the out take


2 comics within 3-ish days, why can’t I always be this productive

Hey friends, I reached 1000+ followers here and it’s really crazy! I never expected to get this many tbh?

Thanks so much for taking interest in my works!!


Because I have written 21,000 words and 40 pages worth of Monsters so far this week, have two previews and two bloopers.

(All the stuff in blue has been added this week.)

How I want S4 to end is by all the girl squad realising what a snake Sara etc are, dropping out of the bus and rallying around Sana. Them building bridges and learning to understand each other more. Then the girls come over to the Bakkoush place to check out their new Russ car and finally see Sana’s place and meet her parents. Jamilla and her older brother is there, the balloon squad is there too, complete with Even. They’re altogether. He’s brought Isak along too and because the Bakkoush’s are all for ‘the more the merrier’ and hospitality, the boy squad tagged along too. Elias even invited Eskild, who in turn brought Linn because… obvs. And they’re all one big happy family. <3


HA it’s time, alright.

i’ve slept through enough of my own problems to know where this dream is headed!!! i’m controlling this.. this ..ship.. THIS thing!!! whether you dream entities like it or not!!!

it’s too bad that i haven’t cheered up one bit, but that’s just how my life’s always been; a very sad, boring, and repetitive one alright! probably a short one at best too…. haha short..

i don’t really think there’ll be an end in sight to this mess..

oh and if you think that’s rough, i don’t think you know me very well!!!!


if you just cant help raising your voice and stomping and slamming doors when you’re angry i hate you. i dont care how upset you are or if its because of your mental illness or whatever i literally hate you and want to be 1000 miles away from you

where was Chris in today’s clip tho???? where??? i missed her… 

I hope tomorrow, if we get a clip, someone like even, isak, chris, elias or eva (though she didn’t seem to care so much today, idk) approaches sana, someone whom she feels comfortable enough to open up with and talk about everything she’s going through, she really needs it because once again, people need people