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Feeling It

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“Your friends have to hate me. There’s no other explanation for this.”

You glance at Jay through the mirror and laugh at the sight of him sitting at the head of your shared bed, arms folded across his chest and pout on his lips. He’s been sitting there, sighing or huffing in a not-so subtle attempt to catch your attention for the past twenty minutes and he doesn’t want to beat around the bush anymore. “I promise,” you laugh as you turn to face him, “they’re not doing this on purpose. You’ve been out of the country. You should still be out of the country. It’s not their fault that the tour ended early and you’re home unannounced.”

“You should cancel,” Jay hums as he crawls across the bed to sit at the side. His arms wind around your waist and drag you back onto his lap before you can protest. “We haven’t gotten reacquainted yet.”

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guess what month it is!!

anyways here’s a bunch of free to use pride month icons! ;v; if anyone has any requests for pride flags then just hmu ;3c i’ll hopefully get the other half of the cast done by tomorrow or in a couple of days!!

Morning Routines. (Prompto)

He religiously sets an alarm, but always wakes up a little bit before it. Some days it slips his mind that the alarm hasn’t gone off so he’ll be in the middle of something and panic really hard because the alarm just started blaring. Those moments, he feels really grateful that he lives alone. And tries to shrug off the embarrassment by going back to doing things. He only brushes his teeth and has a little bit to eat and drink. After which he heads out for a jog. He aims for an hour, excluding the time it takes to head back home. Some weekends he might even drop by Gladio’s to do a little exercise together.

At any rate, when he heads home, he goes straight for the shower. Singing his favourite songs while he’s at it. The length of his shower really depends on how tired he feels at the moment. And also on whether or not he has a lot of other things to get done during the day. After cleaning up and getting dressed he has a little more breakfast to guarantee more energy for the day. He then usually sends a “good morning” text to Ignis, Gladio and Iris. Pointedly not sending one to Noctis because in his case, a “good afternoon” text makes more sense.

Since it’s still pretty early, he sits down to make a list of the things he needs to get done. Errands and the like. Keeping it safely, he starts getting some chores done. And everyday he ends up taking another shower because between dusting and cleaning the bathroom, he needs one just for the sake of his own sanity. If he doesn’t have anything important to attend to he just picks up his camera and goes around town taking some pictures.

proud (an antoine griezmann imagine)

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summary: atletico madrid get knocked out of the copa del rey and antoine looks to his girlfriend for comfort

You hadn’t been able to make it to the game that evening. Instead of heading to Barcelona to watch the match live and cheer Atletico on from the stands, you’d been forced to rely on Twitter, thanks to your boss insisting on holding a meeting the next morning at 9am.

If it were any other match, you would have been disappointed. Instead, you’re kind of grateful. Watching Antoine’s face fall and a sad smile grace his features as the team applauded the away fans had been bad enough through your laptop screen, and you’re pretty sure seeing it in the flesh would have been enough to make you never want to watch a football match again.

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Nerves | Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Best friend!Reader

Summary: You’re about to take an important oral examination and best friend Peter tries to calm you down.

A/N: inspired by the absolute mess I was before, during, and after my Instituto Cervantes interview (Spanish examination)

Also, requests are open! Send me some prompts/songs/ideas/comments/whatever and i’ll get right on it :)

“Y/n…” your best friend Peter dragged out. He had invited himself over to your apartment after school despite your complaints.

“Notice meee,” he pouted. He had been mindlessly staring back and forth between his phone and the back of your head as you sat revising notes on your desk. You never minded Peter when he got like this, you were just as clingy, if not more if it were the other way.

“I have to get this done. It’s tomorrow! Shouldn’t you be studying Parker?” You sighed as you read over what you had just written. Spanish had never been your strong suit even though you really wished it could be. “I’ve already studied for Spanish. And you have to, it’s time for a break.” You shook your head as you flipped to the next page ready to start on more notes.

Peter knew better than to force you out of studying. Instead, he just sat on your bed offering words of encouragement as you slaved away trying to memorize all the conjugations of ser, dar, and everything else.

Your interview was after all of your classes. You had practiced the whole day, reciting your conversational points over and over again. Peter carefully watched as you went over the notes in your head, he knew you could do it.

