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Every Golden Light Hides a Shadow Ch 1-3

So I randomly decided to post my fanfiction here, cuz why not! These are also posted on fanfic and AOW

Chapter 1:

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in the fiction, all rights to the owners. Blah blah blah- all the usual stuffz.

Marinette sat disheveled in the cell, here eyes blank and emotionless. No matter how hard she tried she was just a girl and those steel bars were not something easy to break, especially since they were made of such fine quality. Her clothes were tattered and she had no idea how long she had been in there. More that just a few days. She was no longer Ladybug, she wasn’t even Marinette anymore. She was a doll that barely had an existence. The fire in her soul was extinguished just like Tikki. The door at the top of the steep stair case squeaked and quickly shut behind the shadow. The person came into the sunlight that peaked from the opposite side of the room. Adrien Agreste. No, she refused to accept this person as Adrien. His hair was black and his eyes were hard, and stern. Unlike they had ever been before.

He was akumatized by Hawk Moth while he was still Chat Noir. It was the first time Ladybug had to fight two people who were akumatized at once, in fact she didn’t know Hawk Moth could do that. She simple thought her black cat had dyed his hair to match his name, or something like that. She did not expect him to rip her Miraculous off of her in the middle of battle like that. But, something snapped in Chat Noir while he was an akuma… or maybe something happened to Hawk Moth, she couldn’t figure it out. Hawk Moth wanted the Miraculous but Chat Noir threw them on the ground and stomped them. Marinette heard Tikki scream in agony as the Miraculous shattered. The other akumatized civilian suddenly lost their akuma and Chat Noir grabbed the sobbing Marinette and ran off with her. She was thrown into a prison-like cell, but she had been too busy fighting to realize where he had taken her.

“Chat Noir! Why! No… Hawk Moth!” She sobbed against the bars. A flash a green entered her sight and she knew Chat transformed back to himself. She looked up to see the face of who killed Tikki. Tikki must have been dead, Marinette thought. There was no other alternative that she could think of. Her sobbing halted from pure shock when she saw the face behind the mask. Adrien Agrests, but his hair was now black, but his face was the same. Next to him a Kwami that resembled a black cat floated, looking as shocked as she was.

“Adrein! What’s wrong with the!” The Kwami shouted, not sure of what had happened.

“What’s wrong bug-a-boo?” the familiar voice questioned, but his face completely blank. Not like the soft expression Adrien often wore, or the gleeful smile Chat always had. Though the face was the same the person himself was now. Was he still akumatized? This was far too drastic for something of that sort… Marinette couldn’t bare it and screamed for him to tell her what had happened. He didn’t answer, just watched as she shook the steel bars that showed no sign of giving way.

“Adrien! Answer me!” she screamed. The kawmi also tried to get answers but all they achieved was putting an annoyed face on Adrien.

“Plagg! Shut up!” He shouted and grabbed the kwami roughly. “I’ll be back… Marinette.”

That had been several days ago and she still received no answers. She was sure that Adrien had not been going to school because he made sure to visit her everyday, several times a day. He would bring her meals and tell her stories. She quickly became broken with this development. He refused to answer any of her questions. Why was he doing this? Are her parents okay? Are people searching for her? How long is he going to confine her?

“Why do you do this?” he asked, much to her confusion. “Every time I hear your voice you only ask questions. Mostly about other people. You used to like me so much!” Tears streamed down his face as he became hysterical. “WHY IS THE ME RIGHT NOW NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!” He grabbed her wrists through the bars as he screamed. She couldn’t respond, just what had happened to him. An akuma could not make him this psychotic, usually people akumatized had a purpose but Adrien seemed to have none. Besides confining Marinette he did nothing else.

“Are you okay?” Marinette finally spoke.

“Me? You finally want to know about me?” he grabbed her chin and kissed her gently through the gap between the bars. “You should’ve done this in the first place. Only think about me. Only love me. No one else, you don’t need anyone else. EVER.” he giggled a little bit and released her. “Oh, I see. It is pretty dull in here… I shouldn’t leave you like this should I? A TV maybe? Books? What would you like Marinette?”

“A TV!” she replied. Then she could get information about the outside world. He looked a little alarmed at her eager answer but let it pass. He left on a quest for entertainment. If she responded the way her wanted he gave in a little to her, but how far would she have to go? It didn’t take him long to return. He stumbled as he carried the medium size, flat screen TV down the stairs. He walked to the far end of the cell.

