the outsiders 1967

mrs curtis: *holding her second born* honey what should we call him

mr curtis: sodapop

mrs curtis: 

years later

mrs curtis: *holding her third born* honey what should we call him?

mr curtis: ponyboy

mrs curtis: 

johnny cade ; affection

kissing, cuddling, and hugging headcanons.

◉ johnny holds your hand in public.

◉ he doesn’t kiss you in public unless the gang encourages him too, to which he’ll blush and obey.

◉ but, he will wrap his arm around you in public.

◉ you weren’t entirely sure yourself, but you taught johnny how to french kiss.

“you just kind of use your ton—”

let’s just say he’s a fast learner.

◉ you don’t fancy cuddling in the lot so most of the cuddling takes place on your couch or in your bed.

◉ he’ll take either role in spooning because he likes them both equally.

◉ he really likes when you lay your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat.

◉ he likes the way you pet and stroke his hair so much, cradling his head to your chest when he’s crying and gripping your waist.

◉ he likes to kiss your neck softly and hold onto your waist from behind.

◉ johnny loves when you give him a back massage, because you straddle his waist.

he’ll never admit it, though.

◉ similar to when his face and chest needed to be bandaged. this time, he was facing up and the sight of you on him was definitely enough to dull the pain.

◉ johnny likes to hug you with his hand on your lower back. bc then he literally like hide you in his arms.

◉ he buries himself into your neck, grinning.

◉ sometimes he’ll pick you up in the embrace, dropping you back down once you squeal.

◉ johnny does a lot of kissing and cuddling at night.

◉ he loves kissing you in your bed while practically hugging you.

◉ was shy at first with kissing, but soon began invading your mouth unexpectedly 25/8.

◉ while kissing, johnny’s hands will find your waist and he’ll hug you as you kiss him. no joke, he’ll like squeeze you.

◉ if he doesn’t kiss you by surprise, he asks to kiss you and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

◉ johnny doesn’t think of kissing a way to start sex. he can and will be happy with sitting on your couch and kissing for an hour.

◉ he likes to convey his feelings and love for you in kisses. he tries different ways and makes sure he’s gone over every part of your mouth.

◉ johnny johnny johnny so innocent but sofuckinggood.

◉ feels accomplished when you moan, and doesn’t it say it, but sort of signals for you to keep doing it and/or be louder.

steve randle relationship/sex headcanons

steve randle; relationship/sex.

✦ “I can’t stand you, you know that, right?”

✦ “I don’t exactly like you, either.”

✦ “I love you.”

✦"I-I love you, too.“

✦ taking care of steve after fights or after his dad hits him.

✦ him bringing alcohol he stole from his dad to drink with you.

✦ “All these other girls — tell ‘em I love ‘em but I never do. I don’t get attached to people. Other than Soda, maybe. I think I love you and I don’t know what to do about that.”

✦ making fun of each other.

✦ feeding each other. yes, you’re that obnoxious couple.

✦ playing with his hair, his head in your lap.

✦ him venting to you and apologizing a million times after.

✦ wrapping his fists after he explains he punched the wall at his house when his dad was being, well, him.

✦ picking up the pieces when his dad decides to act decent for a while, and then, doesn’t.

✦ breaking up when he’s afraid you’ve broken down his walls.

✦ he enjoys cuddling with you.

✦ but not like innocent pony cuddling.

✦ not the same. learn the difference, my friends.

✦ purposefully leaves his lunch so you have to bring it to the dx.

✦ loves making you clean his face off from cake.

✦ seriously he likes being babied and taken care or.

✦ two-bit calls it mommy issues.

✦ steve said his friend would know because he has daddy issues.

✦ “so that you’d also know then, too, huh, stevie?”


✦ that’s how steve beat up two-bit that one time at the barbecue.

✦ steve likes to pick you up and spin you around at random times.

✦ does the classic : *hands you twenty bucks* “get yourself something nice, you hear?”

✦ annoys the shit out of you. especially since if you give the money back, it magically appears under your pillow.


✦ scolds your cooking habits even though he can barely make anything besides meat related dishes.

✦ strange but true. 


✦ wakes you up with eskimo kisses.

✦ gives huge dramatic sighs when your point is stronger.

✦ "listen…”

✦ humps like a dog that’s not fixed.

✦ hates but loves when you get him hard while spooning.


✦ it’s purposeful.

✦ is that idiot under the table.

✦ is that idiot under the table whenever you’re at the curtises or with your parents.

✦ if protection didn’t exist he’d have to create a motel to store all those kids.

✦ a chain of them, really.

✦ in short, he sort-of-not-really would make you reproduce like a jackrabbit.


✦ might possibly have a daddy kink.

✦ it’s the confidence and cockiness part. he likes to be in control.

✦ gave you instructions on how to give your first blowjob.

✦ no regrets.

