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Okay things we know from today’s Entertainment Weekly Cars 3 interview;

  • Lightning is Canonically 40 years old
  • Cars 3 has a “franchise finale” feel to it
  • Brian Fee was a storyboard artist on 1 and 2
  • Jackson Storm and the other newer racer’s designs reflect actual developments in car design over the last 10 years
  • Uber does not exist in the Cars universe.

Street racing!UT AU characters designs

Now a short(cough) info about each one of them:

Sans: A 22yyear old mechanic and hobby racer, his personal car is a black and white ‘67 Ford Mustang. He’s the one who fixes his car and his brother’s, never giving a shit  to other racers critiques. Loves to use simple clothing, easy to wear and maintain, the only pieces of wear he takes good care of is his jacket(Papy’s present), his glasses and his gloves.
As I said before, Sans left eye gives him the ability to see into the next 10 minutes of his future, but this visions aren’t always definitive, they can show him several results of what might happen and its always flashes of people, places and events, sometimes even colors or sounds. Sans is half blind from his left eye, a consequence of the accident.
After their parents death, Sans and Papyrus were taken in by a family’s old friend, Grillby, and grew up watching street racers driving by the restaurant.

Papyrus: 18/19 years old young racer, wishes to be a police officer, his ride is a red '06 Nissan 350Z.
Papyrus normally uses his racer uniform and a cap left by his mother(who was a mechanic of pro racing), but underneath that uniform he wears a white and red t-shirt. The sneakers were a present from Sans, who saw the shoes on a shop during a race.
When stressed out or in danger, Papyrus right eye activates and gives him the ability of making his body faster than others, being able to process more rapidally the next 5 minutes. This way he can even dodge an accident in the middle of the road(for example, drifting away from the place, which is something that only Sans is able to do)

Frisk: Non-binary, 15/16 year old kid, with no memories of how they got in the middle of the road, meeting Sans in the process. The only thing they remenber is blood, flashlights, screams and tires screaching.
Soon Frisk became Sans protegé, apprentice and family member; slowly showing signs of a great love of video recording, affinity to fix machines and great reflexes.

Mettaton X: He says he’s 20 years old, but no one knows how really old is this strange but fabulous robot, built by Alphys to be able to drive the fastest car ever built. His ride could only be the most expensive that ever existed: a Pink Convertible Ferrari F50 '95.
Mettaton not only is a street racer, ready to show off his magnificent ride and huge ability for speeding, but also the most famous pro racer ever known, this is, almost beating the Legendary Wingdings. Mettaton’s dream to beat this racer and become the world’s best.

StreetCar Racing AU, art, designs © mine
Undertale © Toby Fox

P.S: Because i dont know SHIT about race cars and muscle cars, i went searching on the internet what kind of cars they used on “the fast and furious”, “the fast and furious: Tokyo drift” and “inicial D”, saw what kinds mirrored perfectly each UT character and worked from there. Also, Mettaton’s car was taken from an actual Ferrari legit model that my dad has on his workplace(exept his is red, not pink).


Retired racer watches other greyhounds race.  Think what you will of the industry, but don’t fool yourself or others into thinking these dogs don’t love what they are doing or that they are forced to do it.

darkmistersinister  asked:

How similar are things in your universe? Did you get all those diamonds?!

“Things are about the same, for better or for worse. Other racers are as insufferable as they were in mine. I’ve practically finished collecting all the Chaos Emer - Diamonds, but I’ve heard from Valentine that an even greater treasure inhabits this universe… “ (too bad Other World! Diego, you’re getting sent back in 2 asks)

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do you think aja could win despite everyone telling her the makeup is rough? queens improve after the season SO MUCH. and i've seen her lipsync ... noone will beat her at that, so she won't be going home any time soon

jinkx monsoon won s5 didn’t she? i feel like with the rise of lqqk queens, everyone is too fixated on aesthetic and they’re quick to dismiss queens who aren’t as polished when it comes to their make-up. but let’s be real here… the end of the day, it’s a DRAG competition and not a make-up competition. besides, herstory has shown us that when other racers are insecure about the front runners beating them out - they’ll rip into their flaws to make themselves feel better. in many cases it’s a low blow like an aspect of their lqqk and i think sadly, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen with aja. :/

Headcanons for the Revolutionary Set playing Mario Kart

Hamilton always plays as a mii, because he’s “just that handsome”. (Mulligan always makes sure his mii is the correct size- very small- before he plays.) He always picks the fastest bike he can, and is extremely competitive, in fact a tense race is one of the few things that can shut him up. When he’s not playing, though, he will not stop giving advice/narrating to the other racers.