“Here.” He pointed, his voice very authoritative. He had a pair a handcuffs. “I can’t have you try anything stupid.” he stated. She complied and let him handcuff her to the bar. He set the TV in the room, with an orange extension cord attached. There was an outlet outside of the cell that it could be attached to. “Oh.. Marinette.” He quietly stepped over to her, his eyes shone with a weird sparkle. “I have been longing to touch you.” He stroked her face and tilted her head like he was about to kiss her again. “I really shouldn’t have been surprised that you were ladybug. Your eyes are so gorgeous.” He traced his fingers of his left hand down her side. “And your body is the same too. Though that spandex was so revealing I wonder what it looks like beneath it too.”

“NO!” she slapped his hand away frightened. “Don’t touch me with the same hands that did that to Tikki!”

“Tsk.” He slammed the bared door behind him with a click. “Disobedient” he muttered as he unlocked her handcuffs.

The first channel Marinette checked was the local news. After just a few minutes she saw a missing notice for her. She teared up as she saw her parents crying, pleading for her safe return. It was also all over the news that she was Ladybug, the news cameras captured that exact moment and aired it live. When she finally escaped she would have that joy to deal with… not like she could ever be Ladybug again. Tikki… Her poor friend… It seemed like she spent the last few days crying, she was surprised that she wasn’t out of tears yet.

“Tikki isn’t dead yet.” Plagg whispered. Marinette spun around, scared at the random voice. “Shhh” he warned.

“Adrien’s kwami… Plagg? What do you mean Tikki isn’t dead? And how can I trust you?” She tried to keep her voice down.

“Shhh I don’t have long. Adrien is taking a shower. Something is wrong, deeply wrong… I think the akuma polluted his heart. Anyway I don’t have time for that! Kwami can’t die that easily, I’m sure she will be revived… we just have to wait. I have to go now!” He disappeared through the wall after he gave his brief, broken explanation. So Tikki was alive! She smiled to herself a little, that bit of news glued her heard back together, but the cracks remained. Could Adrien be saved? They just had to clean him of the pollution right? Also assuming Plagg was able to get here and leave in the time-span of a shower, even that of an idol, she must be on the Agreste residence. Now she just needed to know how to save Adrien. But that outburst of his from before. Could this Adrien be the deepest darkest parts of Adrien personified? That thought hurt her deeply as she thought of how much that boy must have suffered in silence. She had to rely on Master Fu and Wayzz to rescue her, even in his old age.

“Why are you pacing like that?” Adrien asked as he walked in on her, deep in thought.

“I-I just need to exercise, Adrien!”

“You finally called my name!” He blushed slightly and touched his head. She noticed he had a huge bag to accompany him.

“What’s that?”

“Ah!” He dumped the bag out to reveal a sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets. “Sleepover.” he stated and pushed some of it through the bars. That night he had insisted sleeping while holding hands, and she had complied due to the new information and speculations. She couldn’t deny this part of Adrien. She didn’t sleep right away though, she watched Adrien’s sleeping face. His hair changed back to the gorgeous blonde it was before in the matter of seconds once he was asleep. It was possible to save him.

“Adrien.” She called out teary eyed. “It’s really you.”

“I’m sorry Bug-a-boo. I’m sorry, Marinette.” He called out in his sleep, his eyebrows scrunched together. He squeezed her hand harder, like a child having a cruel nightmare.

“Please save him, Marinette.” Plagg whispered from behind Adrien. “Please.”

Chapter 2:

Adrien woke up and his hair instantly turned black. Marinette had been watching his sleeping face all night, making sure she captured his regular radiance while she could. He blinked his eyes a few times before locking her in his sight. Their eyes maintained contact for a while before he uttered her name and she composed herself. She pulled her hand out of his, his face dropping at the action.

“You do not look well.” His cold voice stated as he sat up. “Did you not sleep? Because of me?” He looked hurt. This new Adrien was always moody, hurt, and scared. But she could see now that this was in fact Adrien. Well an extreme personification of his hidden emotions. She had concluded that since Chat Noir was so in love with Ladybug that when he turned on her this personality surfaced. In fact it could be viewed as he killed Ladybug, since she couldn’t become the superhero without Tikki. Would Tikki be able to find her once she was healed, or would there have to be a signal of sorts. Plagg wouldn’t be able to help since he was plastered to Adrien’s side. Plagg pretended to sleep so that Adrien would hopefully leave him when he left, and the plan was a success. Marinette grabbed the black kwami and shut herself into the small little toilet room, afraid of being seen.

