the other wasnt moving

  Hugo really didnt come to things like house parties. He always figured if he was gonna get wasted he’d rather do it from the comfort of his sofa (or bathtub) but some of the other art students. But he was still a young guy with certain needs and open art student parties like this were a good place to get what he needed or wanted more accurately.

  It didnt take long to get a good buzz set in and he’d just picked up another kind of cheap liquor in a solo cup when he noticed someone staring at him. A brief glance to size him up and he was hooked, “I dont bite you know, unless your into that.” He tried to joke as he walked up, it was obvious the other wasnt going to make the first move so Hugo would.

zeezeeemm  asked:

Donyou think Cece stopped the machine when emily was in the box on the summer finale? One red coat was weraing gloves, the other one wasnt and she had rad nail polish..when cece moved her fingers after falling that was her hand. But does that mean then that maybe ali is not the good red coat? And if she isnt good red coat then is she framing ezra? What the heck is going on!!!?

Yeah, that scene can be a bit tricky and honestly, we believe Ali stopped the machine:

There were 3 Redcoats:

  • The first Redcoat lured the girls to the saw mill, she was wearing black gloves and you see her finding a hiding place as Spencer and the girls run in to rescue Emily.

  • The second Redcoat was Ali, who we believe came in through the same door that the liars came through. Ali wasn’t wearing any gloves.
  • The third Redcoat was CeCe, who was wearing a mask, and who also didn’t have gloves.

The reason we believe there were three Redcoats in that sawmill is because why would Ali run past the button to stop the machine and go into hiding only to return to stop the machine. It doesn’t add up. Therefore, we think that the first girl that ran into that sawmill was the infamous Blackveil, she match the description, with the slender body and thin legs.

I do believe Ali is good and is helping the girls and that the mix up was to throw us all off.

Sorry for so many pics :)


Norman Buckley twitted that people take off their gloves when around heavy machinery, if that is this case then it’s safe to say that Ali lured the girls to the spot where Emily was in the box. Also, she is the one who stopped the machine and lead Spencer to Ezra’s apartment in Ravenswood :)