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It occured to me I never shared this… Several years ago I painstakingly edited this together - in the original video bootleg, it can be very tricky to tell what they’re singing, so I combined the video with the much clearer cast recording (which was also recorded live), and edited the video to match up.

Sheridan Smith and Peter Davison (among others, but I’m sharing this mostly for my Big Finish friends) performing “There! Right There!”  also known as “Gay (Or European)” in Legally Blonde.


Here is the finished Fivey notebook. It has a disturbing lack of celery, the pattern on the spine is not nearly as complex as I wanted it to be (and lacks the roman V I wanted to include, but like the celery, in the end I didn’t think I could pull it off so I abandonned the idea…) and I forgot to take actual pics of the interior with the classic Tardis roundels, and a clear pic of the spine, but… I’m really really glad of how the thing turned out anyway, and Mr Davison liked it too apparently, so :)

(and I’m still ridiculously happy about the “kettle and some string” fastening thing ^^ (even though, without another notebook to compare this one with, it’s probably not evident by itself…) A *huge* thank you to alda-rana who brought me a nice kettle-y thing to use, since I didn’t manage to find one myself.)

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give me my damn doctor who musical episode already bbc.

a compilation of tunes sang by different members of the doctor who cast throughout the years. Featuring the talents of splendid chaps such as Matt Smith, Jon Pertwee, Colin Baker, David Tennant, Peter Davison, and a heck-ton others.

(will be updated in the future as I find more things!).