“What now?” she whispered.

“You act like I know! We just have to wait.”

“You obviously know, since you know to wait.” she shook the cat kwami lightly as he looked guilty.

“You can say… that it is my fault… not the akuma.” his ears drooped as he teared up. “I am a black cat. Black cats are cursed you see? Ladybugs have good luck, black cats have bad luck. They balance each other out. With the ladybug destroyed the balance was destroyed too, hypothetically speaking. Black cat and Ladybug are always a pair and it helps keep the balance. With the balance broken it makes it easier for the curse to be fought, or more specifically almost not exist entirely. In that moment when he crushed you miraculous the curse expanded and took over his heart. This has happened only once before, the curse taking over that is. And we couldn’t save him. We just need to wait for Master Fu and Wayazz.”

“How will they find us though?”

“Wayazz might be able to sense our location. If not Master Fu knows that Adrien holds my miraculous and will have to use his judgment to figure it out.” After his explanation Plagg swiftly disappeared through the walls to find where Adrien was. Marinette felt sick. Was there hope of saving Adrien? To return him to normal? What would happen if she couldn’t? She refused to think about it, she would save Adrien. She curled up in a ball under the soft blankets and fell asleep. Even if she was locked up Adrien still treated her right.

Adrien paced around his room. His hands held tuffs of his dark black hair as he cussed his agitation. Plagg entered through the wall and sat on his bed. There was nothing her could do but let Adrien have his tantrum, something that was common now. If Marinette did not abide by his rules he would have panic attacks. He wanted her to love him. He wanted her to listen to him and always be with him. He didn’t want to control her. He didn’t want to force her. But he wanted her. He didn’t know what to do. He contradicted himself. He fought with himself. The real Adrien was still in there and was always fighting for dominance. He acted as the voice of reason. This was a supernatural split personality that introduced a whole new form of psychosis. After he had his freak out for about two hours he returned to where Marionette was to see he curled up into a small, defenseless ball. He quietly entered into the cell and locked the door behind him. He hid the keys inside his shirt so that she would not have easy access to them. He softly crawled next to her and wrapped his arms around her, feeling the entirety of her warmth. When he was with her his clouded eyes shined a beautiful green, which showed Plagg that there was still hope. Adrien always loved Ladybug. A very innocent boyish love. With the curse that innocent boyish love was contaminated by his desire to have her and he became psychotic. But all the same, his love had always been this great, it was just expressed differently now.

Chapter 3

What had caused Adrien to akumatize in the first place? Marinette couldn’t think of a reason for him to get akumatized, aside from that time on Valentines day. That was different though, he was directly akumatized this time. She paced around the cell as she wracked her brain. Did she do something that day or was she un-involved. This ‘pollution’ seemed to be directly linked to her, but that could have also been because she was the broken link. If she could just figure out the source then it was possible that she could be able to help fix the situation without her miraculous. Plagg had told her to wait but it had already been three days since he gave her that advise. She believed that if Tikki was okay she would have reunited with her by now. Her pacing was interrupted by the loud clunk of the door at the top of the staircase. Adrien happily walked down the stairs with Plagg floating behind with a despairing look. She had not been able to meet Plagg alone after the last time and he always had a sad look plastered on his face. She scurried close to the bars as to reach him sooner. She had decided to become an obedient little pup in order to get his trust, it was the easiest way to get information. It still hurt though, to betray him. She clung to the cold bars as he got closer and called his name.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, mildly surprised. He no longer kept up the neat appearance that the model Adrien had. He looked much more like Chat Noir with his unkempt hair and comfortable clothes.

“I was lonely… thought it would be nice to talk.” she said as she fought back the cracks in her voice. He pulled his chair in front on the bars, just close enough to touch her hand as they talked. She didn’t know if it was his instincts or what but he was definitely being very cautious around her. He rubbed his thumb against the back of her hand lovingly and it gave her awkward butterflies, she wanted HER Adrien to be caring for her like this. “Can we talk? About that day?” She jumped to the point, not sure how to naturally start the conversation and trick answers out of him. His gentle caressing turned into a rough grip instantly. His green eyes grew hazy as he looked up at her.

“What do you mean?” He growled as he stood.

