the others being liam and violet


You sighed tiredly as you walked into the girls locker to change and go home. Like always you were the last to leave soccer practice. 

You stood at your locker and got out the things you needed for a shower, you took off your shirt only to be scared to death by a sudden whistle.

‘Lookin’ good there Sweetheart.’

You groaned as you recognized the voice and turned around.

‘Garrett, you stayed behind and waited for me to shower…like a creep. Why am I not surprised.

‘Because you get me, and I’m not gonna stop. It would be less creepy if you dated me though, then it would be sweet.’ he said with a smile.

‘No, then it would be cheating, because you are with Violet, and I’m with Liam.’ you reminded.

‘Both are thing that could easily be changed.’ Garrett said.

‘True, but what if I just don’t want to be with you?’ you challenged.

‘You do.’

‘I don’t. You are cocky, and have proved yourself to be a cheater, you are a jerk to Liam and his friends, you eat anchovies on your pizza, you think sweet snacks are better than cheesy and spicy ones. We would never work out.’ you said.

‘I also make you laugh and smile when Liam decides to stay late at practice and forgets to walk you home. I help you practice your drills and I jog with you in the mornings. And you enjoy those moments with me more than your date nights with Liam, which he normally cancels last minute anyway.’ Garrett said as he walked closer to you and took your hand.

‘Doing all those things with me takes away from the time you could be with Violet.’ you said as you took your hand back.

‘Garrett we can’t do this, even if I enjoy spending time with you more than Liam, or if you get along with me more than Violet. Because I care about Liam too much to betray him like this, and despite how you act when she isn’t around I know you care about Violet too much to hurt her.’ you said seriously.

‘I do care about her, but I love you. I would leave her, because being with her while I love you isn’t fair to her.’ Garrett said as he took your hand again.

‘(Y/N), please just give this a chance, give us a chance. You must know somewhere in your heart you want to be with me just as badly as I want to be with you.’ Garrett said.

‘I can’t leave him, it’s not right.’ you argued.

‘Its not fair for us to have these feelings for each other. Not fair to Liam and Violet to be in relationships where their feelings aren’t returned, and not fair to us to be with someone we don;t want to be with.’ Garrett argued back.

‘Garrett, I ca-’

‘Stop telling me what you cant do, what do you want to do.’ Garrett cut you off.

‘I-I want to be with you.’ you finally admitted, to both yourself and him.

‘Then be with me.’ he whispered as he leaned down to kiss you.

‘Yeah be together.’ 

You and Garrett broke apart and looked over at the door and saw both Liam and Violet standing there looking pissed.

‘Lord knows we don’t want you anymore.’ Violet said before she stormed off.

‘Violet wait!’ Garrett yelled before he ran to follow her, leaving you and Liam alone in the locker room.’

‘I was waiting in the parking lot, to surprise you and walk you home, Violet was waiting for Garrett too. We thought it was taking you both too long so we came to find you and what do we find?’ Liam snarled.

‘Liam I’m so-’

‘DON’T SAY SORRY!’ Liam yelled making you jump back.

‘This whole time I was feeling bad about not spending enough time with you, like I wasn’t giving you the attention you wanted from me.’ Liam said angrily.

You were in tears, you had never wanted to hurt anyone, least of all Liam.

‘I hope you and Garrett are happy together.’ Liam sat before he stormed out of the locker room.

You fell to your knees and your whole body shook with sobs.

Imagine: Being an assassin but falling in love with Brett. You tell Violet to back off and not kill him but she doesn't listen to you. You have no choice but to save to guy you were assigned to get close to because you love him. {PART ONE}

The crowd let out loud gasps as Liam and Brett collided with each other and fell down. I couldn’t hear much because of everyone else, but if I could I would. If your wondering what I am, it’s called a phoenix. I’m an assassin, not because I need the money, just to protect the people I love.

The McCall Pack and me are close, including Brett. Garret and Violet, the orphans who attended Beacon Hills High a few weeks ago are targeting them. If I’m there to stop, or kill, it doesn’t matter what to protect them I would.

