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Time Crash - Behind the Scenes - Part Two  

Excerpts from the Radio Times interview with Peter Davison (2007):

David Tennant and I very much got on and did the scene.  I only found out afterwards that he was a fan of my Doctor, because he sent me a nice text saying that he was at first a bit tongue-tied. I wasn’t aware of that at all! We were probably feeling the same, in a way, for different reasons.

But it was enormous fun working with him, because I go quite fast when I’m acting - it’s quite energetic, and he is as well. So together we were whizzing around the console at the speed of light - it was really quite exciting. 

And, oddly enough, our little scene was directed by Graeme Harper, the same person who directed my last Doctor Who [the 1984-episode The Caves of Androzani], so there was total continuity of my scenes.

There was a moment at first when I walked on, and felt that my costume was a little out of place in the surroundings, but as I grew into it again after an hour or so, that disappeared.

[With the costume] David has a better deal in some respects, although I suppose mine is eminently recognizable, whereas David’s is just a suit. I did warn him, however, that he might be making a mistake by buttoning it up. I could still get into the coat; I just couldn’t do it up.

If he comes back in 25 years’ time and is required to do the jacket up, it might be a little bit tight!

Excerpt from Radio Times interview with Steven Moffat:

Where did the idea come from?
I bumped into David [Tennant] at a concert and we talked about a way of getting Peter Davison back, because we are both big fans of Peter’s Doctor.  They hadn’t had different Doctors meeting up on the new show; it hasn’t been done for a long time [since the multiple Doctor stories of the classic series]. So if we could justify him being a bit older and pop him back in, that would be a laugh.

Presumably they had a whale of a time?
They loved each other! And they work really well together because they’ve both got a lot of pace and energy as actors. There’s a tremendous charm to these two men: both Doctors and both Doctor Who fans.

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 Unlikely partnership   when Tristan & Albert working together

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It occured to me I never shared this… Several years ago I painstakingly edited this together - in the original video bootleg, it can be very tricky to tell what they’re singing, so I combined the video with the much clearer cast recording (which was also recorded live), and edited the video to match up.

Sheridan Smith and Peter Davison (among others, but I’m sharing this mostly for my Big Finish friends) performing “There! Right There!”  also known as “Gay (Or European)” in Legally Blonde.