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A little something sweet for all of us while we wait for the big reveal. xo

When you woke up, the other side of the bed was empty.

Your eyes peeled open in a groggy fashion, and you lifted a fist to rub at your eye as you sat up in bed and looked over at the space where your boyfriend usually is. The two of you had fallen asleep comfortably, whispering sweet nothings to each other as your arms wrapped themselves around his broad frame and your nose nuzzled against the back of his neck. You had been absolutely exhausted since the day before, which is probably why you didn’t wake up when he stirred.

Once you woke up enough to think coherently, you immediately knew where he was.

You slipped on your bedrobe and pattered out into the living room, your hair in a messy bun and eyes still puffy from sleep. You were still a bit tired, but you knew you wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep without your boyfriend and you wanted to make sure that he was okay.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.

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prelim sketches for a pearlshipping flowershop au in which dawn is a florist who strives to become a professional fashion designer and ash is a passing customer who, at first, enters the shop to buy flowers for his mother’s birthday, but eventually begins to visit regularly due to how well he gets along with the florist and how much he likes her fun and vibrant personality. longer summary and details under the cut ⬇️

(edited for easier viewing!)

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Clueless’s Costume Designer on Creating a Fashion Phenom | Harper’s Bazaar

The woman behind the fashion, the great and powerful Oz of Clueless style, Mona May, is still as enthusiastic about Cher, Dionne and the rest of the Beverly Hills gang now as she was then. Here, the costume designer talks Alaïa, high-low style, sourcing vintage and what life is like on the other side of creating of a fashion phenomenon.

Cheap Pants, Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: College AU + Alexander Hamilton

Words: 487

Author’s Note: This was actually the first I wrote, I accidentally posted the Mulligan on before this!

Warnings: Innuendo at the end.

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Alexander Hamilton had exactly three extra curricular activities: studying, drinking, and arguing. You had the pleasure to witness each of the different sides of him, sometimes they intertwined (you can still hear echos of him drunkenly murmuring about the very first murder trial of the United States of America).

Currently, he was content with the last of the list. If Alexander and his ‘rival’ (as he eloquently puts it) Thomas Jefferson happen to share a room, ‘shit is about to go down’ (as Laurens eloquently puts it).

You had droned out many of their arguments before, and this wasn’t any different.

You silently compared the two men: Thomas, long and lean, intelligent beyond belief and opinionated. He spoke in long, quick phrases that left you dissecting them for hours after he said them. He was poetry, in a way. Poetry you would never read, but a poem nevertheless.

Alexander, shorter in stature but he certainly made up for it in passion and enthusiasm. He was on par with Thomas in his intelligence. If anything, his raw determination may have given him the upper hand. He spoke nearly as fast, but twice as elegant. If Thomas was a poem, Alexander was a Shakespearean sonnet. Complicated and witty. Hilarious and otherworldly. Breathtaking.

“Something on your mind?” Lafayette teased next to you, watching as you carefully inspected Alexander.

“Hmm?” You responded, startled by his presence. Had he been sitting there a minute ago? “Oh…I was simply…admiring his finely tailored pants?”

Hercules scoffed from the other side of Lafayette, “Those are the cheapest pants he owns.”

‘Damn fashion major.’ You thought to yourself.

“Maybe Y/N can settle the score.” Alexander insisted, suddenly pulling you between the two heated men.

“Thomas insists he received a higher grade on our History of Law pop quiz. Tell him he’s wrong.”

You should have known being a TA for a class both Thomas and Alexander were enrolled in would bite you in the ass eventually.

“Alex, what have I told you about pulling me into your cat fights?” You sighed.

Their History of Law teacher had a habit of putting a ‘fun little bonus question’ at the end of every test. They always revolved around trivia from well known movies. You knew the question a day in advance and had discretely sat Alex down to watch it. Alex received full credit, plus the bonus. Thomas received full credit.

“Alex had the higher grade.” You laughed as Thomas cursed and Alex, in a fit of happiness, pulled you into a hug and spun you a bit.

“I knew I befriended you for a reason!” He cheered, “Besides how breathtaking you look in this,” He gently tugged at the hem of your sweatshirt, which once belonged to - and still smelled of - Alexander.

