the other things are green calcite and fluorite

New crystals haul! 

My order from @bekkathyst arrived, and I went to the fair and found the guy who sells the rocks there. 

From bekkathyst I got the fluorite bowl, the septarian palm stone, and the red quartz point. Things are always bigger than I expect them to be! Except the bowl, but it’s an addition to my tiny-stone-bowls collection and I know they’re all the same size (gotta snag an amethyst one next, probably). I love how the bowl has this half-and-half coloring, exactly half is mostly green and the other half is really light purple.

The malachite, honey calcite sphere, epidote-in-quartz rough specimen, fossil shark tooth, and meteorite pendant came from the fair. That guy always has some amazing stuff, I was also tempted by a megolodon tooth and pyritized ammonite, but I set myself a budget limit and had to stick to it. 

Friday’s Shop Update

So I just realized I never officially announced what will be in the shop update this Friday.


  • The finished moon hairpins (full moon sets, crescent moon sets, and full & crescent sets, each type in both labradorite and rainbow moonstone!)
  • new simplicity necklaces (labradorite, moonstone, amethyst, ocean jasper, a few other things!)
  • my new collection of jewelry.. It’s still kind of a surprise but I will be revealing some pieces later this week! (I’m really excited!)


  • a TON of rainbow fluorite! woo! (points, obelisks, massage wands, facets!! (huge and small!), and high quality spheres
  • other spheres (rose quartz, green fluorite, labradorite, ametrine)
  • the long awaited golden calcite spheres with all the rainbows in them! (the dragon ball looking ones ha!)
  • golden calcite points
  • small ocean jasper spheres
  • A BUNCH of tumbled stones. a bunch of varieties we’ve never carried before.
  • some amethyst clusters, and just some other random items!