“Well… I just.. want to know what happened. What upset you so much to lead to this?” Marinette’s posture shrunk as he intimidated her. His face grew dark and twisted as he contemplated his answer. What made the situation more frightening was when a sinister smile spread across his face. He cocked his head to the side before he thrust his arms through the bars. He grabbed her in a painful hug against the metal. She gasped and fought against it out of confusion but that only succeeded in making his grip stronger.

“So you do care?” He chuckled in her ear. His hot breath caught her off guard and ended her thrashing. “Why do you care?” He suddenly violently pushed her away and she fell against the hard floor. His smile was still painted on his face, she had never seen such a scary expression. She shivered as he looked down at her. “Answer me. Why-Do-You-Care?” Plagg tried to calm the angered boy down but almost got injured as Adrien threw his arm towards the poor kwami. He kicked the bars to 'encourage’ the terrified girl to finally answer him.

“B-b-because.. I love you.” Normally when someone confessed their love they shone a cute cherry hue, but in this situation there was a complete lack of color in Marinette’s face.

“Who do you love?” He seemed to calm down a little but his demeanor didn’t change and kept her terrified. The question confused her but she felt too afraid to not answer.

“You.” She gulped as she hoped the simple answer was satisfactory.

“Who? What is his name?” He insisted.

“Adrien?” she answered confused. He began to chuckle softly before breaking out into an insane laughter. Her eyes grew wide as she watched the odd display in front of her and she crawled as far back as she possibly could. Plagg was silently shushing her in the background and she gladly took the advice. Plagg probably knew more about the situation, it was too bad that Adrien seemed to have him on lock down.

“Everyone loves Adrien! Adrien Agreste! The model. The perfect son of a powerful man. A good student. Rich, good looking, smart, and well-behaved. That is who you love right? That is what you said right?” He continued laughing as he sang his praises. “My Lady of course you love someone like that, he is perfect right?” Then his face suddenly dropped, his smile finally disappeared into a twisted, pained expression. “But you didn’t love Chat Noir. I confessed so so so so so many times. But I was not good enough. Why did you have to think the fake was better than the real? Chat Noir risked his life for you so many times. Loved you so many times. Gave so much for you. But you loved a man that did nothing for you.” Adrien at some point stopped talking to Marinette and just repeated himself over and over with unfocused eyes. That was when it clicked, what she did that day.

chanyeol: sehun please pretend for me until it gets released in korea…please…

sehun in a yellow wet suit: …its me pikachu *sticks a fork into an outlet* thunderbolt….

chanyeol: *throws oranges at him* come to papa……

bluecamellia replied to your post “But what if we really want to give you money?”

didn’t the fuckwit say media should shut up and listen more (to the people)? significant difference, no?

First of all, any time anyone in power says “listen to the people” in any context, please substitute VERY LOUD EMERGENCY SIRENS going off in your head because here’s the thing:

You cannot actually listen to All The People. It’s impossible for even the most well-meaning politician; there are too many people, and significant chunks of them hold contradicting views. (For example, some people in the US believe that if an individual’s skin reflects light at a certain wavelength, they are subhuman. Some people do not believe that. These views are incompatible and both cannot be considered when making policy decisions.) Even the most lovingly crafted compromise between two fundamentally opposed groups is going to make some people unhappy. The Affordable Care Act is a good example of a compromise that resulted in a net good, and look at how angry people are about that.

Which means that every politician is listening to some people. Not all. Who exactly gets to be the “some” is a question we should always, always ask about our elected representatives.

It’s not always bad! Theoretically, we’ve set up a system that rewards politicians who listen to their “some”—if a politician listens to their constituents, they get reelected, which means there’s incentive to listen to at least 51% of their constituents. A politician’s “some” might include the groups they feel strongly about—for example, my alderman is passionate about stopping domestic violence, and the Chicago sheriff has thrown his weight behind mental health care in prisons. But there’s always a “some” and it can just as easily be major donors, special interest groups, or their own party members.

Especially because Strategist Stephen Bananas wasn’t elected, or even nominated to an existing Cabinet position, which requires review & approval by Congress. There’s no incentive for him to listen to anyone but himself and those he already agrees with.

Secondly, he did not say “listen to the people” in the first place. Steven wants the media to shut up and listen to Orange & Co, because the majority of news outlets predicted Clinton would win the election, and somehow that is “humiliating” and a “failure”???

