the outback steakhouse

3 am: *hits*

hunger: *strikes*

me: outback

demon looming above my bed: steakhouse

(in unison): bloomin onion. outback steakhouse bloomin onion with the nice bloomin onion dipping sauce

When you must abstain from red meats for the time being because of your gout but the new Outback Steakhouse across from the Palais de Justice is having a 25% OFF SALE for BISHOPS AND ARCHDEACONS

Some fun facts you may not know about the Columbine shooters

ERIC (Left)
-His co-workers reported that he had a facination with fire.
-He had an intrest in baseball cards.
-Eric collected sauce bottles.
-Books about nazism was found in his bedroom.
-On his pc there was found pictures with symbols of nazism.
-He wrote a letter to the creators of doom with suggestions. His suggestions were released 2005.

DYLAN (Right)

-One christmas, his only gift was a very valuable and expensive baseball card.
-His last dinner before the tragedy was at Outback Steakhouse, april 19th.
-He had a fear that coyotes would attack his 2 cats.
-He did not like the taste of coffee, but enjoyed the smell of it.
-He wore reading glasses but either broke them or lost them, causing not to wear them anymore.

On This Day in History

April 19th, 1995

Timothy McVeigh executed what is now known as the Oklahoma City Bombings. He bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Building. There were 168 confirmed deaths.

April 19th, 1999

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. The following day they would shoot up their high school, killing 13 others and injuring 24. They would later kill themselves.

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How would eric be a scary boyfriend?! Explain

Well, let’s ask Eric’s various dates to do the explaining as to why, shall we? ;)

         Valerie Lage

  • Told her that he was planning his mother assassination and she stated she just laughed because she thought he was joking but stated now she realizes he was serious based on the look of his face at the time 
  • Told her he wanted to be “infamous” and told her that he would achieve that by building his own bomb which would be powerful enough to blow the whole country. Showed her picture of his bomb designs on the computer.
  • Told her he had a violent temper and when he got mad he would scream, throw things and threat to kill people
  • She said that Eric told her he would never hurt her cause she was his girlfriend.  (That’s an veiled idle threat if I ever heard one loll)

    Jennifer Sweet
  • Dated two weeks didn’t talk to him after that, except when he called her one time and asked her for a ride because he was stuck somewhere. She denied his request. 
  • She stated that a week after they dating he continued to called her and telling her he loved her, she finally told him that the relationship was over and to stop calling her.

    Sasha Jacobs
  • Told her that he hated life and people
  • Eric told her his parents searched his bedroom and found all the bombs he had already made. 
  • She also stated that Eric advised when he was living in NY he had set a bridge on fire.
  • She stated that in January of 1998 she stopped dating Eric and in July of 1998 she began receiving threatening phone calls with the called claiming: “I’m going to kill you” or “A bomb is coming”. She believed Eric was responsible for this calls. 
  • Eric did send her a e-mail, stated that she was a loose end he was trying to fix all his loose ends. Sasha stated she changed her screen name and Eric mails to her stopped.

    Tiffany Typher

  • After Homecoming, she chose not to go out with Eric again. Eric staged a fake suicide in front of his house with Brooks Browns help. Tiffany was upset and didn’t speak to Eric after that until Junior year. She described him as ‘not her type’ and ‘weird’. 

    Megan Minger: 
  • A Columbine junior, Megan Minger had a Rammstein sticker on her car that Eric took notice of. He left a note on her windshield with his number, asking her to call him. She never did and he would approach her to ask why she would not call him. She is probably the “Megan” that Eric mentions in the Basement Tapes as one of the “bitches who never called me back”. Megan states Eric gave her an evil stare for about 5 minutes at the after prom. 

    Katie Thompson: 
  • A Columbine freshman, Katie was a girl that Eric went on a few dates with (Chilli’s, Outback steakhouse) until her mother put a stop to it because she didn’t think it was okay that her daughter date a senior. Katie described Eric as ‘not her type’ and ‘weird’ and Katie’s mother reported in the 11k that Katie’s friend told her that Katie was scared of Eric. 

    Kristi Epling:
  • A Columbine senior and the conflict that occurred with her friend Eric. Nate liked Kristi, Kristi liked Eric, Eric liked Alyssa until Nate started dating Kristi, then Eric started flirting with Kristi and Nate and Eric had a falling out over it

Eric and his tendency towards possessiveness and controlling behaviors.
Bernie Sanders’ plan to save Obamacare
Medicaid, rock star rallies, and the road to single-payer.
By Jeff Stein

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio — Shortly after he finished his rib-eye steak and baked potato on Saturday night, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was interrupted by his Outback Steakhouse waitress. “I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done,” she said. “All of us fought over who would get to take this table.”