“Yeah, and you don’t look too bad in your cheap pants.” You giggled.

“Well, if you like these pants so much, you should see me out of them.”

Why NaruSaku fans like -Road to Ninja-

Sometimes people outside of the fandom wondered why NaruSaku fans liked Road to Ninja so much. They insist that there isn’t very much shipping material such as kissing, handholding, and other typical romantic interactions. I think people outside of the fandom never understood that NaruSaku fans appreciated NaruSaku for much more than their romantic interactions.

#1: The Character Growth

A lot of us were originally bothered by how far Naruto and Sakura devolved at the beginning of the movie, but we perfectly understood why. Kishi and his team were trying to show clear growth in their characters. They both started off acting very selfishly in a “the grass is greener on the other side” fashion. They were given their wish in the most realistic way possible.

Naruto got his family and his parents never died for him, but that’s because his ‘other parents’ were presented as cowards and Sakura’s parents died in their place. He could have his parents back, but they aren’t HIS parents, the ones that sacrificed their lives for Naruto and the village.

Sakura found her parents annoying and dreamed of a world where she didn’t have to deal with them. While Naruto rebuked her opinion, she was positive that Sasuke would agree with her. She got her wish. Her parents were gone and she could do what she wanted, but come to find out, the loneliness was unbearable. Finally, Sasuke paid attention to her, but he didn’t pay attention to just her, he wanted ALL the girls and their affection. Even when Sasuke cared, she was no different than the rest of the girls with the same feelings.

Naruto and Sakura learned to appreciate what they had.

#2: Understanding Each Other More

What made NaruSaku fans even more excited about this movie other than their character development is how Naruto and Sakura got to be in each others shoes for a few days and learn to understand each other.

Naruto got to experience what having parents was like. At first, they annoyed him, he didn’t trust them, they made him uncomfortable… all things that Sakura has experienced throughout her life.

Sakura experienced loneliness. Her parents died heroes, she was appreciated throughout the whole village, but her house was empty and quiet. No one was there to tell her what to do or to make any sound at all, something Naruto experienced every day of his life.

It was a compressed version of what happened in the manga. There’s no way Sakura could have experienced Naruto’s loneliness in this manner (though there are ways that Naruto could have experienced having parents), but she came to understand him in the manga anyway. Just like in the movie, she went from insensitive to very empathetic of Naruto’s struggles.

In the movie, she couldn’t even bring herself to ask for Naruto’s help in breaking the genjutsu because she truly understood how much it meant to him. It’s not that dissimilar to her understanding how much Sasuke meant to Naruto (though canon has written off most of Sakura’s understanding of Naruto and replaced it with obsessive infatuation for someone else)

Most NaruSaku fans have ALWAYS argued that Naruto and Sakura have developed a strong understanding of each other. To see an entire movie dedicated to developing their characters around this idea, romantic or not, was fantastic

#3: Shippy Moments

Along with the two points above, the movie did have a few shipping moments that we thoroughly enjoyed. To name a few:

- When Sakura ran away from her parents, her excuse was that she and Naruto were going on a date

- When pressed on what exactly Naruto and Sakura were doing by yandere Hinata, they quickly run away in panic and generally stay in each others company (for obvious reasons, strange new world)

- Their close proximity throughout most of the movie (leaning on Naruto when Naruto finally meets his parents)

- Sakura being unable to break up Naruto’s happiness and assist her with breaking the dream

- Naruto, despite his parents begging him to stay back and let someone else help Sakura, went to save her anyway with no hesitation

- The montage of Naruto saving Sakura being very reminiscent to Minato saving Kushina intentionally revisited at the beginning of the movie.

- Sakura defending Naruto and calling out his name as the enemy tried to hurt him.

- Naruto catching Sakura in a princess hold when she is thrown into the air by the enemy

- Naruto asks Sakura on a real date with her parents present, and her only answer is that they just finished a really long date

#4: Conclusion

In my opinion, Road to Ninja was a perfect NaruSaku movie. It represented everything I loved about NaruSaku in one compressed little animation. It is the most plot relevant and driven movies in the franchise. It is not a mystery as to why characters like Menma and the Road to Ninja universe is one of the most canon fanons.

