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Victor and Yuuri are the kind of couple who’d plan to propose to each other on the exact same day and Yuuri pulls Victor to the side with a “Victor, there’s something I wanna ask you–” as he’s taking out the little velvet box and Victor just goes “oh no”. And Yuuri gets all insecure because does he not want to, is this rejection, is it too soon? And he gets all small and toys with the box in his hands, stumbling over his words to make it better because imsorryitsokaywedonthavetoifyourenotcomfortable but Victor stops him, grabbing him by the shoulders like “no, no, I mean—"and he takes out a ring from his coat pocket "I was going to slip this into your drink tonight at dinner” and then they both start crying and they’re touching foreheads as they put the rings on each other and I’m dying in the back because I love them

so the other night I had a dream that some friends and my sister and I were all on a backpacking trip to hell. I have no idea why, I just know that we felt we had the weight of the world on our shoulders to complete this mission. I don’t even know what the mission was, but dammit we were going.

we were also keeping a cat in a cardboard box with us on this journey. This has nothing to do with the context of the dream, but I felt it was important for the mood.

so basically we’re all hiking down into the depths of the earth, (I think we got chased by some sort of massive beast that ate one of my friends, but frankly it wasn’t important enough to remember) and basically we finally get to the Foyer of Hell. And this place is essentially a food court filled with demons.

think the Mall of America on a Saturday afternoon but all the lights have a weird red tinge.

and we see a McDonald’s.

immediately I’m like “guys, listen. I really need to know if Hell McDonalds tastes the same as Minnesota McDonald’s.” So I bought a double cheeseburger meal and an egg mcmuffin meal and just fucking went to town at these shitty school-lunchroom style tables. We had the Cat Box on the table and were getting a lot of weird looks from the hellspawn around us

the verdict was that the egg mcmuffin was mediocre at best, the fries were all those really dry crunchy ones, the cheeseburgers were exactly the same, but the hashbrowns were fucking incredible. Never will I taste anything so ironically heavenly again in my entire life. Like. Fuck dude. The hashbrowns.

after that we went on our way to slay the demon king or whatever the fuck, I genuinely don’t remember.

Anyway the moral of the story kids is that if you’re in hell and you see a McDonald’s, order them out of hashbrowns you won’t fuckin regret it

Who has two thumbs and spent way more time drawing her favorite radio host than she should have???


Anyway, I’m still completely and utterly obsessed with Night Vale, and so I was planning to do another otp drawing, but decided I needed to draw the two of them separately first to figure them out before I went and tried to do them together! I’m really happy with how Cecil’s arm came out (the blown up version obviously :D). Like it legit is cool enough that I might even use it as a tattoo someday! 

{Also I just didn’t feel like doing hands so that’s why he has ovenmitts XD}

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this is a secret santa gift for spidersekret (only one of them, you have to wait for me to give the other one to you in person ;3c) and i liked it enough to post it here so happy hankwanzanakamas! (by the way steven made peridot that sweater, he got advice from his friend from Oregon yes it’s totally maybel from gf because i love the idea of them being friends)

well guys! the story of me busting it on the tile floor brought enough people 😂

i’m not really sure what i’m gonna do? i’m officially on spring break except for a spanish composition that’s due tomorrow so i’m open to ideas if you have them. the last time i did something was for 700 and well those prompts are sitting in my ask box still. i’m always taking more though! i just can’t promise how long it will take me though but i will eventually do them all!

i’m still doing moodboards! um if you search the name aesthetic tag or the my edit tag you can see some of those. it’s like the prompts, i’ll do them all, just not sure when.

i’m still adding my birthday page (don’t @ me @exybee i haven’t been on my laptop but i’ll add you don’t worry) i’ll try to do something for everyone’s, not sure yet though?

mm, then like for an honorable mention, i’m adding members to my trc blog. i know the fandom is sort of waning? there but i can’t bring myself to delete it: @auntjimi so lmk if that’s something you’d be interested in

uh, i’m always down to give song recs (or receive them @queerneiljostcn recently gave me some top notch suggestions)

this is just me putting something up cause i wanted to say thanks for being here? you should hit up my ask box whenever, for awhile when my blog first got an influx of followers one or two people would stop by to tell me about tests or speeches or meetings they were worried about. sometimes it’s nice to let someone know. i’ll give a kiss to the sky for you guys, always.

