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HEAR ME OUT HERE,,, what if narti’s death was foreshadowing? she was a sleeper agent for haggar in lotor’s generals. you know who else we suspect is a sleeper agent? “shiro”

what if narti’s death is foreshadowing for the team (probably keith or lance, first) finding out shiro isn’t shiro at all??

Just a gentle reminder, that the person on the other side of the screen is just as human as you, no matter what you think about them, so act like it!

Nobody needs unnecessary negativity.

Also a reminder, that everyone, who doesn’t treat you like a human being is not worth your attention!
If people go out of their way to hurt you, they are not worth you attention!
Don’t give them the time of your day.

Love you, you’re doing great!

I’m generally nice to everyone. That’s pretty much a known fact. I make opinions about people by myself and not based on how others feel. Even if we have a falling out and you do me dirt, I’m still gonna give you another chance why? Because people grow, people are constantly changing. But you only get two chances with me. Just two and once you fuck me over twice I’m done.

With this being said, I was recently blocked by someone I considered a friend over some dumbass rp bullshit. It happened before and I let that shit go but it’s happened again. If you’re getting upset because YOU have a favorite sim and leave another one unused and wanna ship my only character with your rarely used one but never want to actually write or finish an rp with me, then you need to respect my decision to ship him elsewhere. Especially when I told you how I felt once before and you said you’d do better.

Recently I’ve been all about communication, talking through problems and finding a solution. I did that with his person they said they’d change and did the same shit yet again then got pissy at me because I decided to do something else with MY character honestly a lot of people are really possessive over others characters these days. You don’t have a claim to no ones sim just because you want a ship, it doesn’t work that way.

With that being said, please keep me blocked, please don’t lurk my shit, please delete my sim out of your game.

This is an @ to @sukusims

If anyone has a problem with this please direct allllll your messages to me.

there are THREE terribly amazing guys at my school whom i think i might be in love with

on  a  random  note  do  you  guys  know  how  cool  it  is  to  be  in  a  fandom  that  everyone  feels  okay  interacting  like  this  ?  we  get  caught  up  in  crack  &.  enjoy  the  hell  out  of  it  .  everyones  on  everything  ,  every  post  ,  every  ask  ..  we’re  really  just  a  big  old  memey  mess  …  &.  i  dunno  ,  i’ve  never  been  in  a  fandom  that  has  been  so  open  &.  welcoming  so  like  it  feels  like  we’re  a  big  messed  up  family  &.  that’s  dope  so  yea  …


some of my shance fantasy au concept (more hc in tags, maybe)
Lance is a prince (with magical healing power) and he met Shiro, an injured dragon in the wood.