When the time came for your orals, you could not help but feel the anxiety creep up in your bones. Tears found their way into your eyes and your heart beat quickened but you tried your best to hide it. Peter noticed it and pulled you in for a hug right before you were called in. “You got this,” he whispered, sending you a soft smile. You nodded despite feeling the anxiety rise higher.

You had never felt any dumber. You had forgotten even the simplest of talking points. Luckily, you were placed with a nice Spaniard who took it slow and repeated his questions. The feeling of anxiety stayed throughout the whole interview and you could not breathe nor speak nor hear. It was a mess and you were sure you failed.

You walked out of the classroom profusely apologising to the professor before faking a smile when met with other students. You answered their questions with fake enthusiasm and tried your hardest to hide the tears of frustration.

Once you spotted Ned who had also just finished his, you immediately pulled him into a hug. “I fucked up. Really badly.” You whispered as he rubbed your back. “Me too! My Spanish really sucks,” he tried to empathise but you knew he probably did really well. You pulled away and was about to say that but your eyes caught sight of Peter and you felt like breaking down.

He had probably just aced his oral exam. He wore a small smile as he nonchalantly walked past other students who paid him no attention. He spotted you as you began to briskly walk away. He called out to you but you pretended he was too far away to hear. By the time you reached the front doors of the school, you heard him once again. “Y/N, wait up. How was it?” He made it to you and you immediately dropped your fake smile. He took notice of this.

“I fucked up.”

Those three words broke Peter’s heart. He knew how much you studied for this. He pulled you into his arms and rubbed your back. “Hey, it’s alright. You’ve still got next year,” he spoke with a soft voice. You remained silent, cursing yourself for being so stupid. “You’re sleeping over. No excuses. We’re gonna eat ice cream and chips until were pigs and watch movies until our backs are damaged.” He dragged you by the hand to his apartment and though you were still really sad with the outcome of your hard work, you appreciated Peter trying to cheer you up.

“As long as you did your best, that’s all that matters. That way, you didn’t let the only important person down, yourself.” He placed a kiss on your forehead and soon you were both back to laughing at crappy movies like the good old days.

Imagine being Rick's girlfriend and Negan wanting you.

(Alright I know I had the Andrea request to post before this one but I still wasn’t done with it…sorry :’( but I had this one ready so i’m posting it before. Don’t worry tomorrow I promise i’ll post the other request :D. Hope I got this request right and it makes sense, it’s quite a long one…Gif not mine/Found it on google)

You and Rick have been together since the prison had gone down.

You were with him and Carl and eventually grew closer. You had stayed by his side all to keep him safe and alive.

The time he hasn’t responded you it had made you cry and you kept talking to him in hopes he would hear you.

You were crying and kept your head down.
“Rick…Rick…please…please just wake up…you can’t leave…not yet…I…I love you…I really do…”
He opened one eye and smiled
Getting your head up you yelled “Rick!”

In that instant you grabbed him and held him in a tight hug.

He laughed and said “Never thought I’d wake up being so happy…”

You held him and said “Rick…I thought you would leave me…”

Pulling out you continued “Just wait till I get Carl!”

You tried getting up but he caught your arm and pulled you in a kiss. You kissed him back and when he stopped he told you “Didn’t wanna know my thoughts before getting Carl?”

Shy you blushed and laughed. You then said “I…I didn’t expect you to hear it! Well…now you know and…”

He kissed you again and after said “You sure are cute when you’re nervous!”

You laughed and got out of his hold to go and get Carl. That day had one of the most beautiful moment you had since the outbreak.


As you were in Alexandria, your relationship with Rick, Carl and Judith had just seem to grow stronger.

The morning Maggie felt sick, Rick and the others were preparing to leave and get to the Hilltop colony to get a doctor for her.

After what you and your group did to the Saviors, you always felt worried that something would happen to Alexandria or worst to the people that were dear to you.

While everyone was preparing to get Maggie out, you had decided to get whatever you needed and go with them.


However as you walked to the RV Rick stood in front of you and said “Y/N…You need to stay here and look after Carl and Judith…I don’t want you out there…It’s not safe…”

“No I need to go…” Before you could say anything more he cut you off and said “You can’t, you need to stay here and keep the others safe, especially Carl and Judith”

As he said the words you saw Carl get in the RV and looked back at Rick.