i’ll make an actual pretty post later. right now i’m a pantsless gremlin who is too lazy to get out her laptop. but that’s what happens when spring break hits

this was information dense. i’ll post a lighthearted photo

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You have some really nice headcanons for Sam! Too bad they're stolen from another Sam, though.

please do not come into my ask box accusing me of stealing when it i haven’t stolen anything. i work very hard on the stuff i write. there is a general opinion on sam. if that other sam agrees with it as i do then we’re bound to be similar, but i haven’t stolen anything from another sam…? i really don’t appreciate being accused of stealing stuff from someone else… everything you see written on my blog is by me unless its stated that it isn’t. honestly if someone thinks that ive stolen from them they should come talk to me personally…

Prompts: Cute Coupley Stuff

I was thinking back to one of my past relationships and some of the things that I loved about it and I thought - why not throw it out there for cute-couple RP prompts? 

I have so many stories… here is a glimpse into some of it. 

Fighting over who’s taller (When the difference is minimal) 

  • Thickness of shoe’s sole can make one taller than the other
  • One of them slumps but when they stand straight they’re just that little bit taller
  • Hair Size Matters
  • Height measuring interactive feature at National Aquarium declares one the winner, but obviously the machine is flawed/made a mistake.
  • Standing on a slight incline just to be taller
  • Cheating at ‘height’ measurements

Mornings are the worst

  • One is a slow-waker not a morning person, the other is chill up-with-the-sun aint-the-world-great person
  • One is a morning cuddler/sex person, the other is not (bonus: the morning sex person is not the morning person, but the sleepy grumpy     fuck the sun person)
  • Morning person harasses not-morning person because grunts and complaints are cute (not because they want them to actually get up)
  • Morning person starves until not-morning person (who is the cook) gets up and makes something.
  • Pet sees visiting friend/lover as sucker who can be convinced to feed them in the A.M. Won’t leave them alone. 

Culture is a Matter of Opinion

  • Visiting local museums or theater or cultural / historical sites together (Bonus if neither’s really interested but both go anyway)
  • Walking hand in hand through Battlefield or Park or outdoor historical site devolves into BUMPER CARS 
  • Surprise fancy popular restaurant and theater dinner date that goes painfully awry
  • Differing Religious Background causes much confusion – ends in a lengthy theological debate that doesn’t end until someone realizes the sun went down and the coffee shop is trying to get you to leave.
  • Visiting various cultural food dives (Foodie Tour) and trying new things
  • Trying to learn a new language together (failing miserably)

Shenannigans Ensue

  • Visiting house/hotel with parent/ authority figure staying in same room/house – nearly getting caught fooling around when authority figure opens the door. “I’ve never moved so fast in my life.” And “Just act natural!” (Bonus: You’re both grown-ass adults)
  • Night of Drinking/Weed ends with both holding each other up on the walk home. Staggering wildly down the sidewalk. Bumping into things. Giggling encouraged.
  • Playgrounds aren’t just for kids – Let’s ride the Carousel!
  • Hiding things from one another, rearranging bookshelves/ movie collections
  • Pillow Fights / Tickle Fights / Sock Fights / Wrestling (Friendly Competition) (Bonus if it involves breaking something or messing a room up completely)
  • Dares that start ‘innocent’ and quickly get out of hand

Making  PDA dissenters uncomfortable

  • Sleeping on each other on the train/subway on the way back from a long day
  • Lounging together in a park holding hands, back-cuddling, etc.
  • Married-couple stuff – fixing ties or wiping stuff off faces (Being comfortable with what would be seen as intimate touching, personal space bubble invading) 
  • Feeding each other in public / stealing food off each other’s plates without asking
  • Heated debate about what to get while grocery shopping together
  • Fashion-show clothes shopping