Which, even if it was

Freedom of the press isn’t a game, and the media outlets relied on by the American people aren’t a sports team. You don’t get to bench players when they report exit polls just because the exit polls said it would be Clinton. You don’t get to shout at them because they are writing articles about crowd sizes, or favorably ratings, or poorly-received speeches. You actually don’t get to tell them how or when or what to do with their jobs at all.

The free press does not work for the government.

America has very few protections for individual privacy and security the way EU nations do. If we lose freedom of the press, we will lose all control of information. Right now we get by (barely, Snowden and violations of the 4th amendment are a discussion for another day) by saying that no one is protected, and so everyone has a right to know all but what is constitutionally protected. If Woodward and Bernstien uncover Watergate, well, the President shouldn’t have gotten caught sabotaging and defrauding in the first place. If Bethany McLean and Paul Krugman start shouting about impossibly high Enron stock prices, then Enron shouldn’t have been engaging in shady business practices.

America relies on journalists specifically not to listen to the received wisdom from on high. (Doesn’t matter who’s on high.) Or even to listen to the people—not without reservation, fact-checking, polls, follow-up leads, articles series on “what really happened” and questioning of their own methods along with everybody else’s. Journalism goes bad and sour when it accepts without question, when it stews in its own biases, and we always need it not to accept without question. Everywhere. With everything and everyone.

I can see how that’s threatening to an administration that would like us to believe claims without proof (illegals voting!) and disbelieve the evidence of our eyes (inaugural crowd sizes!) and ignore every flavor of scientific inquiry (climate change is a hoax!) 

But also, fuck them.

Additionally, just overlay this whole situation with another layer of bizarre irony, Strategist-in-Chief von Fuckstick ran the largest neo-nazi news site in the US for years. He IS the media.

for reference, relevant quotes from the interview below the cut….

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Just a little thing

Pull up a chair cause this is a little long, but damn guys, it’s worth the read.

Can I just say how thankful I am to be part of a fandom that has amazing artists and writers? Like for real though. And even more amazing is the progression I see from each person that contributes fanwork. Like, I have seen a LOT of you guys grow and hone your skills and get so much better and it just really makes me smile knowing that I get to be part of that. I have had the pleasure in being able to talk to so many of you guys on a personal basis either in the streams, or through asks, or via skype convos. I haven’t ever been part of a fandom this close knit before, let alone one that you see so much support for every single artist, fan fiction author, and the like. It just really makes me so damn happy. And on top of that, it inspires me, as an artist and fan fiction author to keep working harder and getting better, so I also want to say thank you for that. <3

In case you are new to the fandom, here are some quality fanwork contributors to follow:

- mori-draws/ 0-memento-mori-0 ; I think Mori at this point is well known in the fandom as the one awesome artist that is in LOVE with the little itty bitty baby hellion, Felix. But 10/10 amazing artist and an even more amazing person with a huge heart <3

- critbonus : I think many people associate Crit with her lovely drawings of True form Satan and just Satan in general along with Holy Hell. However she is just a wonderful person that deserves a lot of love because she has some amazing headcanons and is just an amazing person to talk to all around. <3

- casuallybread : In case you didn’t know, this precious loaf is just super hella good and AMAZING with wings. Like I’m pretty sure her art is well known throughout the fandom, but I think what’s even more amazing about her is that she is just really sweet and caring and really is an amazing person to know <3

- meandsatan : While Mea hasn’t been drawing for that long, I’ve seen her art skills just grow so much in such a short period of time. She also has contributed some pretty amazing memes and some really amazing birb headcanons and just is really damn funny as all get out and a wonderful person. <3

- thesavvythorn​ / savvys-writing-blog : Savvy is a very cute cinnamon bun who’s writing I have seen progress a lot since I started seeing her write for the fandom. She also is very giving and a very sweet person. If you haven’t followed her writing blog, please do! <3

- hippywhippy : Toastie is a very amazing writer in the fandom, and while she doesn’t write very often, the wait is worth it because all of her fics are just 10/10 amazing. I remember liking her writing ever since she wrote Demon Queen Nat nearly a year ago. She also is a very wonderful person who likes talking with others as well! =3

- katiesfic : Katie is a very amazing writer and just all around is one of the stream goers that just never fails to make me laugh. Like, if you haven’t at all read her fic Stranded, you really should. She also is just a very wonderful person all around so go chest bump this Bro and give her a follow! <3