“How am I suppose to keep him safe if he’s going to?”

As you said you got in the RV and continued

“Besides Gabriel and the others are looking after Judith!”

By then Rick just had to let you come along.


In the RV you stayed by Maggie’s side and held her hand. You comforted her and made sure she wasn’t in too much pain.

The road was long and even longer as some men had been blocking the path. The sight of them had made you even more anxious about Alexandria and you could only hope that your home was going to be okay.

You were all now at the end of the last road and once more it was blocked.
Luckily Eugene came up with a plan to trick the Saviors who were following you, by driving the RV while the rest of you walked in the woods to reach destination.

As you prepared to walk in the darkness, before you could leave you had hugged Eugene and thanked him for what he was willing to do for all of you.


You had all been walking in the woods for about an hour in the dark. Even in the dark you still held and stayed by Maggie’s side.

The more you got further from the road the more you seemed anxious. Something felt wrong, sure there were high chances of all of you walking towards walkers but something felt else just felt just as sinister.

And that’s when you were right.

You all heard whistles coming from each side of the forest. All looking at each other, you all ran as far as you could together trying to get away from it.


Unfortunately, you all had to come to a stop as you were surrounded by so many people and a few cars came driving along the road.

A man came up to all of you and brought Eugene to show all of you that the plan had failed. He then said “I’m going to need all of your weapons and on your knees…”

Rick stared at him and that’s when the man pointed his gun at Carl and ordered “Now…”

Rick looked back at everyone and you. He seemed so confused and just had to accept what was happening.

The other Saviors came up to you and frisked you to take your weapons.

Afterwards you all got on your knees, even Maggie.

Afraid her condition might get worst you had stayed next to her to hold her if anything were to happen.

As everyone was on their knees, the man called for someone and they came back with your friends that had left looking for Daryl that morning.

It had surprised you and honestly seeing them alive relived you but it also made you nervous.


As You were all lined up , the man then walked over to an RV and knocked on it.

A man walked out, you couldn’t see his face but you heard him say

“Pissin’ our pants yet?” He smirked and walked out of the darkness.

And continued “Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close…”

He was tall and was wielding a barbed wire baseball bat. In all honesty, he scared you and you couldn’t look at him straight in the eyes.

He walked over to the other end, where Carl was and said “It’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon…”

“Now which one of you is the leader” he said. His man pointed at Rick and he continued “You’re Rick right? I’m Negan”

Hearing his name had scared you even more. You had heard horror stories from this man and had hoped you all had eliminated him when you attacked the Saviors but unfortunately you knew now you didn’t.

Negan continued and talked to Rick about how his men were killed by you and your group.

“You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes…” He had a serious looked and suddenly smiled and said “Yes you are!”

He started to speak again and walked along the line to get a closer look of everyone’s face.

But when he got to you, he stopped and stared. You stared back up and made eye contact with. His smile got even wider and he had a sparkle in his eyes. Love at first sight wasn’t something Negan would’ve believed in but seeing you he knew what the feeling meant.

You on the other hand stared back on the ground.

“And who do we have here?!” he said

You didn’t answer him but Rick almost got up until Negan’s man held a gun behind him to get him to get back on his knees.

Negan laughed and said “Oh…I get it…she’s your other half!”

Rick could only stare at you and back on the ground.

“Yeah…a fine piece huh!… Man, this is going to be hard to pick someone to beat…”

He stayed in front of you and playfully arranged his outfit and hair as if to impress you and asked you “You like this? Huh! Come on honey…Me and you…can you picture it?”

You glared at him and he laughed and said “Don’t tempt me like that! Not here! There’s other people here, not to mention your man…”

He then got closer to Rick and said “You see Rick…we’ve been investing in all of you…you have shit…you give it to us…If not..”

He showed his bat named Lucille as he walked along the line and said “All this…all this is just a pick out of which one of you gets the honor…”

He paused and continued “But seeing as you are all scared shitless now! I’m willing to be lenient and offer a different deal… We’ll only take half of your shit! And no one’s needs to get hurt…physically! That is.”

