the outsiders imagine



UPDATED: 07/02/16

Dirty Preferences:

1. How he fingers you
2. What they’re like during sex
3. Blow job
4.Where would each of the Outsiders have semi-public sex with their girl?

Clean Preferences:

1. How he hugs you
2. What he loves about you.
3. Their nickname for you
4. You baby girl names
5. They tell you they love you for the first time
6. What is the Outsiders favourite thing(s) to see their girl wearing?
7. Your nickname for him
8. What’s the Outsiders favourite feature(s) on a woman? And/or what do they notice first off?
9. How they hug you… (day)
10. What they buy you for your birthday
11. How many children you have with them…
12. What movie you watch with your boyfriend
13. Your favourite song to listen to when you dance with your boyfriend



1. You argue with Darry
2. You meet Darry for the first time… and embarrass yourself.
3. You think Darry doesn’t love you
4. Darry is jealous and gets upset (request)
5. You are pregnant
6. Darry gives his little girl a bath…
7. Give Me Love
8. His little girl cries when he leaves for work
9. Christmas Imagine
10. You leave Darry Part 1:
11. You come back to Darry Part 2
12. Quiet sex whilst the kids are asleep
13. Imagine losing your mind at Thanksgiving because of the gang and their antics
14. Seeing Darry for the first time after you left for college
15. Darry comes home after hearing about his parent’s dying…


1. Trying to convince his daughter to go to bed:
2. You catch Sodapop staring at you:
3. Sodapop writes you a love note
4. You and Sodapop fight
5. Imagine seeing Sodapop in a towel and liking what you see…
6. Sodapop tells you he loves you after a fight…
7. Sodapop finds out that you self harm…
8. Sodapop eats you out…
9. You marry Sodapop….
10. You see Sodapop after he comes home from war…
11. Imagine Sodapop coming home from war and noticing how different he is…
12. Sodapop is having a bad day 
13. Sodapop comforts you when you think you’re a failure
14. Sodapop being there for you when your father dies.
15. Imagine being Sodapop’s tutor
16. Sodapop meets his little girl for the first time
17. Sodapop runs off after Darry upsets him, and you find him and comfort him
18. You and Sodapop have a miscarriage
19. Sodapop tries to make his little girl laugh


1. Ponyboy has a panic attack
2. Uncle Ponyboy
3. Ponyboy can’t pay attention in class because of you…
4. Ponyboy tells you that he likes you, and then asks you out…
5. Ponyboy admits that he likes you
6. Imagine Ponyboy trying to impress you, but failing


1. Steve eats you out…
2. Imagine Steve taking you out for a date…


1. Getting drunk after a fight with Two-Bit
2. Imagine comforting Two-Bit after Johnny and Dally die


1. Johnny is secretly dating Dally’s little sister:
2. Johnny kisses you after thinking you’re going to leave him…
3. Dally walks in on you and Johnny making out.
4. Your first fight with Johnny
5. Imagine adopting Johnny from a very young age


1. You argue with Dally
2. Being angry at Dally:
3. Dally say’s he loves you after a fight
4. You and Dally fight
5. You and Dally shower together
6. You walk in on Dally cheating on you
7. Imagine Dally hitting on you as you walk by
8. Dally’s weeding vow’s to you



1. Couple moments
2. Day in bed with Darry
3. Best friend moments
4. First time with Darry


1. Couple moments
2. Day in bed with Sodapop
3. A date with Sodapop
4. Your first time (PG)
5. Best friend moments:
6. Happy couple moments


1. Couple moments
2. Best friend moments:

Steve: -

1. Best friend moments
2. Your first time with Steve


1. Couple moments
2. Best friend moments


1. Couple moments
2. Best friend moments:
3. Sex with Johnny moments


1. Couple moments
2. A day in bed with Dally
3. Best friend moments
4. Couple fights

LGBTI Stories:

1. Sodapop and Steve’s first kiss
2. Sodapop comes out to Darry…
3. What Steve and Sodapop would be like in bed together
4. Johnny and Ponyboy’s first kiss