- doodle-caboodle : Dio is another fanwork contributor that does a lot of amazing stuff. Like I remember seeing their Raph piece that they did a while back and just being BLOWN away by how amazing their work is. They also do amazing doodle comics called Brows and Lashes which I love! And although I haven’t talked to them in a while, they are a very cool person to know! =3

- heathazehero : ANOTHER FANTASTIC ARTIST in the fandom. Like, WOW, I am completely blown away by their art and just, WOW, okay??? I don’t really know what else to say other than you should go follow them! Also, quality blog! =D

- delightfullydanni : Danni is a sweetheart and nothing you can say will tell me otherwise. I have seen Danni’s artwork grow progressively better and she has some of the funniest little things to contribute and add. A very wonderful person to know as well! <3 

- elsk-et : Elsket is an amazing artist who has done some really cute stuff. I don’t know her that well, but I can tell you that her artwork is ON POINT. =)

- 1000caloriemichaelietrash : I have to tell you, I absolutely adored her from the moment I saw her write the first piece of Sheipos fanfic ever (Surprising, I know lol) But believe me when I say that she is a very amazing writer and sweet person of the times I’ve talked with her! =D

- skeletabutt: Skelle has progressively gotten so much better with her art and just wow, Skelle is just a really cool person. DId I mention that skelle has claimed her place in this fandom as they typo queen, young and sweet, only typoteen? But for real, Skelle is a wonderful person to get to know! =3

- daniellekoste : While I haven’t had a chance to really read a lot of her writing, I do know, of what I have read, that she has written some really good stuff! She also is a very wonderful person from interacting with her in the streams. =)

- Lord, I know I am forgetting a LOT of other amazing artists, writers, and fanwork contributors, but can I just say that if I did forget you, I am truly sorry. You all are amazing and all of your contributions help to make this fandom what it is and please know that your contributions do not go unnoticed at all. <3 I promise that you all are appreciated and I wish I had the time and space to list you all because holy cow, hot damn it’s just amazing to have amazing individuals create and contribute to this fandom. Please don’t ever stop and keep up everything you guys do. From one fanartist to another, Thank you so so so much for all that you all do. 

And from the bottom of my heart as a fanartist/fanfic author, thank you to all of you who like and reblog our works, because it means SO SO SO much to us. Without you guys, while we still would create, I don’t think that many of us would be where we are right now without you, so I want you to know that you guys are very much appreciated as well. <3 Thank you, honestly, from the bottom of my heart. 


AND OF COURSE, LET US NOT FORGET THE REASON WHY WE ARE ABLE TO CREATE AND THE REASON FOR A LOT OF OUR CREATIVE OUTLETS, orange-plum . Thank you mom Orange for creating a comic which has brought together so many amazing people whom many of us have grown close to and for making a comic which has inspired SO MANY amazing pieces of fanwork. Without you, a lot of us would have never met and have been able to grow into an amazing SaMily. Thank you, truly. <3

Welp, I think that concludes my mushy goodness, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging. =)

Stay Awhile (Ashton Smut)

Rated: R

“Just fucking…no feelings…no strings…no exceptions.”

Those were the guidelines I whispered into the ear of the one and only Ashton Irwin. I knew who he was. He was our local bad-boy, probably dabbling into things he shouldn’t and never outgrew his rebellious, teenage boy phase. He was attractive with power to boot and when he’d shown up at one of the most sought out and expensive clubs in the area, I knew I wanted him.

“You can’t pull that off. Girls always fall for me, you can’t keep it purely sex.”

I laughed. He obviously didn’t know me. “Your ego is too big. Don’t worry about me falling for you…it would never happen.”

“Don’t be so sure about that honey.”

I smacked my lips, “you know what? I’ve changed my mind. Your ego is too big for my tastes.”

“I’ve definitely got a big ego. I’m sure I could satisfy you,” he growled in my ear.

“I’d like to see you try.”

“Wait here,” he said then disappeared. I danced by myself to pass the time, catching the gaze of many others but I only wanted one person tonight. Hands snaked around my hips and slid up my dress, rubbing me through my panties.

“Let’s go. There’s a black van waiting in the back. Are you sure about this?” He whispered in my ear. I nodded and he took my hand, leading me to a door that opened into the alleyway where a black van was waiting. It took us to a nice hotel and we hurried inside.