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adonis x souma please? u the besto

i did some adosou hcs somewhere so here’s a meme of a scenario based on an awkward irl encounter <333

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Ignored~Mino Angst

Originally posted by no-8

*GIF is not mine credits to the owner*


Prompt:  hi!! i wonder if you could do a mino scenario where (y/n) and mino have been best friends for years, but when he gets casted into yg he breaks everything he has with her and ignores her for his career. no happy ending please~~

Mino and you have been very close friends since you guys were in middle school. It was the begging of eighth grade, and you were a new student at the school. It was a big school, so not many people took notice that you were new. Most people ignored you, except Mino. Mino saw that you were asking people for help, and when he saw that everyone was ignoring you he took it upon himself to show you around. Ever since that day you two have been inseparable. The two of you did everything together. Many people thought you two were dating throughout the years you’ve known each other. 

 You’d be lying if you said that over the years you haven’t developed some feelings for Mino. He took care of you, not many people cared about you the way Mino did. That was one of the things you really loved about him. When he cared about someone, he wasn’t afraid to show the person how much he actually cared about them. 

 You both were in your twenties now, both of you pursuing different careers. Mino wanted to be an idol, and you supported him as much as you could. Even when no one else would, you stayed by his side. You on the other hand wanted to be a fashion designer. You always had knack for making used clothes or worn out clothes look better. When Mino or one of your other friends would wear something that didn’t quite look right, you would always try and find ways to make their outfit look better. Mino and your friends would always praise you on how talented you were when it came to clothes and fashion, so you decided that you wanted to make a career out of it. You wanted to do something you loved. 

 You looked out the window of the coffee shop you were sitting in and smiled. The sun was shining so bright today. It made everything outside seem more beautiful and alive. You took a drink of your latte and looked down at your phone. Mino was suppose to meet you today, but as per usual he was late. 

You never really minded that he was always late. He was never really good at kept track of time. Also he would usually be working on his music. You were happy that he didn’t give up on his dream, just like you weren’t giving up on yours. The two of you were each other’s support system. Both of you would always encourage each other to keep going. To keep fighting for your dream. That was part of the reason you depended on Mino so much, he was your support system. He was always there when you needed him. You smiled at the thought. Just like you would always be there for him. 

 Your thoughts were interrupted when someone sat down in the chair in front of you. 

“Y/N I’m so sorry I was late, but some people from YG pulled me aside and asked me to audition for them. So now I have an audition next week on Tuesday!” Mino exclaimed. 

Your smile brightened. “Mino! That’s amazing, I’m so happy for you!” You told him as you leaned over the table and hugged him. Mino quickly hugged you back. “It feels like a dream. I can’t believe I have an audition next week.” He mumbled into your hair. Your grip on him tightened.

 "You better believe it Mino.“ You told him as you pulled away. You sat back down in the chair. "I guess both of us have good news today.” You told him. Mino looked at you with a confused expression. “Both of us?" 

You nodded. "I got excepted into the program I wanted!” You smiled. “They only let like fifty people in a year, and I’m one of those firstly.” You squealed. 

Mino could see the excitement rolling off of you. His smile widened as you told him what happened. He grabbed your hand from across the table and held it tightly. 

“Looks like things are looking up for us y/n.” He murmured fondly. You blushed as you looked down at your intertwined hands. 

“Yeah. Hopefully things will only get better from here.” You told him as you smiled. You seemed to be smiling a lot lately. 

As the weekend passed both of you got busier. Mino preparing for his audition on Tuesday. While you got prepared for the program you got accepted into. The two of you hardly seen each other since the coffee shop, which was on Monday. As Tuesday rolled around, you made sure to stay near your phone at all times, just in case Mino called. 

You were working on a new jacket idea when all of a sudden your phone went off. Someone was texting you. Hoping that it was Mino you sprang up out of your seat and rushed over to your phone. 

It was a text message from Mino. “Meet me at the coffee shop in ten.” You read. You bit your lip, you weren’t sure if it was good news or bad news. So you quickly got dressed in some skinny jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. You grabbed your keys, locked your apartment, and headed out. 

