the other side is worse

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

There’s something that needs to be addressed in ALL discourse, on ALL and ANY sides.

If you are told someone on your side is problematic, responding “people on the other side are too/are worse/etc” is NOT a good reaction. 

What should happen is you say “How was this person bad? I will not reblog from them or support them from now on.”

Then, tbh, you can say “there are others on your side doing the same, this is them, please do the same.” 

Please stop responding hostilely to people calling out people on your side. Everyone needs to be ale to call out problematic people without fear.

By just saying “what about the people on your side?” and not addressing the actual matter, you are basically saying “i dont care what this person is doing because your side has someone that does it too” and you are supporting them.


Connor didn’t know what was on the other side, he’s lucky that it was water and nothing worse like hard pavement.


s h e   d e s e r v e d   b e t t e r … . .

please… I’m begging you….. don’t start the lapidot vs amedot shit again…… there are so many other useful things to discourse about….. they’re just two harmless ships there’s no reason to be angry… stop trying to make it seem like one side is “worse” than the other…. let it die its 2017


I hate when you say you’re hurting.
When the past comes back to you, all at once, and I’m not there to pull you close and hold your hand.
Knowing you are only a few miles away, and not being able to come to you, is worse than you being on the other side of the country.
You aren’t alone. I can’t stress that enough.
You won’t have to be alone ever again.
The hardest part of all of this is, no one as wonderful as you are, should ever go through what you have.
You’ll never be okay with it, and that’s okay.
But someday, you’ll see yourself, how I see you.
And you will realize how strong and how amazing you are, because you are still here. You are still smiling, laughing, breathing.
You are never alone.

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Honestly, I only want people to be patient with him because he's as influential as he is. Demonize him too quick, he might end up getting worse. And, of course, the other side of the coin, he might actually learn from his actions, and become a better person, and that would be significantly more helpful. It's ultimately just something we have to hope for.

he has had… 5+ years… of people getting upset with him for his choices… but sure whatever give him another five i guess while i still writhe with my and many other people’s experiences being treated as slapstick.

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This 2moms situation with the threats that is terrible, but am I the only one who gets a little offended that it is immediately gillovny people accused of being behind? Nobody should get those threats...but then again nobody should immediately accuse other people.. Every side gets these threats, she is not the only one and will not be the last one... but by accusing the other side, I think she makes the situation worse and almost encourage hatred against gillovny believers.

It’s ridiculous to me that anyone would carry so much hatred for a group representing an opposing view/opinion that they would resort to accusing them of being behind death threats.  To me, posting the threats calls attention to it, and why would anyone want to do that?  There’s also no reason anyone logical should think they’re the only ones receiving them.  A basic Google search of news covering social media trends and events will tell you that it’s common - far too common, but it goes with the territory.  So many of us have had nasty and threatening anons.  Report, block and delete.  It should be common practice. Publishing them doesn’t serve any purpose.

And I’ll add one more thing.   There was some anger about how I, and others, “dared” to bring Gillovny into this.  We didn’t randomly feel like adding it. That was the accusation of the person who received the death threat and it was continued by others supporting her in their reblogs.  Those of us who responded and included it in our answers weren’t doing it because we were bored. Literally not one day goes by without one of those blogs trying to rain down hell (or incite it)  through posts and anon answers that shouldn’t even touch on the topic of Gillovny.  And yet, they inevitably step right into that territory.  So yes, they’re encouraging more hatred against people who remain Gillovny, and they’re encouraging others through their baseless accusations to come to our blogs and say the same things.

I haven’t seen one person on my dash complain about getting hate anons or threatening anons even though we’re receiving them.  We just choose to discuss it privately.  But we aren’t going onto our blogs to talk about how targeted we are.  There are choices - threats like that need not be posted.

I’m sorry that this turned into a longer answer.  The short of it is, yes, they’re encouraging hatred against people who are Gillovny.  Reading through even a few of their posts on any of the recent days will tell you that (taunting tags included).  It’s unfortunate but if anything, it helps you make crystal clear choices about who to follow and what they really think.

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I liked your answer to 2moms, but am I the only one who gets a little offended that it is immediately gillovny people accused of being behind? Nobody should get those threats...but then again nobody should immediately accuse other people.. Every side gets these threats, she is not the only one and will not be the last one... but by accusing the other side, I think she makes the situation worse and almost encourage hatred against gillovny believers.

Thanks anon for the question. I need to preface this answer by saying I’m not gillovny. Im not anti-gillovny. I’m not anything. I don’t care about any of it. Like at all. So I am a total outsider here. But that can be a good thing because I’m going to tell you what I’ve seen from the outside over here. What I see are not baseless accusations. The threats 2moms received? Are absolutely from a gillovny addict. Note: I’m not saying the threats are from the entire “faction” or whatever and that the asshat making the threats represents gillovny, not at all. But the fact is the threats are coming from that “side”. How do I know? Just go back and read all of it! You can see the progression of crazy! These are not accusations made without evidence, anon.