I was assigned by group to protect and get close to the McCall Pack. Liam Dunbar, Scott McCall’s newly turned beta has a past with Brett Talbot, as do I. I used to attend Devenford Prep but transferred out to be homeschooled by my group. 

If your wondering what a group is, it’s basically a pack of phoenixes. There isn’t many in the world, but it’s me, my father, brother and mother. Along with the oldest phoenixes in the world, Ashen. He’s around the age four-hundred, but looks forty. {I made all this up. I don’t know shit about phoenixes. Oops.}

Garret and Violet are out for the whole McCall pack, and Brett. I heard them say so, but lied and told them some fake story about them killing my family and I wanted revenge. Which is total bullshit but they believed it. Although I don’t think they’ll back down.

Which is why I brought weapons. Not too noticeable ones, just a gun hidden in my boot and a dagger. I didn’t use wolfsbane or anything because I don’t kill supernatural creatures, like at all. The only people I would kill is Garret or Violet because that was my assignment. To not let anything kill them or harm them.

Looking to the two boys that were on the field, I saw that Brett was being carried by two guys into the locker rooms. Looking towards Garret, he was still on the field so he wouldn’t do anything. Looking for Violet, I realized I couldn’t find her.

I swear to god.

Looking at Garret one more time, I found him already looking at me with fear in his eyes. Giving him my famous murderous glare, I stood up abruptly and made my way inside. Ignoring Garret calling my name.

“Because you’re worth a lot of money, Brett.” Was all I heard from Violet before I entered the locker room in complete silence.

I saw Violet put her necklace around Brett’s neck, before she started squeezing. I tried not to yell and attack her right then and there.

I pulled out the gun in my boot, and aimed it at her head, walking closer. “Pull away and leave him alone, Violet.” I snarled, taking out the safety lock.

She instantly froze, and dropped the necklace very much knowing that I would pull the trigger.

“I know you told us to stay away from him but… he’s worth a lot of money.” She said, trying to convince me to stay on her side and not blow her brains out.

“I don’t care.” I growled, not dropping the gun but managing to pin her against the wall by her neck, the gun now pointing directly to her brain.

“Ho-how do y-you have a g-gun? A-assassins aren’t supposed t-to have o-one.” Violet managed to speak out. Brett wasn’t passed out, so he gasped.

“You’re-you’re an assassin?” Brett’s face screamed hurt and betrayal. “You don’t understand. When your better I’ll explain, Bre. I promise.” I nodded at him before turning back to Violet, my eyes narrowing.

“So, you actually thought you could kill the guy I love without me finding out?” I growled, my eyes turning the golden color.

“You’re-you’re eyes.” Violet gasped.

“Yeah. It’s called being a phoenix. Now shut it, because if your precious Ken doesn’t come I’ll kill you.” 

“Y/N put her down, please. Killing isn’t the option.” Scott’s voice echoed throughout the locker room.

Part two comes out soon.

but can you imagine you’re sitting in your algebra class and suddenly you feel a tap on your shoulder and when you turn around its none other than michael clifford the quiet kid that plays pokemon at lunch and you go to say whats up when out of nowhere he pulls out a rose and rushes out the words “will you go to homecoming with me” and who were you to deny this cutie of being your date 

How To Love

A/N: Requested by the lovely Emmy, a.k.a. ohdunbar who is an extremely talented writer and you should all go follow her and read her stuff bc amazing. Two weeks and 8,853 words later, I finally present to you How To Love!!!! I hope you guys love this one, because I do. So much. Feel free to leave me some feedback or a request! xx

You sat on the couch reading your favorite book, getting lost in its pages once again. The story overtook you, distracting you from the mess that had been your life for the past few weeks. After catching your boyfriend, Garrett, with a terrifying, giant, blood-soaked dagger, you were thrown headfirst into the supernatural world that was thriving right in Beacon Hills. Though you were hesitant at first, you realized that all of the mysterious happenings around town could be perfectly explained by the existence of the supernatural.

The kicker was when you found out that many of your friends were supernatural beings themselves.