He walked back to you and stared at you again “Yeah…half of your shit…” And laughed

In that instant Rick knew what he meant, Negan wanted you and half of Alexandria’s supplies. Rick wanted to get close to you but couldn’t he saw the fear in your eyes as Negan shamelessly stared at you .

He started to feel even more anxious and nervous and tears started to come to his eyes. It was clear he was crying and try to held it in.

He felt so weak for not being able to do anything to save you, to save his son and to save his friends.

Negan shook his head and walked back to Rick and said

“No…No…You can’t cry! You’re their leader! You can’t be weak like this, I mean you weren’t weak when you sneaked behind my back and killed my men right? So you can’t be weak when i’m offering you a better deal than I’ve ever offered to anyone.”

Rick was having a hard time to breathe between his sob, he shook his head and managed to tell Negan

“She’s…she’s mine…you…can’t… you can’t have her!”

Negan could only laugh and say “Rick…this is the only deal…You don’t want to leave with someone’s dead body right?”

Rick could only keep saying “She’s mine…”

Negan smiled and told him “Yes, like I said I’ll take half of your shit…and half of your shit includes her!”

While pointing his finger at you.

Me: *just sitting on my bed, trying to put requests together for the queue*

Mom: *yells from kitchen* Rae, are you done with that poem for church tomorrow?

Me: *typing and just living my life and not paying attention*

Mom: *burst in door* Alexandria Rae! Are you done- Oh, you’re working on it now. 

Me: Huh? Working on what?

Mom: The Fathers’ Day poem. For church. Tomorrow.

Me: *sweats*

Mom: Every time I look at you, you’re writing something. How is this not done yet?

Me: *sweats more and closes out of tumblr*

And then I realized I waited until 9:00 pm the night before to write a poem I had three weeks to write. And I am not good at poetry.

Fic: Redecorating

Just some cute, domestic Malec fluff I wrote this week, inspired by this amazing drawing by mundanelion.

It was the first genuinely warm day after what seemed like an eternity of cold, rainy weeks in New York. And Magnus Bane intended to make the most of it. His entire week had been extremely busy – he felt like there was hardly a downworlder in New York that had not been one of his clients over the course of the past few days.

Today, he was going to make up for that.

Word count: 2,835 | Read on AO3

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I decided that this nsfw-request party is now A MINI GIVEAWAY RAFFLE!!!

There is plenty of awesome people who have requested me already with their amazing OC’s and I really would like to sketch all of them at once (because I love OC’s too much…)— but I’ll do only one artwork for my saturday art-series on this week. Buuuuut… I can make few more of these during next weeks - if I get more participants! So the more I get entries now, the more I’m going to actually do your requests!  My entry list isn’t too long at this point, so if we can hit over 20, I’ll chooce 2 lucky ones. And if we hit over 30, I’ll chooce 3 lucky ones to get some fast nsfw-sketchies done.

Rules are simple:

  • please, be 18+ because you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I’ll take only OC requests now (WoW or Final fantasy XIV)
  • These are not commissions works, your only job is to be happy that I offer you free art

Throw me your OC nsfw requests via asks or messages.

I’ll contact the lucky ones after I know how many I need to pick and who the winners are. So you don’t have to give me anything yet if you feel like sending ask is easier way to throw your name in a hat, but it will make things sort of faster if you offer me right away refs (only thing I really need here is your OC’s face and maybe build) and maybe little details what you want to see.

I do those sketches usually within saturday evenings, so there isn’t too much time to contact people (at least if I do only one artwork). So be sure that it is possible to send messages to you in tumblr even if I don’t follow you, fast answers are appreciated with this one, ty :3

Final drawing will be on tomorrow (the 26th of this month). Reblog if you wish to share the opportunity with others too. BE FAST MONS!

Link to the original post can be found in here

All anon requests go now under other list— I may draw them later, when I simply get everything else done first. You are not forgotten my dears!

Fated | Part 2

Jim Kirk x reader AOS 

Summary: Jim helps you out of a sticky situation at a bar and you are both intrigued by each other, but you like to play hard to get. Will you two see each other again after this wonderful night?

Warnings: none this chapter

Word count: 964

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Jim’s POV | The Next Day

“What kind of trouble have you gotten into now man?” McCoy sneers towards you while walking towards the entrance of Starfleet HQ.

