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Since school is approaching for a lot of people, I thought I’d combine two requests I get a lot: an essentials post and a back to school post. Under the cut are items are under $50 that I would see Emily wearing to school. I tried to keep the clothes within a lot of people’s dress codes, but if you don’t have one or you just want to buy some Emily inspired clothes, feel free to buy other items that have off-the-shoulder sleeves, shorter shorts/dresses, or even some rompers. You can look through our Emily Fields tag for some more inspiration on pieces to buy! If your dress code in your school has a rule on tank tops, I’ve included shirts and jackets you can wear on top. I tried to find dresses and shorts that would be past fingertip length too. I plan on making a few of these for all of the liars, and the rest should be coming out in the next few days!

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School Nurse Maki-chan and Student Nico-chan Extras:

You’re One To Talk:

Honoka, Umi and Maki hang out for drinks, during which Honoka notes that Maki looks like she’s in love, and she should introduce her lover to them. She denies this, after which Honoka says that “It’s not like he’s a minor or anything, right?”, which gets a rather stiff reaction from Maki. This does not go unnoticed by Umi, who puts two and two together, realizing that Maki is now with Nico.

The next day at school, Umi starts lecturing Maki, but Eli (student) passes them by and greets them. Maki takes note of the warm look Umi gives Eli. The two teachers then stare at each other and Umi opens and shuts her mouth a few times before saying “Never mind” and walking away.


Tsubasa (student) bakes bread every day in the home economics class. When Nico points it out she says that she doesn’t particularly like bread. She then gives some to Honoka-sensei, who smiles very happily and says that Tsubasa’s bread is the best. Tsubasa smiles in return and thinks “I don’t like bread that much… But I certainly love your smile.”

I’m Surrounded By Lesbians:

Erena (sensei) realizes that she’s surrounded by lesbians one day. She notes how Maki brightens up when she sees Nico, Tsubasa’s affectionate gaze when she’s with Honoka. She also notes the warm look Umi gives Eli, and the little private war going on between Umi and Nozomi (student). Despite her cool and calm exterior, internally she’s panicking and thinking


”THE SCHOOL IS RIPE WITH THE STENCH OF YURI LOLICONS.” (Thanks based bombergrape for the godly lines)

Anju bends forward, giving her a folder and, being distressed but still not displaying it, Erena asks “Are you seducing me?” to which Anju replies “… What?”. Erena dismisses it and Anju puts her forehead against the former’s, the latter noting how soft Anju’s lips (and breasts) looked. She panics and tells Anju she’s fine and goes back to work, a little flustered.

Anju walks away before smiling and taking “Just a little more.”


Nico and Tsubasa hang out often in the home economics room, and Maki gets kinda annoyed and a little jealous. Turns out they were making chocolates together for Valentines.

Maki doesn’t hide her jealousy all that well and Nico realizes it, cheerily giving her beloved sensei her chocolates and saying that she’s happy Maki was jealous over her. Maki notes that she doesn’t have chocolate for Nico who says it’s fine.

Maki responds by eating a piece of chocolate Nico made and then kissing the younger girl deeply.

Now it’s fine,” she says with a seductive smile on her lips.

On the other side of things, Tsubasa gives Honoka-sensei special chocolate flavoured bread.

anonymous asked:

Hi, so me and my guy-best-friend are both in long distance relationships and haven't seen our significant others in a long long time and are both feeling lonely. He was always flirting with me and I started to have a crush on him and a few days ago he told me that he tried to avoid me because he likes me and didn't want to do anything stupid. The next day we were hanging out and he told me he wanted time alone. Two days later (today) i texted and called him but he is ignoring me entirely :'(

that’s messed up. not the him not contacting you, but you having a crush on him and still entertaining these feelings while still being in a relationship. if he’s staying away, it may be because he needs to focus on his relationship. but if not, it should be what you do.