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I KNOW what you’re trying to DO there gamefreak

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This was one of my favorite scenes from Undertale, so since I’m in a creative slump, I decided to rip the dialogue straight from the game and make a comic out of it to get back into an art groove. There are spoilers.

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In the city of Hypher, there exist a small group of humans that possess superhuman abilities related to their personal dreams, passions, and hobbies. Some of these humans create havoc in Hypher by using them for crime and material gain. Others use their powers for themselves. However, the few who choose to use their abilities for others become heroes called Fiends. 

“You’ve Got Nothing To Fear” is a oneshot featuring Paolo and Sun, best friends and roommates who have recently taken up the role of Fiends to protect the people of Hypher.

Part 1 (you are here) | Part 2 | Part 3

What the hell is making that sound?? You should probably beat it up, Paolo!

Part 2 will be up tomorrow!