1. Ponyboy and Sodapop see their brother dancing for the first time
2. An imagine based on life (Request)



1. Being married to Darry 
2. Being Darry’s best friend…


1. Dating Sodapop Curtis…
2. Being best friends with Sodapop
3. Dating Sodapop Curtis (Modern headcanons) 


1. Dating Ponyboy Curtis

Steve: -0

Two-Bit: -0

Johnny: -0


1. Dating Dallas Winston
2. Dating Dallas Winston (Part 2)


“7:30? This can’t be right.” I whispered to myself. My boyfriend, Johnny Cade, was supposed to be here at 7. He ain’t ever late and it was our six month anniversary. I was waiting in the livingroom, staring out the window. It was probably nothing, maybe he lost track of time. I stood up and started to pace around the room then looked back at my watch but only two minutes had past.

I sat down again and seen a shadow out of the corner of my eye. To my delight, it was Johnny. I waited a second to see who he was with, since he never walks the streets alone, but I seen nobody else. I got up to meet him at the door.

“Hey, Johnnycake!” I said kissing him on the cheek and letting him in.

“Hey, (y/n).” He replied, taking his jacket off and hanging it up. He took off his converse and took a few steps inside when I stopped him.



“Why don’t ya take off your shades? You don’t need ‘em inside, do ya?” I laughed.

He hesitated. “I think they look pretty… tuff?” he asked more than answered.

“Is there something wrong, baby? I don’t think I’ve ever seen ya wear sunglasses before.” I started toward him but he just turned around and kept walking. I stood right in front of him. “Johnny! I don’t want you ignorin’ me like that, okay? I really wanna know what’s wrong with ya.”

“Don’t worry about it, a'right?” I could hear the frustration in his voice.

“I can’t help but worry about ya, Johnny! I love you too much for cryin’ out loud! You know I ain’t gonna judge you or anythin’ like that.” I hadn’t even realized I was clung on to him until I looked up at him. “Now please, tell me why you’re wearin those.”

He took a deep breath. “Promise you won’t get mad?”


“Fine.” He took off the glasses to reveal a huge black eye. It was swollen shut and looked relatively new.

“Johnny, what happened? Was it your old man? Oh my go-”

“It wasn’t him, baby. Not this time.” He cut me off.

I took him over to sit on the couch. “Who was it?” My eyes started filling with tears.

“I know I ain’t supposed to walk around alone in the streets, but I had to pick somethin’ up and I didn’t want the gang there. I knew they’d tease me if they were. So I was walkin’ to the jewelry store before I came here. A car slowed down behind me and a bunch of Socs jumped out and started beatin’ me. I’m real lucky they only got a few swings in before the lights turned on in the house we were next to. Then they hopped back in the car and drove off.” He was almost crying right there.

I wrapped my arms around him. “Oh, Johnny! I knew somethin was wrong when you weren’t here on time! Does anywhere else hurt?”

“Nah, I’m fine other than my eye. It looks worse than it feels. Hey, I got you something though.” He stood up walking over to his jacket. When he came back he handed me a small white box about the size of my palm.

“Happy six month anniversary, baby. I love you.”

I opened the box and seen a silver bracelet with a charm in the shape of a heart. “Oh, Johnny! It’s beautiful, you shouldn’t have! This is the best thing I’ve ever gotten! How the hell’d you manage this?”

“You know, you look amazin’ when you smile like that. I outta do things like this more often.” He wrapped one arm around me and kissed the top of my head. “I seen this in the store window a couple months ago and I knew it’d be the perfect gift so I’ve been savin’ up ever since so I could buy it for you.” He said, buckling it around my wrist.

“Thank you so much Johnny, I love you.” I said, wrapping my arms around him. I pulled his head down to my level and gave him a kiss. “Just promise me you won’t pull a stunt like that again. You know it kills me to see anythin’ happen to you.”

His cheeks burned bright pink “I won’t, baby. I love you too.”