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Teen Wolf Preference: First Meetings

Fandom: Teen Wolf.
Warning(s): None.

Scott McCall:

You were the new girl, and after almost instantly making friends with Danny, who you learned was the gay goalie of the Beacon Hills High lacrosse team, you found yourself being dragged along to one of their games. That was when Scott first saw you, sitting in the front of the bleachers, cheering on Danny. Scott glanced your way multiple times that night, and he couldn’t help but wonder to himself how he hadn’t seen you at the school all week. After the game concluded, with a successful win due to 3 goals scored by the mysterious boy who kept smiling at you, you proceeded to congratulate Danny, and ask him who the smiling boy was. “That’s Scott McCall,” was his response. You saw this ‘Scott’ smiling your way, and you couldn’t help but notice that it almost seemed wider this time; as if he had heard you ask about him.

Stiles Stilinski:

Stiles had to admit that he’d been crushing on you slightly ever since the very first time he saw you, pulling the most adorable concentration face, with your tongue between your lips a little, totally unaware that he was even there. That was, of course, until you had glanced up and seen this boy just staring at you, and you had lost the face, frowning. He had quickly looked away, embarrassed, and left the library to find Scott. It was only a matter of hours later when they were together, and he saw you, again, this time walking through the hallway of the school. The second he did, he grabbed his best friend and yanked him around the corner, head down. “That wasn’t very subtle,” Scott had teased, and Stiles bit back whatever witty remark had come to mind, too preoccupied with how he couldn’t get your face out of his head.

Derek Hale:

Derek had been caught, and you were the daughter of the culprit. You’d sneak into his cell every night and give him just a little bit of food and water, the little you could take without raising suspicion. At first, he clearly thought you were working with your parents, but he’d soon realised otherwise, and each time you’d come, he’d give you a small smile that was gone as soon as it came. One night, he heard you get caught bringing him food and your father was threatening to shoot you if you ever came down to the cells again. It had been a few nights since then, and Derek heard someone coming down the stairs. You appeared in view, dressed entirely in black with a backpack on your arm and a set of keys in your hand. You escaped from your werewolf hunting family in the blink of an eye, and all in a state of mutual understanding. All this time, you’d never even said a word to each other.

Isaac Lahey:

You were Scott’s cousin, and you’d been staying with the McCall mother and son for a week now. You had yet to meet Isaac, who Melissa had told you was also staying with them, but he seemed to not be around often. You were using the bathroom one morning and Melissa and Scott were both supposed to be out, so upon realising you’d forgotten your clothes in the guest bedroom, and quickly wrapped a towel around you and stepped outside. The second you did so, though, you heard an intake of breath and looked over to see your cousin and this so called ‘Isaac’ standing right there, in the hallway, trying to look anywhere but at you. “Oh my god, (Y/N) put some clothes on right now!” Scott had yelled, his face red as he grabbed Isaac and pulled him away.

Liam Dunbar:

Liam, being the newest addition to the pack, was having a hard time feeling adequate in comparison to the others around him. He watched them save people time and time again, and he had never done that for anyone; he wasn’t sure that he ever could. That was until he saw you. You had gotten in the way of killing Scott, according to Violet, who was doing anything and everything she could to get to the true alpha. Liam saw her approach you and saw her strangling you, the sharp wire around your neck drawing blood, and he felt his anger give way to adrenaline as he lunged at her, knocking her back and letting out a roar. He ran back to you, grabbing you and carrying you to where the rest of the pack had just arrived. Everyone sprung into action around him, and Liam got lost as you were taken from his arms and someone called for an ambulance, others going off to find Violet. The adrenaline had worn off and Liam just stood there until Scott finally stood in front of him, noticing his beta’s stress and confusion. Scott put an hand on Liam’s shoulder firmly and looked into his eyes. “You did that, Liam. You saved her. That was you.”

