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What is so morally outrageous about finding video game characters attractive? What's wrong with a fictional character with visually pleasing physical features, and present them as such? Overwatch butt controversy, Quiet from MGS5, this fucking dude from polygon who wants to jerk off to that purple fox from Star Fox, it keeps becoming a 'problem'. If someone wants to pull their pud to a video game character and draw some erotic fanart, what's wrong with that?

Yeah but did you try using Discord?

Observations/Thoughts on Lefou Hype
  • My interpretation of the inciting incident: The director (a gay man in his 60s) was proud that Disney let him envision the character this way, leading to the “exclusively gay” remarks. The media over-hyped it and bombarded the cast with awkward questions. Every BatB interview after Condon’s initial remarks tried to downplay the hype.
  • I’ve seen no evidence that Disney mandated a token gay character for the sake of looking progressive. It seems more like it was Condon’s vision for this specific character and he persuaded Disney to let him go as far as he did. We’ve seen what it looks like when Disney promotes themselves as progressive with the feminist Belle stuff. This was not really that.
  • Most of the *outrage* has not come from the specific demographic that Lefou represents. I’ve seen a lot of gay men say they related to Lefou and liked what the movie attempted to do with the character, even though it wasn’t perfect.
  • My theater was cheering/applauding for Stanley’s makeover and the dance moment at the end, not laughing at them. (in contrast to how they guffawed at the Beast’s transformation) I think it’s possible for things to be both problematic and subversive at the same time?
  • Gad’s Lefou is smart, funny, and cute. He’s liked because he’s likeable, not because he’s flawless representation or we think Disney is a progressive god. This Lefou would have fans and shippers even without the media circus.
  • The response has been more positive than negative, and clearly did not impede the success of the movie. Now that they’ve dipped their toe into the water, I think we can expect more (and hopefully better) representation from Disney in the future.




Got7 Reaction: Their S/O Fangirling Over a Different Band

JB: Jaebum would be kind of angry at first. His initial reaction would be pure amusement, but the more you began to gush about the members and how much you loved them, his smile would begin to fade. Aware of how petty he was being, JB would give you the silent treatment for the rest of the day. He first began doing it because of how offended he was, but slowly he began just to take enjoyment of how frustrated you were. His grudge went away by hour four of his silence, but he still refused to speak to you, only communicating through nods. He almost broke his composure several times throughout the day, but finally did when you were getting ready for bed.

“You’re cute when you’re mad.”

Mark: Despite laughing it off as a joke, Mark would be a little more than irked by your outrageous response to a new album dropping. He was aware that you liked bands other than his own, but he did not expect for you to scream about how good your bias in the group looked. He would play the role of the good boyfriend, however, and buy the album for you. You would pick up on his demeanor pretty easily, for Mark isn’t very good at hiding what he’s feeling. You’d assure him over and over again that Got7 will always be your number one band, and he’ll always be your number one boy.

“Oh come on, Mark! You know that I love you guys a lot more than them!”

“Just wait until our comeback, Y/N. Just wait.”

Jackson: Jackson would instantly be jealous of the member in the band you talked about the most. Hearing you list off the things you liked about him would bring Jackson to think, “What does he have that I don’t?” He would simply sit back and watch you continue to talk about them, a sour look on his face. His frown would slowly dissolve into a loving smile, though, as he watches as your eyes light up while you talk. He loved watching you get so into talking about the things that you cared about, so he tries to get over his jealousy to see you be happy.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, keep going! What’s the leader’s name again?”

Jinyoung: “Pfff, that’s nothing!” Jinyoung would watch the screen intently as you showed him the band’s music video for the first time, talking about how much you loved all of the members as it went on. He would simply shake his head, saying how he could do any of that with no problem. You found it cute that Jinyoung was so jealous he had to try and prove himself over these people you had never met, and only idolized. Once the video was over, Jinyoung presses replay and begins to try and copy the dance moves as they happen. He mutters along with the song, only being able to really belt the chorus since he had picked up on that part the first time he watched it. His dance moves were sloppy, not holding the same precision as the ones in the music video. When it finished, however, Jinyoung stood proud, arms over his chest.