Sanders was in the middle of doing something notable, and perhaps a bit awkward. He was on a campaign-style trip through western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, well before anyone might reasonably be campaigning for the next presidential election. And at each stop, he was rallying to save Obamacare, a health law he criticized relentlessly in his rise through the Democratic primaries in 2016, but which now hangs in the balance in the Senate.

Sanders was trying to find a way to fuse his calls for a single-payer health care system with a plea to save the system he wants it to replace.

His bridge was Medicaid. In his speeches, Sanders cast the Republican health care bill now pending in the Senate as cutting Medicaid for the poor to pass tax cuts for the rich rather than as a way to repeal many of the controversial and complicated policies embedded in the Affordable Care Act.

If Democrats can make this battle a referendum on Medicaid rather than one on Obamacare, Sanders seemed to suggest, they’ll have a shot at saving both — and building toward a single-payer future.

In his speeches, Sanders focused overwhelmingly on the impact of Medicaid cuts

They showed up by the thousands. About 1,700 people in Pittsburgh, 2,700 in Columbus, around 600 in Charleston — all came to see Sanders’s health care rallies as if they were being held in the heat of a presidential campaign.

David Bowie’s “Starman” played on a seemingly endless loop at all of the events. The crowds overflowed the auditoriums, as attendees waved banners reading “Medicare-for-All,” and the big screen overhead displayed charts from the Congressional Budget Office. Vendors hawked “Bernie 2020” pins. One volunteer in Columbus reported several hundred people began showing up at close to 7:30 am.

But amid the festival-like atmosphere, Sanders had a grim message for the audience: Senate Republicans are trying to kill children, the poor, and the disabled, he said, by taking away their Medicaid, in order to subsidize enormous tax cuts for the 1 percent.

“This bill calls for massive cuts to Medicaid … at the same time, this legislation would allow the 400 highest-income taxpayers, most of them billionaires, to receive $33 billion in tax cuts,” Sanders thundered in Ohio.

I went to all three rallies, and the throughline of Medicaid was unmistakable.

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Hey, Madi! I love your blog! I was wondering if you could recommend me some post!divorce/post!break-up Sterek fanfics. I'm in the mood for some snark, jealousy, angst and happy endings, of course. Thank you in advance! Howl for Sterek!

Hi hi! 

Here’s some I’ve loved(*) and some I’ve been meaning to read:


*Lord knows it would be the first time by uraneia // 12k. E.

Stiles is home from Berkeley for the summer, but only because he promised the pack. He’d rather not see Derek, because whatever the thing was that they were doing, they’re not doing it anymore, and it sucks.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a choice. The betas tried a magical remedy for Derek’s melancholy, and now Stiles has a three-year-old who looks like Derek. Stiles doesn’t know how to deal with that, and he definitely doesn’t know how to tell the betas he and Derek were secret fuck buddies for a year and a half.

*waiting for you to say it first by paradis // 8k. T.

Four months.

Four months they’ve managed to avoid one another. Stiles quit going to pack meetings. He quit doing research unless Scott really, really begged him to. He avoided driving the road that led out to the turnoff to the Hale house, he avoided going to all the spots where Derek might possibly be. Four months, and now, here they are, standing in the Minit Mart, Stiles thinks, staring down at the grimy tiles. He can hear the catch of Derek’s breath, and he closes his eyes and breathes deep.

i have always been the storm by stilinskisparkles // 25k. E.

“You’re all headed out to Oklahoma in a week.”

Derek snaps his head up, stares at him in horror, “No, boss.”

Yes,” Finstock insists in a steely voice. “The NSSL have been on at us for a year about some decent exposure, and I think you’re just the team to do it.”

“I haven’t done weather since college,” Derek protests.

Boyd snorts again, presumably because he’s thinking back to the time when Derek and the weather last collided and he…. well, did the guy into the weather for a brief, wonderful, terribly foolish time. But, Boyd needs to shut up before Derek punches him on the nose.

In a Straight Line Down by standinginanicedress // 40k. T.

“So you want to go to Prom with me just so you can get a plastic crown and a fifty dollar gift card to Outback Steakhouse.”

Stiles sets his jaw. He wants to go to prom with Derek because he wants to go to prom with Derek. But, of course, he’s stubborn and prideful and can’t admit to Derek how it’s barely been twelve hours since they officially broke up and he’s already barely handling it as it is, so he just raises his chin in the air and says, “yes.”

Coming Home by Dexterous_Sinistrous // 4k. G.

They loved passionately. They fought passionately.

They married young. They divorced young.

Sometimes, things aren’t over when you think they are. Sometimes, you just need to come home.