitly about sex/sexual desires/wanting to have sex. especially if you use the SAM (which is fake, homophobic, and invalid). this is why you cannot explain it to/apply to children, why talking about asexuality is different than talking about LGBP sexualities, and why LGBP sexualities can’t be compared to asexuality without a sense of homophobia because you’re sexualizing LGBP identities (which is homophobic.)

being a lesbian, being gay, being bisexual, and being pansexual are NOT explicitly about sex/sexual desires/wanting to have sex because a) they were founded when “sex” was still synonymous with gender, so the word means something different, and 2. the words refer to who you like, not whether or not you experience sexual attraction.

if you are asexual, cis, and heterosexual, you are straight. you do not belong in the LGBT community.

if you are aromantic, cis, and heterosexual, you are straight. you do not belong in the LGBT community.

if you are cis and heterosexual, you do not belong in the LGBT community. being ace/aro at the same time doesn’t change it.

  • Hawkmoth: Well, well, Ladybug and Chat Noir. In case you haven't noticed, you've fallen right into my trap!
  • Chat Noir: You can't trap justice! It's an idea, a belief!
  • Hawkmoth: Even the most heartfelt belief can be corroded over time!
  • Chat Noir: Justice is a non-corrosive metal!
  • Hawkmoth: But metals can be melted, by the heat of revenge!
  • Chat Noir: Revenge is best served cold!
  • Hawkmoth: But it can easily be reheated in the microwave of akumatization!
  • Chat Noir: Well, I think you're warranty's about to expire!
  • Hawkmoth: Maybe I got an extended warranty!
  • Chat Noir: Warranties are invalid if you don't use the product for it's intended purpose!
  • Ladybug: Girls, girls, you're both pretty. Can I purify the akuma now?
All I see in cartoons are feels
  • Gravity Falls: A broken family being even further broken apart by a extra-dimensional being.
  • Steven Universe: Three moms from another planet raising a young kid after his mother and their leader died. All the while, a series of horrific and traumatic experiences happen to them.
  • We Bare Bear: Three bears trying to fit into society while helping a little girl and a bigfoot creature with their problems WHILE dealing with a spoiled koala and a tragic past.
  • Over the Garden Wall: Two brothers trying to find their way home in a magical realm turns into a dream brought on by a near death accident.
  • Adventure Time: A magical realm of sorcery and monsters is really a post-apocalyptic earth and the characters have to deal with their mistakes.
  • Regular Show: A story of two slackers dealing with world ending situations turns into a tragic love triangle story where no one wins and everyone looses.
  • And just for the hell of it,
  • Teen Titans Go: Five superheroes, famous for being funny and serious at the right moments, turns into a festival of constant jokes and unfunny humor. A tragic tale to anyone with the heart of a child.

Roman “African Man”Bronze Oil Lamp, 1st Century BC/AD

A very fine cast bronze lamp in the form of a standing African male. He stands nude save cape over his shoulder, anatomically correct, holding a torch which acts as the spout to the lamp, small hole in his left shoulder acts as the fill hole. His feet are missing. The sculpture has developed a stunning multi-hued patina. 6 inches high.