Preference: The Cheesy Pick up Line He Uses

I only have time for short preferences so here’s a cute little cheesy one.

Dallas: typical perverted sexual Dally goes with “My dick just died, can I bury it in your cunt.“ 

Two-Bit: Goes sly and stupid with “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.

Sodapop: His good looks and charm only result with him using one line “You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?

Ponyboy: Him, being so into books he goes with the corny line, “Babe, your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon.

Johnny: He follows right along in ponyboy’s suit with “Fascinating. I’ve been looking at your eyes all night long, ‘cause I’ve never seen such dark eyes with so much light in them.”

Darry: Although he does it very awkwardly and shyly he uses “There isn’t a word in the dictionary for how good you look.

Steve: With a sly smirk he says, “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?


Being Dallas Winston’s best friend (Headcanons)

-You’re the only person that he can show his soft side to, he isn’t afraid to show you his emotions. 
-Dally always being there for you and beating up all the guys that break your heart.
-Being jealous of all the girls that Dally dates, and making it no secret that you hate every single one of them. 
-Being the little sister Johnny had always wanted, and taking care of all the cuts and bruises that his father makes when he beats on Johnny. 
-Always doing yourself up to impress Dally… and blushing when he compliments you.
-Constantly fighting with Dally when he asks you why you never like any of his girlfriends.
-“Why do you never like any of my girlfriends? Is it that hard for you to be fucking supportive… or to at least pretend to like them? You chase them away with your hormonal mood swings”
-”Because, they’re not good for you Dally! You need a girl that actually cares about you, not one that screws someone else behind your back.”
-Dally holding you in his arms when you have to share a bed with him.
-Dally never admitting to anyone just how soft he is with you…
-Taking care of him when he get’s blind drunk and staying the night to make sure he doesn’t choke on his vomit when he is asleep. 
-Confiding in Johnny when he finds out just how much you love Dally.
-”I always catch you staring at him Y/N, you’re in love with him.”
-”He only sees me as his little sister… he’d never go for me.”
-Going out and getting drunk one night after a fight with Dally… only for him to find you and take you to his room at Buck’s. 
-”What were you thinking, huh? You know what guys are like around here, you’re so stupid!” 
-”You’re a jerk… and I’m in love with you…” And then you vomit on him.
-Him cleaning you up and tucking you into bed, staying up all night holding you… never thinking that one day you would actually return the love he has felt for you, for years.


This popped into my head and I can completely imagine Soda being like this when his kid brother gets a partner…

Soda: C’mon, just kiss ‘em already! We’ve been waiting months!

Pony: Soda! 

Soda: What?

Preference: PDA (request)

Sodapop: You and Soda are a playful and lighthearted couple. Soda doesn’t notice nor care what people say about him. He enjoys picking you up, knowing you would scream and fight back.

Ponyboy: Pony doesn’t like PDA. He kept his pass relationships on the down low. But since he loves you, he would hold your hand and wrap his arms around you.

Dallas: You and Dally shared a passionate, intimate relationship. You were never aware of your surroundings and he never cared. He’d kiss you like no one was watching.

Johnny: Compared to everyone else in the gang, Johnny was careful. He was shy about showing affection in front of other people. He didn’t do much, just hold your hand.

Two Bit: He loved to show everything off, especially you. He wanted everybody to know that you were his girl. The things you guys did in public caused people to stop what they were doing and watch.

Darry: You shared a gentle, slow, yet sweet relationship with him. He didn’t show you off too much, but he didn’t avoid you. He showed a few sweet notions, like this.

External image

Steve: You guys loved to show off. You made every gesture, or kiss together seem like it came from a movie.


Imagine trying to convince Darry to wear his new glasses…

“Darry, just wear them, hear” You grabbed the glasses from out of the case and you slid them behind his ears. “See, it’s not so bad, is it?” 

“I look ridiculous.” He grunted, tapping your hand away so he could yank them off again. “I ain’t wearing them.” 