 As you walked into the coffee shop you looked around. Eventually your eyes found Mino in a booth near the back of the coffee shop. You quickly walked over and slid into the booth. 

“So, how did it go?” You asked him. Mino looked up at you. “I got in. They weren’t really supposed to tell me, but they said I was really good and that they would be happy to have me become a trainee under YG.” He told you. You smiled brightly. “Mino! I’m so proud of you!" 

Mino smiled at you. "Thanks. Look I have to go, but I just wanted to tell you that I made it in.” Mino told you as he stood up. You nodded in understanding. “Thank you for telling me, now go. You have a lot to do.” You giggled. Mino smiled slightly, and waved at you as he left. 

 A couple days had passed, and you haven’t heard from Mino. You were kind of getting worried. He would usually text you at least once a day, but he hasn’t since he told you he got into YG. You sighed as you ran your hand through your hair. After a couple minutes, you decided that you were going to head to the YG building. 

You couldn’t handle not talking to Mino, you needed to know what was wrong. You grabbed your keys and headed towards your car. It would only take you about ten minutes to get to YG. You got into your car, and headed towards the building. As you pulled up to the building, you saw that there was no where to park. So you drove down the street to a parking lot, and parked there. 

You quickly got out of your car and headed towards the building. As you were walking towards the building, you saw Mino walking out of the building with a couple other people. 

You smiled as you saw him. “Mino! Hey!” You called out. Mino looked over to see who called his name, and frowned when he saw who it was. 

“Hey, man. Who is this chick?” One of the guys he was with asked. Mino rolled his eyes. 

“Some girl that won’t leave me alone. I would’ve thought she got the hint when I wouldn’t answer her texts.” Mino told them in annoyance. 

 You stood there frozen in shock. Never have you ever heard Mino talk about you like he was right now. “She'a getting so annoying man, she keeps texting and calling me. Even when I don’t answer back, you’d think she’d get that I don’t care.” You heard Mino say. 

Tears started to form in your eyes. You walked up to Mino and slapped him. “You asshole.” You mumbled. “I hope it was worth it. Never talk to me again.” You told him as tears fell out of your eyes. 

 Mino held his cheek and looked at you in shock. You’ve never laid your hands on him in an aggressive way. “Y/N-” “No! Don’t even think about apologizing. After everything we’ve been through, this is how you repay me? Go to hell.” You said as you pushed him. 

You wiped your eyes and took a deep breath to try and calm yourself down. After you composed yourself you looked around, and saw that all three boys were staring at you in shock. You rolled your eyes. “Mino, do me a favour and delete my number from your phone.” You said as you turned around, and started walking back to your car. 

You could hear someone in the distance calling your name, but you ignored it. As you got back to your apartment, you couldn’t help but think about what Mino said about you. Had he thought this way the whole time you were friends? Why didn’t he say anything to you? When you walked into your apartment you collapsed to the floor. 

The more you thought about it the more upset you got causing the tears to start running down your cheeks once again. It’s funny how people that you thought cared about you can drop you like it’s nothing when they have a better deal offer. So much for friendship. The worst part of it all though was that you were still in love with him. 

 You still loved Mino.

*Hope you guys enjoyed this scenario! I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for requesting it!*

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Tsuna/so/xanxus poly relationship headcanons pleasese?? Thank you so much!