Opposites Attract

  • Invited to a party – one is a social butterfly, the other gets tipsy and ends up snuggling with a total stranger because at least it’s quiet over here and you’re chill. Let me tell you my life story.
  • One is athletic, the other is most definitely not.
  • One sleeps with the lights on, the other needs total darkness / One needs whitenoise to sleep the other needs absolute silence
  • One is Pepe le Pew and the other is the frantic high-energy feline femme fatale (One is chill, the other is Go go go)
  • One likes to travel a lot, the other prefers to grow roots.
  • WILDLY different tastes in music / movies / books
  • One keeps cool-collected when parting ways, the other devolves into heart-broken ugly-crying end-of-the-world sobbing
  • One can hold their liquor, the other cannot.
  • One wears pajamas to bed (and socks?!) and the other wears … nothing.

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A smile tugged at his lips, leaning across threshold of her house with bag in tow. The contents for her splendor only; a neatly boxed package of assorted macaroons. Some he made himself while others were off the shelves for flavors he couldn't quite get just right. He might be a decent chief but not everything is his talent. "I thought of flowers...but you tend to have those here all the time. So I decided to stick with the latter ms. home cooking." his voice teasing slightly. "Happy White Day."

Its totally still White Day

                               “Thanks, Yams– er- Yamato.” 

     She clears her throat before accepting it and gesturing for him to come inside. Her parents were already off on a date she’d rather not think about leaving her to herself and a house full of silent plants. She wanders back inside the apartment setting her bag of goodies down on the kitchen counter before claiming a seat on the plush sofa, a recent addition to their living space, with a drawn out sigh she takes a glance over her shoulder, traditional formalities long lost with their years of friendship.

                             “Make yourself at home, unless you’ve

                              got countless fan girls to go deliver gifts to.” 

     Her tone was light and trailed with a giggle, he wasn’t the only one who got to make smart ass quips. It wouldn’t be fair to let him have all the fun.

                              “I’m sure they’d appreciate the flowers 

                               as much as I would, you know my mom

                               says they get lonely if you don’t bring 

                               them more friends.”

     Sora shoots him a cheeky smile as he settled into a seat. 

                              “It’s okay you didn’t actually bring flowers. 

                               My mom would probably go on and on about

                               how the place you got them from prepared

                               them wrong. She once chewed dad out for 

                               an hour when he picked them up from some

                               random place.”

     She clears her throat again, starting up small talk with him was always a struggle. Yamato was always quiet and intense looking, but once he got going any tension from his natural demeanor would soon be gone. 

                             “Thanks by the way. Knowing you 

                               Mr. Home Cooking, you made those yourself.

                               You could have gone with store bought like 

                               Taichi always does when he actually remembers.

                                Anyways, I’m sure you’re not here to talk 

                                him, are you hungry? I can probably throw

                                something together. Or you can just sit there

                                and look grumpy like always.” 

     Sora couldn’t help but laugh as his expression soured much like it always did when she pointed out how grumpy he was looking. 

Latest creation for my “December Calendar”: an itty bitty TARDIS ornament (quarter for size reference).  Once the paint cures, I’ll iron it to set the paint, and then possibly add a teeny tiny sequin on top of the lamp.  Next step will be figuring out how to back this, either another layer of fabric, interfacing, posterboard, or some combination of the three, and then how much black space I want to leave with it.  The idea is the ornaments will hang on the galaxy background, so I probably won’t want too much black space.  Whatever works best here will be the template for the rest of the ornaments.

But look at how tiny and cute it is.  Itty bitty teeny tiny TARDIS.

Jacquard Lumiere and Neopaque paints on black canvas, free-hand from reference.

Please help my research for my project!

Please answer these questions as honest and as detailed as you like, you can answer me by sending “ask” in anon or just through the comment box. Reblog would be nice so that I can get more answer from others.Thanks before!

1. What is your standard of beauty in general? (Ex: Beautiful is when that person can make other people smile by just looking at him/her!)

2. Do you have anyone specific as your role model? (Ex: I always want to be like my awesome mom who can take care a lot of things at once!)

3. What’s your personal taste for body shape? (Ex : Personally, I like any body shape as long as it fits with how they look generally)

4. Do you (honestly) want to dress up someone who have your favorite body shape(as in you want to imagine them wearing your design of fashion)?