“Told you it was easy.”

Youngjae: Youngjae would be a little hurt hearing you talk about someone else so highly. His heart would sink as you begin to rave about your bias, saying how wonderful he is. He would put on a brave face, though, and beam at you with that lovely smile of his as you continue. You would notice something was off, though, as his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. He would quietly admit to you that he felt he was “lesser” than your bias when you asked him about it. You would pull him in for a tight hug and promise him that he’s all you’ll ever need, no matter what.

“I love you so much, Youngjae, you have no idea.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

BamBam: Bams would join in on your excitement. He would know that he outranked anyone else that you happened to listen to on a regular basis. He would find the way you sang along to their new songs and jumped around to them simply infectious, and couldn’t help but jump in mid-song. He would find your waist and twirl around the living room with you, belting the lyrics as loud as he possibly could. You would sing with him, barely getting the lyrics out past your laughter directed at your boyfriend. After each song he would pull you in for a quick peck, reminding you that he’s the only one you’ll ever need.

“BamBam you’re going to get us evicted!!”

[Continues to sing, making his voice even louder than before]

Yugyeom: Similar to BamBam, Yugyeom would know that he’s the main guy in your life. He knows that there is no competition in your relationship, since he is yours, and you are his. He would simply watch in amusement as you sang along, ranted about them, and even attempted to dance with them. He would help you with your dancing, straightening your arms and showing you which foot should come first. He finds it so cute that you are so passionate about something, even though it isn’t his own band. When you asked him if he were tired of hearing you talk about them, he simply shrugged it off with a smile and asked if you wanted to run through the dance again.

“Jagi, your right foot in front of the other, not the left.”


yay ! first reaction done !

I know this has been done about a million times but I thought I’d try my hand at it.  none of the gifs are mine !!


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Winter Olympics au, any pairing(s)?

1 - Lisa is a figure skater. Cisco is a snowboarder. They are both incredibly embarrassed by how cliché it is, but they’re still dating anyway.

2 - Len is a skater, too, except he’s a speed skater. He was discovered fairly late in the process - he’d been playing around with Lisa on the ice at her request after one of her first days with her brand new Olympics-quality coach, he’d said something outrageous, she’d shrieked and charged at him, and he started skating away as fast as he could. Which is very very fast. He has excellent reflexes. The coach just pulled out his camera, recorded it, and sent it to a buddy of his with a “bet my guy can beat your guy”. Len could, in fact, beat the other guy without any training involved and the other coach adopted him immediately. Once he got the training, he’s now ridiculously fast.

3 - Mick is not an athlete; he’s just there as Len’s husband. He makes friends with literally all the bobsled teams, though. All of them.

4 - Barry is favored to win in the biathlon and several other ski-related sports as well. He has anxiety issues. He bonds with Mick over that, leading to his introduction to Len. Len is a lot of charisma. Barry is starry-eyed and skis better than normal because he is almost literally walking on air.

5 - they get INCREDIBLY drunk after the closing ceremonies. All of them.


Gif source:  Oberyn

Imagine being a fighter and saving Oberyn before the Mountain kills him, consequences be damned.

——— Request for anon ———

Nothing could have stopped you; not the guards, nor your own common sense. After all, to apply common sense required taking the time to think, and you were running on pure instinct as you made your move. Seeing Oberyn in the grip of the Mountain, it took only a second to realize what was sure to happen and it unleashed the protective urges within you.

Before you could be stopped, you had interfered, catching the Mountain so off-guard with your interruption that you had managed, if only for an instant, to grasp the upper hand and push Oberyn to the opposite side of the arena. He fell mostly stunned and cut up rather than the death that was knocking at his door seconds before. The outrage was deafening as it shook you from the adrenaline-fueled heat of the moment and into the reality of what you’d just done.