I wasn’t offended by all the secrecy to get us to the hotel unseen. I, equally, did not want anyone to see us together. It wasn’t the hate from groupies of his or any people out to kill him but my own social standings. I didn’t want the entire empire I’d created from my grandfather’s start-up empire to crumble, all for nothing more than a simple fuck. I wasn’t going to ruin my reputation with potential clients so I could carelessly fill my sexual needs.

When we reached our hotel room, most likely organized by someone Ashton knew because we didn’t want to be seen coming from each other’s houses, he shut the door, pouncing on me immediately. He attacked my lips, bruising and pulling at my hair as I fought to tear off his shirt.

“Feisty, aren’t we?” He chuckled.

“You have no idea,” I murmured against his lips.He shoved me against the wall, lifting my leg and wrapping it around his waist as he licked and nibbled along my neck and collarbone, which was the softest and ticklish spot on my body besides along my spine.

I moaned into the kitten-licks and gentle caress of his teeth, bringing his large hands down to my upper thighs, sliding them up so they took the hem of my dress with them, exposing my red lace panties. I grinded my clothed heat against his crotch, earning a groan from him that vibrated along my clavicle, which felt like heaven.

“Oh my god,” I croaked, voice hoarse and deep from lust and want. He reached up, digging his fingers into my hair and clamping them onto my scalp, yanking my neck to the side and pulling the strap of my dress down. He dug his teeth into the tendons barred, soothing the pain with the coolness of his tongue, darting across my skin and feeling so good as it trailed down my chest.

He yanked the rest of my dress down my body, taking my strapless bra with it, resting his teeth at the tip of my breast and sucking my nipple in. He bit harshly into the bud and I yelped with pain, jumping and grabbing his shoulders, sighing and knees shaking as he ran his tongue over my nipple relentlessly. His other hand reached up to give my other breast the same amount of attention, gentle caressing my nipple with the rough,calloused pads of his fingers. He switched and when I dug my nails into his shoulders, I looked down to see him smiling up at me, my nipple trapped between his grinning teeth.

He kissed and nibbled along my rib-cage, down my stomach to my pelvis, biting against each point of my hip. I tangled my fingers in his hair and tugged, pushing my hips forward into his waiting mouth. He hooked my panties with his finger and pulled them down slowly, tossing them somewhere behind him.

“Oh Y/N, you’re soaking wet…poor baby. Do you want me to help you?” He teased, winking up at me.

“I swear I will castrate you if you don’t do something Irwin.”

He chuckled, “you are feisty, I love it when you talk dirty baby. You want me to touch you, you want me to love your core?”

“Yes,” I groaned, my voice cracking as I tossed my head back. He rested my legs on his shoulders and pressed me against the wall, lifting me up onto them as he stood. I wrapped my legs around his head and when I felt him lick a stripe down the slit of my core, I nearly lost control.

I hadn’t felt this in a while and it was nearly killing me. My own touch was not nearly as satisfying as the touch of another but no touch could be as satisfying as Ashton’s upon my core. He tongued my clit, sucking it into his mouth and harshly pulling on it. I cried out, using his head as leverage as I pressed his face farther between my legs. He obliged to my needs and proceeded to tongue-fuck me into oblivion.

He set me down as I came down from my high, nearly unable to stand. Instead, I got down to my knees in front of him, unbuttoning his trousers and pulling down his zipper, yanking his pants down his legs. He pulled me back up and kissed me deeply, his tongue invading my mouth and softly touching mine, slowly but surely pulling me under an intoxicating spell.

“I won’t last, Y/N. I can’t last.”

“You can…I won’t take no.” Slipping my hand into his boxers, I stroked his length with a feather-light touch. He shuddered under my touch and placed his hands on the sides of my head, trapping me against the wall as he nibbled on my ear.

“Baby, if you keep that up, I’m going to cum.”

“I’m perfectly fine with that. We can work you up again,” I whispered into his ear, licking the outer-shell and tugging on the lobe. I traced my lips along the back of his ear and down his neck, biting into his collarbone, his skin salty with a thin sheen of sweat and the hint of cologne resting on my tongue. I pulled his boxers down and traced his tip along my clit.

“Stop,” he grabbed my wrists and pressed them into the wall, rubbing himself against me. He stepped out of his pants and grabbed his wallet, pulling out a condom and ripping the foil with his teeth, rolling it on himself. “I want you now. Jump.”

