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1. Their first kiss: N/A
2. Asked out first: Hermione
3. First Date: Hermione wanted something simple, but still romantic so they had a picnic in the park.
4. Said “I love you” first: Ron
5. Can’t stop touching the other: Ron
6. Pays for dinner: Ron wants to pay for every dinner, but Hermione insists on paying most of the time
7. Cooks: Hermione
8. Is always jealous: Ron
9. Takes things too seriously: Hermione
10. Is a hopeless romantic: Ron
11. Proposed: Ron
12. Pet names: Hermione calls Ron “honey” and Ron calls Hermione “sweetheart” or “love”

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Other animes in non-romance genre: 

*little bit of obscure exchange of looks, lots of blushing and looking away*

*lots of foreshadowing but nothing really clear*

*accidental hand brush or tripping over each other*

*double meaning sentences that the fandom can never really prove as canon*

*lots and lots of shipbaiting*

*smugly* THIS is our canon. Don’t you think it’s beautiful? 


Bitch please. Get out of the way. THIS IS CANON. 

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“How to make a canon couple and healthy romance”. Take a crash course from YOI in 10 episodes straight.


From this video from Parks and Rec 
I’ve got two other art things I have to do but this wouldn’t leave me alone aaaaahhhhh I’m trying I swear xP Someone punch my art block in the face pls

Also yay for copy +paste and no character consistency at all! xD

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You know I hate seeing fanfics where Harry cheats on his significant other, because this boy basically started his life with nothing aside from what Voldemort fucked up. Like this boy was deprived of positive affection, he was worshiped and judged but he was never really loved until he met Ron and Hermione. Like this boy didn’t even have the time to crave affection, he’s not going to take somebodies love and rip it up. He’s going to soak that shit up and get all the love he was denied.

“Harry stepped in, his head almost touching the sloping ceiling, and blinked. It was like walking into a furnace: Nearly every thing in Ron’s room seemed to be a violent shade of orange: the bedspread, the walls, even the ceiling.”

Honest TCC Ending
  • albus : i love scorpius
  • scorpius : i love albus
  • me : ...and so they lived happily ever--
  • act 4, scene 14 : lol jk (rowling)