the outings

Have you noticed that the guys’ 7 years of One Direction tweets get three, four, five times the number of likes and retweets than even their tweets announcing the release of their latest songs? …It’s almost like One Direction fans care more about being thanked for their support than about actually supporting their solo music. 🤔

Like I’m sorry, I know there’s already a saturation of Supergirl wank about this. It’s just…it makes me sick to think that looking back, Benoist almost definitely told McGrath about Supercorp while laughing, like “oh how funny people think there’s something here.” And McGrath went back and found it compelling, which is beautiful, but it’s so damn disappointing that she was quite alone in her approach to it all.


What if the person in the tank is real Jeanne and the Jeanne we know isn’t Jeanne??
In the last pixie we can clearly see that Jeannes hair is longer than her arms and the person in the tank also.

Maybe there are two Jeannes? Because we know Jeanne as the warrior with the ultra soft side, yes this is a very good character right here but. I think Ruthven forced her to go to that date (look at her face in the last pages, amelia doesn’t know from who the little piece of paper is). Now there’s the question:

Does Jeanne actually know about Ruthvens - let’s call it - plan? Because well, maybe, but not fully because shed never be OK with Luca being killed off. So uhm…?

I know this may sound weird but think about it, what if there are two Jeannes or the real Jeanne is in the tank and what we know is just like… a clone with short hair? (Why would she even cut this hair omg her hair is so beautiful omgggg)

Wanted to take her back to my place.
Driving 90, let the cops chase.
Making her damn it feels so good face.
And she don’t wanna wait, no, wait till we get home. 

… It’s better when it feels wrong -
It’s better when it feels wrong….

seriously, hell yes. i listen to Wrong so many times when i’m getting in the zone to draw Red every damn time, @what-is-fanart-even.

not just the lyrics of the song making me think about him with an s/o or illicit hookup… but just the attitude and vibe of the song.

too. good.