Look, it’s like this. Are all men misogynistic assholes? No. but we certainly don’t appreciate the “not all men” argument do we? Are all Republicans white racist bigots? Of course not. But this is what happens when the loudest of your group are allowed to flourish. If you know someone causing issues? Call their ass out. Then people will see, “oh good it’s not all of them” does that make sense?

You say both sides are getting crazy anons and threats, but I’m sorry, that’s not what I’m seeing. I’m NOT saying it’s not happening. But I haven’t personally seen it. So if you or someone you know is getting threatened or harassed, as much as it sucks to give the muthafucka attention, PUBLISH THAT SHIT. Because that needs to get called out.

Finally. The whole idea of their being “sides” is the most ridiculous, immature bullshit I’ve ever seen. You’re forming factions based on who a famous person whom you don’t even know is or isn’t fucking! That’s sick! It’s disgusting. No matter which “side” you fall on. And I hear you anon. I’m not going to say what you say (that both sides are guilty) isn’t true. I just personally haven’t seen the evidence to back that up. What I have seen is people like 2moms constantly having to play defense because she’s constantly getting shit stirred up. She’s not starting it. She’s defending her own viewpoint. Which anybody can do.

My message to “both sides”: cowgirl up and quit being a coward and going on to other people’s blogs behind an anonymous gray face. ITS OK IF PEOPLE DISAGREE WITH YOU!! Stand there on your blog and talk as much shit as you want. Nobody can say anything because you’re being upfront (by not being anonymous) and you’re on your own blog where you can say what you want. This hiding behind anon and going to other people’s blogs and throwing shit is childish and frankly just plan stupid.

Now can we get back to fan fiction and xfiles now?

What does it mean when the muscle between your neck and shoulder hurts to move and is only getting worse as time goes on. It’s been months and I thought I just slept on it wrong and continued to sleep on it wrong but I’ve been making an effort to sleep either on my back or the other side and it only hurts worse now… and with the cold.. I have very limited mobility w that arm now and it’s starting to impede on my work performance…:/

A bit of FENHAWKE for the cyberpunk Thedas AU… Fenris is a bit shy of Hawke’s online association with Mage rights activist Anders, and Hawke is a bit nervous that Fenris could disable his internal tech augmentations with a wave of his hand.
But they both end up agreeing that life is better at each other’s sides, for better or worse.


The hunt went okay. It was just a salt and burn but still your brothers managed to find something about your skills -or lack of- to pick up on. As usual, Dean dragged you and Sam to a bar. You were only fourteen, so you couldn’t even drink: four years to go. You sighed as Dean went about his usual routine of picking up girls. How they ever fell for it amazed you every time.

Sam sipped his beer and looked over the notes for previous cases. You knew he was just finding something to do. You hated to admit it but you weren’t that close with your brothers, they constantly put you down.

Lately, with school work piling on and the pressure of training for hunts just to keep up with your brothers had you stressed out. And to make matters worse, a man from the other side kept eyeing you up. You avoided his gaze, gross. He didn’t seem to get the message when he strode towards you. “Back off.” You heard Sam warn without bothering to actually look at the man.

“I don’t think she wants me to.” The man bit his lip and tilted his head at you.

You continued to ignore him, picking at your sleeves. “Hey! Leave her alone!” Dean called.

You watched the man step away having got the hint. In a swift movement you got up and left, barging into the perv on your way out the door. You put your hand deeper into your pocket, the creeps wallet now yours.

You heard your brothers run after you but they didn’t need to. You stopped just outside, sitting up on the wall and watching the quiet road.
“Y/N? What the hell are you doing?” Sam said, standing in front of you- even with you on the wall he was taller.
“Getting fresh air.” You huffed.
“What’s wrong with you, it’s dangerous on your own.” Dean scoffed.
“Why do you care?!” You snap back.
“I’m your brother.” Dean spoke as though it were obvious.
“Well it sure doesn’t feel like it.” 
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sam challenged.
“You hate me. Both of you, all you ever do is ignore me. And when you’re not you’re just getting angry at me because I’ve done something wrong. And I always do something wrong. But don’t worry: I’m going.” You spill out, biting your lip to stop yourself from crying to the point where you drew blood. You held up the mans wallet to prove a point.
Their faces were nothing but shock. Sam stuttered a few words, unsure of what to say. “We don’t hate you, Y/N.” He sighed, jumping up on the wall next to you.