admin adelheid

  • Do you remember getting into a tug of war with that really awesome toy back when you were a kid with another kid who wants the toy just as desperately and since you were both selfish brats neither of you will let go until the toy either breaks or someone speaks up and stops you both? Congratulations. You are now that toy.
  • You’ve met both of them when you were presented as the Boss of a new allied Famiglia. There was a power struggle between you and your brother for the position of Boss that you had been willing to bow out of until your brother got himself killed by an enemy Family. You exacted revenge of course and that was how the Vongola had heard of you.
  • It was lust at first sight. How could you possibly resist two such handsome men with an intoxicating amount of power? And how could such power not respond to your own Flame?
  • Neither of them will be very happy with the situation, of course. Both are very dangerous, very possessive men. However, as Dons they also knew that an internal conflict over you will not only foolishly inconvenience their other allies but will also make you very unhappy.
  • As both are very protective as all heck they will both want to keep an eye on you at all times. Expect two sets of bodyguards. Tsuna’s assigned man will be the one on display looking like he’s a humanoid version of Spanner’s Moscas. All unsmiling and borderline robotic but the best in his job. Xanxus’ assigned man, however, will be the one in the shadows most of the time swapping swear words with Squalo through his earpiece once every other hour. Anyone who wanted to get to you would have to go through him first. Such a person would have to pass Squalo’s standards before getting assigned to guard you.
  • They will not want to share you under one roof. You are going to have to make time and spend at least every other night by their sides in an alternate fashion. The first night spent will be decided with a coin toss. The bodyguards assigned to you, however, stays until they can escort you over to the other don’s house.
  • You can’t help but fall in love with each of them, though. Tsuna can be tender and openly affectionate despite looking so sadistic. Xanxus is rough and needs to keep the appearance of aloofness but he likes being closeted in with you for hours on end.
  • At first the relationship will be based largely on sex. Tsuna can be very creative when he feels like tying you up and being all dominant with you. Xanxus, on the other hand, just likes grabbing you and either taking you up against the wall or throwing you on the bed.
  • Over time they both adore you for your kindness and understanding. Because even though you were also a person of power you still make sure to shower them with your affections. When you have time you’ll cook for them or wake them up with kisses. Just the simple, little things that show them you see them both as more than just Bosses but as men worthy of love as well.
  • Squalo and Gokudera will make sure you knew if something in particular was weighing their Bosses mind that Tsuna or Xanxus are unwilling to share with them. They have both discovered over time the quickest way to get their Bosses’ heads out of their asses is to involve you.
  • Soothing Tsuna’s anxieties by randomly walking in his office in the middle of a crisis and cuddling with him in his chair as you allow him to simply rant or walking in on Xanxus and giving him a back rub as you calm him down from a particularly annoying kill are all usual scenarios in both households.
  • Sometimes they will argue about territory, jurisdiction and you. So it is your job to calm them down and remind them what’s what. Fortunately, you holding both their hands, looking up pleadingly with them and your genuine desire to do what was best for the Family was something they respect and love about you so they would grudgingly settle the argument with grunts before picking a place on your person to bury their faces in. Each one closing their eyes so neither of them would have to see the other taking comfort from you. Hoping against hope that someday one of them would give you up so the other could have you all to themselves for eternity.

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Could I please ask for some winterironpanther post civil war? I'm not sure how it would work but I love this ship. Maybe how they get together? Thank you!

“Are you sure?” T’Challa asks, staring down at the glasses in his hands. The BARF Technology, which Tony hasn’t come up with a better name for as of yet, is the best chance at fixing Barnes. Tony doesn’t look at the chamber standing just a few feet away from himself. He doesn’t think he can.

“I’m sure.”

“I understand why you would not allow it, no one will judge,” T’Challa says, assuring Tony.

Tony smiles at T’Challa. He can feel how shaky the smile is, how breakable it feels on his face, but he plasters it on anyway, and says, “Philanthropist, remember? Gotta do the nice things so people think I’m great.”

“No one must think it for it to be true.”

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sweet love | yoongi [smut]

I had inspiration for a fluffy smut scenario involving Yoongi, and although I couldn’t find a request for which the idea would match, I just had to write it so here you are~ 
- Devi (●´□`)♡

Synopsis: When you help Yoongi “de-stress” (featuring sex in the tub)

[Warning: Explicit Content]

word count: 2543

“Yoongi, what’s wrong?” You approach him carefully, trying to peer down at his face rather unsuccessfully. He’s sitting on the couch, knees parted. His forearms rest on his thighs and his hands meet in the middle, palms together as if he were in prayer, but his fingertips don’t face the heavens; they face you. His head hangs low, his bangs creating a curtain in front of his eyes. You can’t tell if his eyes are open or not.

“Nothing,” he answers monotonously.

Your hands grip firmly on his shoulders. “Then look at me.” Your tone of voice doesn’t become harsh or annoyed. It’s still delicate and sweet. You’re not upset. You’re simply concerned.