Lydia Martin:

Lydia was the one who found you. You were almost dead, lying on the side of the road after being hit by a car. Lydia had found herself driving, not knowing where she was going, until suddenly she pulled up and saw a body, covered in blood. She had panicked, not wanting to go through that again, and ran towards you, seeing that you were still breathing, and called an ambulance. When you woke in the hospital the next day, Lydia was by your bedside, asleep in a chair with her hand in yours. You had never even met her, and yet, here she was. She woke up and gave you a tired smile, realising that she was still holding your hand, and she pulled it back. “I hope you don’t mind, you were talking in your sleep, and I didn’t know if it would help, but I think you were having a nightmare, so I…” You just smiled weakly and placed your hand over hers, uttering a thank you, not only for that, but for saving your life.

Allison Argent:

Allison had met plenty of werewolves in her time, but you were different. You were with the alpha pack, but you’d never threatened her. Sure, you’d messed with the rest of Scott’s little pack, but never Allison. You’d never even spoken a word to her, and the first time you met, she had pulled a knife on you, and you’d simply smirked and run away. Allison soon sought you out, finding you in the middle of the night to question you, and you had simply smirked, explaining that she was too pretty to be messed with before turning around and running, leaving Allison behind to question what you meant.

anonymous asked:

Killian hit Belle. I'm not disputing that. But can him hitting Belle (when he was a villain!) really be used as evidence that he has a troubling history with women? Isn't it sexist to be outraged by Killian hitting Belle but not outraged by Snow hitting Charming over the head with a rock? It implies that it's a bigger deal when men hit women! Killian hit Belle because he needed to make a quiet getaway and she had no helpful information. He killed a man in the same scene.

Context is king, MeanRightHook!Anon, and in context, Hook’s treatment of Belle in S2 is terrible all down the line. Let’s go to the tapes– or at least the transcripts for that scene in 2x09:

Hook: Belle, your father’s life hangs in the balance. I need to know what that weapon is, and where to find it.
Belle: I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I have no idea how to… How to kill Rumpelstiltskin.
Hook: You don’t?
Belle: No. And… And nor would I.
Hook: Hm. Then, I’m afraid I’m not here to rescue you.
(He backhands Belle, rendering her unconscious.)
Hook: So pretty… Yet, so useless.
(Hook raises his arm, preparing to kill her with his hook, but is stopped by the Evil Queen. She enters the room and magically removes his hook.)
Evil Queen: No. Not useless. She’s a valuable chess piece.

Read more at:

People boo and hiss at the fair Captain for this scene not just because he hit a woman, but because he hit Belle as a precursor to KILLING her simply because  she was “useless” to him. Hook, like all villains, treated Belle in this scene as an object to be used and then destroyed. 

Why Hook was a stale rumcake of villainy in S2, in one gif

I’m going to get into WHY people accuse Hook of misogyny later on, which might be of interest to Hook fans, so you guys can feel free to skip the “he really was a stinker in S2” section in the beginning.

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I'll Never Hate You *Liam Dunbar Request*

Can you do and imagine where y/n is a banshee and in the middle of the lacrosse game the girl assassin corners her and she tries to strangle her and then she does the scream and Liam heres it in the middle of his game and literally goes running out of the game to go and get her and finds her passed out (because of the scream) and has to check if she’s dead and lots of fluff pls thanks

The cheers echoed through the empty school as they signified another goal being made. However, one scream was that of need, out of desperation. It felt as if no matter how loud she willed herself to be, the crowd outside was ten times louder. She could practically hear her heart beating, feel the sweat trickling down her brow and the ache in her left ankle multiply. She heard the footsteps of her enemy, Violet, close behind her.

“I don’t know why you’re running little banshee, I’ll still catch you.”

And she was right, because it seemed no matter which corner she turned Violet soon followed. She continued to run, tears escaping her eyes as she ran, she felt her leg buckle under the undesired pressure. Falling over she landed on her chin. Trying to crawl away, She felt herself being dragged back and kicked over.

“Look at you,” Violet kneeled over her “Pathetic!” She spat. “I did a pretty good job, didn’t I?” She removed her necklace from her neck, getting ready to strike.

“Please” Y/N tried to scoot away “That other guy did all the work.”