“Then what have I done wrong?!” You scream at him.
“We’re just trying to protect you,” Dean began before Sam could answer “We worry about you. You’re our baby sister and we don’t want anything to happen to you…” 
“I guess we’ve been a bit harsh…we wanted to be critical in order to strengthen you. We wanted to make sure you were a good hunter,” Sam took a deep breath as a tear escaped him “Bug, there’s a big age gap between us and there’s going to be a time when you’re more capable than us. We want to make sure you’ll be okay when it comes to that.” 

“What about now? Don’t you want me to be okay now?!” You were crying yourself, your eyes looking desperately for an answer between your brothers.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I didn’t…we didn’t realise.” Dean cupped your face with his hands and stroked away your tears. 
Sam wrapped his arms around you and protectively rested his chin on your head, you took Dean’s hand and he pressed a kiss to your forehead. You now crying more from relief than anger: you had your brothers back.

Request by @analisalovve

Hi again :)! Could you do a brother/sister imagine where the brothers don’t think very high of their sister? Constantly leaving her out of stuff, saying somewhat rude things to her, and ignoring her. But one day something happens or they witness something bad happening to her and they step in to help.
I am SO SO SO sorry for messaging you again, but I just wanted to say for the last 2 requests I sent in, could you make both of the ages to be 14? Thanks love❤️
Hey! Thanks for requesting :P I hope it’s okay, I wasn’t to sure where to go with it but hey it kinda worked. Also, I added fluff because I’m a sucker for fluff hehe

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Multiple Adams thing, but I got Schling feels so bad for some reason. Like Schling not being dumb but he can come across as silly and a little strange in how he thinks, and he doesn't have great critical thinking skills or reasoning skills all the time because even though he's clean now long term drug use and addiction has left all these permanent side effects that are worse on some days than others, not to mention the cravings never go away.

gonna share some schling feels in these few minutes i got before i need to leave for work, anon honestly its the past drug abuse plus the slow brain problems; i say that bc im basing it off of how my brain works and i have no clue why its so slow and sluggish and hard to process things lmao



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Why do I repeatedly put myself in situations where I know GODDAMNED WELL I’m going to come out the other side battered and bruised and worse for wear? Hopeless romantic. I should know by now to open my heart means I’ll need to be simultaneously preparing it for the eventual crack and shatter.

And every time it becomes more and more hollow. The dust settles in and blows throughout. The fortress strengthens. I learn how to guard it, but what’s left to guard? Some tiny crumbled bits, desiccated.

I want to scream with the passion of a thousand fires in the forests, climb mountains with the rams, dive into deep and icy blue pools, dance/sing/fuck/play my guitar/run through the woods in the rain. All of it loud and hard.

Yet it sits on my chest, a solid anvil, suffocating and slowly pushing me into the unconsciousness. Holding me. The ugliest kind of touch.


Me, describing the appeal of Mchanzo:

Me:  You see in spot A we have man who is pretty far into his redemption arc, well aware of his sins but somewhat moving past them, and softened up, loose and jokey. 

Me: In spot B, we have a man who has just started his redemption arc proper, well aware but no where near to forgiving himself or seeing hope of redemption and often serious because on intense guilt.

Me: Then on both sides, we got them both struggling with people they thought dead coming back (on one side for the better, on the other for the worse), and amazing sharpshooting skills which means competitions. 

Them: Oh nooo. That’s good. That’s quality.

Me: Plus you get those quality cowboy “partner” jokes so everyone wins. 

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N/A I feel you. Thing is, no matter what antis believe, I don't surround myself with nazis/alt-right people. So the only political movement I see up close is the left wing one, because that's where I (used to) feel like I wanted to contribute to. And now I see up close, 24/7, how stupid, hateful and arrogant they are, and I've come to the I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU GUYS-point. But don't forget: 1.) the other side is even worse and 2.) not the entire political left = tumblr SJW

And now I see up close, 24/7, how stupid, hateful and arrogant they are, and I’ve come to the I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU GUYS-point.

Same, nonnie.

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This 2moms situation with the threats that is terrible, but am I the only one who gets a little offended that it is immediately gillovny people accused of being behind? Nobody should get those threats...but then again nobody should immediately accuse other people.. Every side gets these threats, she is not the only one and will not be the last one... but by accusing the other side, I think she makes the situation worse and almost encourage hatred against gillovny believers.

I understand why you feel that way and you are not the only one in my inbox feeling that way…
Those death treats are absolutely horrible and are completely sick!

What I think is that this is one person sending those around to stir up a fight between “the sides” because I saw another treat like that with another blogger.
I know emotions are flying high and it’s understandable and normal because that’s a major line who got crossed!

I only hope that we stop accusing each other of hate and start looking at things from a neutral perspective when we read posts. And before we comment with shame on you, you are stupid and other accusations we should message that person privately to talk about what we think is offending…