“I haven’t done anything this time Bones.”

“Yeah and I’m the king of Siam” McCoy replies in his usual sarcastic manner.

“It’s probably just about the Enterprise taking off tomorrow. I swear, I’m innocent.”

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“Wait. I didn’t mean that. Come back” - Choi Minho

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Request: (anon) “wait. i didn’t mean that. please, come back” with minho please? like really dramatic but with a good ending? xx

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Swearing a little

Celebration of 800 followers, list here


A/N: This is pretty short. Like not even a thousand words. I hope you like it! I know I have a lot of other requests to take care of but I have to get home work done, and if I don’t post/finish prompt requests today, they’ll hopefully be done tomorrow. Inbox always open, this is still going on for the week. 

~ Admin Brooklyn


“I’m sorry,” Minho apologized, his eyes were wide in shock. You shook your head tears started to fall down your cheeks slowly. Minho stepped forward, ready to grab your hand. You stepped back before he could touch you, your hand retracting back into your chest. You held your arms together, rubbing them lightly as you stepped away from him.

“No,” you cried. A sob left your lips, shaking your shoulders. You looked towards the door, beginning to turn away from him. His eyes widen as you turn away from him and leave the room.  

Wait. I didn’t mean that. Please come back.” A humorless laugh left your lips as well as a loud sob. You shake your head and turn towards him as we entered the hallway.

“You didn’t mean to call me a clingy attention whore,” you hissed. He frowned sadly as you continued to cry.

“No I didn’t,” he started. You rolled your eyes and began to walk away, but he caught your hand. He held it gently as he pulled you closer to him. You tried fighting him, but he was stronger and got what he wanted as he turned you around. “I didn’t mean it at all. I’m just so tired from working on the new album, and I know you mean the best. I just lost my temper.”

You just stared at him, not knowing if you should accept his apology. He continued to hold your hand, rubbing light circles on the top of your hand with his thumb. You wanted to pull away, but he pulled you into a hug. His hand came up to your head, lightly stroking your hair.

“Jagi, I’m so sorry,” he whispered in your hair. You leaned into his chest, letting his arms wrap around you tightly.

“You’re gonna have to make it up to me,” you say quietly. He kissed the top of your head.

“Anything for you (Y/N),” he said, still brushing your hair. You nodded your head leaning against his chest. “I’m so sorry.”

anonymous asked:

King George III lockscreen by any chance? Please?

I went through hell and back for this.. I can’t do small details, so I’m sorry but…

TADAA! I slaved over this, believe it or not. I didn’t put this off, by the way! I just had other requests and I’m doing them in order. Thank you so much for being patient!!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester, please ask before using! Although with this one I’m not sure why you would hahaha.. Sorry for not getting anything done today! I had a party. (And I finished watching Heathers haha) I might close requests tomorrow, so if you have anything you want, make sure to ask tonight! Or today. Timezones. Thanks for being patient with me!

Fireworks And Weddings || Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N – Hello humans! I’m back AGAIN 😂this will highly likely be the last one for tonight, but I PROMISE that all of the others will be done tomorrow! Again, your all amazing and I love you❤️

- E x

Requested: yeah, by @bethedwardes1 Key: Y/N - your name Y/E/C - your eye colour Y/H/C - your hair colour — Joe’s POV —

It’s today, today is the day I make her mine forever.

Today is the day I propose.

A couple of months ago, I had bought two tickets to go to Disney land, knowing that it was one of Y/N’s favourite places in the world, with the sole purpose being to propose. Under the stars and the fireworks, while she lives her childhood dream.

“Oh god I’m so exited I can’t breathe!” She says excitedly as we get off the plane, where she’s been sat watching Disney films for hours to supposedly ‘catch up on everything’ before we get there.

I giggle at her and say, “I would never have guessed, love.” As she smiles at her nickname and I intertwine our fingers, walking over to security and to get our luggage.

As we get to the hotel, it suddenly it’s me. It’s today. My heart starts to race as I’m un packing all of my stuff, and she notices. “Babe, what’s up?, you’ve been acting weird since we got here.” She says, clearly having a feeling that somethings wrong.

