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“I never wanted to tell you those things,” he says.

Inktober 2k17: where I attempt to draw 1 pic for each chapter of Owlet’s The Long Road Begins At Home.

Chapter 14: Effective treatments for nightmares

“Truce!” Rogers yells finally, “truce, goddammit!”

He flops down on the ground and swishes his limbs around.

“What are you doing.”

“I’m making a snow angel. It’s my sad excuse for catching my damn breath.”

“You look like a dope.”

“Nice to see you recognize your own kind.”

Barnes kicks snow on him.

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A…precurssor to a fic I will be writing in celebration of reaching a follower milestone (thank you all!) It will involve a lot of klance and season 4 dynamics that I was dearly hoping we would see in canon. But alas, we didn’t. Now it’s time for me to take matters into my own hands. Anyways, this song is sort of the underlying mood I want the fic to encompass, but with a happier ending of course (because I can’t not make it fluffy). Thanks again for sticking with me and I’m grateful to all the lovely people who follow me on here!

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Oddly, I wasn't expecting such a violent reaction from Percy. I don't know why, but it surprised me in such a wonderful way. In hindsight it makes perfect sense, but the helpless rage, the knee-jerk reaction to step between Vax and the Raven Queen as if there was anything he could possibly do...

tbh I think (and I think tal confirmed?) that it was more about percy and the RQ than vax and the RQ, and it’s easier to lash out at what’s there in front of you than it is to rage against the blind tragedy of chance (though how much of it is chance, really, when you’re dealing with the goddess of fate???? mmmmm great question)

e petersmark

All the words I couldn’t say to you
Fill up the spaces in my chest
Like spare coins poised on the tip of my tongue
I make a wish and hold my breath

Send me anywhere
Take me out
I’m the well they’re gonna drag you down

All the words I couldn’t say to you
Oh the damage I’d have wrought
That old house, those rotting memories
Burned easier than I’d have thought.

Send me anywhere
Take me out
I’m the well they’re gonna drag you down

All the words I couldn’t say to you
A ready army in my throat
I taste blood, I’m sick of swallowing stones
So I’ll wave the flag, tell the boys to go home

Send me anywhere
Take me out
I’m the well they’re gonna drag you down

not sure if I ever posted this..

but it’s cute so here, have a babby sammy

Inktober Day 17: Graceful (17/31)


Rosy @sometimesrosy, when I got your notification, I got the above message: “baby, what say you, @abazethe100“. And, I was like, “wow, rosy, didn’t realize we were so intimate that you’d start calling me “baby’”? lol. 

Then, I saw the whole message and just laughed. Notifications and mind connections are so misleading ;-) lol. 

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out of pure curiosity, how does Senros hugs people with that twigs coming out of his head? asking for a friend >->

ok first things first, 

never call it twigs. NEVER. CALL. IT. TWIGS.

There are few things that makes Senros lose his patience instantly and this is one of those. He will argue about ‘branches being the secondary stem arising from a tree with medium side and resistance enough to match his owns’ and a lot of rambles about it. Just, save yourself Senros ramble and don’t mention twig in front of him.

also about the hugs, how he does it..

SO IS NOT LIKE IT DOES WORK OUT AT FIRST, but there are tricks, we have necks and height differences for it.

so you see, there is an strategy. And then you ask me “ok Roi but none of those is a typical hug” OK I WILL GIVE YOU THE FLUFFY HUG. Just keep in mind that Theon took a bucked of endorphin to agree with that. And therapy.

trigger warning for fluffy/ comfort/ hugs/ molasses/ and all that stuff that has no blood.

ok I may have forced the branches position because I had to draw +35 hug sketches to actually get the instinctive drawing of it in my system and at this point I had even forgot the branches and was trying to think about poses. Still, the essence oF THING IS THERE. Tilt head, the branches bend, a bit of height difference that now I see it didn’t change anything when I drew it.

and then you ask me, in which circumstances Theon would actually do that?

I have no idea, bucket of endorphin I guess.

anyways, thank you so much for sending, love random asks and Theon did enjoy the sudden charge of affection he got as the lab rat for these demonstrations