I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist as he positioned himself at my entrance, slowly sinking into me. He let me adjust for a second before jumping into a fast, angry pace. I groaned, pressing my face into his neck as he attacked my g-spot, reaching down to rub my clit as I tightened myself around his thick length. He groaned, pounding himself into me as I screamed out in pleasure, gripping his shoulders deeply. I hadn’t ever been fucked as well as he was giving to me right now, I was on cloud nine before I’d even hit my high.

My orgasm was nearly approaching and I could feel myself getting tighter and tighter around him. I knew he was around the corner because he started to jerk and get sloppy. He pounded even harder, faster, and deeper to make sure I hit my high. Then it all crashed around me and I screamed his name into his shoulder, feeling my legs turn to jello but he wasn’t there yet and all the extra pounding caused a third, mini orgasm to add to the aftershocks of my second one. I latched on tightly to Ashton because if I let go, I’d fall to the ground and loose myself. My vision went white and for a second I think I blacked out. I felt like a monsoon had gone on, ending the drought I’d been feeling.

He picked me up and laid me on the bed as I sighed deeply, still feeling tingles from my double orgasm.

“You okay beautiful?” He asked me, brushing the hair back from my face.

“Mmm hmm,” I responded, sighing as he gently brushed over the deep, purple marks along my body that would remain for days on end.

“We should do this again sometime,” he whispered in my ear.

“You’re probably the best fuck I’ve ever had, we are definitely doing this again.” I got up from the bed and got dressed. He stared at me from the bed as I placed the dress over my head.

“Where are you going?”

“Home. No strings…no feelings…no expectations…though your ego was definitely bigger than I imagined.” I called my driver to come around with the limo at the back of the hotel.

“You aren’t going to stay the night, not beg to cuddle?” He asked happily.

“I’m not into that mushy shit. I got that out of my life years ago.”

“Right. Famous female entrepreneur, rich grandfather, business passed down.”

“You got it and I have no intentions of having anything more to do with you than fucking.”

I left to meet my driver, and old friend, Alby down in front of the hotel. In the late hours of the night, no one would see me as I climbed into the limo and it pulled away to get lost in the city of Sydney. We reached my penthouse and I walked up to my room, passing out on my bed.


In the morning, I changed out of last nights dress and lingerie set for soft, cotton underwear set, yoga pants, and a loose-fitting t-shirt, scrubbing my face free of make-up and throwing my hair into a sock-bun. I took my contacts out and place hem in a solution, putting on my old, black nerdy glasses before heading down to the kitchen for something to eat.

Alby was in the kitchen when I wandered in for breakfast.

“Good morning Alby.” I sat down at the island, scooping the fried eggs into my mouth and taking a bite of my Vegemite toast.

“Good morning Y/N. Do you know what you’re doing with this boy?”

“Yes Alby. I’m careful. I don’t like him like that, he is just an outlet for my sexual frustrations.” I drank my orange juice as I nibbled on a banana.

“Remember what your grandfather said.”

“Keep your enemies close and love far away from you or you will never succeed.” I rolled my eyes and picked up my coffee, jumping from the stool and putting my dishes in the sink.

“I know you Y/N, ever since you were a small girl. You are a sucker for a challenge.”

“I’d hardly call this a challenge. I’ll barely see him, he’s always busy with very illicit things and worrying about his own business. It will only be when he’s in town and we want each other.” I walked out onto the terrace and looked down at the city below me. I wouldn’t fall for Ashton Irwin, it was impossible. My heart was made cold by years of neglect from my parents and the death of my grandfather that broke my heart. The only man I ever had any actual time for was Alby and he will be the only one.

I made a promise to myself that day, on that terrace, that I would never fall for Ashton nor any other man.

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So this one time my friend & I met Alex Gaskarth at the outlets in Orange and it was an intresting experience. When I got to the outlets like at 8:30 am there was already a huge line of people. I was so scared I wasn’t going to get a bracelet. So my friend & I waited in line about two hours hoping we would get a bracelet. Later they started handing out bracelets. My friend told me about how this one time she went to a signing she got cut off 5 people in front of her. I was getting more worried. The people with the bracelets finally came closer & we managed to get one, I was so happy. We waited 5 more hours in line it was so hot but overall it was worth it we got into the store we said hi to Alex and asked him to homecoming he said “I was I could go but i’m not allowed into schools anymore.” He was such a great guy we finally took a picture and I asked him for a handshake. Overall waiting 8 hours and getting the most weirdest tan was worth meeting him and asking him to homecoming.