the outside toilet


Every time I go to Home Depot I look at the sheds displayed in the parking lot and think, “I could live in that one”. And I mean, for size and price, it’s actually a plausible thing! It’d be a lot of work to finish and outfit it, wire it for electricity, do the plumbing, and I’d need another smaller shed for my beekeeping and canning stuff, but hey, it’s cheaper than a house. It’s got real stairs and eveything! 

the bonecharm crafting tutorial
  • the Outsider: attach an iron clasp at this end, then twist to seal the whalebone in
  • Emily: *does so*
  • the Outsider: now remember, if you can't get raw whalebone from a bone charm, store-bought is fine!
  • Corvo: whoa. what are you doing. is that sustainably-sourced whalebone? from a fair trade black market dealer?
  • Emily: you KNOW it isn't, dad
  • Daud: back in MY day we couldn't even make our own bonecharms
  • the Outsider: oh here we go again
  • Daud: if you wanted a bonecharm that made you swing your sword faster, you had to dig it out of a toilet!
  • the Outsider: okay that was ONE TIME I left one in there. and nobody asked you to dig it up
  • Daud: *staring out to sea* they call to me
  • Corvo: so does this chokehold

my favourite thing about my newfound love for going to pubs and clubs is drunk girl culture where outside the girls toilets is where friendships are formed with other fellow drunk girls

i made new friends last night and it all started with us complimenting each others hair

i love drunk girls


John appearing in the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore satire, ‘Not Only…But Also’ Christmas Special, filmed on the 27th November, 1966, outside a public toilet on Broadwick Street, London. (Near to Carnaby Street and Berwick Street)

Pic 1 - Cummings Archives/Redferns, Pic 2 - Ron Case, Pic 3 - Monti Spry.

Almost the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, walking my dog pal along the beach and dipping my feet amongst the waves of the sea. What would have made it better was if my other doggy pal was well enough to come too, but her arthritis makes it impossible for her to walk more than the few steps it takes to go outside to the toilet. Gosh I miss walking with her. But apart from that, I had a lovely Saturday, filled with lots of sleeps, vegan iced chocolates, beach adventures, reading outside, fresh coffee and of course bread and avocado.

A mundane but yet strange experience

After waking up after a dream about some evil forest dimension that could only be brought into the real world via “the darkness in the hearts of mankind” (which was really just activated by interacting with slightly bizarre
strange looking objects in a slightly dark shopping mall; it was like a fictitious spooky video game; I even saw a weird sort of skeletal monster that looked like Tyrannosaur skull sitting with the jaw tilted up with the addition of short legs on the bottom clipping/glitching through a random cabinet due to imperfect AI in the game), I had to go on my own personal fetch quest for myself at camp in an atmosphere that felt like a modern horror game since I was so sleepy.
I had to look for toilet paper outside in the dark (there was none in the latrine building) and it felt like some game because I was half asleep. I was just using the light from my cell phone flashlight but my surroundings still looked a bit grayer than usual, and my lack of glasses causing a shorter range of sight made it feel even more bizarre. I was having a little bit of narration in my head like “The grass is wet. I should be careful to not slip,” and “It’s a bit cold outside. Unless I put on more clothing, I should be worried about hypothermia” like I was giving advice to the player.
For some reason, just all the thoughts in my head felt odd and very puzzle-like. Here’s a summary of how it felt

“I woke up in the middle of the night, and I need to use the restroom, but there are no close facilities.”
“The grass is wet and I don’t have much traction in flip flops. I should be aware of exposure to the cold and should minimized my time outside.”
“It’s hard to see farther without my glasses.”
“The light on my phone doesn’t let me see far because it doesn’t light up a large area.”
“The restrooms in the dining hall are too far away from me because it puts me at risk from the cold and slipping on the wet ground.”
“I should investigate my dad’s car for materials.”
“There’s newspaper inside the car that could be of use.”
“The door is locked. I need to get the keys from my jacket in my room of the cabin.”
“I still need to be careful walking down the wet hill.”
“I should try to be quiet so I don’t wake my dad.”
“The alarm went off because I used a key instead of a remote. I should be careful about waking my dad.”
“The car alarm is still going off. I should be careful about waking my dad.”
“The alarm has stopped.”
And I so I went on my way and that was that.

God, this is a weird post.