the others are way to photoshopped

Went on my way to play around with my face and hair today. (Haha my hair is actually long enough to almost touch my shoulder blades, and for this I had to tie it on the other side of my head and toss the tips on the other side. Sadly the color isn’t right, and I couldn’t bother to photoshop it.) As much as I love Shiro, it pains me I just don’t have what it takes to pull him off well enough. But at least it is fun to do this kind of stuff at home.

to all the people out there romanticizing the fuck out of mental illnesses and especially mentally ill artists: kindly fuck off. 

it’s not romantic to be depressed and an artist.

depression (or other mental illnesses) doesn’t help creativity.
quite the contrary.

i usually draw two to three pieces a week on top of multiple sketches, even with my work for school. 

my depression and some other not fun stuff have gotten way worse since december and guess what? 

i didn’t create more

i’m having trouble doing the simplest things on photoshop or on paper. some days i can’t even think of drawing without having a panic attack. i’ve been working on pieces for weeks, pieces that usually take me a day to complete.

the artistic part of my brain is literally buried under depression, anxiety, dissociation and morbid thoughts. 

so fucking stop with this.


___________________________“I have a strange feeling with regard to you. As if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly knotted to a similar string in you. And if you were to leave I’m afraid that cord of communion would snap. And I have a notion that I’d take to bleeding inwardly.“  ― Charlotte Brontë

reducing dark artifacts and noise on edits with a fill layer on photoshop

see all those artifacts on her coat? the little uneven chunks of black pixels? let’s get rid of those.

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Any gifmakers who use Photoshop CC know that using the same sharpening technique as CS5 gifmakers doesn’t have the same effect on CC. When sharpening on CC, gifs can turn out “muddy”, or undersharpened, unlike the crisp CS5 sharpening. After many many months of fiddling with my actions and techniques, I finally found a way to better replicate the crisp CS5 sharpening look. I figured I would share what I learned for other people also struggling to make their gifs look better.

My process is under the cut.

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So, I like totally lurk through the mr robot fandom because it’s like half people who wanna ride rami until he splits them in half and like the other half who just think of rami as this total memelord child and poorly photoshop every picture of him one way or another and it’s like I don’t even know what to do with this information. I have no clue how to process it and it’s like im too gay to want to fuck this man but I also don’t think of him as a child and I just appreciate his acting and wanna get a beer with him. Where do I fit in?


There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.

I love modern AU Grantaire being a painter, but what if he loved photography instead?
  • He saved money for a year to afford a professional camera and he never goes out without it.
  • Still, he would be able to make beautiful photos with a smartphone
  • He always takes photos during les Amis’ rallies and protests, and they are always iconic images, that perfectly show the reason they are fighting for.
  • Once, during a rally, he took a photo of Combeferre and Feuilly so beautiful that they printed it on every leaflet for at least a 8 months.
  • He prints his photos on his own in a darkroom. He knows many techniques to alter photographs “the old way”.  He can’t use photoshop or any other software to safe his life.
  • He printed a solarized portrait of Enjolras. It’s his masterpiece, he feels like crying every time he looks at it.
  • A photo he took of Jehan was chosen for an exhibition about gender and gender roles. 
  • He has a folder where he keeps photos taken by his favourite photographers, and he frequently leafs through them when he is bored.
  • The only time he really got angry with Enjolras was when he was looking at Mapplethorpe’s photos at the Musain and the leader asked him please not to bring pornography to the meetings. He gave him an icy stare and just left, leaving all les Amis speechless and Enjolras blinking, shocked by the reaction and already feeling guilty. 
  • “It’s just that of all people I would have never thought you would be the one to belittle his work! Some photos are willingly challenging, I can’t deny it, but he took subjects such as homosexuality, gender, interracial love and sex in general and made art out of them! Where society saw sin and horror he saw beauty! In the 80s, Enjolras, while the whole world was turning its face away to ignore that same illness that was killing him from the inside! I can’t believe you are the one who can’t see that he was a revolutionary genius!”
  • Of course, Enjolras apologized in every way he could and understood he had to learn something more about modern art.
  • When he’s in a good mood he takes photos of his friends, so that he can look at them when he’s feeling down. 
  • When he has really bad days, he takes photos of himself. “I’m still here. With all my flaws, my imperfections and my horrible attitude, but I’m still here.”
  • Mankind invented photography to be able to freeze a moment in time forever. For someone who doesn’t believe in the afterlife or in the eternity of principles and ideas, a little taste of immortality can mean the world.  
Hair Edit Tutorial

Disclaimer ***

“I’m not really the best at editing or explaining, this is just my quick version for editing hairs. There are other ways of doing this but I think this method is easier. I also usually use Photoshop but Gimp is free for everyone :)”

@catsblob and @bananahut​ , sorry for taking so long >-<

First you would have to install hair brushes. You could just google hair brushes for Photoshop and you can find anything.

Then find this folder:


And drop the brushes in the brushes folder (make sure to unzip any folder).

Open gimp and your hair brushes should be there.

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Genyatta week - day 6 (Winter)

Sorry that I skipped the last two days but Photoshop gave me some issues lately… >=0

Anyway! I feel way better now and I have already planned something nice for tomorrow. Hope you will like it ^^

BTW, have a nice day <3

pickledpennies  asked:

hi! please can I ask your advice on something. I'm thinking of selling some prints of my art but I've never done it before. A friend has suggested using etsy. But what's the best way to turn trad art into a print? How do you do it? Should I buy a scanner?

sure! since i make my art traditionally, i scan it in and make a nice n clean file in photoshop. that’s what i use to make my prints.

i ended up buying an epson artisan printer because it makes high quality prints and can print on larger paper (11″x17″) as well. so i print on 80lb matte card stock, crop, and ship out myself through my online store. some people will make their prints through other manufacturers and they either send them all to you or ship them out for you, but those options are more time consuming and expensive, so i prefer to make them myself. basically, there are lots of different ways to make prints, and you should experiment to see what you like best!

Les Mis fandom, I am mad as hell.

I am mad as hell because tonight, September 16th, Donald Trump walked out onstage to “Do You Hear The People Sing?” in front of this backdrop:


A closer look:

I’m gonna pass over all the obvious reasons why it’s unacceptable for Trump to be co-opting this imagery and music, and cut right to the chase:  Universal Pictures needs to sue the ass off the Trump campaign for unauthorized use of this poorly-Photoshopped image.  I don’t know which recording of the music he used, but Cameron Mackintosh’s lawyers should get on this as well (joining the many, many other artists who have taken or threatened legal action against the Trump campaign for using their material). 

If I were Aaron Tveit and saw my picture being used in this way, I would be pretty upset right now.

Let America’s draconian copyright laws do some good for once.  Sue his ass off, and donate the winnings to Planned Parenthood, BLM and refugee charities.


overwatch: favorite skins

ra & nomad

anonymous asked:

When it comes to detailed backgrounds on photoshop for a painting, what's a good way to do them?

i usually just work in small chunks and go from there. it can be pretty overwhelming to paint the whole thing at once so i just paint in rough details and then start on a section i wanna draw (like detailing bark or smthn) and then i move around and work on other stuff o: 

also make sure you have the thumbnail/window guide thing open so you can check that the whole thing still works, it can be really easy to mess up if you’re zoomed in the whole time

(these are old but u get the gist)


wow rey and luke don’t look anything alike and they certainly aren’t emotional at the sight of each other. i can’t believe it. their expressions are photoshop. jj fixed them before the movie release. there is no way he directed mark and daisy to mirror their shocked expressions back and forth.

in other news, i can’t believe rey literally inherited the shape of her dad’s eyes and facial structure wow