“You’re going to have to, okay? You can’t see a thing without them.” You slid your arms around his neck, looking up into his eyes. “And besides… I think you look hot in them.” 

He gave you a smile, looking down as a laugh escaped his lips. “You would.” 

“What’re you so worried about, huh? The guys? Screw them. If they say anything I will give them a piece of my mind. Now wear the damn things.” 

Preference: First kiss


You and Soda went on your first date. It was amazing but at the same time it was agony. You wanted him to kiss so badly. Little did you know he wanted to do the same thing. At the end of the night, he dropped you off at your house. Before you reached the door you stopped to turn around. He was standing in front of his truck, hoping you would run up to him like this and kiss him. Your guy’s wish came true.


Dally always had a thing for you, and for some reason knew you did too. To see you hanging out with another guy had him burning with jealousy. He wanted to show this asshole up. One day he asked you to meet him in the back of the school. There he pushed you up against the wall and kissed you like you’ve always been his.


Steve had just confessed his love for you, but you didn’t say anything back. He kept bugging you about it and you said you just didn’t feel the same way. Truth is you were just scared. You loved him back, but if things were to not work out with him it would just annihilate you completely. He needed to know what was going on but instead of badgering you, he did this.


“Why do you move away whenever I try to kiss you?” Johnny asks. You stay silent. Truth is you’ve never kissed a guy. You were afraid you would mess up. You didn’t want to tell anybody- especially Johnny. It was too embarrassing. Like who’s a fifteen year old lip virgin? “Oh I get it. You’ve never been kissed.” You sighed in response. “Come on, it’s easy. I’ll show you how.”


“I love you.” He confessed. You turned around to look at your best friend in bewilderment. “Pony!” “Y/N, I’m sorry. This is a weird time to say so but I had to eventually so I decided now! I’ve always had something for you, Y/N. I don’t know maybe it’s the way you see things.. or the way you talk about the sunsets and sunrises.. or how you inspire me when we talk deeply! I love you, okay? I can’t help it! Please. Don’t hurt me by feeling indifferent..” You smiled. “I was just gonna say I love you too.” It kind of just happened. He kissed you for the the very first time.

Two Bit:

Two Bit is a hilarious, rather unexpected guy. He knew you had a major crush on him. Your friends wouldn’t keep their mouths shut. He always thought you were a cute girl and since you liked him, he wanted to take the advantage. Rather than asking you out, he took you by surprise.


You caught your boyfriend with some other chick a few months ago. Since then, you’ve been cynical about love. You couldn’t count how many times you’ve gotten your heart broken. You thought he was finally the guy you were going to spend the rest of your life with. You start pouring out to a close guy friend. Darry Curtis. “I get my hopes up high just to be tossed around by another jerk. It hurts a whole lot! Have you ever felt this way Darry?” He looks down. “Not in that sense, but it really hurts knowing the person you love most being tossed around like that.” He pulls you in.

The Outsiders Preference: How He Hugs You...

Requested by anon


Hugging Pony was something else, it wasn’t ever quick. It was slow and this feeling of emotional stability that you loved so much. He’d hold you and never let go if he could.


Johnny relied on you more than you relied on him. You hugged him and it was your way of telling him everything would be okay, that you’d be there for him and that you loved him. 


Two-Bit was ever the joker; he didn’t hug, he picked you up and swung you around like a rag doll until you felt sick. While you complained about it at the time, you actually kind of liked it. 


Darry was a great big bear of a man in some respects, he liked hugging you from behind and you liked how you felt to small and secure. He enveloped you completely and it was magnificent. 


Sida liked to hold you and hug you at breakfast, usually while he was making it. He was a child quite often, and a real ladies man, but hugging you was about showing how much he cared. How he loved you. 


Steve was ever the show off and would hug you when you least expected it. You’d usually find arms wrapping around your waist and fingers slightly tickling your sides. 


Dally was a hard hood. He never was soft in front of the others, it was when you were alone that he’d hug you and talk softly to you wrapped together under blankets.