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Short opinion:  Gosh, gender roles sure are something.  Good thing we had K.A. Applegate around to subvert them back in the ‘90s.

Long opinion:

Rachel’s method for responding to weird dudes will forever make her my hero for life.

Not ten feet away was this guy named Bailey. I don’t know if that’s his first name or last name.

“What do you want?” I demanded…

“Looking good, Rachel.”


“That leotard and all. You’re looking good.”

I was wearing my morphing outfit. It seemed okay for a trip around the rocks.

“Of course I look good,” I snapped. “I almost always do. You have something else to say?”

I guess that threw him. He shrugged.

“Looking good,” he repeated. “Looking real good.”

“I think we’ve been over that,” I said. “Now go away.”

“You are so stuck-up!”

"That’s right, I am. Now you know the difference between good looks and a good personality.”

That aside, this is another book that I have changed my opinion on a lot over the years.  I used to think that the whole idea of splitting Rachel in half—one psycho, one mall rat—was showing us something about the character with a sledgehammer in a way that Applegate had already accomplished with a scalpel.  Nowadays I’m more inclined to appreciate this book, because I’ve noticed that it’s not actually about the way that Rachel has both ultra-aggressive and ultra-fashionable sides.  It’s about the way that other people respond to these sides.  

Case in point, there’s the moment when Cassie and wimpy!Rachel are at the mall and the girl calls Rachel a “skinny, preppy, mall-crawling bubblehead”—and Cassie is so concerned with trying to keep Rachel from committing murder in the middle of the mall that she doesn’t even comment on the extreme rudeness of this other girl.  So we’ve got random strangers using Rachel’s perceived femininity as an insult, and we’ve got a version of Cassie who is so worried about Rachel’s aggression that she doesn’t even stick up for her.  One half of Rachel gets dismissed for being too feminine, and one gets dismissed for being too masculine.  Cassie cares about the soft, gentle, aesthetic version of Rachel; she doesn’t really know what to do with Rachel’s harsher side.

Later on, we get Marco’s perceptions of Rachel, which unlike Cassie’s are positive for all the wrong reasons.  He’s utterly convinced by Rachel’s invulnerability (witness his utter shock that Rachel would either express upset that someone was mean to her or fondness for her teammates) and his response to her tears is to conclude that she must be a controller.  Marco admires—and crushes on—Rachel’s toughness and ruthlessness.  He doesn’t really know what to do with her softer side.  

Ax is an interesting case, because he doesn’t even seem to appreciate the distinction between the two Rachels at all.  He describes them as “somehow, subtly different,” and doesn’t seem too concerned about the homicidality of one or the cowardice of the other.  He and Rachel never quite get along that well, not in the least because they have a little too much in common for either of their tastes, and it’s pretty interesting that Rachel’s nice half dismisses him while her mean half only views him as a useful tool in a fight.  It might just be that Ax is outside of human culture and human genders and therefore doesn’t see the nuances of Rachel’s behavior as clearly as her human friends do, and it might just be that he’s never her biggest fan because he sees that she longs to fight for the sake of fighting and doesn’t know what to do with it.

Jake… Well, this is the book where Jake’s inner Airbender comes out hard.  The way that he twists and dodges around both versions of Rachel reveals that this boy might not understand basic Algebra, but damn can he think on his feet.  It’s fascinating that he doesn’t challenge mean!Rachel directly, even when she (allegedly) takes leadership from him, and he basically just moves out of her way over and over and over again, both verbally and physically, in order to let her tire herself out.  His relationship with wimpy!Rachel is completely different: he does confront her directly, he does boss her around, and he does take all responsibility away from her, because he realizes that that’s what she needs.  Jake might be the only one who completely understands both sides of Rachel—but he doesn’t exactly use that knowledge in a way that keeps her best interests in mind.  He basically bullies wimpy!Rachel into fighting against her will, and manipulates mean!Rachel into solving the Animorphs’ problem with Visser Three even though doing so could get her killed.  

