the others being liam and violet

Imagine: Being an assassin but falling in love with Brett. You tell Violet to back off and not kill him but she doesn't listen to you. You have no choice but to save to guy you were assigned to get close to because you love him. {PART ONE}

The crowd let out loud gasps as Liam and Brett collided with each other and fell down. I couldn’t hear much because of everyone else, but if I could I would. If your wondering what I am, it’s called a phoenix. I’m an assassin, not because I need the money, just to protect the people I love.

The McCall Pack and me are close, including Brett. Garret and Violet, the orphans who attended Beacon Hills High a few weeks ago are targeting them. If I’m there to stop, or kill, it doesn’t matter what to protect them I would.

I was assigned by group to protect and get close to the McCall Pack. Liam Dunbar, Scott McCall’s newly turned beta has a past with Brett Talbot, as do I. I used to attend Devenford Prep but transferred out to be homeschooled by my group. 

If your wondering what a group is, it’s basically a pack of phoenixes. There isn’t many in the world, but it’s me, my father, brother and mother. Along with the oldest phoenixes in the world, Ashen. He’s around the age four-hundred, but looks forty. {I made all this up. I don’t know shit about phoenixes. Oops.}

Garret and Violet are out for the whole McCall pack, and Brett. I heard them say so, but lied and told them some fake story about them killing my family and I wanted revenge. Which is total bullshit but they believed it. Although I don’t think they’ll back down.

Which is why I brought weapons. Not too noticeable ones, just a gun hidden in my boot and a dagger. I didn’t use wolfsbane or anything because I don’t kill supernatural creatures, like at all. The only people I would kill is Garret or Violet because that was my assignment. To not let anything kill them or harm them.

Looking to the two boys that were on the field, I saw that Brett was being carried by two guys into the locker rooms. Looking towards Garret, he was still on the field so he wouldn’t do anything. Looking for Violet, I realized I couldn’t find her.

I swear to god.

Looking at Garret one more time, I found him already looking at me with fear in his eyes. Giving him my famous murderous glare, I stood up abruptly and made my way inside. Ignoring Garret calling my name.

“Because you’re worth a lot of money, Brett.” Was all I heard from Violet before I entered the locker room in complete silence.

I saw Violet put her necklace around Brett’s neck, before she started squeezing. I tried not to yell and attack her right then and there.

I pulled out the gun in my boot, and aimed it at her head, walking closer. “Pull away and leave him alone, Violet.” I snarled, taking out the safety lock.

She instantly froze, and dropped the necklace very much knowing that I would pull the trigger.

“I know you told us to stay away from him but… he’s worth a lot of money.” She said, trying to convince me to stay on her side and not blow her brains out.

“I don’t care.” I growled, not dropping the gun but managing to pin her against the wall by her neck, the gun now pointing directly to her brain.

“Ho-how do y-you have a g-gun? A-assassins aren’t supposed t-to have o-one.” Violet managed to speak out. Brett wasn’t passed out, so he gasped.

“You’re-you’re an assassin?” Brett’s face screamed hurt and betrayal. “You don’t understand. When your better I’ll explain, Bre. I promise.” I nodded at him before turning back to Violet, my eyes narrowing.

“So, you actually thought you could kill the guy I love without me finding out?” I growled, my eyes turning the golden color.

“You’re-you’re eyes.” Violet gasped.

“Yeah. It’s called being a phoenix. Now shut it, because if your precious Ken doesn’t come I’ll kill you.” 

“Y/N put her down, please. Killing isn’t the option.” Scott’s voice echoed throughout the locker room.

Part two comes out soon.