Burr does not have a character he chooses regularly, he switches between several (but his favorite is actually Baby Daisy). He’s the kind of player who will hold a banana behind him for protection for as long as possible, rather than dropping it and picking up a new item. When he falls behind, he hopes for the powerful items to bring him back to the front, but sometimes that backfires on him.

(A large section of the itemized list of disagreements is A. Ham’s list of “Burr hit me with a blue shell when I was almost at the finish line!!! Burr saved his red shell to hit me specifically, and I fell off a ditch!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT BURR BEAT ME ON MOO MOO MEADOWS HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE.”)

Laurens plays as Koopa Troopa, and he is almost always shouting at the screen. His favorite items are red shells and invincibility stars. He wants to win, but more than that he wants to beat up his opponents. His favorite course is Rainbow Road just on principle.

Mulligan likes playing as Toad. He’s one of those ones who you don’t see during the race until the end when he’s ended up placing in the top three and everyone’s like how?????? He’s crazy good at Ghost Valley 3 for some reason. It’s also his game, so he can threaten restrict access to anyone who starts getting too intense.

Lafayette picks Peach every time, unless someone else wants to be her in which case they will graciously concede the character. They enjoy playing online when they can race against Adrienne, their girlfriend back in France. When they’re playing with their boyfriends in America, they enjoy sitting on them and gaining advantage that way.

Eliza prefers playing as Yoshi. She’s usually in the middle ranks, placing between 4th and 6th. She steers well but tends to have bad luck with items, and she’s not as vicious as, say, Hamilton or Laurens or Angelica. She picks Karts over bikes, and that gives her an advantage when it comes to not being knocked off the course.

Angelica plays as Rosalina most often, and she is just as competitive as Hamilton and Laurens. Except when she’s racing Eliza- then they’re on an unofficial, unspoken team and will not attack each other, instead focusing all their attention on their other opponents. Like Lafayette, she will sit on people if it gives her an advantage.

Peggy is almost always Bowser. Ze likes running people off the road almost as much as Laurens does. This might be revenge for being the youngest and, for a short while, underestimated, but it’s also just really fun. Ze and Laurens will sometimes team up if they’re playing together to make everyone else’s lives miserable.

Jefferson isn’t invited over, but whenever Waluigi shows up as an NPC the gang calls him Thomas and makes a special point of trying to get him in last place. (Burr doesn’t really do this, or at least, he says he doesn’t.)

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Unexpected Lesson(Mechanic!AU)
  • *Saitama test drives an old muscle car be finally finished fixing, Genos riding along in the passenger seat*
  • Saitama: pretty smooth ride, right? Good thing those nice tires were on sale.
  • Genos: *nods. Looking up as several street racers zip by them*
  • Saitama: *shakes his head* don't pay any attention to those, they're basically just hyped up toys.
  • *several other racer weave around Saitama as he drives, the mechanic growing more irritated*
  • Genos: sensei?
  • Saitama: It's alright, the best thing to do in these situations is just ignore them *pulls up to a stop light as the racers rev their engines next to him*
  • Genos: ??
  • Racer: hey old man! Move that antique before it get's run over.
  • Saitama: ....Genos, don't ever do what I'm about to do.
  • Genos: Hm?
  • *the light turns green as Saitama quickly shifts gears, engine roaring and tires squealing as the car takes off, the rest of the racers at the light rev quick before their engines stall and bang*
  • Saitama: *speeds down the road with a sigh before slowing down* that's a really stupid thing to do, Genos, so don- *looks over*
  • Genos: !!! *sits with his mouth hanging open and his hair a mess* please do that again, sensei
  • Saitama: You weren't listening!

organanation  asked:

3 and 4 for Teaming Up? Can I be That Person and limit you to the HanxLeia sections?