✦ style and pace depends on mood. generally extremely fast. 

✦ isn’t the kind of guy who “takes care” of the girl.

✦ isn’t overly concerned about you getting off first, but he knows you will, anyway.

✦ you do. you know that you do.

✦ steve likes to go at it all night at least once a month.

✦ steve and sexual should rhyme.


✦ sometimes you gotta get to the bottom of his problems, because he tries to hop up on you (nifxjs) and you know something’s not right.

✦ always stupidly thinks sex will make him feel better.

✦ sometimes you gotta just stop him and go , stevie wyd , and the venting etc. ensues.

✦ likes to compare your previous boyfriends to himself. bc duh, he’s soo much better.

✦ this is super long!! request more so I can continue if you’d like, or anything else your heart desires.

ponyboy hugging, kissing, & cuddling.

♡ when he hugged you for the first time, he had his arms on your upper back and you were like “pony wyd ” and ever since then he’s given the best hugs.

♡ now, he likes to hug you and let his hands smoothly travel down to your butt, squeezing.

♡ he enjoys simple kisses more than long, romantic ones.

♡ he says he likes the meaning behind short kisses more.

♡ he likes cuddling oh my

♡ you lay on the Curtis couch in front of him, and he grabs and pulls your hips to his to be closer.

♡ but it’s stupid, because he always ends up hard.

♡ loves when you lay your head on his chest and his arm wraps around you.

♡ sleeps with his face hidden in your neck with an arm across your middle.

♡ pony is surprisingly good at kissing.

♡ rubs circles on your waist while kissing.

♡ he whimpers when you pull his bottom lip between yours.

♡ is the type to shut the door and unexpectedly slam the girl against it and kiss tf out of her.

♡ you leap into his arms and he catches you, but you still end up falling right near his lips.

♡ “So, Soda, you wouldn’t believe what I saw yesterday. It was your brother cuddling with Y/N on the sofa.”

♡ “I wouldn’t call it ‘cuddling’ exactly —”

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I am constantly torn on whether or not Sodapop went to Vietnam. So I’m going to jot down my thoughts here. Feel free to add on if I missed anything

Reasons he might have:
- he was a lower class drop out young male (primary target for selective service up to and somewhat even past the 1969 draft lottery)
- se hinton told Rob Lowe that yes, sodapop does go to Vietnam and dies there

Reasons he might NOT have:
- according to his birthdate on the outsiders wiki and the draw dates from the 1969 draft lottery, he’d have been 21 (one year younger the average age of a Vietnam soldier) BUT his calling number was 283
- this means that 282 rounds of drafting went on before his number would’ve been called, making his chances of being called up fairly low
- Hinton also said at a later date that if something didn’t happen in the books it isn’t canon
- sodapop canonically tore a ligament before the books occurrences, meaning that if it was severe enough, even if he had been drafted he might not have even passed the physical.

Results: we can safely pretend that Sodapop got to live happily ever after and have the evidence to back it up

johnny cutting ponyboy's hair
  • > <b>johnny: </b> *pulls ponyboy's hair*<p/><b>ponyboy:</b> harder<p/><b>johnny:</b> what<p/><b>ponyboy:</b> what<p/></p>
Preference: favorite food

Darry: okay so this boy LOVES meat loaf, but only his mother’s. He found the recipe she used and everyone says he makes it just as good as she did but he doesn’t believe them

Soda: Root beer floats. I guess it could be technically classified as a drink not a good, but he’s obsessed. Also has an unhealthy addiction to Pop Rocks

Pony: spaghetti but he always eats it so messily everyone makes fun of him for it so he only eats it when no one’s looking because he’s temperamental

Two-bit: while chocolate cake is definitely towards the top of his list, he also enjoys French fries a lot. Very greasy fast food french fries are his favorite because he likes to balance out the sweetness of cake with the saltiness of fries and it disgusts Darry a lot TBH

Steve: also likes cake but really only supers likes it when Darry makes it because he’s a way better baker than anyone else, but his actual favorite food is baked beans which no one understands

Johnny: Beef jerky since it like never expires and is easy to carry around. He always has some stuffed in the pockets of his jacket so if he ever has to spend the night in the lot he has something to snack on

Dally: He’s that dude that eats peanut butter straight from the jar with no regrets. Also he had oysters once and really liked it but found out the hard way he was mildly allergic when he got a rash. Doesn’t stop him though, but good oysters are hard for a hood to come by

Tim: Oatmeal raisin cookies. He hates chocolate chip. It’s pretty ridiculous seeing a tough hood munching on a cookie. Also Curly thinks it’s embarrassing that his brother likes oatmeal raisin.

Curly: Spaghetti-O’s. Not real spaghetti like Pony likes, but the ones from the can

Angela: mini powdered doughnuts. Somehow manages to never get her fingers messy or get powder on her clothes. It’s a mystery to everyone