People were shouting for your head on a spike.

So my high school’s prom is coming up and the school’s administration decides to post THIS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE a whole WEEK before the prom date.

Like I am so outraged. It is 2017 and Stanton College Prep, one of the country’s most highly ranked public schools is shaming their students. And if these students show up in these dresses they get sent away with NO ticket refund. Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. I’ve always hated high school but I’ve never been so ashamed of it in my life. I’m supposed to wear the “alumni” title proudly? No.

And the students are fighting back

As someone who went through high school, the idea of taking a stand for myself or for a cause I believed in was scary. But the seniors at SCP are doing it. Younger generations are becoming more and more aware of the unjust things that are happening and they are FIGHTING BACK.

I am so proud of these students. And their alumni fully supports them.

#SCPGoodGirl #GoodGirl

The essence of evil, the essence of the fall of humanity, it wasn’t eating the fruit, it wasn’t the fruit, it wasn’t the body or muscles. Kissing is good it is not the essence of love, there is another kind. Swallowing forbidden fruit is bad but it’s not the essence of what happened.

The moral outrage, the horror of what happened here was that Adam and Eve desired this fruit more than God. That’s the essence of evil, they delighted more in what the fruit could be for them than what God could be for them. Eating was not the essence of evil because before they ate they had already lost their taste for God.

As long as you see commandment keeping as the essence of good and commandment breaking as the essence of evil, you will never know why you do what you do. You will never know who you are, you will never see the greatness of the majesty of God, you will never see the fullness of the triumph of Christ, you will never know what the glory of the Christian life is all about; if you have simply reduced evil to commandment breaking and good to commandment keeping. It’s not the essence, it’s all result, it’s all overflow, it’s all fruit from this foul fountain of preferring anything to God.
—  John Piper (The Ultimate Essence of Evil)

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From what I have heard, duels were fought for many reasons - even calling someone a name. If one's ward is ruined, that was a BIG deal! As for the Colonel, he was a soldier, and could probably not help thinking as one. In S&S it even says: " Elinor sighed over the fancied necessity of this; but to a man and a soldier she presumed not to censure it." It seemed less of a sentimental act than a protective one (only engaged in after refusal to marry - guardian trying to safe her reputation)


Perceived slights to men’s honour certainly ranged widely, and they fought duels over plenty of shit. It does not save Eliza–the Colonel wins and leaves Willoughby alive, but she is still disgraced for the rest of her life. He could never have forced Willoughby to marry Eliza, and he is well-aware of that. The outrage to her honour is part and parcel of HIS honour, as the ‘virtue’/virginity/chastity of girls/women is inextricably tied to male pride. Brandon is certainly acting within the reasonable frame of responses for a man of his position and temperament, but while Elinor basically throws up her hands and leaves it alone because what hope or right does she have of stopping him now that it’s all over and done with, anyway–and perhaps there’s even a part of her that feels some primal satisfaction that Willoughby got his ass beat even if it wasn’t strictly for Marianne’s sake IN THEORY–she sighs because she KNOWS it does no earthly practical good to any of the people most injured in all of this mess.

Whether or not Erza’s guildmark is blue because of Jellal, it looks nothing like Gary’s hair color. Ship Garyza all week and twice on Sunday but Gary’s hair is black. The reach of implying a bright blue looks anything like black is outrageous.

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Your personality on here is so fake. its not evem believable. Like you expect us to believe that your life is problem-free just because you deflect personal questions with dumb half-assed humor? here's a tip to gain more followers: Don't be fake.

okay it’s one thing to call me fake, but to call my carefully curated humor dumb and half-assed is OUTRAGEOUS.

big shoutout to the dude who wrote forever red with the most outrageously ambitious script ever seen by a power rangers show which included a massive battle with a ton of past megazords, the canonization of his zeo fanfiction, and more. my dude must have no idea what power rangers’ budget was but god bless him for trying