Violet’s face hardened she pulled on the separate ends of the necklace, winding it up and lifted her hands to put them above Y/N’s head.


“So you promise you’ll be there?” Liam leaned against his locker.

“I said I’ll try. Don’t put words in my mouth.” Y/n pushed against the chest of her boyfriend. “I’m supposed to go to the lake house with Lydia.”

“You’ve been at that lake house for four nights now, take a break, come see me play.”

“She needs my help Liam, I can’t just bail on her.”

“I’m not asking you to bail, I’m asking you to take a break and come support me.”

“I can support you, I don’t have to be at every single game to support you.”

“A good girlfriend would be there to show it.”

“So now I’m not a good girlfriend, I said I would try.”

“I never said that.” Liam ran a hand through his hair. “I said it would make you a good girlfriend.”

“Oh! So what type of girlfriend am I now?” Y/N’s  voice raised slightly.

Liam’s mouth opened as to reply however, a hand pushed him away slightly “Woah, there. Now that’s just asking him to dig himself into a hole.” Stiled removed his hand from Liam’s chest. “Now are you two having a lovers spat?”

Rolling her eyes Y/N walked away leaving both guys to watch after her.

Stiles turned his attention from the empty hallway to the boy standing beside him, only to find that he was gone as well.

“Well that’s the last time I’ll try to help.”


“Thank you so much for understanding Lydia.” Y/N hung up her phone stopping in front of the school. Sighing, she figured it would be easier to pass through the school opposed to going all the way around. Pushing the heavy door open Y/N heard the door slam shut with an unusual click.

Upon her entry she felt as if she should have gone with the alternative route.

“Can’t believe that actually worked.” Was all she heard before she felt her feet being knocked out from under her as another body tackled hers.


As Y/N looked up at the now glowing piece of iron, she screamed out unwillingly. Her eyes welled up with tears, her throat burned as she felt the sound within them die out and she looked on as Violet clutched her ears before both of them passed out.

Groaning, Y/N regained consciousness. The dull ache in her throat was still present but the throbbing of her ankle was a pain she was well aware of. She shot up against her body’s better judgement in fear of being targeted once again by Violet.

“Hey slow down, you’re okay.” She recognized that voice looking over Y/N looked at Liam as his hair clung to his moist forehead, his eyes glowing a bold yellow and face slightly flushed. She looked past him to see Scott speaking to the Sheriff.

“Where’s Violet?”

Liam shrugged ” By the time we got here, she was gone.”

“I’m sorry for everything that happened earlier.”

She leaned against the locker Liam helping her but stopped when he saw her flinch. Squatting in front of her he raised her chin, carefully avoiding the gash that resulted from her fall.

“So it took me nearly dying for you to apologize.” Y/N smiled at him.

“No, it took me realizing that you’re an excellent girlfriend.”

“Do you know what the boyfriends of excellent girlfriends do?” Y/N reached both her hands out clasping and unclasping them. Liam shook his head. “They give them endless hugs and compliments.” Liam moved forward but before he could embrace her Scott walked over to them.

“Are you in any of pain?”

“My ankle.” Y/N motioned over to it wiggling her leg slightly only to flinch.

Scott sat down by her leg, carefully raising her jeans investigating it closely. “It’s most likely its strained.” He sighed, looking over to Liam “One of the benefits that kind of out weigh the fact we’re always being chased after is the fact that we can take the pain away others.

Demonstrating how to properly do it, Scott backed away slightly thinking it was best to give them thier space.

“How do you feel?” Y/N questioned Liam.

“It’s not that bad, you?” He looked away from his blackening veins to her dull eyes.

“You can stop now.” She lightly put her head against the cold metal locker.

Liam sighed joining her “Your parents are going to hate me.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because it was my idea for you to come to the game, if you were with Lydia, this wouldn’t have happened. They’re going to hate me.”

“Hey Liam,” She turned his face to hers. “I don’t hate you.” She mumbled leaning against his shoulder waiting for Scott and the Sheriff to return to wrap up her ankle. “I will never hate you.” She dazed off slightly.

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