And then there’s Tobias.  Tobias, who doesn’t judge mean!Rachel for killing a salmon… but does get angry with her for doing it without reason.  Tobias, who has patience with wimpy!Rachel’s rambling… but also won’t let her avoid morphing just because it scares her.  Mean!Rachel dismisses Cassie, likes Marco (until she doesn’t), likes Jake (see above), and respects Ax.  Wimpy!Rachel loves Cassie, thinks Marco is cute, kind of hates Jake, and dismisses Ax as “not cute.”  The only thing the two of them agree on is Tobias.  He’s a hunter, and he understands her inner hunter.  Tobias is “sweet.  Gentle.  Kind.  All those good things” and therefore supports Rachel’s nicer, more vulnerable side.  He understands the necessity for ruthlessness, but also goes out of his way to avoid it himself.  He’s got the ideals that provide a guide for Rachel’s militarism, and the support of Rachel’s mall-rat ways that let her be a girl as well as a warrior.  

This book is all about how no one (no, not even Tobias) fully likes or appreciates all sides of Rachel.  She’s aggressive and shallow, reckless and careless.  She’s also brave and intelligent, beautiful and resilient, and endowed with a strong sense of Doody.  She’s too feminine and too masculine, too loud and too pretty, and she doesn’t take compliments well.  People have a hard time knowing what to do with her, even the ones who love her like Jake and Cassie or admire her like Marco and Ax.  She’s unclassifiable.  One of a kind.

But then, so is Tobias.  As he says: “The two of you and the two of me. Let’s go.”  Note that he and Rachel leave behind Cassie’s gentle offer to talk things over and Ax’s bluntly practical advice for reintegration.  It’s just the two of them at the end alone together with all four of their personalities, and even if they don’t understand each other perfectly they’re enough alike to muddle through.  

Clint/Bucky Fic Recs

(because clint and bucky are amazing, and because i am multishipping trash who wants to share the love, here is a list, in no order, of the best winterhawk fics out there :) 

***updated 11/29/15

I’ll Keep You Safe Here With Me. by sara_holmes

[M, 110k, complete] Yes, Clint is avoiding the other Avengers. No, he does not want to go back to New York. But then again, he didn’t exactly want to be kidnapped by the Winter Soldier either. Really, he just wants to go back to bed.

(reccer note: if you’ve never read any clintbucky fics before, make this your first one! i cannot recommend it highly enough)

In Which Someone is Kidnapping Snipers by theLiterator

[T, 2k] “I’m actually trying to get a royal flush- how many former Soviet assets can I seduce?“

leave the gun on the table by Traincat

[M, 38k] Bucky Barnes wakes up in the future, joins the Avengers, reunites with Steve, makes some new friends and some old enemies, gets called Robocop and tries to figure out the future, himself, and Clint Barton’s middle name – all while being haunted by his past, the things he can’t remember and the creeping suspicion that Black Widow knows something he doesn’t.

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Christmas Kisses (aka Sam is done with your shit)

A/N: So this is some more mistletoe fluff, cause I can’t seem to let go of the idea. Plus really, Tony deserves all the kisses. This ones for @marvelingjules cause she is having a tough time of it and @potrix-the-queerschlaeger cause shes bloody awesome and always answers my many TJ/Tony questions. Which you should totally check out her AU cause hot damn. This totally unedited so go easy on me please and I hope you all enjoy.


Sam loves his crazy little family hes ended up with, but for fucks-sake sometimes they drive him up a damn wall.

Natasha sat curled up on the love seat, tucked cozily into his side, looking for all the world like shes focused intently on the tablet in her lap. Sam knows better however, that shes watching the scene in the kitchen unfold in all its, frankly pathetic in Sam’s opinion, glory. He swears he has never seen someone look so sappy and love struck before.

Oh wait, yes he has. Just the other day, in fact, on Steve’s stupid mug instead of Bucky’s. All he knows is that these boys both have it bad for the resident mad scientist and Tony, poor soul, is oblivious as all hell.  He watches as Bucky nudges a cup full of hot black tar in Tony’s direction, smiling sappily when Tony lets out a little moan of appreciation. Tony smiles adoringly back up Bucky.

Sam just stares at them both, flummoxed. Internally he’s waving his arms around screaming “He loves you, how the fuck do you not see he loves you!”  

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