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okay but the sass trio of satya, genji, and fareeha doing each others hair and just gossiping in general is a great mental image thank you for this trio

hoNESTLY!!!!! i never would have seen it coming bless that anon for coming up with this Unlikely Alliance i love it

It’s Me (Part 5)

Hey Guys! Sorry, I know it’s been a longer time between this chapter and the others than it was for the other parts but without further ado it is here! The final chapter of It’s Me. I enjoyed writing this story so much, Probably one my favorites that I have written. Big Announcement: I have never been much of a chmergatroyd shipper but recently I have found myself wanting to explore that world but with Val and Sharna. So I’m going to begin writing a multi-fic called “The Chmerkovskiy’s” I don’t know when it will be posted but it is coming! I also Am halfway through writing a one-shot idea I had. Hopefully I can have that posted tomorrow. The second part of His Redhead Girl is still coming-i’m just having major writer’s block with the story at the moment! Anyways, hope you enjoy the last chapter! Like/Reblog and Comment!!! They put such a smile on my face. 

P.S. Sorry it’s short. I just thought it was perfect where it ended! 

The year progressed, and their relationship grew stronger. No argument or fight was big enough to ruin their relationship, but instead strengthened it-showing that their love for each other was overflowing from the both of them. Still, they hadn’t announced their relationship publicly in words, but everything alluded to it. Posts for each other’s birthdays, pictures with one another, congratulatory tweets if one of them received high scores for that week. If people weren’t noticing it, it was because they didn’t want to notice it-not because the clues weren’t there. They had both made references to being in a relationship but never specified with who leaving everything to the imagination. But now, as a year passed and it was evident things weren’t ending anytime soon, they both had begun to think it was time to officially confirm their relationship.

Season 26 of Dancing with the Stars was approaching and Sharna had been scheduled to do another facebook live interview. She drove their in silence, thinking about everything that had stemmed from the last time she interviewed with them. She smiled, reliving every perfect memory in her head, not letting a detail slip. This interview platform held a very special place in her heart because of this.

Shortly after she arrived, she was led to the same table where her previous interview had been conducted, and sat down to get situation before it began. Fifteen minutes later the reporter was with her, and opening the facebook live with a greeting.

“Hey Guys! This is Sherri, and today we are here once again with the lovely Sharna Burgess.”

Sharna waved to the camera and winked, “Hi Loverz!” She blew a kiss to the camera.

The interview was pleasant just as it had been the last time. Chatter about her new partner, the new season, some of the events from the past seasons, her relationship with Peta and the baby. All questions that Sharna always loved answering. But as she heard the next words out of the interviewer’s mouth, she knew that things were about to get spicy.

“Soooo. The last time you were here we talked a little bit about Val’s dating advice to you and you’re dating advice to him. And you gave some really amazing advice on what kind of woman Val looks for.”

Sharna started smiling and blushed, nodding. “I did.”

“But since then, it seems like you and Val have been getting a little cozy.”

Sharna laughed as pictures that they had posted together on instagram starting being displayed on the back screen.

The interviewer continued prying, “Some people are saying you’re an item?”

“Are they?” Sharna laughed again trying to divert the question.

The interview smiled knowing what she was trying to do. “So are you guys?” A couple?”

Sharna smiled pursing her lips. She ran her hand through her hair. “Umm.” Everything that was going on her mind. Should she be honest? Should she not be? “Ummm, yea.” She said it casually and didn’t make it a big deal. “Yea, we are.” She nodded smiling.

“Oh my gosh. So that strong, passionate, driven woman you were talking about?”

Sharna shrugged her shoulders, “It’s Me.” She took a beat. “It just took us a little while to figure it out.”

Weeks later, on a Monday night they were in week 6 of the competition. Sharna and her partner had just finished their dance and were heading to the red room for their interview with Erin. Erin pulled them in so they were all in view for the camera. “That was amazing guys.”

“Thank you.” Sharna put her head down.

“It was honestly like a wedding dance.”

Her partner smiled and Sharna just blushed. “If only every couple getting married was able to dance like that for their first dance.” Erin looked at the camera and to Val who was out of view of Sharna. “That’ll be something you have to Shar.”

“I don’t know how far down the road that will be.” Sharna shook her head.

“I do.” His voice became clearer as he approached. “It’s soon.”

Sharna’s partner stepped back and so did Erin. Val approached and took Sharna’s hands.

She whispered. “Val.” And gasped when she saw him get down on one knee.

“Sharna. May. Burgess. I have loved you since the moment I saw you. You were the person I always wanted to be around whenever I had something I needed or wanted to share with someone. Sharna, I love you. You were my best friend, you were my girlfriend, and now I’d like to make you my wife. It’s you. It’s always been you.”

Sharna began crying as she put her hand over her eyes. ALl the pros standing behind them in the red room started jumping up and down and taking pictures with their phones.

“Sharna, will you marry me?”

She nodded. “Yes baby, yes.” She bent over and kissed him. He stood up off his knee and took her hand sliding the ring onto her finger. “I love you” She whispered.

“I love you do.” They broke from their embrace and the rest of the cast attacked them with hugs. She made eye contact with Val as she they were both hugging someone. They didn’t have to say anything. They knew that words didn’t need to be said to describe what they were both feelings. It was special. It was perfect. And it was meant to be.

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A fanart of Amanda O’Neill from Little Witch Academia 2. I saw the movie the other night with some friends, it was absolutely fantastic! I had started on this before and after work since it was still on my mind all day. I’m posting up a WIP of this just in case I never touch this picture again after I go to bed lol. Hopefully I’ll finish it up tomorrow.


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