You totally can be that person

I went back and re-read this story to make sure I’d be telling the truth here. As for favorite narration, if I limit it to Han & Leia alone/ focused just on themselves and each other, then it’s probably this series:

His mood bolstered by the liquor and the win, as well as the obvious chagrin of a few other racers at having been bested by a pilot half their age, Han had returned to their room after the party feeling particularly amorous. This visit had more than lived up to what Leia had wanted out of it.

followed in the next chapter by:

It was his fault that neither of them had gotten a decent night’s sleep and Leia found it more than a little bit amusing that he was grousing so vociferously about it this morning.

But if you include moments about Han & Leia in Greer’s head, then I have to say this one comes in at the top:

[Leia] moved to playfully elbow him in his ribs, but he caught her at it, spinning her by her arm before bending down to kiss her firmly and passionately- more passionately than Greer was comfortable watching. She knew intellectually that just because her boss was getting up in years that didn’t necessarily mean that he was suddenly celibate, but still she didn’t need to see Captain Solo and his wife acting like newlyweds so up-close-and-personal.

Now getting to favorite lines of dialog:

“sometimes he can be about as receptive as the south end of a northbound bantha”

Gets a vote because it’s funny for being true. I allso enjoy this exchange, although it’s another that involves Greer:

“In the Dragon Void,” he replied, “they used to have a twelve-hour stage in realspace- through obstacles- with a minimum maintained speed or else we’d be disqualified. If I can get through that,” he assured her, “you can get through this.”
“I heard about stuff like that,” Greer said back, readjusting the ship’s heading to make the next lap. “It’s no wonder that race isn’t run anymore. I can’t imagine what would possess a pilot to want to go through stages like that. It’s crazy,” she declared.
“I don’t know about any of the others,” Han answered, “But I was trying to impress a girl.”
“Yeah?” Greer asked, clearly amused at the thought. She figured only Han Solo would risk his life so capriciously to get a lady’s attention. “And how did that go for you?” she asked, dialing up the fuel mixture to get a better performance at this altitude.
“Well,” Solo answered, slinging his arm around Leia’s shoulders where she stood beside him, “she married me- so I must have done something right.”
“Don’t listen to him, Greer,” Leia chimed in over the two pilots’ combined chuckles. “The race was a cover for a highly sensitive and critical mission for the Rebel Alliance.”
“At the request of a certain sassy princess,” Solo amended.

But my Honest-to-Stars favorite is near the beginning when Leia gets all cute about the room service guy and says,

“He called me Mrs.Solo.”

Thanks for making me go through this story again. It turns out it’s better than I remember it being (written while I was dealing with horrible stuff, so I didn’t remember it at all clearly). I had fun looking at it!!


Smoke, Sweat, & Sex :

“Alright then. If you’re so sure that you’ll win, let’s make it interesting,” Louis offers up as his eyes steal a glance at the mysterious boy once more before meeting his temporary rival’s again. “If you win, I’ll pay you and give you the pink slip, but if I win, I get to keep my car and,” he paused before smiling just cocky enough to perk that boy’s attention once more, “I get to take him home. Deal?”

The boy raises his eyebrows once the words slip from Louis’ lips, making the older of the two feel a little pride in his gut start because he wanted that boy. Whether it was because he was pretty and Louis was bored or because Louis just needed to boost his own damn ego just a little higher to capture the other racer’s full attention, he wasn’t sure. What he was sure of though was that boy was looking anything but bored as the man he was draped around brought his hand up to his scruffy jawline and scratched at it.

“You think you’re good enough to try and take my boy?”

“I think I’m good enough to take all of your side lovers.”

(Or the one where Louis wins Zayn in a race and Zayn’s just looking for his ticket out of Rio.)

[Beta’d by @chasinglirry & amazing graphic done by @ochazen.]

Quite an interesting observation

Besides Aikka and Eva and Nameless Crog, are Spirit and Rush.

Watching Trecherous Like Toros brought something up, in that aside from Eva, Aikka, Spirit and Rush are among the finalists to go to Oban (not counting Super Racer and Toros, who is presumed to have been executed by his higher ups).

This might be a huge plot point and source of speculation in consideration of the sequel. Maybe the reason why they have all assembled is due to the fact that they were on the same planet as Toros and were defeated by him once in each race? I’m putting my bet is that they were brought together as retribution to the shame from Toros’ loss at the finals at Alwas since the other racers of Oban would be hard to track down or are dead or trapped in another dimension.

Just a conjecture.