She’s always had good instincts.

“Nothing, love. I’m ok. Maybe just a bit jet lagged.” I say, using the first excuse that came to mind, and cupping her face with my hands and kissing her forehead.

We spend the next half an hour unpacking and we head down to eat lunch at the hotels restaurant.

I look over to her, and her Y/E/C eyes are sparkling, it’s like the whole universe is hidden inside there. The way she see’s things, the way she feels about everything, the way she lives her life. Everything about her is perfect.

From the day I met her three years ago, I knew she was one to keep. I’m not going to say it was ‘love at first sight’, because I don’t think that’s a thing, but with each day I grew to know her, I knew her soul was the most beautiful thing I’ll ever get to know. She’s perfect, of course she doesn’t think so, but I know so. The way her Y/H/C flows in a slight breeze, the way her whole body lights up at the sight of a Disney film, or at one of her celebrity crushes.

From the way she see’s everything, even to the way she breathes. She’s amazing.

She’s mine.

— Time Skip —

It’s now. Now is the time I make her mine forever.

Now is the time I propose.

We have spent the whole day going on the rides, eating sweets, meeting the 'Disney princesses and princes’, and generally watching her be the happiest I’ve seen her.


It’s now dark, and I asked them to clear the whole castle for me. Which - luckily - they were able to do.

With the whole castle lit up, and the fireworks ready to go, the nerves start to become serious. I realise, she could say no. And this may leave us in an awkward moment.

As we walk over to the castle, it’s lit up in different colours and people are starting to gather around the barrier wondering why its barricaded. I hold her hand as we walk over slowly, and a staff member opens a pathway for us the walk down, in which I stand back and hold out a hand signalling for her to go first.

I’m shaking, my hearts racing, but I’m doing it. It’s now or never.

She stands in the middle of the open area and says, “Joe? What’s going on?”. Even confused she’s perfect.

“For three years now you’ve been a part of my life - no scrap that - a part of my heart that I’ll never let go of. Your beautiful, and your perfect and I will forever try to make you believe that, no matter how long it takes. Just you being you makes my heart skip a beat. When you smile my whole world lights up. When you hold my hand I get chills every time. You are the only thing that makes me smile when I’m annoyed, even if your annoyed at me. I always think about what it would be like to grow old with you, and now I want to make that thought a reality.” I say, trying to hold back a nervous laugh, but not being able to do at the end a small giggle leaves my lips.

I drop down on one knee, and everyone from the crowd begins to cheer and scream.

“Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?” I say, pulling out the small box and popping it open, looking up at her and smiling.

One tear drops down her face, and her hands go to her face as he realises what is happening. And in that moment, it’s like time stands still.

This is the moment.

“Yes, yes!” She says, and I stand up quickly, picking her up and spinning her round, listening to the crowd go mad.

Placing her back on her feet, I slide the ring onto her finger, and the fireworks go off.

We stand, hand in hand watching them.

What a night, fireworks and weddings.

Start of Something New, Chapter 6

So, I know Dragon Outlaw Queen Week (@doqweek) starts tomorrow. However, tomorrow’s a busy day for me, and I won’t be home until evening; and, in the past when I’ve tried to schedule posts, tumblr ate them. And, as @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady, it’s April 10th somewhere. @doqweek

DOQ Week, Day 1: PDA- Roland has a birthday and the family stays late; and as the party is winding down, Robin, Regina, and Mal cuddle up together.

Previous chapters can be found HERE.

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Summary: James is a diligent student in studying, Thomas, on the other hand, is just about as far from that as one can imagine.  
Word Count: 625 (it’s super short, but I digress)
Additional Information: Swearing, cutesy stuff, fluff perhaps?, high school scenario, this was based off a post that was deleted, not sure if this has been done before, this wasn’t requested, this is purely self-indulgent

Johan Pachelbel’s Canon in D major gently played through James’ speakers as he quietly scanned the pages of his AP bio textbook, immersing himself in the information that he would need for the test tomorrow. He wrote notes down, watched videos with more digestible information and graphics, looked up studies online, the whole nine yards. Let’s just say that he was raised to work independently and efficiently. 

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Y’all better brace yourself because I’m finishing up all the Sockathan sketches in my folder.